Northern Mariana Islands
Northern Mariana Islands

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  • Day87

    Saipan H3

    January 4, 2020 on the Northern Mariana Islands ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    After many years, I have finally run with the Saipan H3. It has always been one of those exotic looking locations of interest, and now I have finally done it. It was a short trail, but required a great deal of ducking, bobbing, and weaving to navigate this super shiggy trail. I certainly would not want to hash like this every week, as I am too tall (and old) for all that crawling around between branches, rocks, and vines . . . but it was fun to do once. We finished on the beach, with great views, and as darkness settled over us, the camp fire lighted the circle of funny jokes, singing, and all around entertainment. Great time with the Saipan H3. more

  • Day55

    Saipan 4 some sightseeing

    January 2, 2020 on the Northern Mariana Islands ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Had to sleep in yesterday.... mellow day but I did get to see some manta rays at the beach!! Saipan is an interesting place...still checking it out... unfortunately I think it’s rough for snorkeling or scuba right now...kinda reminds me of Kailua bay winter. So here’s a little bit of photo fun!Read more

  • Day85

    Saipan, to the North

    January 2, 2020 on the Northern Mariana Islands ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We have conquered sleep, and the New Year, and out on excursion. An interesting day of sightseeing on the northern end of the island of Saipan.

  • Day88

    American Memorial Park - Saipan

    January 5, 2020 on the Northern Mariana Islands ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    I visited the American Memorial Park here in Saipan today.
    Over the years, I have read most of the history of the US Marine Corps, including Saipan . . . but just like visits to Iwo Jima, Incheon, and Belleau Wood, until you actually walk the ground, it is hard to get the full picture. Historically, Saipan was a key location during WWII. Saipan had been granted to Japan by Germany in 1914, and was considered part of the Japanese homeland by the 1920s, with nearly 30,000 Japanese civilians immigrating and living here. By 1939, Japan realized its strategic location, and had stationed 30,000 troops here for defense. The Marines landed on 15 June 1944, suffering over 2000 casualties the first day. After 3 weeks of bitter fighting, the island was taken and the US Flag was risen on 9 July. To the south of Saipan, is Tinian, also a very historical and key island, The battle of Tinian occurred from 24 Jul to 1 Aug 1944, and soon became the largest US airbase in the Pacific (and the world at that time). This would become the primary base for the new B-29s that could reach the main islands of Japan, and later launched the Enola Gay and Bockscar, that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki . . . thus ending the war in the Pacific.

    Additional pictures are from the northern end of the island. Looking down from Suicide Cliffs (the final stand of the Japanese troops) looking down on the old runways (and the National Military Cemetery), a view of the Suicide Cliffs, and a photo at the cemetery).
    Read more

  • Day86

    Saipan Hash Impromptu Trail (SHIT) H3

    January 3, 2020 on the Northern Mariana Islands ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    We had the good luck to be in town when they had a SHIT hash. Anyone can set it up, just need to make the trail, and invite the gang. There were two former Saipan hashers in town for the holidays, and were flying out on Saturday before the hash, so they called a SHIT and about 25 hashers turned up at Bank of Guam (in Garapan) for the meetup From there, we all carpooled up to the Kalabera Cave. They claim there are no rules for a SHIT hash, so totally free wheeling. At the start, the pack is put into a box (chalk on the ground) and the hares get a 10 minute head start. It was pretty dark out, but a half moon provided some good light. Headlights were required to navigate this shiggy trail, and we did some shiggy. Trail was cut right through the jungle, no real paths, just twisting and turning our way through the underbrush. We made it to the end up near suicide cliffs, where several coolers of cold beer, and some snacks awaited. A fire was soon set ablaze, and we sat waiting for the rest of the pack to arrive. Well we waited for over an hour, and one dude had still not made it in. The hares went out in search, but all was futile. Finally, someone called him, and found out he jumped a ride and went home, WTH? :) So, with that knowledge, the hares returned and we commenced with circle (at about 10 pm). It was one of the funniest and most interesting circles I have experienced in a long time. Great stories, jokes, and songs. A long discussion on whether the hares were snared or not, and tales of times past from the long time Saipan hashers. We finally exhausted all the beer and firewood around midnight, so we packed up the empties and headed back to town. A few of us went on to dinner, at an all night Chinese place not far from our hotel, and we heard even more stories of days gone by. A most excellent evening of hashing, and meeting new friends. more

