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  • Day18

    Cabo de São Vicente

    June 22 in Portugal

    Cabo de São Vicente is the most southwestern point of continental Europe. We tried the last sausage before America. Well the sausage was really not good, but the location and the idea of it is funny. We even got a certificate :D

    Cabo de São Vicente ist der südwestlichste Punkt des Festlandes von Europa. Hier gibt es auch die letzte Bratwurst vor Amerika :D natürlich mussten wir auch eine probieren und sie hat leider nicht wirklich geschmeckt, aber die Idee dahinter ist super! Wir haben sogar ein Zertifikat für für die Wurst bekommen :D Jetzt müsste die Wurst nur noch genauso gut schmecken wie die Aussicht ist, dann wäre es perfekt!

    Danach ging es ein paar Kilometer zurück zum wahrscheinlich letzten Strand vor Amerika. Natürlich sind wir schwimmen gegangen. Das Wasser super klar, deutlich wärmer als das Mittelmeer und ein traumhafter Strand... Was will man mehr!
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  • Day18

    Fiesa - Sandy City

    June 22 in Portugal

    Now we are in Portugal. The coastline is really amazing here in Portugal and the weather is much better than in Sevilla. Today we had about 28 degrees, so it was very nice to be outside.

    We decided to skip the city of Faro, because we have really seen enough cities in the last to weeks in Spain. Our first stop was Fiesa, a "city" made out of sand. The best sculptures you can see here, but there were so many cool things and everything is made out of sand.

    Do you know which sculptures that are? Write the name in the comments if you know who or what it is. Would be fun!

    Jetzt sind wir in Portugal. Die Küste hier ist wirklich beeindruckend, aber dazu später mehr. Vor allem ist es deutlich angenehmer, obwohl wir nur ca. 200 km von Sevilla entfernt sind ist es hier deutlich kühler (28 Grad).

    Mit dem Bus sind wir in Faro angekommen und dort haben wir erstmal entschieden uns die Stadt nicht näher anzusehen. Wir haben nur den Mietwagen abgeholt und sind sofort weitergefahren. In den letzten Wochen haben wir uns aber auch wirklich genügend Städte angesehen. Hier freuen wir uns mehr auf die Küste und die Natur!
    Unser erster Stop führte uns dann sehr unverhofft doch wieder in eine "Stadt" nach Fiesa. Fiesa ist eine Stadt aus Sand. Es gibt jede Menge von Skulpturen die ausschließlich aus Sand gemacht sind. Es ist wirklich erstaunlich wen wir alles getroffen haben.

    Wer erkennt die Skulpturen? Kommentiert ein Bild wenn ihr wisst wer oder was auf dem Bild ist!
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  • Day18

    Oh du schöne Küste...

    June 22 in Portugal

    Our first stop at the coast. It is really completely different compared to the coast in Spain. It is really amazing.

    Unser erster Stop an der Küste der Algarve. Es ist wirklich beeindruckend!

  • Day32

    Hello form Aguda, Portugal. I left this morning from Santiago at 615 am. A couple of train rides later, I find myself in Aguda...a beach town that compares to York/York Beach with a little OOB thrown in during the summer. Right now, it is pretty calm....a huge beach and crazy surf but nobody on the beach due to the wind. I arrived at around one and had a talk with one of the Fire/EMS guys at the station on the way into town who offered me a place to sleep at the station tonight. They are way behind us when it comes to protocols which he was very cynical about. I mean way behind like back in the 80’s for us. So, I sit here writing this at a small cafe in town who’s owner cooked me dinner tonight which was special because she usually does not cook meals on Monday nights. So, tomorrow, the beach here and then I will make my way back to Porto and get to know the city. Goodnight from Aguda, Portugal!Read more

  • Day34

    Porto, Portugal

    May 23 in Portugal

    Good morning to everyone. As I write this, I am sitting in a downtown hostel...literally named “Downtown Hostel”. Not a terrible place but it is still the whole bunk room thing but they are cheap sooo... I walked through the city last evening and had dinner on the river...some local specialty...ham, chorizo and steak covered with cheese and a spicy sauce and of course, Portuguese red wine. The trip down to the river was a bit crazy as there are thousands and thousands of people on the streets and hundreds of cafes, shops etc. This is an extremely busy city. The river walk was extremely nice with musicians playing music. I chose an outdoor cafe next to one of the musicians to have dinner at....all in all, a relaxing evening. Sooo, I fly home in the morning....just trying to figure out where to stay that is close by the airport but still keeping things affordable. My flight is at 830 am so, I should be there at 530-600. Headed out for the day....I hope this finds everyone well!Read more

