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    • Day 164


      April 7, 2022 in Nigeria ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

      Nächster Stop Gembu. Die Fahrt geht durch ein wunderschönes Gebirge im Grenzgebiet zwischen Nigeria und Kamerun. Habe ich mir absolut so nicht vorgestellt. Vom perfektem Asphalt geht es über in reine Sandpisten.

      Next stop Gembu. The trip goes through a beautiful mountain range in the border area between Nigeria and Cameroon. I absolutely didn't imagine it that way...
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      Traveler  Aber wunderschön 😍


       Viele liebe Grüsse aus Agadir! Wir verfolgen deine Reise mit grosser Spannung ! Was für ein wundervolles Abenteuer. Weiterhin gute Fahrt und viele tolle Begegnungen mit so interessanten und hilfsbereiten Menschen!! Trak Salama - gute Fahrt 💪👍💪 Heike und Rachid [Heike]


      Traveler  danke schön und liebe Grüße zurück 😊

    • Day 165

      Weiter geht's mit der Kupplung

      April 8, 2022 in Nigeria ⋅ 🌧 24 °C

      Leider hat es nur eine Berg und Fluss Überquerung gedauert, bis die Kupplung ein zweites Mal durch war. Diesmal in Ngeag, ein kleines Dorf nach Gembu. Also musste ich Violette zurück lassen und mich nach Gembu fahren lassen um einen anderen Mechaniker zu organisieren. Hat dann auch alles funktioniert und wir sind zurück ins Dorf. Allerdings konnte das Problem nicht mehr an dem Tag gelöst werden. Zum Glück war der Dorfoberst so freundlich und mich aufzunehmen. Am Ende hab ich, glaube ich zumindest, im besten Bett des Dorfes schlafen dürfen.

      Unfortunately, it only took one mountain and river crossing until the clutch was through a second time. This time in Ngeag, a small village after Gembu. So I had to leave Violette behind and go to Gembu to organize another mechanic. Everything worked out and we went back to the village. However, the problem could not be solved that day. Luckily, the village colonel was so friendly and welcomed me. In the end, I think I was allowed to sleep in the best bed in the village.
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      Traveler  Ich hoffe eure Beziehung hat nicht allzusehr gelitten 😅


      Traveler  wir arbeiten gerade an dem Vertrauensverhältnis...😅


      Traveler  hehe, Glück gehabt mit dem besten Bett :) ist Violetta wieder fit?

    • Day 164

      Das war die Kupplung

      April 7, 2022 in Nigeria ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      Nun ist es passiert, der erste richtige Schaden an meiner Violetta. Mitten in den Bergen etwa 20 Minuten nach der letzten kleinen Stadt Gembu, habe ich einen falsche Abzweigung genommen, die auf einen Weg führte, den selbst die Locals nicht mehr fahren. Resulat: Sturz und dabei hat es die Kupplung verbrannt, sodass ich kein Gas mehr geben konnte. Da einer super steilen und Engen Stelle. Aber selbst hier habe ich helfe bekommen. Erst von den drei älteren Ladies, die mit mit ihrer letzten Power und Gebeten mit geholfen haben Violetta wieder aufzurichten und dann von einer weiteren, die mit mir dann Violetta den Berg rauf geschoben hat, bis es dann wieder eben genug war um sie abzustellen. Innerhalb von 20 Minuten wurde dann ein Mechaniker und Abschleppdienst organisiert, die mich wieder nach Gembu gebracht haben. Am nächsten Tag wurde Violetta dann vom Mechaniker versorgt, sodass ich meine Fahrt fortsetzen konnte.