  • Day1

    사이판 월드리조트

    January 11, 2015 on the Northern Mariana Islands ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    사이판 월드리조트에서 아름다운 해변과 리조트내 놀이시설을 이용하였다. 골드카드를 활용하여 부페식 식사를 하고 저녁에는 공연을 보며 4박 5일간의 꿈같은 휴가를 보낼 수 있었다.

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Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Nördliche Marianen, Northern Mariana Islands, CNMI, Noordelike Marianaeilande, የሰሜናዊ ማሪያና ደሴቶች, جزر ماريانا الشمالية, Şimal Mariana Adaları, Паўночныя Марыянскія астравы, Северни Мариански острови, Kɛɲɛka Mariyani Gun, উত্তরাঞ্চলীয় মারিয়ানা দ্বীপপুঞ্জ, Inizi Mariana an Norzh, Severna Marijanska Ostrva, Illes Mariannes del Nord, Severní Mariany, Ynysoedd Gogledd Mariana, Nordmarianerne, Dziehe Marina ƒudomekpowo nutome, Βόρειες Μαριάνες Νήσοι, Nord-Marianoj, Islas Marianas del Norte, Põhja-Mariaanid, Iparraldeko Mariana uharteak, جزایر ماریانای شمالی, Duuɗe Mariyaana Rewo, Pohjois-Mariaanit, Norðurmarianoyggjarnar, Îles Mariannes du Nord, Oileáin Mariana Thuaidh, Illas Marianas do norte, ઉતરીય મારિયાના આઇલેન્ડ્સ, Tsibiran Mariyana Na Arewa, איי מריאנה הצפוניים, नॉर्दन मारियाना द्वीपसमूह, Sjeverni Marijanski Otoci, Északi Mariana-szigetek, Insulas Marianna del Nord, Kepulauan Mariana Utara, Norður-Maríanaeyjar, Isole Marianne Settentrionali, 北マリアナ諸島, Visiwa vya Mariana vya Kaskazini, ಉತ್ತರ ಮರಿಯಾನಾ ದ್ವೀಪಗಳು, 북마리아나제도, Bizinga bya Mariyana eby'omumambuka, Bisanga bya Marianɛ ya nɔ́rdi, Marianos Šiaurinės Salos, Lutanda lua Mariane wa muulu, Ziemeļu Marianas Salas, Nosy Mariana Atsinanana, Северни Маријанини Острови, ഉത്തര മറിയാനാ ദ്വീപുകള്‍, उत्तरी मारियाना बेटे, Gżejjer Marjana ta’ Fuq, Nord-Marianene, उत्तरी मारिआना टापु, Noordelijke Marianeneilanden, Nord-Marianane, ଉତ୍ତର ମାରିଆନା ଦ୍ବୀପପୁଞ୍ଜ, Mariany Północne, Ilhas Marianas do Norte, Inslas Mariannas dal Nord, Amazinga ya Mariyana ryo mu majaruguru, Insulele Mariane de Nord, Северные Марианские о-ва, Davvi-Mariánat, Âzûâ Märïâni tî Banga, Severné Mariány, Severni Marianski otoki, Zvitsuwa zvekumaodzanyemba eMariana, Северна Маријанска Острва, Nordmarianerna, வடக்கு மரியானா தீவுகள், ఉత్తర మరియానా దీవులు, หมู่เกาะนอร์เทิร์นมาเรียนา, ʻOtumotu Maliana tokelau, Kuzey Mariana Adaları, Північні Маріанські острови, شمالی ماریانا آئلینڈز, Quần đảo Bắc Mariana, Orílẹ́ède Etikun Guusu Mariana, 北马里亚纳群岛, i-Northern Mariana Islands