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San Marino

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  • Day203

    San Marino! Country #13

    January 15, 2017 in San Marino ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    Upon entering the small country of San Marino (the 13th country of our tour!) we encountered the first hills we'd driven in quite a while. San Marino sits on the northeastern side of the Apennines. As we climbed up its hairpin bends we could see the 'Rocce', battlemented castles perched along a high rocky ridge.

    We stopped at a large gravel layby that had camper services at the far end, including electricity at a decent price. However, at the bottom end the far reaching view over the tree tops to the valley and smaller hills below was more tempting than the electricity, so we chose this spot instead.

    There was some evidence of snow when we arrived but the layby was clear of it. We enjoyed watching the jays, blackbirds and finches in the trees below and even saw a black squirrel scampering about with something in its mouth. After a while it began to hail and soon after began to snow. The view closed in and the snow began to lay. It was magical to watch the world turn white and we could hardly drag Poppy back in because she was reveling in the experience of eating the snow!

    Instead of getting quieter as the white carpet thickened, the road behind us was animated with the roaring engines of cars racing! Some locals were using it as a thrills circuit, speeding along the straight sections and skidding round the corners. The Sanmarinese snow ploughs were also out in force and worked all night so that by morning, when 7cm had fallen, the road itself was clear. They even ploughed the worst of the snow from our layby making it a lot easier to get out, though we still skidded considerably.

    We'd planned to visit the funicular railway and take a trip up to the old town, possibly walking along the ridge. On the way we passed bin lorries carrying on with collections, huge snow chains wrapped around their tyres. Civic amenity employees were getting stuck in clearing the pavements with shovels and brooms. When we got to the turning off the main road that led to the railway, it was on a steep slope that hadn't been cleared, so we decided to put safety first and give it a miss.

    To watch a video taken at our stopover visit our You Tube channel here:
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  • Day325

    Day 326: San Marino

    January 6, 2018 in San Marino ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    First new country in a long time! Up and out fairly early, driving south-west for an hour or so to the micro-nation of San Marino. And this is genuinely a micro-nation, with only 30,000 residents and a very small area of territory. It claims to be the oldest nation on earth, with its roots in the 1300s and has been self-governed almost the entirety of that time - never by an external power. This is why they never joined the Kingdom of Italy when it was established in the 1860s, as they didn't want to be ruled by a foreign sovereign!

    The eponymous town is actually tiny, a small village really, clinging to the side of a cliff and watched over by a three-towered fortress. It's this central area that's on the world heritage list, so we drove in about as close as possible, paid for parking and then set off on a walk.

    The town is basically on the edge of a cliff, so we walked along the rim past each of the three towers. Impressive sights, especially since they looked rather precarious, but we didn't go inside the lower two as they were occupied with paid museums and we weren't super interested. Had a wander around and then a spot of lunch at a restaurant right on the edge (prices surprisingly reasonable since it's basically Italian prices minus taxes), then wandered around the rest of the town.

    It's extremely small, we spent about 90 minutes wandering and had fairly exhaustively covered every street and point of interest. There was the option as well of descending via cable car to the town below which is far more populated, but we'd had enough for the day and headed back to the car. Lots of gun shops around as well, since they take their freedom very seriously.

    Plenty of time to ponder on the drive back to our apartment at Gradara. It was an interesting place to visit I guess, but probably a bit underwhelming. It's not like Italy has a shortage of medieval hilltop fortress towns, so it's probably the micronation status more than anything else that put it on the WH list. Oh well!

    Stayed in again tonight, more pasta naturally!
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  • Day8


