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Curious what backpackers do in Portugal? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.

Most traveled places in Portugal:

All Top Places in Portugal
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    1. How to combat obesity epidemic. ..have signs telling kids they have to run not walk
    2. Urinal on street corner near Castell for those desperate to go.
    3. Knowledge is power....We have seen so much abuse of this from the destroying of Muslim libraries by the Catholic the witholding or distortion of the truth in the Inquisition.
    4. Not quite so deep this painting...though the water is.
    5. A theme on this trip...graffiti everywhere though some quite artistic.
    6. The sunset on what has been an awesome trip.
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  • There are so many amazing places in this planet and I've hit another one. Took the local train this morning and 40 minutes later I'm in another National Park. I was surprised how much influence the Moorish (Moroccans) had in this area particularly in architecture. Lots of beautiful tile and Muslim influence. Visited the mansion, grottos, church, gardens and underground caves and labrynth. Wales 2km uphill to see the castle and holy crap I thought my lungs were going to pop; thank god it was all downhill on the way back. I was exhausted when I got back to the hostel. Total walking kms today in walking , 14!Read more

  • A little spiritual journey today to the town of Fatima. Everyday I think about my life as I travel and everyday I am so grateful for my opportunity to travel, meet people, see this beautiful world, and to know that I am safe. I always say a prayer of thanks at the end of the day and count my blessings for the things I have done and seen. I didn't know what to expect when I did my detour to Fatima today but my inner heart was guiding me. This I learned is a town of pilgrimage where the Immaculate Virgin was seen be three young shepherds in 1916. It is like the second Vatican and Pope John Paul was here at least three times. I walked through the the garden of the stations of the cross which was amongst an olive grove and so serene and beautiful, called the Alustrel. I had the strangest feeling there, something that can't be explained. I then walked to the shrine area and watched people crawl on their knees to the basilica. It was amazing. I watched a young father holding his young baby crawling and he wept while he was doing it. Very moving.Read more

  • Set out yesterday on a guided walking tour from the hostel. It wasn't as informative as I hoped. Once the tour was over Joni and I set out to the Almalfa area on our own. This is the the oldest town area in Lisbon. Lisbon was flattened by a 9.4 earthquake on all saints day in 1775 and 10000 people died. The king and his son were also assassinated in the town square.

  • Set out on a day trip to Cascais and Cabo da Roca with my lovely Aussie friends Steph and Emily. Headed out by train and spent a good part of the day walking the promenade of Cascais; apparently the richer part of Portugal. Watched as a local spear fisherman brought out his haul onto the beach which he had nicely tucked away into the back of his wetsuit. Looked like something out of a Bond movie. We had lunch and then caught the bus to the most westerly part of the European continent. The road was really windy and when we got there the wind was blowing really hard. Walked the trail to the edge of a cliff and took some great photos. When we got back to Cascais we had a cheese and cracker picnic at a beach viewpoint. Took the train back to Lisbon and went for dinner and then a custard tart, said to be the national desert of Portugal. It was a beautiful day and we walked 13.5 km in the gorgeous sun.Read more

  • I arrived in Porto yesterday and had another time if it finding the hostel. The streets are very poorly marked and so I went back to the bus depot to get directions. Thank god for the lovely Portugese man who helped me. The people in this country are absolutely lovely and so kind and helpful, really great people. I found the hostel and told them their directions to the hostel were rather poor. I found a place after I checked in to eat that had craft beer. I got a tapas plate of calamari, fries and beer for €6. The tapas were huge. Today I walked a record of 30km and it took me 6 1/4 hours. I cant feel my feet. I bought two small bottles of 2014 blend red for .79cents each and sat on the terrace with my feet up. I can't say I'm really impressed with Porto (home of Port wine). Too many high buildings with run down buildings next to them with no rhyme or reason on buildings. I found the surf area which is right next to the cruise ship centre and shipyard. It's definitely not a green city. A bit disappointed and will be heading out tomorrow.Read more

  • So I am in Peniche now. And things happened real quickly! I arrived after 9 hours of traveling with only one Pastel de Nata to eat at the Maximum Surf Camp, my accommodation for the week. After a quick check-in I went to a couple of surfshops and as there was nothing decent to rent, I bought myself a used Hayden Shapes 6'2 Shred Slet Board (so cool!) and went surfing for a couple of hours. The waves were decent and my shoulders are sore now – not unexpectedly!

    It's a little cold here. But for surfing this doesn't matter. Let's see what this week is gonna be like 🏄🏻.
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  • Today with Pedro we surfed the wave called "Supertubos". There the Peniche surfing World Cup took place 2 weeks ago. It's a steep shore break hard to surf.

    Conditions weren't too good, but at least I had 2-3 waves. More than the last 2 days together 😉

    After a coffee Pedro is now heading back to Lisbon.

  • Today for the third session we went to Almagreira, a beach 5min by car away from my camp. This beach is so much nicer than the main beach near the camp!

    Surfing goes well, the conditions are really awesome so far, the only problem is my paddling power! 💪

  • Yesterday in the water I randomly met Heikki, a finish guy I met in Costa Rica 2 years ago. It's a crazy coincidence ✌️️ So we went surfing together and are now having a Coffee and a Pastel del Nata (daily routine)!

You might also know this place by the following names:

Portuguese Republic, Portugal, 포르투갈, 포르트칼, ܦܘܪܛܘܓܠ, ፖርቱጋል, ポルトガル, โปรตุเกส, ໂປຕຸກກັນ, ପର୍ତ୍ତୁଗାଲ୍, ព័រទុយហ្កាល់, ประเทศโปรตุเกส, สาธารณรัฐโปรตุเกส, An Phortaingéil, Bồ Đào Nha, Bortuqaal, Feringgi, i-Portugal, Lusitania, Mputulugeshi, Orílẹ́ède Pọtugi, Pɔritigali, Portegal, Portekiz, Pôrtiogala, Portiwgal, Portogal, Portogallo, Portogało, Portúgal, Portûgal, Portugál, Portugála, Portugāle, Pörtugäle, Ködörö Pûra, Portugali, Portugalia, Portugália, Portugalija, Portugalio, Portugaliya, Portugall, Portugallia, Portugallu, Portugal nutome, Portugalska, Portugalsko, Portugalujo, Portugis, Portûnga, Portuqal, Portyngal, Porutugali, Posugol, Pòtigal, Pōtītī, Potugaali, Pɔtugal, Potukali, Purtugaal, Purtugal, Putúlugɛsi, República Portuguesa, Republic of Portugal, Ureno, Yn Phortiugal, البرتغال, برتغال, پرتغال, پرتگال, پورتګال, پورتۇگالىيە, پورتوگال, פארטוגאל, פּאָרטוגאַל, פורטוגל, Πορτογαλία, Партугалія, Португал, Португали, Португалија, Португалия, Португалія, Портуґалія, པོ་ཅུ་གྷལ།, པོར་ཅུ་གལ, པོར་ཏུ་གྷལ།, Պորտուգալիա, პორტუგალია, पुर्तगाल, पोर्चुगल, पोर्तुगल, पोर्तुगाल, પોર્ટુગલ, పోర్చుగల్, ಪೋರ್ಚುಗಲ್, போர்ச்சுக்கல், போர்த்துகல், പോര്‍ച്ചുഗല്‍, পর্তুগাল, ပေါ်တူဂီ, පෘතුගාලය, ポルトガル共和国, 葡萄牙