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  • Day34

    Auschwitz and Schindler's Factory

    October 6, 2016 in Poland

    While in Krakow we knew we had to take some time to reflect on the history of the Holocaust which has deep roots in Poland. Krakow is home to the infamous Schindler's Factory which is also now a museum dedicated to the history of the Third Reich invading Krakow during WWI in 1939 until 1945. The Germans wanted to make Krakow a German city so they displaced the Polish people and particularly Jewish people into the ghetto where conditions were barely livable.

    The following day we took a trip to Auschwitz which is about an hour drive from Krakow. You can visit the grounds of the concentration camp with a guided tour. Walking through the camp and hearing the stories of what the prisoners went through was sombering but definitely worth the visit to reflect upon this dark time in history when over 1 million people were killed at this one camp alone.

    We highly recommend visiting both places -- very impactful. It's hard to believe what humans are capable of doing to each other, and this is certainly a reminder of what we don't want to ever relive as the human race...although there are still crimes against humanity in our world today.
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  • Day48

    Church in Ketrzyn

    September 17 in Poland

    After a lunch of potato pancakes what do you do?

    Walk it off.

    Large church nearby so it was an obvious destination.
    Very nice place with usual Black Madonna.
    A set of deepest cellars that halfway down seemed less of a good idea as we would never be found if a leg was broken.
    Then noticed the helpful/suspicious local fellow who had followed into the church following a cigarette.
    Smiling until we left then back to another ciggie.Read more

  • Day48


    September 17 in Poland

    What do you have for lunch in rural Polish town?
    Anything you can buy and understand.
    On our way to the Wolf’s Lair (Hitler’s headquarters in what was then East Prussia now Poland) about 4hrs drive from Warsaw.
    What was supposed to be a couple of potato pancakes with a side of goulash ended up as below.
    Will not be returning to Oz any lighter.

  • Day51


    September 20 in Poland

    Not much to say about Torun. Ha.

    City of 200,000 on Vistula River founded by Teutonic Knights in Middle Ages and birthplace of Nicholas Copernicus.
    Hasn’t got a lot: city walls , ruined castles, gothic houses and streets, Renaissance town hall, another church the size of a small mountain, biggest gothic bell in Europe, couple of squares surrounded by more gothic architecture. Everything brick as they had a lot of clay and not a lot of stone. Seems to go on for street after street.

    Unlike a lot of cities sin Poland it”s all original as Torun wasn’t destroyed in the war and only the local Communist city officials did any real damage to the place.

    Walking tour in 31 degrees was very good if a little sweaty but place well worth 3 hr drive to get there.

    Have a frog fountain based on legend similar to Pied Piper. Replace rats with frogs and you get the idea. Rub frog and you will return to Torun. A Soyuz can see frogs are very shiny and great opportunity for kids to splash each other.

    One high light was demonstration march by kindergarten children who appeared from nowhere holding banners and flags.
    Converged on central square with a police escorts, stood in front of fountain, sang 3 minute song and dispersed back into the side streets.
    No one was able to explain purpose of event. We don’t thing it was political although the Apprentice Hairdressers School (everyone’s hair braided and warming hives yellow jackets over traditional dress) looked most determined. One group looked like they were wearing Polish Olympic Team uniforms including white hats for boys. Some fairy dresses on display and lots of red and white.
    Most bizarre but very enjoyable.
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  • Day55


    September 24 in Poland

    Lovely city. Old capital of Poland. Unusual for Poland wasn’t destroyed during the war so has quite a different feel. Four hour walking tour and then a couple of hours wandering, church, market, cemetery. The usual.
    Biggest market square east of the Pennines and a few of the biggest buskers.
    Why aren’t we losing weight?
    The answer, Polish cuisine.

  • Day56

    Wyjscie Salt Mine.

    September 25 in Poland

    They have been mining salt here since the 12th century and it is enormous.
    The source of one third of mediaeval Poland's total revenue it still produces 8,000 kilos a year but that's just to sell to the tourists.
    Only 2 of the 20kms of tunnels are a open to tourists. That’s the 2 million that visit each year.
    To get to the first level at 64 metres you walk down 380 stairs. There are 800 by the time it’s all over.
    Absolutely amazing. Chapels, reception rooms, stairs and stairs. One room is over 35 metres high, they used to do bungie jumping a few years ago.
    In the middle ages there were 60 horses stabled underground and hundreds of workers.
    Condition have improved since the. Now there are just 400 guides.
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  • Day55


    September 24 in Poland

    What do you do in a mountain resort in the rain and sleet.
    Look in H&M where it’s dry.
    Zakapone is about a hundred kms from Krakow and is the “Winter Capital “ of Poland.
    It’s in a valley with sky resorts around and the usual sort of mountain things. Funicular, mountain lookout, rain, sleet, sun, repeat.
    Has a great wooden church and an excellent cemetery . Also had market that sold cheap gloves As it was about 6 degrees these were the best investment of the trip.
    Out travelling companions took it in their stride. In Vermont and Michigan this is spring weather.
    Lovely place.

