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  • Day1053

    Nameless Lake, Łąka, Poland

    May 15 in Poland ⋅ 🌧 5 °C

    We've reached Poland! Considering we are living full time in our van and touring Europe it seems like so long since we set foot in a new country. We spent a few days in the north of Poland 7 years ago but of the countries we've entered since this big trip began in June 2016, Poland is our 21st and the most easterly of the central European states.

    We'd checked the weather forecast the night before so it was no surprise when we woke to an outside temperature of 5°C, muted daylight and heavy rain, nor that these conditions stayed with us the entire day. Poland is one of the few EU countries that doesn't use the euro so we routed around in our under bed storage area and found 17 złote 25groszy (equal to £3.41) we hope the coins are still in use after all this time!

    We weren't far from the border so once on the motorway we found ourselves whizzing by the 'new country' signs in no time. Being on route to Lithuania we are not planning to explore Poland at this point of the tour but even so, a nervous excitement gripped us. We once again found ourselves unable to understand the language and picking up on all the differences, such as the digital road signs displaying the air and road temperatures and the many green bridges arching over the motorway, providing safe passage for wildlife. It contrasted with the last time we entered Poland, when we encountered what could only be described as a shanty town of corrugated iron shacks with people flogging tobacco, sheepskins, puppies and even a chainsaw.

    One thing we always worry about when entering a new country is the provision for motorhomes. Therefore we soon pulled in at a rest area marked on Park4Night as having a van service point. We found it easily and even though a lorry was parked in the way, Will managed to empty the toilet, although there was no fresh water.

    Although there are very few designated aires in Poland, we've read that wild camping is tolerated, so our first overnight stop was out in the countryside. Passing through a small village with the scent of wood smoke in the air and large one or two storey houses, several of them new builds, set in their own grounds, we arrived at a compacted earth car park. There were views through trees to a lake that didn't have a name on any of the three maps we looked at. We were excited to see obvious signs of beaver activity, with many trees felled and several trunks partially gnawed. Will got the binoculars and set up watch but with no definite sightings, although he did glimpse something furry in the water that made a splash as it dived. A footpath led around the nameless lake but the weather was so grotty and the ground so muddy we didn't explore any further than the shoreline 50m down the bank from where we were parked.
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  • Day1058

    Augustow, Pałac na Wodzie

    May 20 in Poland ⋅ 🌬 25 °C

    Parked beside the quiet road here in Augustow we are grateful for the tall pines that offer a little shade. It's a toasty 27°C today!

    It was a late set off from our campsite in Łomża because we made a beeline for the nearby Lidl and made the most of the site's facilities. The multi lane motorway we've enjoyed since entering Poland finally petered out to a single carriageway that passed through several towns. Tyre ruts in the tarmac frequently threw Martha this way and that but progress wasn't too slow. We are drawing every nearer to the border with Lithuania and as we do so we are seeing more and more Storks, mostly busy in their huge nests with a chick whose off white neck feathers we occasionally glimpse above the cylindrical wall of sticks.

    As this was to be our final full day in Poland, we kept our eyes open for a roadside eatery, pulling in at an interesting looking wooden chalet with what looked like a classic American car parked as a decorative curio.
    The services of Google Translate were called upon once again and we were soon served with chips, Swiezynka (a Polish pork stew) and Surówka z marchewki, which according to good old Wikipedia is "salad made with coarsely grated carrots, coarsely grated granny smith apple, lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt, and sugar". We chose a Tyskie beer and a refreshing lime and mint alcohol free drink to accomlany them. The food was tasty and the place was spotless, with polished glass tabletops sitting on top of green lace tablecloths and embroidered doilies. Original acrylic canvass paintings hung on the beams of the open timber frame and in through the wooden trellis fencing between them we could see a carriage and bench swing in the beer garden. What a great lunchtime experience for only 52zl (£10.40)!

    Arriving at Augustow, Vicky needed to rest but Will headed straight for the water to cool off. Walking past a pink/peach 'palace hotel' whose golden adornments erred on the side of garish, he came to the bank of the Kanal Augustowski that links Poland to Belarus. Strolling along the paved path, as canoeists paddled between him and the pale reads on the opposite bank, he came to a corner where the canal opened up into an expansive lake fringed by trees. It was all part of the winding Kanal Augustowski, whose route makes use of glacial lakes and river valleys. It was here Will plunged into the cool water, before returning to the van with a smile on his face.

    We returned together later for Vicky to have a paddle. It was thankfully on the way back that she disturbed a grass snake, which leapt into the water. Will had warned her he'd seen one earlier but it still made her jump out of her skin!

