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  • Day11

    Island fun

    November 10 on the Philippines

    Today was our fun day out on the scooter.

    Firstly we spent the morning attempting our visas again but once again the WiFi was so terrible we couldn't finish it so we went to the local photo shop to get all our photos and printouts sorted in prep instead. Hopefully once we finally get some WiFi we can get this sorted!

    Then we finally got on with our day. First stop Aninipot Kamp to see the Hobbit homes. When looking at accomodation I found these hobbit homes and they looked absolutely adorable but they were in the middle of nowhere and hard to get to without your own mode of transport. To be honest I'm glad I didn't stay there but it was still very fun to visit.

    Next stop was Mount Bandilan which had a viewing tower. It was only a short 15 mins trek up steps so very easy. To be honest the "view" was pretty rubbish, but hey if you're in the area it doesn't take time out to do it.

    Next, Cambugahay Falls. Although not as impressive as Kawasan Waterfalls near Moalboal, it was still very fun to and refreshing in the turquoise waters. Upon leaving we went to San Isidro Labrador Church which was actually under reconstruction.

    The Balete tree was next but we didn't stop as the gimmick was basically to bathe your feet and let the fishes nibble at your feet under the Banyon tree. Not worth the hassle.

    Our final stop for the day was Paliton Beach. We were hoping to do a bit of snorkeling here but the water was so shallow it wasn't really worth it so while Will attempted it I just chilled out, writing my blog and people watching. At one point a local came over and laid 3 starfish on the sand beside me. After a few quick photos I put them safely back in the water. Paliton Beach is famous for its sunsets and although it was very cloudy, it really added to the drama of the sunset. It was so peaceful to just sit and watch the darkness come in.

    For dinner we met Shannon at Baha bar which had a really lovely romantic atmosphere with an acoustic band in the background. We all caught up on our past few days. I had grilled Marlin and Will had Ceviche. My dinner was unbelievably tiny, especially as we hadn't had any lunch. Luckily Shannon came prepared and gave me some of her local bakery goods. It's a moon shaped biscuit that has the texture of a scone and it was sooo yummy!

    For desert Will finally ordered his long awaited Ice cream Sundae. Since we have been away he has been craving it! But... they sold out of ice cream. What a disaster!! So we decided to head to the bakery Shannon went to instead. Now obviously we are pretty risk averse but on this occasion we decided to risk it. We didn't want Shannon to walk so we had 3 of us on the bike. And actually it was fine! Will has now done the proper South East Asian thing of having too many people on a bike haha But... when we got to the bakery it was also closed! We finally found an open one and grabbed a few treats.

    Will then took Shannon back to her homestay and I just waited at the bakery. When we arrived back at the homestay we decided to attempt our visa again. It wasn't meant to be and the worse part was that we forgot to eat our baked goodies! Ah well breakfast it is 😂

    It was such a fun day!
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  • Day14

    Beach Fun in Monsoon Season...

    November 13 on the Philippines

    I've decided to roll the last couple of days into one as to be honest they weren't very eventful.

    As I mentioned we were staying in dorms and this morning we had quite the commotion in our female dorm. At about 3am a very large Chinese guy walked in and fell asleep in one of the spare beds. To be honest had he done this and been quiet no one would have known. Instead he fell asleep and then snored like a ships horn continuously for 30 mins. Luckily we had one brave lass in the room that woke the, clearly drunk, guy up and told him to leave. What a champion!! I must admit I was far too British to comfront. After the guy left the cockrels started, the dogs were barking and there was no way anyone was getting back to sleep. At 7am I got up and ready for the day.

    After the morning events and having been bitten alive by mosquitoes (honestly I feel like the elephant man as they are all over my face) we decided to move homestay. We moved to Bougainvillea Campground Paradise Resort which was a thousand times better mainly because it didn't have as many plants around and the room had real walls. The campground had a gorgeous and friendly dog called Mocha who loved being stroked and would snuggle his head in your lap. It was so cute.

    The rest of the day was spent scootering around the various beaches on the island including the private local beach 200m away, white beach where we got trapped in the pouring rain and then the southern most beach for sunset.

    The next morning we got our confirmations that our visas were granted for India! We spent the morning planning our next couple of days and began the planning for India. I booked our first two nights in a homestay in Kochi. People have always said India is cheap but wow... I booked 2 nights including breakfast in a 9.2 rated homestay, on the main square and it was £10 total. Hopefully our money goes even further!! Just as we finished planning and were ready to head out obviously the heavens opened again, so we waited for it to stop. It weened off a bit so we jumped on the scooter had some lunch and headed to a famous cliff dive spot. The weather turned and it was just miserable. We were cold and very very wet. When we arrived we watched a couple of crazy people dive into the sea and Will went for a snorkel. The waves were really big due to the weather so he didn't stay in too long.

