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Curious what backpackers do in Romania? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Crossed the border into Romania without a hitch. I went through a very quiet border crossing without any waiting at all. The border guards were so viligent I offered to take my helmet off, so they could make sure the passport was mine, but no need...stamped my passport and just waived me through.....didn't take my helmet off so couldn't even say it was my good looks or honest face.

    Stopped at a cute little town (Sinnicolai-Mare) and sat down for lunch, at the town square with the locsls, who ordered for me when they saw me struggling with the menu just how did they know I wanted a meat (beef?) skewer and a bottle of mineral water. Sat and ate with an older couple (well older than me) and we had a pleasant conversation (with plenty of miming) that I'm sure none of us understood.

    I stayed at the hotel Perla (damn good hotels are cheap in some parts of Europe). Perla by name and a Perla by nature, huge room with a sitting area/couch, minibar and a spa bath...yep I had a good long soak probably needed it, had a feeling I might have been a bit on the nose (ask me one day and I'll tell you how many days you can really go with one set of clothes).

    Tomorrow riding onto Craiova - still in Romania
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  • Most of the ride down from Timisoara was fairly flat, straight and predictable. Predictable that is until you come over a rise, around a corner and a beautiful lake, bordered by a cute little town) comes into view - not something I was expecting (see the pic below). Well, as it turns out, wasn't actually a lake, apparently that reasonably famous river, the DANUBE runs down this way!!! I took a pic of a statue at a pull-off on the river, the statue is kewl, but it also seems as if there are some in Europe welcoming of refugees 👍.

    Stayed at a Ramada in Craiova, I'm starting to enjoy the luxury.

    Beautiful city with the obligatory large square where the local families gather to eat and drink.......I think we could do with one at Eatons Hill.

    I'm off the Serbi
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  • Romania is one of these countries that would be worth revisiting in ten years. They have come so far since their communist days and although they have more developing to do as a nation I'd say that their tourism scene is growing quickly.

    The best and cheapest way to get from Chisinau to Bucharest was an overnight sleeper train. WOW what an experience! The carriages of the train itself were pretty cool, they resembled those from the Second World War, and as we crossed the border we had to stop for two hours to change the wheels; Stalin had thinner rails placed on the tracks to avoid an invasion during the war. All this aside however, I have never in my life been as poorly as I was upon arriving in Bucharest. The train ride was a 13 hour journey, there were no windows that opened and it was ridiculously hot. No amount of water will save you I promise, and even if it does the conditions of the toilet are not to British standard. But it was all part of the fun right?

    We were booked in to the cutest hostel called Little Bucaresti and I would 100% recommend staying here if you're not too fussy about hearing the party scene late at night. The customer service they provided was top notch, they let us check in five hours early after hearing of our "ordeal" on the train.

    Showered and tired it was nap time.
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  • We said goodbye to Belgrade and all of our wonderful friends there but we were sooo looking forward to the next stage of our adventure. We flew into Bucharest, Romania and met our guide Marin (arranged by our inn) at the airport. We immediately set out for Transylvania. He was so knowledgeable he had written his own guide book for Transylvania. As we drove through the beautiful Carpathian mountains, he told us about the unique history of Romania and the area of Transylvania. We stopped in Sinaia to visit the spectacular Peles Castle. It's very odd to find out that a lot of places in Transylvania have 3 names; one in Romanian, one in German and one in the local tongue. Talk about confusion. Glad we have a guide because we'd never find our way otherwise. We continued on until we came to the old town area of Brasov with its gothic Black Church and quaint center square. Finally, we arrived in Bran, the home of Bran Castle or otherwise known as Dracula's Castle. We were in awe of the view from our room. We overlook the castle and the idyllic village below the castle. The long day of traveling finally caught up with us as the sun set on the mountains above Bran Castle. Tomorrow we get to see it up close. We're just giddy with excitement. Or maybe it's just being slap happy from a lack of sleep.Read more

  • We started our day with a visit to Bran Castle aka Dracula's Castle. No self-respecting tourist could pass up that opportunity. However, being the type of tourist who gets really annoyed at masses of tourists, we chose to go as soon as it opened for the day. Lucky for us we were able to zip thru with very little fanfare, snap some photos, explore a secret passage & admire the view from the castle windows. We finished in time to find a sidewalk cafe just as the masses began to line up. High-fives all around! Seriously though, the castle grounds are beautiful and the interior is set up so you get a feeling of what it would be like to live there. We spent the remainder of our day walking around Bran & relaxing at our Inn. It is so amazing to see that in this day & age farmers are still working fields with old fashioned scythes and horses are pulling large wagons piled high with hay. It seems that in many ways a visit to Romania is like stepping back in time. What's up for tomorrow? After a quick stop at the Rasnov Citadel, we head back to Bucharest to catch a flight to Copenhagen where we began.Read more

  • The stairs leading to this abandoned salt mine seemed to go on forever. It was definitely worth the hike down though. Not everyday you get a chance to play ping pong, ride a ferris wheel and drift a row boat around a pond all while being a few hundred feet under ground.

  • Cutting through the highest peaks of the Carpathian Mountains in the Transfagarasan Highway. An ill advised location for a military mountain pass buy a great spot fo pictures. Just over the pass you'll find Poenari Castle looming above the Arges river canyon. This is the actual long time residence of Vlad the Impaler.

  • Ah Pele Castle in Sinaia <3 surely the place fairy tales are set. To get to Sinaia it's a two or three hour train ride from Bucharest, I can't remember which. But it's a train ride worth taking.

    You arrive at a small train station in Sinaia on the side of a road. There's nothing else around except trees and a stone staircase. Once up the steps you are greeted with a magical view of the castle resting on the side of the green slopes. As you ascend the slopes you walk through a quaint little park on the banks of a river, the path is laden with market stalls of locals selling handmade crafts; bags, sweets, art etc. and you can hear the sound of an accordionist playing.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

România, Romania, Rumänien, Roemenië, Romenia, ሮሜኒያ, Rumanía, رومانيا, ܪܘܡܢܝܐ, Romaniya, Румынія, Румъния, Rumani, রুমানিয়া, རོ་མཱ་ནིཡ།, Roumania, Rumunija, ᎶᎹᏂᏯ, Rumunsko, Rwmania, Rumænien, Romania nutome, Ρουμανία, Rumanio, Rumeenia, Errumania, رومانی, Rumanii, Rumenia, Roumanie, Roemeenje, An Rómáin, Romàinia, Romanía, રોમાનિયા, רומניה, रोमानिया, Rumunjska, Rumunska, Woumani, Románia, Ռումինիա, Rumania, Rúmenía, ルーマニア, romanias, რუმინეთი, Rumænia, រូម៉ានី, ರೊಮ್ಯಾನಿಯಾ, 루마니아, ڕۆمانیا, Roumani, Lomaniya, Romani, ລູເມເນຍ, Rumānija, Романија, റുമേനിയ, Rumanija, ရိုမေးနီးယား, Romainiya, Rumiinii, ରୋମାନିଆ, Rumunia, Romanìa, Romênia, Rumaniya, Rumuniya, Румыния, Rumanìa, Rumanïi, රුමේනියාව, Romunija, Rumaaniya, Румунија, ருமேனியா, రోమానియా, Roménia, Руминия, ประเทศโรมาเนีย, Rumanya, Lomēnia, Romanya, رۇمىنىيە, Румунія, رومانیا, Ru-ma-ni-a (Romania), Rumän, Roumaneye, רומעניע, Orílẹ́ède Romaniya, 羅馬尼亞, i-Romania