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  • Day77

    Airport in Qatar

    November 13 in Qatar

    We just arrived in Qatar 🇶🇦 after a six hour flight. We had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, and we had some bus trouble in the way to the airport...🚎🛫 now we have to wait three more hours until our next flight, to Chiang Mai 🇹🇭. Right now we are in the airport. The flight we just took was really fancy, (for us ;) ) and it had lots of tv shows and movies. 📺 For breakfast, we had the choice of a cheddar omelet, 🥚
    scrambled eggs, 🥚
    or pancakes 🥞 and porridge 🥣 (bleh). Lunch was chicken shawarma with a vanilla coconut sponge cupcake. I found out that I love shawarma!
    We will soon be in Thailand!!
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  • Day1


    June 26 in Qatar

    In Doha haben wir unseren Zwischenstopp. Der Flug von München nach Doha war perfekt. Der Flieger war vielleicht halb voll und jeder von uns hatte eine ganze Sitzreihe für sich selbst. Also konnte man ohne Probleme 2 bis 3 Stunden schlafen. 😉👍🏻🎉 Nach einem schnellem Umstieg in Doha sind wir schon wieder im nächsten Flieger nach Colombo/Sri Lanka. Dieser Flug war leider extrem voll und nicht mehr so entspannend wie der Erste. Aber alles halb so schlimm, es gibt ja immer noch sehr gute Filme im Flieger zum anschauen. 😜Read more

  • Day312

    Qatar erreicht

    February 7 in Qatar

    Nach einem entspannten Flug und schönen Filmen, bin ich sicher gelandet. Nun folgt der längste Flug mit 13 Stunden 😑

    Es wird wärmer und ich bin der Zeit voraus 😉 Es ist schon 19.00 Uhr. Um 21.00 Uhr geht's weiter - yeah.

    Die Kleidung der Herren ist doch etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig 😉

  • Day1

    Stopover Katar

    October 1 in Qatar

    Stopover am Doha Airport. Leider war die 2,5h City Tour bereits ausgebucht,weshalb es jetzt heißt 7h am Airport zu verbringen. Dank Quiet Rooms in denen ein wenig Schlaf nachgeholt werden kann,sollte das ganz gut funktionieren. ^^

  • Day2


    October 15, 2015 in Qatar

    Kleiner Zwischenstopp in der Hauptstadt von Qatar, eine Nacht am Flughafen geschlafen ... zumindest versucht, aber von der WM ist noch nichts zu merken ;)
    Die Größe des Flughafens ist aber schon krass, das ist Frankfurt ein Witz dagegen.

  • Day2

    One flight down 2 to go

    November 4, 2017 in Qatar

    First flight was weird to do such a long flight in day time. Needless to say I did not sleep at all.

    Some of the actual springboks were on our flight and they were also in cattle class (unexpected), times are tough even for them.

    Poor Dan Du Preez was wedged between me and Riaan van der Merwe, not the three smallest guys on the flight next to each other. At least the conversation was good which made the time fly by.

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  • Day2


    July 28 in Qatar

    A promotion through Qatar airways of two nights in a 5 star hotel for $50 was too good to pass up, which is how I found myself in Doha during the middle of summer, with a case of heat stroke and struggling to remember that old saying.. something about offers that sound suspiciously good??

    I love the heat, but Doha in July is something else. It’s difficult to convey how hot it is, and the temperatures I read online didn’t do it justice. The thermal mass built up in the buildings and sidewalks makes you feel like you are being grilled and roasted at the same time. When I ventured out at 10am on my first morning I came across a thermometer next to a doorway that read 48 degrees. AT 10AM!!

    Taking the hint, I took a taxi to the museum of Islamic art figuring the imposing and very geometrically attractive building down on the waterfront would be gloriously air conditioned, which it was. Almost as an added bonus it was also full of the types of impressive artefacts one would expect from one of the richest societies in the world hell bent on making themselves THE cultural hub for the region. Not sure if that goal is within reach, but they have got to do something. In 50 years they have gone from a sleepy backwater fishing port to being one of the richest countries in the world on a per capita basis. However, the oil, or the worlds thirst for it, isn’t going to last forever and, while they are trying, it’s hard to see what, if anything, will keep the money flowing.

