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  • Day51


    September 20 in Poland

    Not much to say about Torun. Ha.

    City of 200,000 on Vistula River founded by Teutonic Knights in Middle Ages and birthplace of Nicholas Copernicus.
    Hasn’t got a lot: city walls , ruined castles, gothic houses and streets, Renaissance town hall, another church the size of a small mountain, biggest gothic bell in Europe, couple of squares surrounded by more gothic architecture. Everything brick as they had a lot of clay and not a lot of stone. Seems to go on for street after street.

    Unlike a lot of cities sin Poland it”s all original as Torun wasn’t destroyed in the war and only the local Communist city officials did any real damage to the place.

    Walking tour in 31 degrees was very good if a little sweaty but place well worth 3 hr drive to get there.

    Have a frog fountain based on legend similar to Pied Piper. Replace rats with frogs and you get the idea. Rub frog and you will return to Torun. A Soyuz can see frogs are very shiny and great opportunity for kids to splash each other.

    One high light was demonstration march by kindergarten children who appeared from nowhere holding banners and flags.
    Converged on central square with a police escorts, stood in front of fountain, sang 3 minute song and dispersed back into the side streets.
    No one was able to explain purpose of event. We don’t thing it was political although the Apprentice Hairdressers School (everyone’s hair braided and warming hives yellow jackets over traditional dress) looked most determined. One group looked like they were wearing Polish Olympic Team uniforms including white hats for boys. Some fairy dresses on display and lots of red and white.
    Most bizarre but very enjoyable.
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  • Day16

    Nun sind wir in Polen, dem letzten Land unserer Reise. Die Nacht haben wir in der Nähe von Danzig direkt an der Ostsee verbracht. Am Morgen war es am Strand sehr stürmisch, aber es war auch eine tolle Stimmung.

    Danzig überrascht durch eine große imposante Altstadt und das obwohl nach dem 2. Weltkrieg 90% der Gebäude beschädigt waren.

    Wir haben auch eine weitere Challange bewältigt. Aufgabe war es, dass das Team einen Polizisten hochheben muss. In Danzig wurden wir endlich fündig. Ein Polizist hat unser Auto bewundert und im Gegenzug seine Unterstützung bei der Challange angeboten.Read more

  • Day1


    July 5 in Poland

    Immer Richtung Osten ging es am ersten Tag. Es rollte so gut, dass ich mein angepeiltes Etappenziel schnell über Bord warf, um schon mal ein paar Kilometer zu schrubben. Den notwendigen Tankstopp nutzte ich, um mich mit der polnischen Küche vertraut zu machen. Irgendwo las ich, man solle un-be-dingt Pierogi probieren, und zwar die klassischen mit Kartoffel-Kraut-Füllung. Das tat ich natürlich. Jedenfalls versuchte ich es. Wie aus der Speisekarte ersichtlich, wurden hier zwei verschiedene Pierogi-Varianten angeboten. Die Wirtin sprach nur Polnisch, ich nicht. Auf mein Schulterzucken fing sie an zu erzählen. Erst schaute ich sie etwas hilflos an, aber aus ihrem Wortschwall vernahm ich plötzlich ein bekanntes Wort: "Kartoffel". Das musste es sein! Ich nickte zustimmend und nach kurzer Zeit hielt ich einen gefüllten Teller in der Hand. Warum diese Variante aber nun "Ruskie" heisst...?

    Gegen halb Sieben kam ich in Malbork an (deutsch: Marienburg). Der Campingplatz ist ganz schön gelegen am Ufer des Nogat mit der Marienburg im Hintergrund. Und bei dem Preis von 13,- all inclusive kann man nicht meckern.

    Tageskilometer: 423km
    Gesamtkilometer: 423km
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  • Day34

    Auschwitz and Schindler's Factory

    October 6, 2016 in Poland

    While in Krakow we knew we had to take some time to reflect on the history of the Holocaust which has deep roots in Poland. Krakow is home to the infamous Schindler's Factory which is also now a museum dedicated to the history of the Third Reich invading Krakow during WWI in 1939 until 1945. The Germans wanted to make Krakow a German city so they displaced the Polish people and particularly Jewish people into the ghetto where conditions were barely livable.

    The following day we took a trip to Auschwitz which is about an hour drive from Krakow. You can visit the grounds of the concentration camp with a guided tour. Walking through the camp and hearing the stories of what the prisoners went through was sombering but definitely worth the visit to reflect upon this dark time in history when over 1 million people were killed at this one camp alone.