    As its our last day on Bohol tomorrow we decided to finally pluck up the courage to book another dive for the morning and then headed back to campground where the locals were all drinking beer and told us to join. I must admit I'm glad they were there as we were both so miserable and cold. We chatted for a while, another couple staying also joined and then the rum came out... We drank a lot of rum. The rum is really nice! For dinner we had roasted chicken again.
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  • Day13

    Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers

    November 12 on the Philippines

    The sun was shining beautifully in the morning so we quickly had breakfast and asked the homestay for a scooter. Unfortunately they wanted to keep our passport which we weren't so happy about so we thought we would go wander and find somewhere else. As a traveller our passports are thee most precious things and if we can help it we really try and avoid giving it to anyone.

    It seemed like a good idea at the time until we realised how spread out everything is. We walked 30 mins in the burning heat and everyone was quoting crazy prices at us or twice the price as the coco farm. In the end we just walked back and handed them our passport making sure it was kept in a safe locked drawer.

    It was 10:30am and we were finally on our way. The famous Chocolate Hills were about 2.5 hours drive away so we got our rocket boosters on! At about 11:30am we saw a really busy local restaurant and decided to have an early lunch. It was a good job too as once again the heavens opened. We waited for it to slow down and then we went on our way to Chocolate Hills, the locals laughed at our dedication to keep going. We drove straight there with one short break taking cover under someone's porch when the rain was too heavy.

    When we arrived it was actually quite good. Was it the best mountain range I've seen. Of course not. But the hills did look like chocolate truffles coming out of the ground so I can see the gimmick. We drove all the way to the top of the main viewing deck, walked around, took some snaps and had a well deserved coffee in the restaurant. The food looked great and was actually reasonably priced. Someone across from us ordered the calamari and it looked so yum,but we were too full.

    Next stop was the twin hanging bridge, then rode alongside the turquoise Loboc River, the ancient church and then sped on down to the Tarsier Sanctuary reaching it just in time before closing. We saw 5 Tarsiers hiding in in the trees. They were so adorable!!

    All in all it was a fun day of getting out and about, but having now done all the "sights" I don't think I really understand the hype of Bohol. Yes it has diving, hills, rice terraces, rare animals and beaches, but they are all average. To be honest I think its definitely an island that could be missed.
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  • Day12

    Final Stop Bohol Island

    November 11 on the Philippines

    Today's plan is to go to the Coco Resort for a bit of snorkeling before heading to Bohol. Having looked up boats to Bohol we were aiming to catch the 7pm ferry.

    So up we got, said hello to Cheryl and Curby and after checking the boat times with her she said there is only one at 12:30pm! Ahhh, time to rush. Showered, dressed and packed up we jumped on the scooter to get a classic Philippino breakfast of egg, rice and sausage and then grabbed our luggage and jumped onto a tricycle. The guy was super nice and let us stop at the bakery for some moon cakes on the way.

    When we arrived at the port we found out our original timing was correct and we should have caught the 7pm ferry. The 7pm ferry was slower but a quarter of the price and not the tourist ferry. With the 12:30pm ferry they try and same tourists for everything including charging for luggage! We just walked straight past the luggage area and onto the ferry and luckily it worked.

    The boat was only 2 hours so we arrived by late lunch in Bohol. We had done zero planning for Bohol having had shocking internet the whole time. When we arrived all the tricycle drivers were moithering us asking us where we wanted to go etc. We didn't have a clue and we just needed 15 mins to get our bearings, but they wouldn't leave us alone. I must admit I got pretty short tempered after a while. Once I had booked our accomodation I was pretty brutal with my haggling and got the tricycle down to 200 pesos. Normally they charge 400+. Maybe it was slightly unfair of me but honestly after being badgered for 15 minutes constantly, after politely asking them to leave us alone for a couple of minutes while we booked, I was not taking any prisoners.

    The driver was lovely and took us all the way down a very rocky road to our homestay, supposedly most just leave people at the main road which is about 8 mins walk away. I am so glad he didn't. Just on arrival the heavens opened and wow did they open. The rain didn't stop until about 4:30pm, so we just stayed in the common area drinking tea, eating our baked goodies as late lunch and chatting with everyone. It was a very social homestay.