    Dinner in restaurant with traditional music and dancing, yes we were both forced to participate with varying degrees of reluctance.
    Night time drive home to hotel, bus very quite.
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  • Day50


    September 19 in Poland

    I always thought of Gdańsk as Solidarity and shipyards, as industrial and a bit run down.
    It’s all of those things and restored and lively and lovely.

    90% of the city was destroyed during the war, the old town gone, the medieval and gothic obliterated. The Poles do like a project and although still not complete the Old Town has been largely reconstructed.

    Fantastic waterfront by the river and street after street of Renaissance building. Other bits, well it is an industrial city. Salam and look, walk and look, all mind numbingly beautiful.
    One difference from UK is that they had clay and remembered who to make bricks for every and anything.
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  • Day53


    August 28, 2017 in Poland

    Auch im Norden Polens gab es nirgends Kapsel-Kaffee, nur in Breslau und Warschau in den Nespresso-Shops.
    Spät am Abend fanden wir in Augustów eine Bleibe und übernachteten dort zwischen hohen Bäumen und schönen Seen. Weiter gings nach Elblag. Auf dem Weg dorthin mussten wir auf der Autobahn umdrehen, wegen eines Autounfalls. Trotzdem erreichten wir am Nachmittag den Camping Nr 61. (Kreative Köpfe in Polen, haben sich diese Camping-Namensgebung ausgedacht)
    Ausgehruht gings am nächsten Tag zur Marienburg in Malbork. Dies ist eine mittelalterliche Ordensburg des deutschen Ordens, aus dem 13. Jahrhundert. Die Geschichte die diese Burg zu erzählen hat, ist sehr interessant. Auch von der Schönheit und der Grösse, war diese Burg die Schönste die wir gesehen haben.
    Ausserordentlich ist auch die Leistung der Denkmalpfleger, welche die zerstörte Burg nach dem 2. Weltkrieg sehr schön restaurierten.
    Am Abend gingen wir nach Gdańsk und übernachteten im Camping 218, der direkt am Strand lag. Wir besuchten die wunderschöne Altstadt und genossen den tollen Ausblick über die Dächer vom Riesenrad aus. 🎡 🌃
    Am Abend fuhren wir in Richtung Süden und übernachteten an der Autobahnraststätte. Eher schlecht, als recht ausgeschlafen waren wir schon früh morgens in Poznań. Dort konnten wir mit Blick auf den schönen Marktplatz, mit seinen farbigen Häusern unser Kaffee geniessen. Am frühen Nachmittag schon gings nach Breslau, wo wir endlich einen Nespresso-Shop ansteuerten und uns riesig freuten. Im Geschäft angekommen, teilte man uns mit, dass der Strom ausgefallen sei im ganzen Quartier. Sie schliessen für heute den Laden... 😳😫
    Die daraus resultierende Enttäuschung, ertränkten wir in einem Café um die Ecke. ☕️
    Wir buchten uns für zwei Nächte im Camping 126 ein. ⛺️ Das Stadtzentrum war mit dem Tram in Kürze zu erreichen. 🚊 Wir besichtigten den schönen und belebten Rathausplatz, sowie die Dominsel. Ebenso den Nespressoladen (der diesmal Strom hatte) und das Restaurant 7 Liberta. Ganz ein tolles italienisches Restaurant. 🇮🇹 🍕
    Heute geht unsere Reise wieder gemütlich nach Hause. Ziemlich so der unspektakulärste Teil unserer Reise. Aber auch das gehört dazu. Wir freuen uns beide nicht wirklich nach Hause zu geh'n, da der Alltag sehr schnell wieder einkehren wird... 💻 💡
    Worauf wir uns jedoch sehr freuen ist, Familie und Freunde wieder zu sehen.
    Bis bald! 👋🏻
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  • Day16

    Nun sind wir in Polen, dem letzten Land unserer Reise. Die Nacht haben wir in der Nähe von Danzig direkt an der Ostsee verbracht. Am Morgen war es am Strand sehr stürmisch, aber es war auch eine tolle Stimmung.

    Danzig überrascht durch eine große imposante Altstadt und das obwohl nach dem 2. Weltkrieg 90% der Gebäude beschädigt waren.

    Wir haben auch eine weitere Challange bewältigt. Aufgabe war es, dass das Team einen Polizisten hochheben muss. In Danzig wurden wir endlich fündig. Ein Polizist hat unser Auto bewundert und im Gegenzug seine Unterstützung bei der Challange angeboten.Read more

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