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Curious what backpackers do in Poland? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • What's worse than being on a 78 seater plane and hitting a thunder storm 😷😓 ......Having to run through the airport to get onto another one directly after 😣 from Warsaw to Krakow.

    Poor Steve has a bruised leg from where I gripped his leg so hard!

    #scariestflightaward #turbulance

  • While in Krakow we knew we had to take some time to reflect on the history of the Holocaust which has deep roots in Poland. Krakow is home to the infamous Schindler's Factory which is also now a museum dedicated to the history of the Third Reich invading Krakow during WWI in 1939 until 1945. The Germans wanted to make Krakow a German city so they displaced the Polish people and particularly Jewish people into the ghetto where conditions were barely livable.

    The following day we took a trip to Auschwitz which is about an hour drive from Krakow. You can visit the grounds of the concentration camp with a guided tour. Walking through the camp and hearing the stories of what the prisoners went through was sombering but definitely worth the visit to reflect upon this dark time in history when over 1 million people were killed at this one camp alone.

    We highly recommend visiting both places -- very impactful. It's hard to believe what humans are capable of doing to each other, and this is certainly a reminder of what we don't want to ever relive as the human race...although there are still crimes against humanity in our world today.
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  • Where do we start with this post! Undoubtedly Rupal's home away from home! It's not only the quaint atmosphere that we enjoy each time we visit but also spending time with the people we know who have become great friends. Every night we met an old friend or two and drank a lot of vodka and ate delicious Polish food like pierogi! The time went quickly but it was a nice pitstop for a few days! Na zdrowie 🍻Read more

  • Yesterday was a very trying and tiring day. Just a whole lot of waiting and a whole lot of hours being awake. But we made it to Krakow! I have to say it's been kind of weird being with a group. I guess I got used to being alone even tho I found that to be quite lonely. I like the group but I just feel a little held back. And I just really want to go all around and see everything! Without having to worry about or wait for them. But it's all good. We did a few things that I don't think I would would know about or even have done specifically our bike tour. We were supposed to do the morning tour but they were over booked and moved us to 3pm. So that have us plenty of time to walk around the square. We got to see St. Mary's Basilica and the opening of the doors to reveal the 400+ year old art pieces above the altar. When they opened it I got chills. It was absolutely amazing! Then we had lunch and were able to check out the cloth hall and just walk around the square. At 3 we started our tour with Jacek (Yatseck). He was fantastic and hilarious. It was so much fun! We went all over krakow. It was a 4hr tour. It's safe to say I was quite tired. For dinner the group decided to have Mexican food... I don't know why. It's seemed kind of a waste of a meal to go to a Mexican restaurant while we are in beautiful Poland. But it was decent and a good meal. Overall I would say it might be one of the best days on the trip so far and finally became as excited as I thought I would be on this trip. Plus I'm enjoying speaking the little polish that I know.Read more

  • We wake up feeling extremely rough after last night's drinking.

    We finally drag ourselves out of bed and head to the outlets as planned for the day.. as soon as we arrive we hit a wall and want to go home. In our hungover state we also foolishly spend our last polish dollars on chocolate instead of food.

    We get back to the apartment and Renata and Radec are home. Renata kindly makes us lunch because we were too hungover to look after ourselves.

    We have a late overnight bus to wait for and spend the entire evening hanging out at Renatas place even though we were meant to "check out" that morning. We learn a lot more about Renata and discover not only is she a wonderful person, knows a lot about history and is a translator, she is also amazingly artistic and talented.. she designs clothes and wedding dresses! And renovated her apartment!

    We feel a little sad to be leaving but also so grateful to have met Renata and made a wonderful new friend. Renata even gives Suki a parting gift- a beautiful charm bracelet and special bookmark- Suki is so touched! We really hope she comes to visit us in Australia!
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  • Our adventure seemed a little dubious upon arriving in Gdansk. The atm gave us problems at the airport. The bus ticket machine was cranky and old. Then crammed in a packed bus on a long, slow ride into the city, unsure if we'd recognize our stop, we began to think maybe we should have skipped this city. Then we found the street we were staying & actually began screaming because it was so incredible. We met our wonderful host's mother whose family has lived in the apartment since the reconstruction after WWII. We had a chance to wonder around the area until we met up with Rebecca's friend Anita. I'm sure we were quite the sight as we exclaimed after every turn of a corner how incredibly amazing this city is. This area is full of street artists & musicians giving it a magical atmosphere especially after dark. In fact, our apartment actually overlooks the main street. We were so busy looking down at the street we didn't even notice the huge clock tower directly in front of us until the bells started ringing. We will be sad to leave this wonderful place tomorrow but onward we must go. Next up... PragueRead more

  • We loved Krakow! ❤

    What a great city! - The places we visited were jam-packed with history and culture, the locals were so friendly and helpful, the local cuisine was delish, the weather, HOT🌞 and the accomodation was ideal. The company wasn't so bad either 😛.