      Now it has happened, the first real damage to my Violetta. In the middle of the mountains about 20 minutes after the last small town of Gembu, I took a wrong turn that led to a path that even the locals no longer drive. Resulat: A fall and it burned the clutch so that I couldn't accelerate anymore. Since a super steep and narrow place. But even here I got help. First from the three older ladies, who helped with their last power and prayers to lift Violetta up again and then from another, who then pushed Violetta up the mountain with me until it was just enough to turn her off again. Within 20 minutes, a mechanic and towing service was organized to take me back to Gembu. The next day Violetta was taken care of by the mechanic so that I could continue my journey.
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      Traveler  Oh man, die arme Violetta. Den Abschleppdienst hatte ich mir auch etwas anders vorgestellt, aber hat ja scheinbar gut geklappt 😃 Läuft das auch über den ADAC? ☺


      Traveler  da hab ich noch gar nicht dran gedacht, da Mal anzurufen 😅

    • Day 158

      Lagos, Nigeria

      April 1, 2022 in Nigeria ⋅ ☁️ 31 °C

      Verrückte Stadt: Vollgepackt mit Menschen, laut und Chaos pur auf den Straßen. Aber super freundlich Menschen, die sehr ehrlich grüßen und ein kurzes Gespräch suchen.

      Crazy city: Packed with people, loud and pure chaos on the streets. But super friendly people who greet very honestly and are looking for a short conversation.Read more

    • Day 130

      The Fearsome Nigeria

      April 9, 2017 in Nigeria ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      "Nigeria is not a great country. It is one of the most disorderly nations in the world. It is one of the most corrupt, insensitive, inefficient places under the sun. It is dirty, callous, noisy, ostentatious, dishonest and vulgar. In short it is among the most unpleasant places on earth". This is how one of Nigeria's most famous writers describes his country. So you can imagine I approach with just a little trepidation, especially when you add that the driving is known to be extremely aggressive and mugging, kidnapping and hijacking is not uncommon. The plan is to cross as quickly as possible in 2.5 days.

      Day one goes relatively well. A full day riding with only a few interuptions from officialdom, no attempts by the famous 'stick boys' who shove a big plank of wood with nails in it across the road to demand a fee to pass. Also none of the absolutely kamikaze driving I was expecting. The only problem was 3 hours of intense rain, and a truck driving through a puddle, covering me in its bow wave. I arrived half way across the country and poured the water out of my jacket, trousers and shoes, but overall a success.

      Day two was a little more challenging. It starts with incessant rain, so I put off starting until it stops at midday, leaving me with a lot of miles to do before dark. 5 miles in I've been stopped twice by the police, each asking for all my papers... and then some money for the service. The second stop goes like this. I hear the officer go 'white man', then smile and wave me over. He then conducts the entire stop in a fake squeaky voice with all kinds of sarcastic comments like "how can I be of service to the white man". Hmmm, maybe I was just lucky yesterday! I continue for the next few hours revelling in the surprising greenness of a country with 180m people. I was also enjoying petrol costing 30p a litre as well as a few random sites along the way;
      - a naked man walking along the motorway,  casually covering himself with a palm leaf.
      - a navy campus 200 miles inland

      I was making good progress when suddenly the road seems to end and I'm faced with flooded mud roads. After my short mud journey in benin, I'm rather apprehensive, but it goes ok. I can scoot round the edges of most puddles and it doesn't seem too slippery. That is until I try to go round the edge of one puddle to find the path stops. There's no way back, but the puddle looks OK. Well I slowly go into the puddle.... good, good, drop down 1ft, not so good, please don't stall, please grip...and I'm out, breathe again. After that the road improves to just be bad and slow and its looking difficult to get to my destination, Calabar, by dark. Then I get called over by the police again. I don't have time for this. I give my passport and registration and say I'm in a rush to get to Calabar before dark. This is a high risk move, either they understand, say yes and I can go quickly, or they will delay me to try and get me to pay to go quickly. It goes well the officer says ok, I can go...but just as I'm about the pull away the boss shouts over. He walks, ever so slowly towards me, then just says "do you have any money for the police". The rest of the conversation goes like this:
      Me: No
      Police: Are you sure you don't have anything for the police?
      Me: I have nothing to give, this is all I have (pointing to all my stuff)
      Police: Are you sure you don't have anything? This is a lot of baggage.
      Me: This is my house, I'm sure your house is much bigger. I don't have anything to give.
      And I'm back on the road, and it becomes good again. Still I arrive in Calabar at dark, and get to the place to stay and find Nicholas and Olaf there. I'm dehydrated, hungry and tired, so a quick chat, some food and water and I'm off to bed. Only to have a terrible night with mosquitoes, a horrible mattress, noisy generator and sweltering heat.