  • Day33

    Hey from Porto, Portugal! I am a day behind with the whole blogging thing...I do apologize. There are a a lot of things that come into play...mostly WiFi issues. It does not take a strong WiFi connection to blog but it does effect the uploading of the photos....bad WiFi can take up to an hour or more to upload photos. Anyway, I spent the day yesterday on the beach in Aguda. A great day but exhausting as any day in the sun will make you feel. I awoke yesterday morning in the local firehouse as the the guys put me up being am EMS brother and all. I feel bad for them as they are fighting the same battle as we did in the late 70’s and 80’s. I made my way back to Porto late in the afternoon yesterday...not a lot to show you as I hiked from the train station to my hostel with no fantastic photos or anything. A lot of the walk was through residential and blue collar areas. I spent last nightt at a decent hostel called Rock n hostel...a tribute to musicians. Not a bad place. I was bunked with young girls from France and a girl from the US living in France. It’s okay but I don’t have a lot in common with them being that I could be their dad and all....but all n all, okay. I awoke this morning and made my way to the old city....I could have taken a cab but chose to walk as we backpackers or pilgrims tend to do. I find myself in a hostel tonight with a guy from Belgium, a girl from the Ukraine and a couple from Argentina....A great discussion before bed. Tomorrow, I will make myway to a place near the airport so I have easy access to my flight Friday morning. It will be great to be headed home! That’s it for now....goodnight from Porto, Portugal!Read more

  • Jun22

    The Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Chapel is situated in between the small villages of Budens and Raposeira, in the lovely department of Vila do Bispo, on the western side of the Algarve region. 

    This small chapel dates back to the 13 century.

  • Jun23

    Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

    Yesterday in Portugal

    The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is a highly ornate monastery that is situated in the Belem district of western Lisbon. This grand religious building was historically associated with the early sailors as explorers, as it was from here that Vasco da Gama spent his last night before his voyage to the Far East.

  • Day3

    Insgesamt 55,5 km auf der Uhr💪 Ne mini Blase meldet sich👣 Super Strecke, top Leute. Anja geht als türkischer Einzelhändler durch🤣 Und schon wieder ein günstiges Einzelzimmer mit Bad ergattert.

  • Day1

    Der erste Stempel in Porto an der Kathedrale. Morgen geht es ab da offiziell los. Heute 11143 Schritte Lockere 8,3 km durch Porto. Das Wetter war wechselhaft aber trocken. Wir haben gut gegessen das Weinmuseum in Porto besucht und den Abend entspannt ausklingen lassen.

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Portuguese Republic, Portugal, 포르투갈, 포르트칼, ܦܘܪܛܘܓܠ, ፖርቱጋል, ポルトガル, โปรตุเกส, ໂປຕຸກກັນ, ପର୍ତ୍ତୁଗାଲ୍, ព័រទុយហ្កាល់, ประเทศโปรตุเกส, สาธารณรัฐโปรตุเกส, An Phortaingéil, Bồ Đào Nha, Bortuqaal, Feringgi, i-Portugal, Lusitania, Mputulugeshi, Orílẹ́ède Pọtugi, Pɔritigali, Portegal, Portekiz, Pôrtiogala, Portiwgal, Portogal, Portogallo, Portogało, Portúgal, Portûgal, Portugál, Portugála, Portugāle, Pörtugäle, Ködörö Pûra, Portugali, Portugalia, Portugália, Portugalija, Portugalio, Portugaliya, Portugall, Portugallia, Portugallu, Portugal nutome, Portugalska, Portugalsko, Portugalujo, Portugis, Portûnga, Portuqal, Portyngal, Porutugali, Posugol, Pòtigal, Pōtītī, Potugaali, Pɔtugal, Potukali, Purtugaal, Purtugal, Putúlugɛsi, República Portuguesa, Republic of Portugal, Ureno, Yn Phortiugal, البرتغال, برتغال, پرتغال, پرتگال, پورتګال, پورتۇگالىيە, پورتوگال, פארטוגאל, פּאָרטוגאַל, פורטוגל, Πορτογαλία, Партугалія, Португал, Португали, Португалија, Португалия, Португалія, Портуґалія, པོ་ཅུ་གྷལ།, པོར་ཅུ་གལ, པོར་ཏུ་གྷལ།, Պորտուգալիա, პორტუგალია, पुर्तगाल, पोर्चुगल, पोर्तुगल, पोर्तुगाल, પોર્ટુગલ, పోర్చుగల్, ಪೋರ್ಚುಗಲ್, போர்ச்சுக்கல், போர்த்துகல், പോര്‍ച്ചുഗല്‍, পর্তুগাল, ပေါ်တူဂီ, පෘතුගාලය, ポルトガル共和国, 葡萄牙

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