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  • While in Krakow we knew we had to take some time to reflect on the history of the Holocaust which has deep roots in Poland. Krakow is home to the infamous Schindler's Factory which is also now a museum dedicated to the history of the Third Reich invading Krakow during WWI in 1939 until 1945. The Germans wanted to make Krakow a German city so they displaced the Polish people and particularly Jewish people into the ghetto where conditions were barely livable.

    The following day we took a trip to Auschwitz which is about an hour drive from Krakow. You can visit the grounds of the concentration camp with a guided tour. Walking through the camp and hearing the stories of what the prisoners went through was sombering but definitely worth the visit to reflect upon this dark time in history when over 1 million people were killed at this one camp alone.

    We highly recommend visiting both places -- very impactful. It's hard to believe what humans are capable of doing to each other, and this is certainly a reminder of what we don't want to ever relive as the human race...although there are still crimes against humanity in our world today.
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  • Where do we start with this post! Undoubtedly Rupal's home away from home! It's not only the quaint atmosphere that we enjoy each time we visit but also spending time with the people we know who have become great friends. Every night we met an old friend or two and drank a lot of vodka and ate delicious Polish food like pierogi! The time went quickly but it was a nice pitstop for a few days! Na zdrowie 🍻Read more

  • Dzeiń dobry from Poland. First impressions: Poland is insanely cold. I have literally gone from 30 degree weather to 5 degrees. Goodbye European summer, hello winter. It seems Poland has bypassed the Autumn season 😨.

    Second impression, once I got over the shock of cold: Krakow's old town is goregous! UNIESCO protected, untouched by both wars (thanks to the soviet).

    Poland is cheap, but the old town is not. But it's ok, I've learned some hacks. Find food markets and pay local prices. So for the past three days in a row, I have only eaten dumplings and garlic soup. Firstly, it cost me about £3! And secondly, because dumplings and garlic soup is delish! And so begins my love affair with dumplings of Europe. So so good.

    While I Krakow, I took the opportunity to go to the salt mines. It is a bizzare experience when you're a kilometre under the earth and you happen upon multiple chapels (some which are still in use).

    On my last day Krakow, I also did a day trip to Auschwitz. Grim. That's all I can say. The weather reflected the history and injustices. Glad I saw it though. It's so different to reading about Nazi Germany out of a history book. Once you see that hair, you can never unsee it.

    Highlight: dumplings

    Lowlight: learning about how cruel humanity can be.
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  • Oh Warsaw, I would have loved to have spent a bit more time here actually exploring you, rather than exploring your clothing shops to find a pair of trousers thar replaced the jeans that ripped in the arse when I bent over at the metro station. Perhaps I had too many dumplings in Krakow?

    It's incredible that city completely rebuilt the old town from scratch, and the parliament building was crowd-funded during the soviet occupation. Now its the newest old town in the world, and is UNIESCO protected for that reason. Such an amazing feat.

    Highlight: seeing the old town (even if it is a replica)
    Lowlight: that my jeans didn't hold out to survive the Rexit journey👖🙊
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  • Renting an apartment in the beautiful city of sopot is really nice alternative for a hotel. We stay in a 2 room, 47 m2 flat with kitchen and a big bathroom. As we travel with our 2 babies (7 months old), this is much better than a hotel. And cheaper!

  • Statue of Chopin
    Every summer Sunday there is a grand piano next to the statue. Although buried in Paris, his heart was returned to Warsaw (smuggled back by his sister as Warsaw was occupied by Russia and he could not return home )
    Statue was only completed in 1926 as Russians forbid it. It was destroyed by Nazis during WWII and rebuilt
    Island Palace
    Another kingly summer home

  • What's worse than being on a 78 seater plane and hitting a thunder storm 😷😓 ......Having to run through the airport to get onto another one directly after 😣 from Warsaw to Krakow.

    Poor Steve has a bruised leg from where I gripped his leg so hard!

    #scariestflightaward #turbulance

  • Yesterday was a very trying and tiring day. Just a whole lot of waiting and a whole lot of hours being awake. But we made it to Krakow! I have to say it's been kind of weird being with a group. I guess I got used to being alone even tho I found that to be quite lonely. I like the group but I just feel a little held back. And I just really want to go all around and see everything! Without having to worry about or wait for them. But it's all good. We did a few things that I don't think I would would know about or even have done specifically our bike tour. We were supposed to do the morning tour but they were over booked and moved us to 3pm. So that have us plenty of time to walk around the square. We got to see St. Mary's Basilica and the opening of the doors to reveal the 400+ year old art pieces above the altar. When they opened it I got chills. It was absolutely amazing! Then we had lunch and were able to check out the cloth hall and just walk around the square. At 3 we started our tour with Jacek (Yatseck). He was fantastic and hilarious. It was so much fun! We went all over krakow. It was a 4hr tour. It's safe to say I was quite tired. For dinner the group decided to have Mexican food... I don't know why. It's seemed kind of a waste of a meal to go to a Mexican restaurant while we are in beautiful Poland. But it was decent and a good meal. Overall I would say it might be one of the best days on the trip so far and finally became as excited as I thought I would be on this trip. Plus I'm enjoying speaking the little polish that I know.Read more

  • We wake up feeling extremely rough after last night's drinking.

    We finally drag ourselves out of bed and head to the outlets as planned for the day.. as soon as we arrive we hit a wall and want to go home. In our hungover state we also foolishly spend our last polish dollars on chocolate instead of food.

    We get back to the apartment and Renata and Radec are home. Renata kindly makes us lunch because we were too hungover to look after ourselves.

    We have a late overnight bus to wait for and spend the entire evening hanging out at Renatas place even though we were meant to "check out" that morning. We learn a lot more about Renata and discover not only is she a wonderful person, knows a lot about history and is a translator, she is also amazingly artistic and talented.. she designs clothes and wedding dresses! And renovated her apartment!

    We feel a little sad to be leaving but also so grateful to have met Renata and made a wonderful new friend. Renata even gives Suki a parting gift- a beautiful charm bracelet and special bookmark- Suki is so touched! We really hope she comes to visit us in Australia!
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