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  • Day16

    Krakow day 2

    February 16, 2020 in Poland ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    Today I went to Auschwitz

    Not really sure what to say about today to be honest I don't think there is any words to describe today. So I'm gona keep it simple and only share a couple of images.

    Gona grab some dinner now we're back in Krakow and have a relaxing evening.Read more

    Francis Hak

    I imagine it would have been a very moving visit

    David Braidwood

    I imagine your emotions ran riot but a visit well worth experiencing.

    Evelyn Hak

    Dinner on the square was lovely and in beautiful surroundings at night x

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  • Day2

    Warm up at the "Riesengebirge"

    June 5 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Finally, our trip starts. Almost exactly one year ago, we took off from Niesky in order to go East as far as possible in Corona times. We made it to Turkey. This time, we only have one country on the target list: Poland. And after only 22km, we already crossed the border in Görlitz. Border crossing was easy, no checks, no border patrol seen anywhere, no one asking for our negative test result.
    The first challenge was to get Polish money. But ATMs were either broke or charged a hell lot of fees. After one hour cycling and searching, we got money from Santander bank without any problems or fees. So we could continue.
    We headed South to "Riesengebirge" and passed countless villages on the way. Most of the time, we could cycle on really small roads with basically no traffic. However, when we had to go on a bigger road, we were annoyed by the Polish drivers. They just don't keep distance at all to cyclists.
    Today's stage was quite slow. Winds came mainly from Eastern directions, so we faced side or headwinds. Plus, coming closer to the mountains, the road was rolling which is exhausting after a while. In the end, we decided to stay at a campground to be able to enjoy a shower 😉
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    Elisabeth Gerlinger

    Gute Reise :-)

    Elisa Köppl

    Viel Spaß euch ☺️🚲

    Awesome! Glad you are on the road. Enjoy! ❤️ Jim and Lisa [Jim Cochran]

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  • Day4

    Exploring Breslau

    June 7 in Poland ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    We had a coffee with Michal and Martyna and got a lot of recommendations about where to go and what to see and eat in Poland. That's what we enjoy about the warmshowers network: you really get to meet the locals ❤️
    First on our list for today was a visit of Wroclaw centre. Quite some impressive buildings everywhere. And all the water and islands and bridges and beachbars and restaurants and cafés make it a really nice place to be. We bought some breakfast at the bakery, sat down at the main square and watched the people.
    Afterwards, it was time to move. The way out of the city was nice as we could cycle along the River Odra, mainly on gravel, on a dam and through forests. After some 40km, we had to go on roads, some remote, some pretty busy. The area here is flat, so not much to see. The villages reminded us of rural Romania, maybe with a slightly younger crowd, but generally not much going on.
    Our challenge in Poland is to find water. Whereas in Turkey, there were water sources every x km to fill up our bottles, there is nothing comparable here. So we ended up in a gas station again.
    Shortly before the end of the day, we passed a lake and jumped into the chilly water. Fresh and clean, we cooked dinner and cycled a little bit more until we found a cosy spot for our tent on a hidden field.
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    Anne-Kathrin Ernst

    Was habt ihr diesmal für ein Zelt ? Es sieht kleiner aus🤔 Gute Fahrt weiterhin 🚴

    Her Bert

    Ja, das ist wesentlich kleiner. Wir haben das Gewicht optimiert damit es die Schwerkraft auf den Bergetappen schwerer hat 😁

    Sieht sehr toll aus, ich drücke euch mal wegen dem Wetter die Daumen. 😁🌞 [Miagi]

  • Day7

    Riding along river Weichsel

    June 10 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Our next goal is to reach the Green Velo along the Eastern boarder of Poland. We considered two options: a Southern route along the Carpathan Mountains or the inland and shorter round along the Weichsel. In the end, we decided to take the shorter route along the Weichsel as it will pass Poland's wine region.
    It was an easy ride: a nicely paved bike path and all flat. Only the wind wasn't too much in our favor. We saw many animals on the way, storchs, deer, rabbits, birds. The further East we got, the less people we saw. In Zalepie, houses are colored with flowers, so we had a stop to look around. Once, we also had to cross a river by ferry which was also interesting. For the night, we pitched our tent next to the river hidden in the high grass.
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    Christl Baro

    Ich bin so froh dass sie wieder eine Radtour machen. Ihre Fahrt voriges Jahr bis in die Türkei war so interessant , ich habe sie direkt miterlebt. Gute Fahrt 🤗

    Jim Cochran

    That’s some fun riding!

    Tarn-Zelt ... [Michael]

  • Day8

    Historical Sandomierz

    June 11 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    During the night, we heard a male deer barking close to our tent which sounded quite funny. The advantage of sleeping in the tent is that you hear all those animals out there. The disadvantage of pitching the tent in high grass is all the insects, worms and snails you can find in the morning all over your stuff. But who cares, nothing that kills us 😉
    Our route today took us to many tiny villages. There's heaps of agriculture near the river. Until today, mainly crops, potatoes, etc. Today, we also passed many orchards (pears, apples, plums), at one point our path led through the middle of two rows of apple trees.
    In addition to churches, you can find all kind of Jesus and Virgin Mary statues and sanctuaries in the gardens and along the roads. We stopped counting...
    After another ferry crossing, we arrived in the historical town of Sandomierz in the afternoon. First, it started to rain, so we had to hide for a while. Then, we could visit the old town with its cobble stone roads, churches and other historical buildings. The area here is also the center for Polish vineyards. However, when we tried to find a regional wine in the supermarket, we were unsuccessful, so I reckon they are not too good.
    At the end of the day, we stayed at a hotel at night as we had to wash our cloths.
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    Jim Cochran

    Oh, I miss the beautiful cobbles.

