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  • Day20

    Taking it easy for a day

    July 18 in Norway

    It started raining pretty hard yesterday afternoon and kept up all night. We had planned to do another hike today but it seemed unlikely that it was going to let up. I let everyone sleep in. The kids were pretty tired after the hiking. By 10 the rain had slowed so Cheryl and I went for a Canadian stroll around town and within 30 minutes the sun was out again and shining very brightly. In Kaupanger they have 5 and 3 meters diving platforms on the water. With the rain yesterday we had to take a miss on the platforms but with the sun out they really wanted to use the window to give the platforms another go. It was low tide so the platforms were more like 6.5 metres. This is pretty high. They actually talked me into doing it. It is a long drop. I talked with a local while watching the kids. I told that at home they would never have such an unsupervised structure as someone would get hurt. She told me that no one had ever been seriously hurt. I told her that we were just a bunch of worriers at home. We had a late lunch and there were some more showers. Videl came over with his kids and took my little ones fishing again and then towed them around on inflatables behind the little boat. It was very kind of him. Just when I thought things were going to quiet down another mega yacht came into the bay. Forever one. 54 metres long and owned by billionaire Bruce Grossman who was heir to the Mexican Coca Cola bottling group. It is interesting what you can find out on line. Chris and I went to check it out in the canoe. Just a beautiful yacht.

    With some time on my hands today I have had time to reflect on one of my colleagues dilemma. My colleague owns a vintage BMW. It is a wonderful looking car but unfortunately its time is coming to an end. My colleague has enjoyed the image and prestige of a European built vehicle but may not be able to afford a new one. I think though that this vacation that I have stumbled on a solution to my colleague's problem. We have been privileged to drive a Skoda Octavia station wagon since Oslo. Skoda is a Czech build vehicle which is actually built in Europe. No Mexican content here. It drives wonderfully and is probably much cheaper then a Mexican built BMW. My colleague would be the first to own a Skoda at the RAH. It would really improve his image amongst the staff parking such a car in the Doctors car park.
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  • Day21

    Fjords, fjords, fjords

    July 19 in Norway

    Today we left our boathouse on the Sognefjord to travel to Bergen. As one of the big ticket items for the trip I had reserved a spot on the 10:30 am ferry from Kaupanger to Gudvangen. It was a 2.5 hour ferry ride through a main part of the Sognefjord and then down on of the even more scenic arms known as the Naeroyfjord. We were a 1 minute drive from the ferry terminal. The reservation said to arrive at 10:15. I was anxious to leave by 10 but some people doddled. When we showed up despite it being only 10:14, the ferry was almost loaded. I was the last car in the reservation line and I didn't think we would make it on to the ferry but they just squeezed us on. The trip was characterized by steep mountains rising up from the fjords to staggering heights. Occasionally dotted with farm houses now probably vacation properties by the water. It was just spectacular and well worth the cost. After completing the ferry ride we drove on to Bergen and we thoroughly exhausted when we reached our BnB. Our BnB is in a house with the world's steepest driveway requiring a 10 way turn at the top which is impossible to do if you don't precisely follow the owners directions. I know this as initially I attempted to improvise my own 10 way turn which pretty well got the car stuck at the top of the driveway.Read more

  • Day18


    July 16 in Norway

    We drove from Oslo to Kaupanger on the 14th of July. We were right at the car rental place in downtown Oslo at 9 am to pick up the car. The process was painfully slow. I had gotten a very good deal on the car rental. 1200 Cdn for 13 days. They had told us the day before that a walk in rental for two days with drop off in Bergen would have cost the same amount. I think they wanted to scrutinize everything extra carefully as they could have rented our car to a walkin for much more. Finally after 30 minutes we got the car but not after realizing that Cheryl's license had expired in March. By then there was a massive line up out the door. I wonder now that the government isn't sending out notifications how many Albertans are driving with expired licenses.By the time we were done there was this very long line up of people behind me. We got back to the hostel by 10 and the kids were all ready for us. We packed and headed out of town and within 30 minutes we were at a standstill in traffic. After this our trip was punctuated by a long stop for groceries and an unsuccessful grocery stop. We drove over a mountain range with an elevation of 1200 metres before descending to the fjord. Travel time was an astounding 7 hours. My highlight of the trip was stopping at a gas station with some old volvos one which looked like from the early 70s which reminded me a lot of the Volvo my parents had bought in 1968. It looked good but was a terrible car always breaking down when on holidays and rested out very quickly. This early experience with Volvos scarred me for life. I don't think that I could ever own a Volvo.