    September 12, 2017 in San Marino ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    12th September
    The day starts with a severe thunderstorm which continues through breakfast, the weather is so bad we sit in the lounge and read for a while. Around noon small patches of blue sky start to appear and we venture out dressed for wet weather. We turn left out of the hotel and head north, there are a lot of hair-pin bends to negotiate and the roads are flooded with rainwater pouring from the mountainside. Yesterday the traffic around Garda was horrendous but so far it is not too busy in Torri del Benaco and we manage to find a parking space. Lake Garda is so Beautiful but the dramatic weather continues here with gale force winds making it difficult to walk but the sun is shining and there are lots of people walking around. We sit outside and drink coffee while the waiters struggle to keep the tablecloths anchored down and the menus on the table. There is a lot of spray coming off the lake and all the little boats are bobbing up and down. After a while we move on towards the village of Garda but once again we are soon in a long queue of cars, hardly moving and just like yesterday there is nowhere to park. We continue along the road and stop at a shopping area where we buy some water and wine. It is really hot now that we have left the lakeside and we sit outside with an ice cream before setting off again.
    The hotel "Bellavista" is lovely, the staff are exceptionally friendly and welcoming, they go out of their way to be helpful. Our room is clean and quite large and from the balcony we can see the lake, there is a lounge downstairs with a bar and lots of tables and chairs outside. We are going to eat in the restaurant again tonight as we had an excellent meal last night, starting with a glass of Prosecco, salad, pasta, main course and pudding for 16€.
    The village San Zeno di Montagna is very picturesque and we have walked the length of it a few times, there are restaurants and a few shops and places to sit outside with coffee or ice cream. The only problem is we're high up above the lake and it's a 15 minute drive down, it's not very far but the road winds round several hair-pin bends. This is our second visit to Lake Garda and we now realise the best place to stay is somewhere within walking distance of the lake which means you can leave the car at the hotel and if necessary take public transport. Parking is nearly impossible around Lake Garda with slow moving traffic queues and this is the middle of September.
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  • Day9


    September 13, 2017 in San Marino ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    13th September
    We leave Hotel Bellavista, heading south to San Marino and the sun is shining! San Marino is a state enclosed by north-central Italy, it's famous for its medieval walled old town and it is one of the richest countries in the world with low unemployment and a highly stable economy. The capital city is also called San Marino, Mount Titano part of the Appenine range dominates the landscape and three towers sit on the mountain slopes; Montale, Guaita & De la Fratta. We drive through Rimini into San Marino and after dropping our bags at Hotel Rossi we set out to explore the area. It is absolutely fascinating, we leave the car and take a lift up the mountainside where there are cobbled streets and old buildings with fantastic views from the top.
    We decide to eat in the hotel restaurant tonight and what a lively experience it turns out to be, for a Wednesday night it is extremely busy with people coming and going continuously & everyone knows everyone else. (Except us)! We eat lasagne and a fairly decent bottle of house red. There is a long table set for a group of people with several homemade banners " senza del dima" translates as "without smoke", we don't know what that means there is also a buffet set out for a crowd. We hear a lot of noise around midnight but we soon get off to sleep again.
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  • Day157

    Reise nach Kroatien (San Marino)

    March 7, 2018 in San Marino ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Unsere erste Nacht auf der Fahrt nach Kroatien haben wir in San Marino verbracht, wo noch etwas Schnee lag. Die Nacht auf dem Parkplatz war erstaunlicherweise recht erholsam. Am nächsten Morgen brachen wir rasch auf, da wir vor der Weiterfahrt noch eine Stadttour machen wollten. Leider hatte die Seilbahn geschlossen und wir mussten uns auf die Parkplatzsuche rund um die Altstadt begeben. Das war gar nicht so einfach. Doch auf dem vierten Parkplatz – genau an der Stadtmauer – hatten wir Glück.

    Die Runde durch San Marino ging dann ziemlich schnell, da die Altstadt sehr klein ist. Noch nie hatten wir so viele Ramschläden auf einem Fleck gesehen 😳. Das hatten wir nicht erwartet. Aber die Altstadt an sich und der Blick rundherum (bis nach Rimini) sowie die Türme der alten Stadtmauer waren wirklich schön! Genau pünktlich zum Regenschauer waren wir wieder zurück bei Bob und machten uns auf nach Venedig 🤗.
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  • Day9

    San Marino

    June 8, 2018 in San Marino ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    Bei Sonnenschein bestimmt charmant. Sehr sehr ordentlich und rausgeputzt.

