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  • Day96

    One of the world's great museums. Shown are a DaVinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, phoenix clock and a venus. The Winter Palace is now part of the Hermitage. Spent 2 1/2 hours, and barely scratched the surface.
    I note that my phone was stolen. This i8s an alternate way to post. I hoe it works.

  • Day96

    Located in the fortress of the same name and is how St. Petersburg got started--when Peter the Great decided he needed a seaport on the Baltic. Both Greats--Peter and Catherine--are interred here (the last picture). Orthodex churches have no pews. You either stand or kneel for the service. The royal "box" with the seal on velvet has no seat, either. Also, this is the first pulpit in an Orthodox churchRead more

  • Day93

    This is the most Russian place I've seen so far in this highly European city. All of the art--walls and ceiling-- is mosaics, except the altar screen and a couple icons. The last pic is a commemoration of the spot where Czar Alexander II was assassinated, hence the spilled blood reference in the name. The mosaics are mind blowing.

  • Day94

    This is around the outside of the dome and is supposed to be the only place to get a view over the city. I was uncomfortable with the height, especially when the wind cane up and was buffeting me around. But I got some pics. The 1st is the Winter Palace. The 2nd and 3rd look over the city toward the gulf of Finland. Then another look at the savior in the spilled blood church. Finally, a couple of the decorations on the building.Read more

  • Day94

    While the building is stunning, the real stars of this place are the fountains. I hope all the gold stands out in the pics. The grounds are huge. I walked for almost 2 hours and didn't come close to seeing it all. The 1st pic is the main palace. Except that there are wings both sides you can't see that are almost as big as what you can see. The 2nd pic is the main fountain, and the 3rd is from the top of the fountain, looking back toward the bay of Finland. The others give a sense of some of the property, except for all the wooded landRead more

  • Day109

    Mandrogui is really more of a living museum. Only a few folks live here, mostly local artisans.. It features a collection of old wooden houses that have been moved here, to show what a traditional Russian village resembled in the past. There is a vodka museum here (that I didn't visit), but I did have an unbelievably good pierogi. We also had an onshore picnic with Russian shish-ke-bob called shashlik. There is also ongoing restoration work.Read more

  • Day109

    Kizhi is a site for gathering and worship long before Christianity came to Russia. Most of the buildings (not all) were built here. Mist significant is the cathedral of the transfiguration with its 22 domes. It is under restoration, but I included a pic of the sign showing the complete cathedral. Built in 1714 with no mails, wooden pegs only. The rest of the site is an open air museum of architecture with 80-some examples of wooden architecture from various areas of the country.Read more

  • Day109

    St. Cyril on the White Lake was founded in 1397 by Kirill Belosersky on the shore of Lake Siverskoye. The monastery had wide trade in the 15th to 17th centuries and was used as a fortress to protect Russia's nobility when needed.
    Also here is a Museum of Icons, many of these pics are from there

  • Day101

    Ancient city (founded 1010) at the confluence of the Volga with a major tributary. Part of the Golden Circle around Moscow. Pics are of the park at the confluence (If you've been to Pittsburgh, this will look similar.), the Church of Elijah the Prophet (exterior), Church of St Nicholas (interior pics).

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Russian Federation, Russland, Russia, Rusland, Rɔhyea, ራሺያ, روسيا, ৰুচ, Rusiya, Расійская Федэрацыя, Русия, Irisi, রাশিয়া, ཨུ་རུ་སུ་, Rusia, Rusija, Rússia, Rusko, Rwsia, Russia nutome, Ρωσία, Rusujo, Venemaa, Errusia, روسیه, Riisii, Venäjä, Russie, Ruslân, Cónaidhm na Rúise, રશિયન ફેડરેશન, Rasha, חבר המדינות הרוסיות, रूस, Oroszországi Föderáció, Ռուսաստան, ꊉꇆꌦ, Rússland, ロシア, რუსეთი, Urusi, Ресей, Ruslandi, រូស្ស៊ី, ರಶಿಯಾ, 러시아, ڕووسیا, Russi, Lasa, Risí, ລັດເຊຍ, Rusijos Federacija, Risi, Krievija, Rosia, Русија, റഷ്യ, Орос, रशिया, Russja, ရုရှ, Rashiya, Ven'a, ରୁଷିଆ, Rosja, Uburusiya, Federația Rusă, Россия, Ruošša, Rusïi, රුසියාව, Ruush, Rusi, Ryssland, ரஷ்யா, రష్య, รัสเซีย, Lūsia, Rusya, Російська Федерація, روسی, Nga, Orílẹ́ède Rọṣia, 俄罗斯, i-Russia

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