    Our boathouse in Kaupanger is right on the fjord with a million dollar view. As soon as we arrived Videl the brother in law of the owner who has two children took my two youngest out on a boat with his kids fishing in their little motor boat out into the centre of the fjord. It is a little rustic by Muskoka standards but for us it is perfect. Kaupanger is very quiet and there are few tourists here. I have had two great sleeps here. The fjords are quite spectacular. The sides in areas rise quite sharply up from the water. It reminds of BC but it is different. Cheryl keeps saying that it reminds her of Saskatchewan but I am not sure how and I don't think she is being smart.The water is a lot less saline the sea water so It doesn't taste very salty nor does one's skin feel salty after swimming in it. It really doesn't even smell like the ocean. Yesterday we drove to a very picturesque town on an even prettier fjord called Solvorn home of the Walaker hotell a historic expensive looking hotel. We took a ferry across a fjord to Urnes home of the world's oldest wooden church. It was a 20 minute hike up to the church from the ferry. It wasn't a hike by our definition as we saw some girls doing it in flip flops.These old wooden churches are known as Stave churches as the old Norwegian word for the supports were known as Staves. This one dated from 1100 AD. It looks impressive now but probably looked even more impressive when it was built. There were wood panels on the outside carved with snakes and dragons which were felt to be from the 900s. It looked like celtic meets Scandinavian. We ate our lunch at the museum before hiking down and catching the ferry. We were all pretty hot by the time we made it to Solvern which fortunately had a beautiful swim area with platforms for jumping and diving off. We were all tired but had a good day. My son Chris said that he would have given it a 7.5/10 which by his standards is pretty good.
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  • Day19

    Hiking in the Sognefjord

    July 17 in Norway

    We have spent three glorious days here in the Sognefjord in our little boat house. It was sunny for the first two days and much of the third. Supposedly they have had no rain for a month which is typically the daily norm. Having exhausted the museums the first day it was time to do some hiking. I have been trailing my hiking boots through Scandinavia so I thought it should be time to put them to use. My right ankle is very weak from an old volleyball injury so I am always worried that I could roll it again. Therefore I really need to wear the hiking. One of my colleagues wives broke her ankle while hiking in running shoes a few years ago which has further increased my anxiety about not having hiking boots. For our first hike I chose one called Bjorahaug outside of a small town called Hermansverk. It was described as a Norwegian stroll which I thought would be a good warm up hike. It was only 1165 metres long. What I didn't realize was that the elevation gain was 500. It was a hike up the side of a fjord. I don't think I have ever hiked so steeply. It certainly did give me an appreciation of how steeply the sides of the fjords rise from the water. There were ropes in areas to help oneself up. At one point my son Andrew told me that he thought that his mother had fallen. I quickly backtracked to check up on her but she had just lost the trail and was calling us to see where it went.The kids had no problem. They must be part billygoat. The hike was rated as 70 minutes. At the 70 minute mark we were very high up but not at the top of the fjord. The trail started to go down before I suspect it would go up again. I was absolutely drenched in perspiration. After all that work I decided that I didn't want to lose any of the elevation we had worked so hard for. We stopped for lunch. The view of the fjords was spectacular. On a sunny day I think it looks prettier then the west coast of BC.

    After our warm up day, we decided to try something a little more difficult although we had set the bar pretty high the first day. We decided to do the Mount Molden which was a small mountain looking out over an arm of the Sognefjord. The arm is known as Gaupnefjorden. One can also see the glaciers to the north from the top. It was a longer hike with an elevation of 600 metres. We reached an elevation of 1116 metres. It was a pretty hard hike although probably not as hard and definitely not as steep as the warm up hike. We were well above the tree line at the top. The view from the top was even more breathtaking. When we were at the top we realized that there was a storm system coming in from the south. We were 9/10s of the way down when we were hit with a wicked rain storm. Gale force winds, snapping branches etc. We only had to walk 15 minutes in the rain. I wouldn't have wanted to be on the top of the mountain when the storm hit.

    Last night this huge yacht maybe 60 metres long came into our bay and stayed for 24 hours. It was owned by Jade yachts so I checked it out on line. People can rent this yacht for a week for 362k Cdn. Chris and I paddled a canoe out to it to check it out. I couldn't believe just how large it was.It was bigger then my house.
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  • Day7

    1. Come together

    June 21 in Norway

    Auf den Lofoten hat das erste "Come together" der Teams des Baltic Sea Circle 2018 stattgefunden.

    Nach Mitternacht sind wir als letztes eingelaufen und haben uns neben 2 super netten Hamburgern, die auch mit einem Feuerwehrauto (Audrüster Lampe) unterwegs sind, niedergelassen.
    Einige von uns haben sich gleich mal in die 11 bis 12 Grad kalte Norwegische See gestürzt, um dann wieder fit mit anderen Teams am Lagerfeuer unseren Biervorrat zu vertilgen und die Erlebnisse auszutauschen.Read more

  • Day8

    Das Nordkap

    June 22 in Norway

    Und wie hat es uns gefallen? Teuer, neblig, kalt, ok, gut, unspektakulär, gute aber komplett überteuerte Sandwiches. Das sind die unzensierten Kommentare von uns.

