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North Korea

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  • Day11

    Bridge of No Return

    August 12, 2016 in North Korea

    גשר שחיבר בין דרום לצפון קוריאה. לאחר מלחמת קוריאה בשנת 1953, אנשים בכל צד יכלו לבחור האם הם רוצים לעבור לצד השני, אבל ברגע שעשו זאת, לא יכלו לחזור אחורה.

  • Day11

    הבניין האפור כבר נמצא בצפון.
    אין גדר, ואפשר פשוט לרוץ, אבל כנראה שירו בך למוות באותו רגע.

  • Day6

    Parade place

    October 10, 2015 in North Korea

    Massive parade for the party's 70th birthday. Unfortunately tourists weren't allowed to attend the mass parade, but we were able to see the airplanes, the fireworks and also some kind of night parade through the city with military equipment, tanks and so on.

  • Day6

    Folk Park

    October 10, 2015 in North Korea

    Having fun in the Folk Park (like a miniature museum) with my translator. My guide and the driver were laughing so hard when he had to dress as a woman (my dress is male). One of the few bright moments full of joy in North Korea.

  • Day3

    DMZ (border between the Korea's)

    October 7, 2015 in North Korea

    The most interesting part of my tour and so close to South Korea.
    Picture 1: South Korean pavillon. As a guide said, it shows the materialistic attitude of South Korea.
    Picture 2: North Korean and South Korean soldiers just meters away from each other.
    Picture 3: South Korean soldiers observing us.
    Picture 4: Handshake with a North Korean officer.
    Picture 5: With a North Korean tour guide
    Picture 6: With a Korean unificationist. Born in South Korea, he owns the American passport now and is allowed to enter North Korea. He tries to bring the two sides together and works as a "bridge builder" for both countries.Read more

  • Day2

    Bronze Statues of the Kim's

    October 6, 2015 in North Korea

    Here I had to lay down the bouquet and bow in front of the "Great Leaders" Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. I asked if Kim Jong Un also will get a statue like this if he will die, but my guides couldn't answer that. ;-)

  • Day5

    Visiting a primary school

    October 9, 2015 in North Korea

    Because of my "good behaviour" I was allowed to visit a primary school and learn more about North Korean education. I was able to look into different class rooms, visit teachers and see children singing and dancing. What I saw shocked me. Indoctrination starts here.
    Sorry for the bad pictures. It was getting dark and they had almost no lights inside the school.

  • Day8

    My guides

    October 12, 2015 in North Korea

    From left to right:
    -Mr Ri, translator (university student of foreign affairs, 22 years old); Mr Ko, main guide and responsible; the Folk Park woman; me; Mr Ri (No 2), driver and funny guy.

    Overall I was so glad when I was able to board the plane back to Beijing, out of this very interesting but also very weird and propagandistic country. While I met some nice people in the touristic sector, others on the street always stared at me. One older guy even accused me of being an "international spy" (in English!). ;-)
    To sum up, I lost my faith that the two Korean countries can reunite during my lifetime. The two mentalities are just too dissimilar.
    Read more

  • Day2


    March 19, 2016 in North Korea

    Finally I'm back. After 6 months I'm standing at the same place, the border between North and South Korea but this time on the South side, looking towards the communist building I've been on.
    The circle has completed and the most important part of all my travels in this life has been achieved.
    The last picture shows the views from both sides.

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Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Nordkorea, North Korea, Noord-Korea, Etifi Koria, ሰሜን ኮሪያ, Corea d'o Norte, كوريا الشمالية, Corea del Norte, Şimal Koreya, Паўночная Карэя, Корея, Северна, Kɛɲɛka Kore, উত্তর কোরিয়া, ཁྲའོ་ཤན་བྱང་རྒྱུད, Korea an Norzh, Severna Koreja, Corea del Nord, Severní Korea, Kòrejańskô Lëdowò-Demokratnô Repùblika, Gogledd Corea, Den demokratiske folkerepublik Korea (Nordkorea), བྱང་ཀོ་རི་ཡ, Dziehe Korea nutome, Κορέα, Βόρεια, Nord-Koreo, Põhja-Korea, Ipar Korea, کره ی شمالی, Koree Rewo, Korean demokraattinen kansantasavalta, Norður-Korea, Corée du Nord, Corê du Nord, Noard-Korea, An Chóiré Thuaidh, Corea do Norte, ઉત્તર કોરિયા, Koreya Ta Arewa, קוריאה, צפון, उत्तरी कोरिया, Koreja, Sjeverna, Sewjerna Koreja, Kore dinò, Észak-Korea, Հյուսիսային Կորեա, Korea Utara, Nord-Korea, Norður-Kórea, 韓国、朝鮮民主主義人民共和国, ჩრდილოეთი კორეა, Korea Kaskazini, Korea Avannarleq, កូរេ, ಉತ್ತರ ಕೋರಿಯಾ, 조선민주주의인민공화국, کۆریای باکوور, Korea Gledh, Respublica Populi Democratica Coreae, Koreya ey'omumambuka, Korɛ ya nɔ́rdi, ເກົາຫລີເໜືອ, Šiaurės Korėja, Kore wa muulu, Ziemeļkoreja, Korea Avaratra, Северна Кореја, ഉത്തരകൊറിയ, उत्तर कोरिया, Utara Korea, Koreja ta’ Fuq, မြောက်ကိုရီးယား, Republik Engame Korea, Noordkorea, Korea, Democratische Volksrepubliek, Corèa del Nòrd, ଉତ୍ତର କୋରିଆ, Корейы Адæмон Демократон Республикæ, Koreańska Republika Ludowo-Demokratyczna, سهېلي کوريا, Coreia do Norte, Corea dal Nord, Koreya y'amajaruguru, Coreea de Nord, Северная Корея, Corea dû Nord, Davvi-Korea, Korëe tî Banga, උතුරු කොරියාව, Severná Kórea, North, Kuuriyada Waqooyi, Koreja e Veriut, வடகொரியா, ఉత్తర కొరియా, เกาหลีเหนือ, Demirgazyk Koreýa, Hilagang Korea, Kōlea tokelau, Not Korea, Kore Demokratik Halk Cumhuriyeti, Корейська Народно-Демократична Республіка, شمالی کوریا, Shimoliy Koreya, Cộng hòa Dân chủ Nhân dân Triều Tiên, Nolüda-Koreyän, Amihanan nga Korea, 朝鲜, Orílẹ́ède Guusu Kọria, 朝鲜民主共和国, i-North Korea

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