    For dinner we just stayed on the coco farm and had veggie burgers with fried rice. We finally tried the local Red Horse beer and to be honest I was ticked up in my dorm room by 9pm.
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  • Day296

    Berufswunsch: Influencer

    November 8 on the Philippines

    Nach einem herzlichen Abschied von Vanessa und Thorsten boarden wir kurz nach Mitternacht eine Maschine nach Cebu. Ich lasse mich wie befürchtet in einen Mittelsitz fallen und platze fast. Teils vor Wut, teils aus Platzmangel. Ein Mittelsitz wie man ihn sich an einem ganz düsteren Tag mit schlechter Grundstimmung vorstellt. Also so, wie ich mir jeden Mittelsitz vorstelle. Neben mir am Fenster ein etwa zweihundert Kilogramm breiter Asiate, der wirklich streng riecht. Ein beissender Geruch. Der Herr ist bestimmt ein toller Mensch, den ich keinesfalls für irgendwelche Äusserlichkeiten verurteilen möchte. Das war ich vor einigen Jahren mit deutlich mehr Masse ja auch. Oder auch nicht, aber das hatte wohl mehr mit meinem egozentrischen Karrieredenken und der „I bi dee, I bi dee“-Attitüde zu tun, als mit unangenehmem Geruch. Nicht, dass ich dieses Gebaren seither abgelegt hätte, ich biete einfach weniger Angriffsfläche. Physisch. Aber egal. Mr Sumo scheint dann doch kein so toller Mensch zu sein, denn neben der Geruchsattacke erwidert der Stinker auch mein ach so freundliches Hallihallo nicht. Die ignorante Sau.

    In dem Moment denke ich mir schon diverse Strafen für die am Elend schuldige Sue aus, während ich ihren zögerlichen Annäherungsversuchen gekonnt ausweiche. Ich ignorante Sau. Aber eigentlich ist es ja meine Schuld. Wieso lasse ich sie auch wieder Flüge buchen?! Ich Idiot. Als die Flugzeugtüre ins Schloss fällt, ein Hoffnungsschimmer. Die Reihe schräg gegenüber ist komplett frei. Über den Lautsprecher faselt Madame zwar was von Umsitzen verboten, aber da sitze ich schon längst am Fenster. Zum Glück für Sue. Immerhin hat sie den Wechsel in einem kurzen Gespräch mit einer Stewardess noch rechtlich abgesichert. Das rechne ich ihr zwar nicht hoch an, aber es reicht als Wiedergutmachung. Für den Moment.

    Wie schon in Singapur, landen wir auch im philippinischen Cebu um vier Uhr in der Früh. So ist das eben, wenn man aufgrund wachsender Armut ausschliesslich auf Flüge zu „günstigen Randzeiten“ setzt. Aber wie schon beim lieben Thorsten, lässt uns auch das liebe Hostel in dieser Herrgottsfrühe bereits ins riesige Zimmer mit bequemem Bett, was uns nochmals ein paar Stunden Schlaf ermöglicht und das Hostel zu einem Top-Kandidaten für die letzten zwei Nächte auf den Philippinen macht, für welche wir noch keine Unterkunft gebucht haben. Kaum ausgeschlafen, buchen wir trotzdem was anderes. Der Wasserhahn im Bad ist kacke.

    Nachdem uns im eher kühlen Australien die Sonne dank des freudigen Besuchs eines Freundes bekanntlich a u s dem Arsch schien, lassen wir uns diese im eher heissen Cebu zur Abwechslung a u f den Arsch scheinen. Höchste Zeit, wieder an der Tan-Line zu arbeiten. Wir wollen ja zu Weihnachten schön braun sein, damit dann Freunde und Familie all unsere Hochglanzfotos und -videos vom zuckersüssen Leben auf Reisen auch schön liken. Gelb vor Neid - oder einfach blass - und mit dem Wunsch, irgendwann auch so etwas tolles zu erleben. Die Realität, dass wir uns in der wunderbar festlichen (Vor-)Weihnachtszeit eigentlich nichts sehnlicher wünschen, als einfach mit Freunden und Familie zusammen zu sein und wir uns lediglich bräunen, um nicht das eigene Gelb sichtbar zu tragen, zeigen die ganzen Socialmedia- und Pinguin-Posts natürlich nicht. Wäre ja total uncool. Tja, so ist das eben mit dem modernen „Influencer“-Leben. Nie war es einfacher, eine übertrieben schöne Fassade aufzubauen, um anderen und vor allem sich selber etwas vorzumachen. Ganz professionell. Traurig. Aber wahr. Irgendwie.
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  • Day9