    Wir hatten auch noch eine Aufgabe von liebenswerten Hamburger Sponsoren zu erfüllen. Sie haben uns einen kleinen Thymian-Topf mitgegeben, mit der Bitte, die Pflanze am Nordkap einzupflanzen. Die Mission haben wir erfüllt, wie ihr auf dem Bild sehen könnt. Liebe Sponsoren, ums gießen müsst ihr euch aber selber kümmern!

    Und jetzt machen wir uns ganz schnell auf den Weg nach Süden, Richtung Sonne und Wärme.🏖
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  • Day7

    Es geht zum Nordkap

    June 21 in Norway

    Nachdem es gestern etwas später wurde, haben wir länger geschlafen und sind erst um 13:00 aufgebrochen. Unser Ziel für heute bzw. morgen früh ist Hammerfest. Hammerfest galt bisweilen als die nördlichste Stadt der Welt, zumindest bis Honningsvåg (circa 2000 Einwohner) 1998 den Status einer Stadt erhielt.

    Wir werden heute mehr als 800 km zurücklegen und haben dann nur noch ca. 200 km bis zum Nordkap.
    Die Fahrt durch den verregneten norwegischen Norden verbringen die meisten von uns schlafend. Bis jetzt haben sich heute Matze und Levi das Steuer geteilt.

    Nach einem späten Chili sin Carne geht es nun durch die Berge weiter nach Hammerfest. Ankunft am frühen Morgen.

    Die Landschaft, die wir durchquert haben, war wirklich beeindruckend und extrem abwechslungsreich. Schade das wir nicht mehr Zeit und ein gute Kamera dabei hatten.

    Gegen Ende haben wir auch die ersten Rentiere gesehen.
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  • Day8

    Abstecher nach Hammerfest

    June 22 in Norway

    Am frühen Morgen sind wir in Hammerfest eingelaufen und sofort in den Schlafsack gefallen.

    Die Stadt ist nach einem alten Schiffsanlegeplatz benannt. Der erste Teil des Wortes, „hammer“, bezieht sich auf die Anlegemöglichkeiten für Boote und Schiffe am „Berghammer“; der zweite steht für das „Festmachen“ der Boote.

    Zu sehen gibt es wirklich nicht viel, einen kleinen Hafen und eine stillose Architektur.

    Und nun gehts direkt zum Nordkap, um Nachmittags die Mitternachtssonne anzuschauen.😎
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  • Day9

    Nach dem Besuch des Nordkaps sind wir nicht mehr solange gefahren und haben uns einen Campingplatz gesucht. Abends haben wir mit anderen Teams im Servicehaus gekocht und Erfahrungen ausgetauscht.

    Die Nacht war leider für die, die im Zelt geschlafen haben nicht so toll, da es die ganze Zeit geregnet hat und jetzt alles klamm und feucht ist und das bei 9 Grad Aussentemperatur. Da schätzt man die Standheizung zum Aufwärmen.Read more

  • Day280

    Nachdem wir gestern unsere sehr netten Vermieter Arnt und Mette kennengelernt haben, wanderten wir auf ihre Empfehlung hin vom Haus zu einem kleinen Berg in der Nähe. Kaum waren wir unterwegs wurden wir von einem Nachbarn zurückgerufen. Er ist ein Sami ("Ureinwohner"), der Rentiere (im Moment auch Kälber) auf der Insel hat und erklärte uns, dass wir Daggy laut dem Gesetz bis September an die Leine nehmen müssen. Blöd für Daggy, aber verständlich. Unsere Vermieter hatten uns zudem empfohlen, diesen Mann möglichst zu meiden, da er "really crazy" ist. Naja, Verrückte gibt es ja überall 😜.

    Nach ungefähr einer Stunde waren wir oben angekommen und konnten den wunderschönen Ausblick genießen – das Meer, die Berge und ein paar Seen. Weil es uns so gut gefallen hat, verbrachten wir fast zwei Stunden auf dem "Gipfel". Till probierte zum ersten Mal seine Drohne aus und sie funktionierte 🤗.

    Zurück ging es raschen Schrittes, da wir bei Daggy überall am Bauch einen roten Ausschlag entdeckt hatten 🙄. Am Haus angekommen, erklärte uns Arnt, dass das die Moskitos waren und dass jedes Jahr ein Hund auf der Insel dadurch stirbt. Wie gemein! Wir sind natürlich gut ausgestattet und haben die Stiche mit Manuka-Honig behandelt. Ein paar Stunden später sah alles schon viel besser aus.
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