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Curious what backpackers do in Russia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day31

    IN RUSSIA!! I'm in Russia!!! I can not believe it!

    The border crossing from Finland to Russia was easy. We were traveling by train and that makes a big difference. The announcement came that we were approaching the border. We were told to return to your assigned seat and stay put until the officials had moved through the car. The Finnish border official who checked our papers wore a bullet proof vest and carried a gun. She also had pink tipped blond hair and helped us get the appropriate entry and exit stamps in our passport. We apparently did not have an entry stamp from anywhere.

    As we crossed into Russia, a gang of pants suited border officials swarmed through our car. A young woman with blue and white nail polish, scrutinized my passport and visa photos She stamped my passport.

    That was it? Yes, it was. I was in Russia!

    First two - Helsinki train station

    A random town in Russia.

    In St Petersburg!

    A couple of plaques to Lenin

    Love, Rissa
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  • Day32

    This visit has exceeded out expectations and we are thankful for our guide, Elena, who has sheltered us from harm and given us a crash course in Russian history and culture for 2 days. The palaces and churches are gorgeous beyond description and the art in the Hermitage was breathtaking.

  • Day35

    My mind is full of a kaleidoscope of images of unending collections of art, gilded palaces, Orthodox churches, tsars, Decembrists, Bolsheviks, Soviet style squatty grey buildings, monuments to battles won and sieges broken. As I write about all this, I begin to understand what I have seen.

    For the first day or so, I found myself looking for the Russia and St. Petersburg that came from movies. Whether the image came from War and Peace, Dr Zhivago or a spy movie, I keep looking to see the KGB, or an old woman sweeping the street or a cavilier dashing of to a battle . Thank goodness those images have been replaced! In part, they have been replaced by an endless line of tour buses and crazy traffic made worse by a legal conference held at the Hermitage. St Petersburg is not only a favorite place to visits by foreign tourists. Russian school children and bus loads of Russian families also add to the "invasion". New images include the mirrored selfie I took while resting on a bench in the Hermitage, domed ceilings, endless golden doorways, practicing our moves in the gardens or posing for a picture in a gilded ballroom.

    I have to stop for now so I can pack and make the train to Moscow.
    Love, Rissa
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  • Day35

    Traveling and seeing is hard. So much is new, so much is not what I expected and some things I see are beyond expectations. Traveling and taking pictures is hard. I have a choice when I see something to try to remember it in my minds eye or snap a picture. Traveling and writing is yet another layer of difficulty. Writing makes me think about what it is that I am experiencing and how I can share that with you. I try to visualize your faces and imagine that we are sitting around my dining room table.

    So today I end by telling you about my visit toSt Petersburg with a pile of random photos. A gold altar piece, a couple of parquet floors, a sauna at the end of a garden path, the mundane and extremely important business of ordering lunch at fast food restaurant and a portrait of Catherine the Great.

    Love, Rissa
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  • Day33

    The street scene is what I am looking at right now instead of the church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. We visited the Russian State Museum this morning and I ran out of energy.

    Love, Rissa

  • Day17

    De stad die je op vijf verschillende manieren kan schrijven, de stad waar de laatste tsarenfamilie is geëxecuteerd en waar wij eindelijk lekker weer kregen! Na zoveel weken sneeuwstormen en regenbuien zijn wij extatisch met onze 18 à 20 graden :)

    Yekaterinburg is een mooie moderne stad en staat volgens mij toch wel het meest bekend om haar grensovergang van Europa naar Azië. We zijn officieel in Siberië, maar deze stad doet erg westers aan met standbeelden van The Beatles, Michael Jackson, een Amerikaanse TGI Friday en grote winkelcentra.

    We keken naar de zonsondergang vanaf het hoogste punt van de stad, wandelden langs het water en lagen lekker in het park boekjes te lezen. Morgen gaan we nog even flink wat boodschappen doen en eten inpakken want..
    We beginnen zondagavond aan ons langste stuk in de trein van 58 uur (3 nachten) naar voor ons de laatste stop in Rusland: Irkutsk, waar we naar het Baikal meer gaan! Het is daar nu 30 graden dus de winterjas kan onderin de backpack hoera!
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  • Day5

    Die Anfahrt zum Hotels wurde richtig interessant. Berufverkehr und warm - eine Mischung, die es in sich hat. Wir sind breit!
    Zum Glück fanden wir an der Grenze zwei Stunden kurzweilige Entspannung. Auch Schönschrift zählt! Alle brauchten zwei Versuche Formularbingo. (SZ)

  • Day6

    Nun wissen wir auch, warum Stephans Navi diesen Ort nicht kennen will.
    Die Gegend verfügt über viel Entwicklungspotential.
    Das Straßennetz ist vorhanden gewesen. Sand. Sand. Sand.
    In Inse gab es einen kleinen Laden. Nette Betreiber, die ihr Sonnenbad für uns unterbrachen.
    Inse bietet nebenbei einen schönen Blick auf das Haff.
    Zurück dauert es 20 Minuten bis uns das Navi fand.
    Neben Asphalt und Sand gab es auch noch Kopfsteinpflaster!
    Mit fast trocknem Tank erreichte wir eine "Tankstelle" und so schafften wir es auch wieder zurück.
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  • Day5

    auf der Suche nach einer urigen russischen Kaschemme sind wir zunächst verzweifelt im Magazin gelandet. 3 Bier und 2x Sprotten in Öl waren die Beute, die wir gleich vor dem Laden verkosten mussten. Zum Glück kennt man uns hier nicht :)
    Ein junger Bursche schickte uns dann ans andere Ende des Prospektes, wo wir mangels uriger russischer Kaschemmen in der Pizzeria einkehrten.
    Der Abend klingt nun als aktiver Beitrag zum Weltfrieden in der Bar "Mockwa - Berlin" aus..Read more

  • Day6

    ...verzögert sich. Stephans Navi kennt den Ort nicht. Also mal ganz old school mit Offline-Material.
    Hoffentlich landen wir nicht am Haupteingang von GULAG #8..

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