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  • Day192

    Das Eishotel in Rumänien

    November 8, 2017 in Romania

    Richtig irre! Ich könnte endlich das Eishotel besuchen! Schon so lange habe ich davon geträumt! Es ist wirklich ein ganz besonderer Ort und ich muss noch mal kommen um eine Nacht zu bleiben. Aber ich könnte mir auch die Zimmer anschauen! Richtig cool!
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  • Day3

    Dinner time

    May 16 in Romania

    After walking all day, I rode the Bucharest metro to the train station to buy my tickets for both the trip to Brasov tomorrow, and the night train on Saturday. It's impossible to buy these tickets online, so I was nervous about whether I would have trouble buying the night train tickets. Even in person, the ticket buying but process was not at all straight forward. There are dozens of numbered windows with no indication of what they are for. Each had at least 10 people in line. I found a policeman and asked and he directed me to a completely different place in the building. I saw a sign that I could roughly translate as sleeper tickets, and after waiting for about 15 mins, was told I was in the wrong place. I was forced to window #1 which was all the way at the end. Sure enough, the train I wanted was nearly sold out. I managed to get one bunk in a mixed sex shared compartment with 4 beds. I also purchased the train to Braşov leaving tomorrow around noon. I went back to my hostel and passed out on the bed. When I woke up hungry, I decided that something simple for dinner would be best, so I came to an Italian place I had passed on my walk. (Btw, I had read that my hostel had stairs, but I didn't realize that they were the narrow spiral kind! Talk about regretting bringing the larger suitcase!)Read more

  • Day3


    May 16 in Romania

    Not unexpectedly, I got a late start this morning. It's a gorgeous day. Sunny, warm, with a light breeze. Everyone on the street appears to be in good spirits. I've come to "la mama" for my first meal of the day, upon the recommendation of my hostel. It was a lovely 10 minute walk.

  • Day3

    More Bucharest

    May 16 in Romania

    I walked for about 6 hours today exploring old Town, and walking to the palacial parliment building that is both an embarrassment and a tourist attraction, that was constructed by the narcissistic fascist former leader of the country. I didn't take a tour, but maybe next time. The sun wasn't in a helpful position so I played with some settings to try to make it better.

  • Day5

    Peles Castle

    May 18 in Romania

    Today I went on a tour of 3 castles. As luck would have it, it was just me and a guy from Oz on the tour. Our first stop was Peles Castle, the relatively modern summer home finished in 1924. Annoyingly, you weren't allowed to take pictures without paying an additional fee, so I have only a couple on the inside.

  • Day51

    Romania - Timisaora

    September 2, 2016 in Romania

    Crossed the border into Romania without a hitch. I went through a very quiet border crossing without any waiting at all. The border guards were so viligent I offered to take my helmet off, so they could make sure the passport was mine, but no need...stamped my passport and just waived me through.....didn't take my helmet off so couldn't even say it was my good looks or honest face.

    Stopped at a cute little town (Sinnicolai-Mare) and sat down for lunch, at the town square with the locsls, who ordered for me when they saw me struggling with the menu just how did they know I wanted a meat (beef?) skewer and a bottle of mineral water. Sat and ate with an older couple (well older than me) and we had a pleasant conversation (with plenty of miming) that I'm sure none of us understood.

    I stayed at the hotel Perla (damn good hotels are cheap in some parts of Europe). Perla by name and a Perla by nature, huge room with a sitting area/couch, minibar and a spa bath...yep I had a good long soak probably needed it, had a feeling I might have been a bit on the nose (ask me one day and I'll tell you how many days you can really go with one set of clothes).

    Tomorrow riding onto Craiova - still in Romania
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  • Day52

    Craiova - I'm still in Romania

    September 3, 2016 in Romania

    Most of the ride down from Timisoara was fairly flat, straight and predictable. Predictable that is until you come over a rise, around a corner and a beautiful lake, bordered by a cute little town) comes into view - not something I was expecting (see the pic below). Well, as it turns out, wasn't actually a lake, apparently that reasonably famous river, the DANUBE runs down this way!!! I took a pic of a statue at a pull-off on the river, the statue is kewl, but it also seems as if there are some in Europe welcoming of refugees 👍.

    Stayed at a Ramada in Craiova, I'm starting to enjoy the luxury.

    Beautiful city with the obligatory large square where the local families gather to eat and drink.......I think we could do with one at Eatons Hill.

    I'm off the Serbi
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