    August 20 on the Philippines

    Hey Leute,
    heute haben wir etwas ganz besonderes unternommen! Wir durften heute Walhaie beim Füttern beobachten und so ganz nah an sie heran schwimmen. Es war unglaublich!!!! Walhaie sind 6-8m Lang und eigentlich ganz ungefährlich, aber wenn dann doch so viele um einen herum schimmen, bekommt man doch ein mulmiges Gefühl 😂 Aber dennoch,war es einfach der absolute Wahnsinn!
    Anschließend sind wir wieder zum White Beache gefahren, um das super gute Wetter zu genießen und an unserer Bräune zu feilen:D
    Momentan liegen wir im Bett, da wir morgen um 3:20am aufstehen müssen, damit wir den Bus nach Cebu erwischen und von dort aus geht es dann weiter mit dem Flugzeug nach Siargao. Hier bleiben wir dann wahrscheinlich die letzten 10 Tage und werde auch dort einiges noch unternehmen (ich sage nur Surfen und so....)
    Also ihr Lieben,
    bis morgen!
    Das Alonz
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  • Day8


    August 19 on the Philippines

    Hallo ihr Lieben, nach einer langen Zeit melden wir uns auch mal wieder zurück. Wir haben so viel erlebt, dass keine Zeit blieb um etwas zu bloggen. Momentan liegen wir noch in den Feder und schlafen heute mal aus. Die zwei Tage bei Conzis Bekannten (Ma Ruth und Co.) waren einzigartig und einfach wunderschön! Diese Tage werden uns noch sehr sehr lange in Erinnerung bleiben, so herzliche und gastfreundliche Menschen haben wir selten erlebt. Offen, lustig und unglaublich warmherzig!!! Wir haben viele Ausflüge unternommen, z.B eine Tour zu Wasserfällen mitten im Wald,welche total unberührt von Menschen sind. Keine Touristen, nur die Einheimischen kennen sie und nun das Alonz :D
    Wir haben so viel erlebt, dass es viel zu lange dauern würde, alles hier nieder zu schreiben:) Wir werden euch Zuhause alles berichten!
    Nun sind wir auf Cebu-Island bzw. in Moalboal und genießen den Strand und das Meer. Hier sind jetzt auch viele Touristen und wir haben schon einige junge Leute aus Europa kennen gelernt. Es macht einfach so viel Spaß zu reisen 🤗
    Heute geht es auch nochmal an den Strand und morgen zu den Walhaien 🐳
    Heute Abend gibt es dann auch noch mehr Bilder!!
    Bis bald
    Das Alonz 😘
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  • Day3


    August 14 on the Philippines

    Gestern landeten wir in Manila um ca. 01:00am und fuhren dann mit dem Taxi zu unserer Unterkunft. Leider wurde unsere Buchung irgendwie verschlampt und so mussten wir erstmal eine Stunde warten :D Trotz dieses Problems fand die nette Rezeptionistin noch ein Zimmer für uns und wir fielen totmüde aber glücklich in die Federn.
    Jetzt sitzen wir schon wieder am Airport und fliegen gleich nach Kalibo, von wo wir nach Sebastian, Abtique fahren um dort die Familie von Ka (einer der besten Freundinnen von Conzi) zu besuchen. Wir sind schon gespannt und freuen uns riesig!
    See you
    Das Alonz
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  • Day3


    August 14 on the Philippines

    Hey ihr Lieben, nun sind wir endlich in Sebaste angekommen! Es war eine kleine und aufregende Reise mit dem Van. Die Landschaft ist atemberaubend schön und die Menschen so unglaublich gastfreundlich!
    Morgen werden wir zu einem Wasserfall gehen und natürlich ans Meer!
    Bis bald und macht euch keine Sorgen, wenn der nächste Post erst in ein paar Tagen kommt.
    Bis bald, das Alonz

  • Day8


    August 19 on the Philippines

    Hey ihr Lieben, wir sind ausgeschlafen und waren schon schnorcheln. Für mich das aller Erste mal und daher habe ich mich am Anfang auch eeeeetwas ungeschick angestellt. Ein Classic-Alina:D Nun habe ich eine kleine Schürfwunde am re. Fußrücken, mein Souvenir 😁 Naja wie dem auch sei, wir sahen einige schöne Fische, Seeigel und allerlei andere Sachen. Das gute ist, dass wir direkt bei uns am Strand, also quasi vor der Haustür schnorcheln aber auch tauchen können. Jetzt sitzen wir in einer der vielen Strandbars, genießen Mango-und Wassermelonenshakes und essen fangfrischen Calermaris. Besser geht es nicht :D Zum Glück haben wir so ein Glück mit den Wetter🤗
    Im Anhang findet ihr noch ein paar Bilder;)
    Bis bald
    Das Alonz
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