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Saint Lucia

Curious what backpackers do in Saint Lucia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day74

    After the photography department hosting a very successful Under the Sea party last night I was very tired this morning. I however had a tour to get to that I was very excited for. Today's tour was an aerial tram ride and then a bit of a hike through the woods. I included a picture of the car we were in. It was not very wide with two people sitting side by side and did not look all that safe. It however was a very smooth ride and it was really nice. The ride took over an hour and I got some really good photos. After that we did the mini hike that took about half an hour. Which was not the easiest walking path but had some great plants and flower to take pictures of.Read more

  • Day72

    Wir werden mit einem kleinen Bus quer über die Insel in den Regenwald gefahren, wo unsere 'tree top canope Tour' mit 12 'zip lines' (Seilrutschen) beginnt, ein wirklich abenteuerliches Vergnügen. Nachdem wir mit Helm, Handschuhen und Sicherungsgurten ausgerüstet wurden, erhalten wir eine Einweisung und dann geht's schon los. Die erste zip Line ist zum Eingewöhnen: ca 150 m lang und aufgrund des relativ kleinen Höhenunterschied auch nicht so schnell. Wir "fliegen" über den wunderbaren Regenwald, über Flüsse, über Seen, durch das dichte Grün hindurch, von einer Plattform zur nächsten. Manchmal laufen wir durch den Regenwald, manchmal überqueren wir Täler in schwindliger Höhe auf wackligen Hängebrücken, natürlich immer gesichert und von den vielen Guides begleitet. Stephan, unser Guide, hat Thomas' Spiegelreflexkamera und macht tolle Fotos von uns, während Thomas mit der kleinen GoPro im 'Fliegen' Videos dreht. Die längste zip line ist 500 m lang, mit so deutlichem Gefälle, dass wir aufgefordert werden zwischendurch mit der behandschuhten Hand am Stahlseil zu bremsen. Nach 12 zip lines sind wir auch aufgrund des feucht-warmen Klimas im Dschungel durchgeschwitzt und erschöpft. Das war ein Adrenalin Kick der besonderen Art!Read more

  • Day72

    St. Lucia ist ein zum Commonwealth of Nations gehörender Inselstaat, der zu den westindischen ' Inseln über dem Winde' gerechnet wird. St. Lucia ist mit 616,3 qkm deutlich größer als Barbados, hat aber nur 165000 Einwohner, die auch von Afrikanern abstammen, die in der Kolonialzeit als Sklaven auf die Insel gebracht wurden. St Lucia ist vulkanischem Ursprungs, es gibt noch zwei erloschene Vulkane und der höchste Berg ist Mount Gimie mit 950 m Höhe. Die Insel ist mit der Vegetation des Regenwalds bewachsen, Bäume (Bambus, Cashew, Kakao, Bananen) und exotische Blumen wachsen bei diesem warm-feuchten Klima zu unvorstellbarer Größe.Read more

  • Day130

    Today was the final special tour we will take as world cruisers with Silversea. They arranged a nice tour of the island in small 12 person buses called “coasters”. We drove through the bustling capital city, saw magnificent, green mountains, acres of banana plantations and very dense rain forests. We were also treated to a fabulous view of the iconic symbol of St. Lucia, the Pitons which are twin peaks that rise nearly 1/2 mile from the ocean floor.
    We paid a visit to a volcano crater that has many large pools of bubbling water with lots of steam and sulphur-scented vapors rising from them. A botanical garden was a special treat since our guide seemed to have a particular interest in plants and was a wealth of information as she guided us through the lush vegetation.
    We also had a lunch that featured many local specialties. It was a quick and exciting taste of this lovely Caribbean island.
    The first photo is a bay in St. Lucia.
    The second photo is the iconic Pitons.
    The third photo is a tile representation of a flying fish - we have seen hundreds at sea on this trip!
    Read more

  • Day134

    We took the final bus tour of our trip today. We went down the west side of the island and saw the "drive in" volcano, some botanical gardens and waterfalls and had lunch at an old plantation. Lots of fun but riding around those hills in a little bus was hair-raising. Better to sleep through it as I did. :-)