    Jim Cochran

    Always love your stories and photos.

  • Day12

    Gravel road adventures

    June 15 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Another day, another ride along the Eastern boarder of Poland. We continue to follow the Green Velo and it had some surprises for us. First, we passed some really charming villages with lots of storchs nests. It also seem to be a local holiday region as we saw some cute wooden holiday homes. There's also a lot of signs advertising for kayaking or paintball.
    Then we had to cross a river again. The ferry sign indicated a modern ferry. At the first crossing point, there was no ferry at all, so we had to turn around and cycle to the next one some 15km down the river. Here, we did find a ferry, but it was more the old kind of boat/raft where the guys even had to do some manual work in order to move it across the river.
    On the other side, the cycling route was still very pretty. We passed lots of old wooden farms and colourful churches - all away from any major traffic. However, we had to paddle hard to enjoy these beauties. A huge part of the trail was on washboard or sand, sometimes on cobble stones. None of this is easy to cycle nor fast...
    After about 125km, we reached a lake, went for a swim amd pitched our tent in the nearby forest to call it a day.
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    Jim Cochran

    Looks delicious! What stove are you guys using? Always love the pictures of food and beer. 😀❤️🚴🏻‍♂️

    Her Bert

    We are using the primus omnifuel ti. That one works with almost everything...may be also with the local Wodka 😅

  • Day14

    The summer is back

    June 17 in Poland ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    We woke up from the birds' singing as well as some nearby woodworks, so we hit the road early. After 13km, we passed Suprasil, a cute village. Unfortunately, cafés etc. were still closed, otherwise we would have stopped for a coffee. Next, we had to cycle through Bialystok which is quite big. Once again, we realized that biking in cities is definitely no fun!
    The routing of the Green Velo kept being interesting. After Bialystok, the bike path was built right next to a highway. We were wondering why they could not find a nicer option here through the forest. On the other hand, part of the route also led across concrete slabs. They are about as bad as cobble stones. Luckily, this part didn't go for too long.
    In the afternoon (it was now above 30°C), we had an icecream stop in the beautiful village of Tykocin. It's a bit touristy, but has some nice buildings and is surrounded by water, wetlands and forest.
    Some 20km later, we decided to stay at an "Agroturystyka" for the night to have a prooer shower again and do laundry.
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    CundA aus NY

    Fahrradweg neben der Autobahn? Die Planer waren keine Radfahrer. Wie kommt ihr mit den hohen Temperaturen zurecht?

    Her Bert

    Lange Mittagspausen, baden, Eis essen, Radler trinken. Die Mittagshitze bekommen wir schon rum. Das war in der Türkei und in Mittelamerika nicht so einfach.

    CundA aus NY

    In Olecko hatte ich mit Jürgen vor einigen Jahren die Saphire 27 geholt. Der Ort ist etwas nordöstlich.

  • Day5

    Detouring industrial area

    June 8 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    The area between Wroclaw and Krakow is quite busy, city after city, factory after factory. We are trying to avoid most of it by cycling a detour South of the straight route between those two cities.
    Most of the time, we are lucky and find some remote streets or even awesome forest roads. Thus, we can see some wildlife such as rabbits, storchs (even with babies already) or, like today, a wild pig. In Poland, there's churches everywhere, and their architecture differs: some look like the ones in Germany, some are wooden like the ones in Romania, some are of communist style, some look quite modern.
    At the end of the day, we found a nice lake again and went for a swim. There were toilet facilities including running water. We cooked our dinner on one of the park benches and headed to the woods before it got dark. The mosquitoes tried to kill us, so we had to hide in the tent very early.
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  • Day6

    Kraków - great place to live

    June 9 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    An early start and breakfast at a petrol station = business as usual. Afterwards, we visited the concentration camp of Ausschwitz - Birkenau and thought about cruel humans can be. What a dark side of history! The site itself was closed, so we could only visit from the outside.
    From here, we had planned a route to Kraków on komoot. But when we discovered there is Eurovelo 4, we just turned off the navigation system and followed the signs instead. It was a pleasant ride along river Weichsel, quite easy, especially with tailwinds.
    In Kraków, we checked into a hostel and took off to explore the city. We walked around the centre and the castle. But what we liked most was the Jewish quarter Kazimierz. It's full of bars and cafés, little shops and a totally mixed crowd of people. We spent quite some time walking around, having drinks and dinner. What a cool city!
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  • Day3

    On gravel roads to Breslau

    June 6 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    In the morning, a new challenge waited for us: find food. On Sundays, most of the supermarkets and shops are closed (which we expected). However, in the next town, we hoped to at least find a café or something similar to have breakfast. After a lot of searching, we found a gas station which sold coffee. They also had ONE toast left which we then had to share. Luckily, we had some cookies and a couple of apples left from the day before.
    The first part of the trip led us through the foothills of the "Riesengebirge". It's very green, beautiful nature and a mekka for mountainbikers and hikers. Cycling was kind of tough as most of our route was on gravel. For lunch, we stopped at a fancy restaurant at a lake as this was the only food option with an ok detour. Afterwards, we continued our trip to Wroclaw mainly on gravel roads where we could stay with our warmshowers hosts Martyna and Michal and their dog Tina.
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