    The hot day was beginning to darken as steely grey clouds covered the sun. We heard peals of thunder and just as we were getting close to the van, the skies began to throw down heavy droplets of rain. The cooling effect of the intense shower made our last night in Poland a lot more comfortable.
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  • Day15

    Auf nach Polen

    March 9 in Poland ⋅ 🌧 5 °C

    Wir haben grad die Grenze nach Polen überquert. Witzig finden wir einfach nur, dass man kontrolliert wird, Dachboxen und alles aufmachen muss, dann 5 Meter weiterfährt und das gleiche Spiel nochmal von vorne beginnt! Dachboxen auf, Handschuhfach auf und alles von vorne! Ja klar, in der einen Minute und den 5Metern haben wir 250kg Drogen aus dem Gebüsch gezogen, drei illegale Einwanderer verstaut und uns Sprengstoff und Waffen ins Auto gelegt!Read more

  • Day15

    1 Tag vor dem Zieleinlauf: Polen

    March 9 in Poland ⋅ 🌬 6 °C

    Ankunft in Polen bei schlechtem Wetter. 5 Minuten vor Ladenschluss konnten wir bei Rossmann noch die Fotos für das Roadbook ausdrucken. Das war knapp!

    Noch 300 km haben wir heute vor uns, so langsam ist die Luft raus und es geht an die Substanz.
    Gewonnen haben wir wohl nicht, dafür fehlen uns doch einige Aufgaben und Punkte... Anbei trotzdem einige Highlights aus unserem Roadbook (Geisterhaus gefunden, Wikingerweihzeremonie, Schneemann mit einem anderem Team, Foto vom Nordkap mit Damian, Bau eines Kreuzes mit Wunsch an einem litauischen Wallfahrtsort).

    Trotzdem sind wir stolz so viele Länder bereist zu haben und als Team trotz einiger Tiefen immer noch zusammenzuhalten. Wir freuen uns auf Deutschland und zu Hause!
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  • Day14

    Competition "Goat busters!"

    June 28 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Soeben konnten wir die aus unserer Sicht schwierigste Aufgabe der 10 Photo-Competitions erfolgreich erledigen. ✅

    Der Klassiker: „Goat busters!“ - A picture of a REAL goat driving your car.

    Ziemlich störrisch so eine Ziege, da war das köeine Kiz schon zutraulicher.

    Nun das Auto nur noch mal auf Lego-Steine stellen... 😁Read more

  • Day14

    14. Tag

    June 28 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Tag 14: Riga (LET) - Giżycko (PL)
    Gefahrene Kilometer: 512
    Gefahrene Zeit: 8 Std.
    Wetter: 28 Grad
    Essen: Gegrillt auf dem Campingplatz
    Highlight des Tages: Die Challenge mit der Ziege

    Der 14. Tag ist um so langsam nähert sich unser kleines Abenteuer dem Ende. Heute konnten wir gleich hinter der polnischen Grenze die Challenge mit der Ziege erledigen. Das war echt cool.

    Gefahren sind wir dann noch bis nach Lötzen in die Masuren. Wir wollten noch ein wenig das gute Wetter ausnutzen und Grillen.

    Morgen geht es dann wohl schon rüber zurück nach Deutschland 🇩🇪
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  • Day15


    June 29 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Und schon wieder on the Road. Mittlerweile sind wir bereits in Polen unserem 10. Land wo wir die letzte Nacht an der Danziger Bucht auf einem schönen Campingplatz direkt an der Ostsee verbracht haben. Da haben wir mal unsere Mücken Schutzhütte getestet. 😂😂 Unsere heutige Etappe geht bis Usedom wo wir von lieben Freunden zum grillen eingeladen sind. 😀Straßenverhälnisse sind bescheiden aber Bärli hat nach wie vor alles bestens im Blick.Read more

  • Day15

    Letzter Tausch

    June 29 in Poland ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Kurz vor der Grenze konnten wir unseren Glücksbringer nochmal gegen eine Hexe aus dem Harz tauschen. Wenn das mal kein Zufall ist. 😄

    Jetzt noch schnell das Auto waschen, damit es morgen auch wiedererkannt wird, wenn wir über die Ziellinie fahren. Und dann suchen wir uns ein schönes Plätzchen für die letzte Nacht. 😴Read more

  • Day15

    15. Tag

    June 29 in Poland ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Tag 15: Gizycko (PL) - Stettin (PL)
    Gefahrene Kilometer: 648
    Gefahrene Zeit: 10 Std.
    Wetter: 28 Grad
    Essen: Ausgiebiges Frühstück und abends Nudeln
    Highlight des Tages: Nix

    Der letzte volle Tag unserer Rallye. 😕
    Heute ist nichts Spektakuläres passiert. Wir haben schön ausgeschlafen, bis wir von der Sonne geweckt wurden und haben anschließend erst einmal ausgiebig gefrühstückt, bevor wir uns dann auf den Weg in Richtung Deutschland machten.

    Die heutige Tagesaufgabe sah nur vor, die Fotos der Challenges, welche man geschafft hatte, irgendwo auszudrucken und ins Roadbook einzukleben. Das war bei einem Rossmann dann auch schnell erledigt.

    Nun sitzen wir hier mit einigen anderen Teams zusammen noch ein wenig auf einem Campingplatz in Stettin und trinken die wohl letzten Biere dieser Rallye.

    Morgen früh dann über die Grenze und ab nach Hamburg.
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  • Day15

    A little bit of African Style ...

    June 29 in Poland ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    ... in the middle of nowhere. Mit Brian Finch durch die Nacht 🎶 verbunden mit wunderbaren Erinnerungen an unsere beiden Namibia 🇳🇦 Touren. Passt von oben gut auf uns auf - Brian, Andi und Rudy ... ihr seid unvergessen.

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