Saint Helena
Saint Helena

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  • Day120

    Jamestown, St. Helena

    April 13, 2015 in Saint Helena ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We are now truly in the middle of nowhere. St. Helena Island is a British territory where Napoleon was exiled after he was defeated by the British. He spent his last few years here before his death and now the island has about 3800 people that live there for otherwise no good reason. It is incredibly small and is like going back in time. They have no airport (or not until the one they are building is finished next year). They have no cell phone service although they are going to be putting a tower up soon we are told. The internet is slow and expensive so they have no ATM or credit card use on the island. It is kind of pretty but much of it is just rock with the central part being fairly lush. The port is not protected and it the waves are very high you actually can't land ashore. They get a boat that makes a circuit between Capetown, Ascension Island and St. Helena every three weeks so other then taking one of the 3 or so cruise ships that stop by every year that is the only way to get on the island.
    The people are incredible friendly though and it was a very pleasant place to be. There is an old stairway with 699 steps that goes from the town to an old fort on the hill along the lines of an old funicular. The thing that everyone has to do is try to climb the stairs which Nancy and I did with several stops to rest along the way. We were very proud until we met a 66 year old women at the top who did it everyday as part of her exercise routine. :-) We strolled back down on the winding road that led back to town. There were about 10 cruising boats in the mooring area and we saw some folks around town that looked like they were cruisers so at least they get a few visitors from passing sailboats too.
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  • Day122

    Georgetown, Ascension Island

    April 15, 2015 in Saint Helena ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We spent tax day sailing to an island of 800 people that is about as far away as you can get from anywhere. The folks here are either military, BBC or researchers as the island has no permanent inhabitants. It is basically an airport in the middle of the Atlantic that can be used for such strategic things as a refueling station for the Falklands Islands War back in 1982 and with it's 2 mile runway it was a backup landing strip back with the space shuttle was flying since it could actually take the Shuttle.
    Now it is a bunch of satellite towers and sensors that are probably pulling all the internet traffic that we are using right now into the NSA computers. :-)
    Unfortunately the waves were too high to safely get on land with all the old people we have aboard but the researchers brought some slides and a video onboard which was very informative. Probably better then walking around the little island but I was hoping to get a sighting of the green sea turtle as this was one it's nesting areas and they set up to 300 a night coming up and laying eggs.
    Now for the big slog across the ocean. 6 days at sea ending in the little prison island of Devil's Island off French Guiana. The weather has been good so far so we are expecting bad weather as we just can't be this lucky the entire trip so I will let you know if we start rocking and rolling. :-)
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Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Sint Helena, ሴንት ሄለና, سانت هيلنا, Seynt Elena, Святой Алены, Востраў, Света Елена, Ɛlɛni Senu, সেন্ট হেলেনা, སེནྚ། ཧེ་ལི་ན།, Sveta Jelena, Svatá Helena, Saint Helena nutome, Αγία Ελένη, Sent-Heleno, Santa Elena, سنت هلن, Sent Helen, Sainte-Hélène, San Héilin, Santa Helena, સેંટ હેલેના, San Helena, סנט הלנה, सेंट हेलेना, Sveta Helena, Szent Helena, Sankti Helena, Sant’Elena, セントヘレナ, წმინდა ელენეს კუნძული, Santahelena, ಸೇಂಟ್ ಹೆಲೆನಾ, 세인트헬레나, Senti Herena, Sántu eleni, Šventoji Elena, Santu eleni, Sv. Helēnas sala, സെന്‍റ് ഹെലീന, सेन्ट हेलेना, Sint-Helena, ସେଣ୍ଟ ହେଲେନା, Wyspa Świętej Heleny, Sontg'Elena, Sehelene, Sfânta Elena, Остров Святой Елены, Sênt-Helêna, Svätá Helena, Света Јелена, S:t Helena, செயின்ட் ஹெலெனா, సెంట్ హెలినా, เซนต์เฮเลนา, Seini Helena, Острів Святої Єлени, TDC, سینٹ ہیلینا, Orílẹ́ède Hẹlena, 圣赫勒拿, i-Saint Helena