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Curious what backpackers do in Poland? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day257

    Had breakfast with Marienka this morning and packed a lunch for the trip to Poland. Couldn't decide whether to go to Kraków or Katowice. Zdenko took me to the train and at the last minute I decided on Katowice. The train was quick with only one hiccup where the rail line couldn't be switched and so we waited for half an hour. Arrived at 15:30 and quickly found a hostel, dropped my bags and started touring the town. There are a lot of young people here and very fashionable. Beautiful fashion! The streets are super clean and the countryside coming in had absolutely no litter. There was a light show in town these evening and the police stayed back from the crowd. People are so well behaved here and polite. Have not seen any homeless people or Roma's here at all. Stunning so far. Only staying one night and off to Kraków tomorrow.Read more

  • Day261

    Early morning start today after having a great breakfast at the hostel. Headed out in the sunshine by 8:30 am to beat the Korean tourists in the park. Not being biased here but there are hoards of them here with their selfie sticks and I can't get a photo in edgewise. Today I did! Started with the tomb of the unknown soldier which is guarded by two soldiers and a burning flame. Behind it is the beautiful park with a huge fountain and statues of Greek gods. I was off then to the modern part of the city to look around. Made my way back to the Chopin museum and then stopped off for a coffee crema at Tschibo. I walked for 4 hours and then went back to my room to rest my feet. After my test I was on the search for the long stairway and the underground tunnels. I found the stairway but not the tunnels. I asked a waiter for directions and he told me to wait for him after work and he would show me. The guys here are certainly not shy to ask a girl out. I had to ditch him (not my type) nicely. I found the mermaid in the old square which is a symbol of Warsaw and is said to be the protector of Poland (once rescued by a fisherman). I had an early dinner at the restaurant next door and it was fabulous. Soft and airy potatoe dumpings with forest mushroom and garlic sauce and a beer ($13.39 CAD). Warsaw: home of Madam Curie, Chopin, Lech Walensa, and many famous movie stars and playwrights. Never there was so much history here.Read more

  • Day258

    Thanks to all for wishing me a happy birthday! I left Katowice this morning and stalls were being set up for a musical and outdoor festival. Music was playing and people were in great spirit and another sunny day. Holy cannoli is it hot and Kraków is buzzing! So much action. Music and film festival, huge market and artisans in Rynek Square. Loved it the first time here with Olli in 2013 and I love it even more again. Had a plate of mushroom and cabbage perogies and a couple of beers for lunch. There are a ton of British tourists and the Polish people speak excellent English. Booked my hostel away from the old town as it is super noisy and I'm only a 10 minute walk away ($11 per night, yippee). Lots of parks and green space and super clean. Krakow is the Catholic capital in Poland and home of John Paul II. Walked along the river Wisla and enjoyed the warm summer night. Kraków has become a gastronomic Mecca and there are so many great restaurants to choose from. I walked through the indoor and outdoor market and through St. Benedicts church. There was a peaceful Communist support rally in the main square. I didn't go into Wawel church as the queue was huge and I had too much to see. Lots of super fall down drunk British guys tonight. Don't think the Queen would be too impressed.Read more

  • Day2

    This is a place where I had been a few times and I very much like. It's true that, like in Dresden, all this is fake, rebuilt in the 50's after the total destruction of the II World War.

    There are no tourists, comparatively, if one thinks of Paris, Prague, Lisbon. Wonderful buildings, marvelous atmosphere. Plenty of details, great photos to be taken. Ice creams and souvenirs, beers and meals.

    Even the streets surrounding the core of the town are beautiful, and there is a citadel and secret passages.
    Read more

  • Day259

    Back in the swing of walking again and put on 10km today! I dropped if my bags in luggage storage at the hostel as I had to change rooms and didn't want to be in a dorm of 10. I walked to Schindler's Enamel factory and didn't have to wait long in the queue. Schindler saved over 1000 Jewish and Polish by employing them in the factory to make enamel pots and pans for export to other countries. He had a smart account who skimmed money from the sales (fixed the books) so he could get Jews out of Kraków. After the factory I walked through Jewish market Kazmierrz and had a traditional polish meal called Bigos, sauerkraut stew with beef. I made my way to the new hostel which is smack dab in the middle of the old town with a great view. The condition of the hostel is dub par to what I had and paid last night. Location, location I guess. I hit the market again after for perogies made with feta, spinach, garlic and sun dried tomatoes, made by a local woman. Delicious! Wavering on seeing the Salt mines tomorrow aa the cost is $45 and there are so many tour buses going there daily. Just met 6 welsh guys on a stag who snuck into the hostel. Will who is getting married for the second time after 30 years of singledom donned a beautiful one piece his son bought him. The lot of them were hilarious. They are from Cardiff and work on the railway.Read more