    We highly recommend visiting both places -- very impactful. It's hard to believe what humans are capable of doing to each other, and this is certainly a reminder of what we don't want to ever relive as the human race...although there are still crimes against humanity in our world today.
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  • Day2

    Den 1

    September 20 in Poland

    Narodeninovy vylet zacal vcera vecer, teda v stredu. Odlet z Viedne, hodinovy let, prilet na letisko Lecha Walesu. Je polnoc tak bereme Uber do centra na ubytko. Rano ideme do vyhlasenej ranajkarne na šmakowni egg benedict. Teplota sa splha k 27 stupnom, co maju v Gdansku 2krat za rok, preto ideme na plaz k moru. More za mestom je ako v Bratislave za Ruzinovom. Tiez tu maju podobne sidlisko, panelaky a elektricky. More ma teplotu akurat na vychladenie sektu. Ale dalo sa aj namocit a preplavat aj 10m. Teda aspon ja. D len po kolena. Piesocna plaz je strasne dlha mozno aj 15-20km, voda cista a zaujimave je, ze skoro vobec nie je slana. Teda je, ale oproti stredozemnemu moru ako len posolena voda na cestoviny. Cely den sme stravili vyhrievanim na baltickom slnku. Vecer davame plazovu veceru. Cerstve rybicky, platyz, nakladane harringy. Do centra sa vraciame uz po tme. Zapadneme do utulneho drinkbaru. Narodeniny zakoncime kokteilami a prossecom. Historicky center Gdanski nas stale caka.Read more

  • Day3

    Den 2

    September 21 in Poland

    V predpovedi hlasilli, ze bude 28 stupnov. Tak sme baltic pocasie museli vyuzit na 100% a isli sme zase na plaz. Ale pred tym ranajky v miestnom mliecnom bare na rohu. Vola sa Bar Turystycny(
    https://goo.gl/maps/hHRQXcomdzQ2 ) a funguje od roku 1956 a varia stale to iste jedlo. Aj totky predavacky tu asi robia od tohto roku. Objednat prazenicu z 3 vajec po polsky bola vyzva. No a potulali sme mestom nasli najlespsie este teple paczky, teda sisky. Dnesna plaz bola v nedalekom mestecku Sopot. Cestovali sme tam vlakom. Na hlavnej vlakovej stanici sme bojovali s nakupom cestovnych listkov. Na chvilku sme pocitili, ako sa asi spravju slovaci k cudzincom. Cesta polskym wlakom trvala 11minut. Sopot je ako Piestany s tym rozdielom, ze na konci tej jednej pesej ulice je asi 250m dlhe molo s marinou. Pozreli sme gdanski zaliv a hybaj na plaz. Vecera s plazovej restike. Po navrate sme trocha brusili piatkovym mestom a zostali na par drinkov. Po 3 pohari vina zacalo prsat a uz sme vedeli ze v Gdansku skoncilo leto 🙂.Read more

  • Day4

    Den 3

    September 22 in Poland

    Dnes sme konecne naplanovali dokladne preliezt mesto. Lozili sme hore-dole ulickami, mestskymi branami, mostami a bastami. Pekna je tato polska Kodan. Jeden z hlavnych cielov bolo, ako v nasom pripade byva casto, ochutnat vyhlasene pirohy v Pierogarnia Mandu Centrum (
    https://goo.gl/maps/A2zoz2awj8L2). Do piroharne bola rada, pockali sme s oplatilo sa. Objednali sme plnene diviakom, krabiou zmesou a lososovou pastou. Skoro sme popukali, tak to bolo dobre. Fakt odporucame. Dalej sme pobehali rivieru, obdivovali modernu architektutu zasadenu do povodneho koloritu mesta. Pred vecerou aperitivnene drinky v umeleckej ulicke kde vsetci predavaju lokalny jantar. Kym sme presli do restiky zase zacalo liat ako z krhly. Konecne sme ochutnali žurek, miestnu polievku ktora je bola na prekvapenie vyborna. Mliecna razova s bielou klobaskou a vajickom. Necakna kombinacia ale chut fungovala.Read more

  • Day48

    Church in Ketrzyn

    September 17 in Poland

    After a lunch of potato pancakes what do you do?

    Walk it off.

    Large church nearby so it was an obvious destination.
    Very nice place with usual Black Madonna.
    A set of deepest cellars that halfway down seemed less of a good idea as we would never be found if a leg was broken.
    Then noticed the helpful/suspicious local fellow who had followed into the church following a cigarette.
    Smiling until we left then back to another ciggie.Read more

  • Day22


    July 25 in Poland

    We are in Poland. We arrived (by accident) at the Belarus border and were told in no uncertain terms that we were not welcome. So we backtracked until we found the direct crossing from Lithuania to Poland.
    We have been seeing storks in all the Baltic states and they are still with us in Poland. We will probably see more in Germany. It did get me thinking. Who brings the baby to the mummy stork?

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