      Next morning I feel completely drained and still dehydrated with a headache. I know I've done too much in the last 2 days and not drunk and eaten enough. But it's fine, I'll pack away the water this morning, we'll get the Cameroon visa and be in Cameroon by the end of the day. Oh how ambitious! The Cameroon visa takes an age, then on leaving I get a flat tyre. Nicholas and Olaf, bless them, stay and help me fix it in the midday sun. By the time this has finished I feel pretty terrible, hot, tired, dizzy, a bit sick, even though I've had 3 litres of water. I say to the guys I'm going to stay in Calabar another night and find a pharmacy. They insist on looking after me, escort me to a nice hotel, check in with me and find a good medical clinic. I'm feeling even worse. After an appointment with the doctor I'm on a drip full of quinine, and staying in the clinic overnight. They think I have malaria. 2 hours later Nicholas and Olaf come back with some snacks, toothbrush etc - I'm a little out of it. Holding conversations and forgetting about them immediately after.  Then come early evening, the nurse changes shift and I'm told that my new (and very cute) nurse "will be sleeping with me tonight". The best i can manage is a smile and to fall back to sleep.  Test results back and I do have malaria, the worst kind...and I also have typhoid! Amazingly 18 hours after treatment starting I feel better again. Unfortunately, by this time the night nurse has gone.

      Refreshed, it's onwards to Cameroon. Nigeria has been surprising to say the least!

      Below is a link to the journey from Guinea Bissau to Nigeria.
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       Hope you're feeling better! Malaria and Typhoid at the same time.. scary stuff. Great hearing about your travels.


       (Simon & Stacey)


       Jesus James! Look after yourself knob head! Love phoebe xxx

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    • Day 34

      Strecke nach Ikom

      April 5, 1990 in Nigeria ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

      Die Straßen wurden wieder schlimmer. Von etlichen Schlaglöchern bis hin zu nur Schlaglöcher. Aber dafür gab´s an Brücken buntes Treiben und in den Dörfern Herbergen und Unterricht neben der Straße.

    • Day 163


      April 6, 2022 in Nigeria ⋅ ☁️ 38 °C

      Auf dem Weg und Ankunft in Bali. Nachdem ein Unwetter aufgezogen ist, wurde es gemütlich 😊

      On the way and arrival in Bali. After a storm has arisen, it became cozy 😊

      Traveler  Sieht nach nem richtig coolen Abend aus bei euch 🥳💥

    • Day 162


      April 5, 2022 in Nigeria ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

      Gibt nicht viel zu erzählen, nur als Erinnerung... Das bekommt man für umgerechnet 11 €😉

      Doesn't give much to tell, just as a reminder... You can get that for the equivalent of 11 € 😉

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    Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigerië, Naegyeria, ናይጄሪያ, Nicheria, نيجيريا, Nixeria, Nijeriya, Нігерыя, Нигерия, Nizeriya, নাইজেরিয়া, ནཱའི་ཇི་རི་ཡ།, Nigerija, Nigèria, Nigérie, Нигери, Nigeria nutome, Νιγηρία, Niĝerio, Nigeeria, نیجریه, Nijeriyaa, Nig·èria, An Nigéir, Nìgeiria, નાઇજીરીયા, Najeriya, ניגריה, नाईजीरिया, Nijerya, Nigéria, Նիգերիա, Nígería, ナイジェリア連邦共和国, ნიგერია, Nizeria, Nainjeria, នីហ្សេរីយ៉ា, ನೈಜೀರಿಯಾ, 나이지리아, Nijeri, Nayijerya, Nizerya, ໄນຈີເລຍ, Nigērija, Нигерија, നൈജീരിയ, नायजेरिया, Niġerja, နိုင်ဂျီးရီးယား, Nigeriya, नाइजेरिया, ନାଇଜେରିଆ, نایجیریا, Nizerïa, නයිජීරියාව, Nayjeeriya, Nijeria, நைஜீரியா, నైజీరియా, Ниҷерия, ประเทศไนจีเรีย, Nigeriýa, Nigerya, Naisilia, نىگېرىيە, Ніґерія, نائجیریا, Ni-giê-ri-a (Nigeria), Nigeriyän, Nidjeria, INigeria, Orílẹ́ède Nàìjíríà, 奈及利亞, i-Nigeria

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