  • Day260

    Well I decided on not doing the salt mine tour after all because of the cost. After to talking to two young polish girls last night in the hostel they recommended Warsaw and Gdansk. I decided to move on. So far on my travels the Polish people are the kindest, nicest, happiest and helpful people. By far this is the safest country I have been in. Three hour fast train ride and I'm in Warsaw. Another beautiful city. It was completely flattened in WW2 but totally rebuilt and is pristine. Coming out from the train station I'm met head on with the technical building and in behind the art gallery. It looked like the Empire State Building. A twenty minute walk to the hostel and the city is again buzzing and there is music everywhere. A quick shower and change and I'm out to catch the sites. It's Sunday and the museums and exhibits are free. I walk through the market and winding little streets, more music, and a old man playing a old piano with a parrot singing along. Lucky me I manage to catch the exhibition to the Royal Palace and it is magnificent. I don't know much about Polish Royalty but am totally impressed with the whole palace. Looks like a prelude to St. Petersburg. I finish up with a walk along the promenade and then find a restaurant for a pizza and a couple of beers....and delightfully people watch for two hours. My waiter is a student and has a nametag saying so and tells me he is learning. Brilliant! This stops people from being nasty to him. Next I see the water truck coming along the street and watering all the flowers and soldiers tapping each other on the back and laughing. It feels good to be in Poland!Read more

  • Day9

    Das Kreuz haben Vorfahren der Zimmers mütterlicherseits, die Familie Blex, "Den gefallen Kameraden" der Schlacht bei Tannenberg (1914) gestiftet.
    Im Zuge der Sanierung wurde der Hinweis auf die Stifter und das Wort "Kameraden" gestrichen. Wie auch schon in Inse wurden deutsche Namen, dort auch auf den Friedhöfen, entfernt. Schade, denn das ist auch polnische Geschichte. Bin froh hier zu sein. (SZ)

  • Day4

    nach 382 km und 9 Stunden Fahrt gut angekommen. Noch 2x um den Block geritten, um das Hotel zu finden.
    Die Reservierung für unser Dreibettzimmer lag natürlich nicht vor, so dass wir schweren Herzens 3 Einzelzimmer ohne Aufpreis nehmen mussten... :)

You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Poland, Polen, Poland, Pole, ፖላንድ, Polonia, Polaland, بولندا, ܦܘܠܢܕ, Polşa, Польшча, Полша, Poloɲi, পোল্যান্ড, པོ་ལནྜ།, Poljska, Polònia, Polsko, Pòlskô, Пол҄ьска, Польша, Gwlad Pwyl, Polonya, Poland nutome, Πολωνία, Polio, Poola, اتریش, Poloñ, Puola, Pólland, Pologne, Polonie, Poalen, An Pholainn, A Phòlainn, Polóña, પોલેંડ, Yn Pholynn, Polan, פולין, पोलैंड, Pólska, Lengyelország, Լեհաստան, Polandia, ポーランド共和国, polskas, პოლონეთი, Polandi, Poleni, ប៉ូលូញ, ಪೋಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್, 폴란드, پۆڵەندا, Poloni, ໂປແລນ, Lenkija, Mpoloni, Polija, Pôlôna, Полска, പോളണ്ട്, पोलंड, Polonja, ပိုလန်, Poran, Pulonnia, Pholandi, पोल्याण्ड, Polongne, Polonha, Pol'šu, ପୋଲାଣ୍ଡ, Польшæ, Polska, پولنډ, Polónia, Pulunya, Pologna, Polonye, Полония, Pulonia, Pölôni, පෝලන්තය, Poľsko, Booland, Пољска, போலந்து, పోలాండ్, Лаҳистон, โปแลนด์, لەھىستان, Польща, پولینڈ, Polsha, Ba Lan, Pooln, Polän, פוילן, Orílẹ́ède Polandi, 波兰, i-Poland

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