    What a ride it’s been for the resident population though. The Qatari’s make up only 13% of the population, but they are hard to miss. Ostentatious, brash, arrogant and supremely confident, you almost feel their presence before you see them. Still wearing the traditional starched pure white garb they walk around like they.. well.. own the place, which technically they do seeing no foreigners are allowed to own freehold property. When one walks into a shop, everyone stands aside to let them to the front of the queue, it’s like the entire nonqatari population are their servants. I have rarely seen such a stratified population, there is no middle class. You can see it in the food where there are either insanely expensive cafes and restaurants, where the prices make my eyes water, or ridiculously cheap street food and local places.

    The food has been the saving grace for my time in Doha. Drawing hundreds of thousands of migrant workers (slaves) from across Asia and Africa has led to a delicious melting pot of some of the best cheap and amazing food options I have ever seen.

    Not that the rest of my time has been all bad. My opulent hotel provided a comfortable way of getting over jet lag and had 3 different pools, which were well utilised. Always a sucker for a good market, Souq Waqif gave me plenty of options for when I could face the oppressive temperatures. Entirely renovated (read rebuilt) a few years ago, the Souq thankfully retains an old school air and remains fully operational and buzzing. What sets this market apart from the others I have been too through the Middle East is the working camel, horse and, most impressively, falconry sections. Falconry is big business in Qatar, with individual falcons selling for up to $1.5 million. With such huge figures on the table, it’s little wonder that the market should have such a thriving service section, hand-making hoods and all the other accessories required to bring down whatever crazy and hardy animal that can survive out in this god forsaken climate long enough to be hunted down by a million dollars worth of talons and feathers.

    On the whole though, I wouldn’t recommend anyone visit Qatar in July. Almost makes me miss Canberra winter..

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  • Day2

    Wecome to Doha

    July 1, 2017 in Qatar

    Arrived 5.30am, earlier than scheduled - all flights into Doha are currently only using a northern approach corridor so they don't cross Saudi, Bahrain or Dubai airspace, so we were expecting delays, but we landed at our original ETA.

    Met by our driver and quick trip to our hotel on deserted roads (Fri and Sat are the weekend here, so today is their Sunday). The hotel is not very full as our rooms were ready at 7am, so we moved our luggage in and went for a quick walk before it gets too hot (currently 36, heading for 47 degrees)

    Like all good walks, it included finding a few caches (our first international finds, and they were all micros!). We did a lap of the West Bay area, which is mostly government offices, hotels and embassies, so was very quiet today. Maybe that's how the security guards spotted us so easily! (turns out we were across the road from the Dept of Foreign Affairs offices, and the guards very quickly came across to have a chat. All ended well, and they happily left us to our search)

    Back for 9.30am buffet breakfast at the hotel, then a swim before an afternoon city tour.

    Stayed: Melia Hotel
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  • Day2

    Doha city tour

    July 1, 2017 in Qatar

    Late afternoon pickup for a 5 hour city tour (3pm to 8pm when the weather is a bit cooler - it got to 47 today, forecast to be 50 degrees tomorrow 😮).

    Driving around, it seems that every corner of Doha is under construction, with many new high rises buildings, road projects, a new rail project (8.2 billion US dollars being spent before the 2022 World Cup to create multiple lines with100 stations) and even a hanging restaurant under construction (whatever that is!)
    Visited the Katara Cultural Centre - touristy recreation of traditional buildings (not all their own, as it included a Roman ampitheatre!);
    Pearl Island - man made island with accommodation and shopping centre for non-locals... including a Rolls Royce and a Ferrari dealership;
    drive along the Corniche - 7km man made coast line with walking path and wide grassed areas;
    Museum of Islamic Art - widely touted as the number one attraction in Doha;
    then finished the night at the Souk Waqif - sprawling traditional market with streets selling gold, spices, horses, falcons and rows of clothing and material.

    Got back to the hotel just before 8pm with everyone tired and no set plan for tea, so while some went to the supermarket, we came back to the hotel and had room service (mixed vegetable pizza, and chicken fettuccine for the record).

    Early night ready for a 4am wake-up call.
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