  • Day44

    Today is Thursday 21st February and today we dock at our first Caribbean island the island of St Lucia.
    The last time we were here was two years ago and I'm afraid the overall impression of the town we landed at, the name of which escapes me, was not a good one it appeared to be a mixture of the worst places in Wigan and Bradford, but with sun.....
    We were twice warned about the dangers of walking in certain areas, once by the police and once by a local barber.
    It sort of ruined all the brochure pictures and romantic island blurb....Lol
    Anyway, yesterday was nice the weather was once again fantastic, and I did another 4 hour marathon sunbathing session with Sheila, John and Jennifer, but with a slight difference, they were in the sunshine and I was in the shade and even in the shade with the ship doing about 17 knots it was still hot hot hot.
    In the afternoon we bombed out of the music quiz only finishing third and there's a new champion team so now we're gunning for two teams...Lol.
    In the evening we first of all watched the duo, who were once again fantastic, we asked Kandy to sing "Babooshka" by Kate Bush which she did brilliantly well.
    Then later we went to the show which was great we first of all had the classical pianist do three numbers, then Gary Ryan the Neil Diamond tribute act did about four numbers and finally Mr Jimmy James finished the show of with another fantastic set, not only is he still a cracking singer who can belt them out with the best of them but he can still do the moves on stage which for a 73 year old is amazing........
    Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Saint Lucia, St. Lucia, Sint Lucia, ሴንት ሉቺያ, Santa Lucía, سانت لوسيا, Santa Llucía, Santa Lusiya, Seynt Lusiya, Сент-Люсия, Santa Lucia, Сэнт-Люсія, Света Лусия, Lusi-Senu, সেন্ট লুসিয়া, སེནྚ། ལུ་ཤི་ཡ།, সান্টা লউসিয়া, Sent Lucija, سەینت لووسیا, Sent Lusiya, Svatá Lucie, ސަންތި ލޫސިއާ, Saint Lusia nutome, Αγία Λουκία, Sent-Lucio, Santa Luzia, سیت لوسیا, Sent Lusiyaa, Saint Lusia, Sainte-Lucie, Santa-Lucie, Sint Lusia, San Lúisia, સેંટ લુસિયા, Noo Lucia, San Lusiya, Sveta Lucija, סיינט לוצ'יה, सेन्ट लुसिया, Sv. Lucija, Sent Lisi, Սանտա Լուչիա, Sancte Lucia, Saint Lúsía, セントルシア, სენტ-ლუსია, Santalusia, ಸೇಂಟ್ ಲೂಸಿಯಾ, 세인트 루시아, Sen Lusia, Sancta Lucia, Senti Luciya, Santa Luçia, Santa Lüzia, Sántu lisi, Šventoji Liucija, Santu lisi, Sentlūsija, Сент-Люсие, Света Луција, സെന്‍റ് ലൂസിയ, सेंट ल्यूसिया, Santa Luċija, စိန့်လူစီယာနိုင်ငံ, Sankte Lusia, Santa Lúcia, ସେଣ୍ଟ ଲୁସିଆ, Сент-Люси, Santa Lussìa, سینٹ لوشیا, سېنټ لوسیا, Santa Lusiya wat'a, Selusiya, Sfânta Lucia, Mutagatifu Lusiya, सेंट लूसिया, Сент Лусия, Saunt Lucia, Sênt-Lisïi, ශාන්ත ලුසියා, Svätá Lucia, Shën Luçia, ISenti-Lushiya, St Lucia, செயின்ட் லூசியா, సెంట్ లూసియా, ประเทศเซนต์ลูเซีย, Seini Lusia, سېنت ليۇسىيە, Санта Лючія, سینٹ لوسیا, Xanh Lu-xi (Saint Lucia), Сенлүүсин Орн, Orílẹ́ède Luṣia, 圣卢西亚, i-Saint Lucia

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