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San Marino

Curious what backpackers do in San Marino? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.

Most traveled places in San Marino:

  • Upon entering the small country of San Marino (the 13th country of our tour!) we encountered the first hills we'd driven in quite a while. San Marino sits on the northeastern side of the Apennines. As we climbed up its hairpin bends we could see the 'Rocce', battlemented castles perched along a high rocky ridge.

    We stopped at a large gravel layby that had camper services at the far end, including electricity at a decent price. However, at the bottom end the far reaching view over the tree tops to the valley and smaller hills below was more tempting than the electricity, so we chose this spot instead.

    There was some evidence of snow when we arrived but the layby was clear of it. We enjoyed watching the jays, blackbirds and finches in the trees below and even saw a black squirrel scampering about with something in its mouth. After a while it began to hail and soon after began to snow. The view closed in and the snow began to lay. It was magical to watch the world turn white and we could hardly drag Poppy back in because she was reveling in the experience of eating the snow!

    Instead of getting quieter as the white carpet thickened, the road behind us was animated with the roaring engines of cars racing! Some locals were using it as a thrills circuit, speeding along the straight sections and skidding round the corners. The Sanmarinese snow ploughs were also out in force and worked all night so that by morning, when 7cm had fallen, the road itself was clear. They even ploughed the worst of the snow from our layby making it a lot easier to get out, though we still skidded considerably.

    We'd planned to visit the funicular railway and take a trip up to the old town, possibly walking along the ridge. On the way we passed bin lorries carrying on with collections, huge snow chains wrapped around their tyres. Civic amenity employees were getting stuck in clearing the pavements with shovels and brooms. When we got to the turning off the main road that led to the railway, it was on a steep slope that hadn't been cleared, so we decided to put safety first and give it a miss.

    To watch a video taken at our stopover visit our You Tube channel here:
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  • In smo dočakali ta dopust. Vstajanje ob treh in na pot, dolgih 600 km je za nami. Pri Bologni smo padli v kolono in po cca 25 km voznje malo ja, malo stojimo...smo prišli v mestece Cesenatico, 20 km pred Riminijem. Simpatično mesto, kjer smo se ohladili s pivom in sladoledom, potem pa v Rimini. Hotel Stradiot sicer ni presežek, klima ne dela, wifi samo pri dvi dni bo. Po prvem kopanju v bazenu pri hotelu smo si vzeli 2 uri lepotnega spanca in potem peš do centra Riminija. Ja, tukaj je res preko 11 km peščenih plaž, center mesta pa ni nič posebnega. Mala večerjica, nazaj v hotel, še večerno poležavanje na plaži in prvi dan je mimo. Rimini je sicer oživel ravno po 21 uri, bomo jutri morda malo več žurali, danes si polnimo baterije za dneve pred nami.Read more

  • Abends gegen 20.30 in San Marino angekommen. Machte ich mich ans Essen.
    Ich habe Gnocchi mit Garnelen und Fenchel gekocht was wir zuvor in Manerba auf dem Markt gekauft hatten. Ich habe vergessen wir ätzend es ist Garnelen zu pulen und zu entdarmen, aber so schmeckt es hinterher noch viel besser. Gekocht und gegessen haben wir im beginnenden Regen. Die wurde noch sehr stark und hielt die ganze Nacht. Wir parken fast am Gipfel des Berges aus dem San Marino besteht und wir freuten uns auf die herrliche Aussicht am Morgen aus dem Fenster anstelle dessen sahen wir nur Nebel.
    Dieser klarte aber gegen Mittag auf, sodass uns ein schöner 360 Grad Blick von diesem Felsen geboten wurde. San Marino ist ein lustiges kleines Land mit vielen kuriosen Besonderheiten. Und zu gleich die älteste Republik der Welt. Gegründet am 03.09.301 n.Ch. Vom heiligen Marinus. Der Rest steht bei Wikipedia.
    Von unserem Übernachtungsplatz ging es mit dem Fahrstuhl hoch in die Stadt San Marino mit insgesamt 4000 Einwohnern die Stadt besteht nur aus Burgen Kirchen und ein paar alten Häusern aber ist wirklich schön zu begehen man kann sogar einen großen Teil auf der Stadtmauer laufen. Nachdem wir uns am Ausblick vom Monte Titano, so der Name des 753m hohen Berges auf dem San Marino liegt, satt gesehen haben gab es noch einen riesen Eisbecher und wir fuhren los Richtung Po Delta
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  • Zumindest auf der Apennin-Halbinsel kann man sich ein wenig wie ein "Jeden-Tag-ein-neues-Land-Urlauber" fühlen. Am heutigen Sonntag geht es in die Republik San Marino!
    Herrlich gelegen, mit Blick auf den Apennin oder die 20km entfernte Adria, trotz des Trubels mit verträumten kleinen Gässchen. Es wird auch sehr schnell klar, wovon man in San Marino lebt: vom Verkauf von Briefmarken und Euro-Münzen.Read more

  • Back in Italy arrived at 5.30pm. Have both slept on and off for a day and a night. Had an early night on the ferry and slept all night and on and off through the day. Arrived at San Marino at 8pm. What an absolutely amazing little country. The hotel was in a medieval town /castle perched on a clifftop with views you dream about. Would be one of my favourites of the tour so far. This seems to happen every second day.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Repubblica di San Marino, San Marino, ሳን ማሪኖ, سان مارينو, ܣܢ ܡܪܝܢܘ, San Marín, Сан-Марына, Сан Марино, Marini-Senu, সান মারিনো, སན་མེ་རི་ནོ།, San Marino nutome, Άγιος Μαρίνος, San-Marino, سان‌مارینو, See Maree, Saint-Marin, San Mairíne, સૅન મેરિનો, סאן מארינו, सैन मरिनो, Սան Մարինո, San Marínó, サンマリノ共和国, სან-მარინო, Samarino, Сан-Марино, ಸ್ಯಾನ್ ಮೆರಿನೋ, 산마리노, سان مارینۆ, Res publica Sancti Marini, Sanimarino, Sántu Marinɛ, San Marinas, Santu Marine, Sanmarīno, സാന്‍ മറിനോ, सॅन मरीनो, सान् मारिनो, Saint Mathîn, ସାନ୍ ମାରିନୋ, Repùblica ëd San Marin, San Marein, सान मरीनो, San Marinu, Sên-Marëen, San Maríno, சான் மெரினோ, సాన్ మారినో, ประเทศซานมารีโน, Seni Malino, سان مارىنو, سان مارینو, Repùblica de San Marin, Xan Ma-ri-nô (San Marino), Sanmarinän, Orílẹ́ède Sani Marino, 圣马力诺, i-San Marino