    On our last day we went to the top of St Mary's Church Tower in the Old Town Square (which I mention quite a bit during our time in Krakow). See the pics attached.

    Today flight number 4 - Next stop Milan ✈🌍
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  • More catch-up posts!

    (*TESSA*) We travelled by train to Olsztyn, a town in the north of Poland and rented a car. Right hand side drive! I felt fierce – travelling 120km +, overtaking on the left and navigating all the overtaking by speed hounds who create an imaginary lane when need be. I drove us to Wolf’s Lair – Hitler’s home for three years of WWII and an administrative hub for the war.

    Wolf’s Lair is a spooky place, not least because the motivations for all the visitors are unclear. For instance, a couple of German kids, climbing and playing fake gun warfare seemed to valorise the place. Our guide told us it is not uncommon to find flowers outside Hitler’s bunker in memorial. I would have destroyed any memorial of that nature had we seen one.

    The bunkers were blown up by the retreating Germans so as to be of no use to the Allies. Nature is reclaiming them.

    We spent the night at what Sheldon called, the Daylesford of Poland. Kathy and Team, we hope to convince you to come back with us one day. The accommodation at rock bottom prices was extremely high quality. Our host was extremely helpful with sightseeing suggestions, and we wished we could stay another night. As it was, we dined by the lake and drove through the town the next morning. We had no time for more, with the rental car due back and our train tickets already booked for Warsaw. In the end, we had more time than we thought – our train was delayed almost two hours. We spent it on the platform in complete ignorance of what was going on. Here, as in other cities, we got approached for advice. We must be doing an ok job of blending in. Until we speak. I’ll never forget the face on one woman after catching us off guard by addressing us in fluent Polish. Rather than our usual butchered greeting, ‘Gin Dob Re,’ we replied with a broad Aussie “Hello” in unison. She was so shocked she covered her face in our hands, stepped back and started laughing.

    Dinner was pierogi of course, what else?
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  • Day 1 in Warsaw we spend at the beautiful "Kazienki Park"- the summer residence of the last king of Poland. Known for his many love affairs, his "mistress house" is very conveniently located only several hundred meters from the main palace! The park is beautiful and we end up spending a lot of time trying to entice the friendly red squirrels to eat out of our hand.. they weren't too interested when they found out we were offering banana and leftover sandwich though!

    Off for a wander through Old Town next.. although Old Town is not actually that old.. approximately 85% of it (and the rest of Warsaw) had to be rebuilt following the "Warsaw Uprising" in 1944 (more on this later). It is very well done and very beautiful though.. having restored all the original architecture. When we look closely we think we can see some bulletholes in walls the original buildings.. could just be drill holes though! The sunset lights up the old town in a spectacular fashion, and we are even treated with a rainbow appearing above the square!

    Getting hungry now we head to the Polish restaurant "Zapiecek" to sample some local fair. Its a chain restaurant, but very traditional and highly recommended. We were not disappointed! We tried the local dish "Bigos"- a stew type thing with meat, sauerkraut and mushrooms.. it comes with a shot of Vodka as an aperitif! And of course we had to sample a variety of "Pierogi"- Polish dumplings. The mushroom ones were our favorite. And all of this washed down with a giant glass of Sangria and 4 shots of vodka- blue Curacao-lemon cocktails. All this for less than $40aud for the whole meal... Loving Poland so far!
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  • When we wake up Wonton has been taken to the vet for his operation and Renata is clearly worried about him. Fortunately the vet calls to give the all ok- Hurray!

    We are excited about our Polish dinner Renata is going to prepare us tonight! Keen to contribe a little we offer to buy the Vodkas and dessert. We head to the supermarket in search of "Wyborowa" Wodka- reknown to be the best in Poland. Travis gets completely carried away and we walk out with 1 bottle of original and 3 small bottles of flavoured wodka- Lime, Ginger and Citrus.

    Shopping complete, we head to the "Warsaw Uprising Museum" for a bit of history.. see separate post regarding the museum. After the museum we stop for a much needed beer and head down to the Old town again to check out some of the "secret spots" we missed last night following Renatas recommendation. Being a Saturday, the atmosphere is great, with many street performers out entertaining the masses.

    We eventually head home to find Renata and her boyfriend Radec cooking up a storm.. it is a feast! We are treated to many amazing dishes, including the "raw mince thing with onions and pickles" (so good), Radecs special Herring recipe (2 varieties!), Radecs mums mushrooms in a jar (not sure about this one!), crusty bread, salami sticks, beetroot and goats cheese salad (sooo yumm), homemade pickled cucumber, potato crepes with salmon, and finally tiramisu for dessert. All washed down with copious amounts of wine and vodka... Needless to say everyone got a bit merry, with all of the vodka consumed (yes all 4 bottles), Travis passing out and Suki having very vague memory of the last 2 hours of the evening. Apparently we were up till 2am, at which point we just disappeared.. leaving the entire evening mess for Renata and Radec to clean up... Sorry guys! We had so much fun!
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