    Einen extremen Kontrast bildet das alte Gemäuer in Sandstein (?) zu den quietschbunten Geschäften, von denen es unzählige gibt. Alle führen irgendwie dasselbe.
    Wir haben schon gerätselt, ob die San Marineser
    fünf Container aus Übersee haben kommen lassen, die es nun zu verkaufen gilt.

    Ausser Wein haben wir aber nichts gekauft. Aber der Hund wollte anscheinend shoppen gehen. In jeden Laden musste sie rein. Vielleicht haben die die Türschwellen mit Leberwurst präpariert? 😁
    ....Man weiss es nicht...😎
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  • Day10

    Weiter geht's

    June 9, 2018 in San Marino ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Bei strahlend blauem Himmel - ("Danke San Marino, gestern hätte ich mich mehr darüber gefreut" 😣), fahren wir weiter gen Süden.

    Heute ist der Campingplatz das Ziel, wir haben 2 Tage Erholung mit Strand vor uns.

    Die Etappe wird sehr lang. Daher werden wir, um schneller voran zu kommen, nicht die Küstenstrasse nehmen.
    Man sieht dort sowieso nichts, hängt grundsätzlich hinter einem LkW und rumpelt über massenhaft Schlaglöcher.

    Also ab auf die Autostrada!
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  • Day8

    San Marino

    June 7, 2018 in San Marino ⋅ 🌧 24 °C

    Hmm. Ja.

    Was soll ich sagen.... San Marino empfing uns mit einem Wärmegewitter.

    Jetzt kann man ja meinen, eine Abkühlung sei nach einem Hitzetag willkommen.
    Aber wenn man bei regennassen Strassen die nicht gerade breiten Serpentinen nach San Marino mit nem gemieteten Wohnmobil im 1. Gang natürlich bei Gegenverkehr hochschrubbt, kann Frau schon mal die Krise kriegen und per se eine Abneigung gegen San Marino entwickeln.

    Auch der annehmbare Stellplatz schraubt den Wohlfühlfaktor, der in Venedig noch bei 5 von 5 lag, nicht nach oben. Das Restaurant gefällt nicht und erinnert stark an Bahnhof und das Sortiment im Supermarkt ist nach einer Minute auswendig gelernt.

    Dann kommt der Mann noch mit der Meldung: morgen Regenwahrscheinlichkeit 80% durchgängig.

    Kurz: im Bahnhof speise ich nicht, gönne mir auf den Serpentinenschreck erst mal einen SanMarinoSpumate, und werde selbst kochen.
    Keine Calamari heute. 😐
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  • Day1

    ...on the road...Cesenatico...Rimini...

    June 26, 2016 in San Marino ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    In smo dočakali ta dopust. Vstajanje ob treh in na pot, dolgih 600 km je za nami. Pri Bologni smo padli v kolono in po cca 25 km voznje malo ja, malo stojimo...smo prišli v mestece Cesenatico, 20 km pred Riminijem. Simpatično mesto, kjer smo se ohladili s pivom in sladoledom, potem pa v Rimini. Hotel Stradiot sicer ni presežek, klima ne dela, wifi samo pri dvi dni bo. Po prvem kopanju v bazenu pri hotelu smo si vzeli 2 uri lepotnega spanca in potem peš do centra Riminija. Ja, tukaj je res preko 11 km peščenih plaž, center mesta pa ni nič posebnega. Mala večerjica, nazaj v hotel, še večerno poležavanje na plaži in prvi dan je mimo. Rimini je sicer oživel ravno po 21 uri, bomo jutri morda malo več žurali, danes si polnimo baterije za dneve pred nami.Read more

  • Day4

    San Marino

    September 19, 2017 in San Marino ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Efter att ha tagit oss ut ur staden körde vi motorväg norrut, rundade Bologna och sedan sydost ut. Vid va 15 kom vi fram till San Marino, ett eget litet rike i Italien. Vi körde till linbanan som gick upp till det stora berg som utmärker staden och landet, och åkte upp där.
    Tyvärr var det en hel del moln och rejält blåsigt men det blev ändå en häftig upplevelse. Först åt vi lite, fixade stämpel i passet och sen tittade vi runt. Vi såg två av de tre kända tornen/befästningarna längs bergsryggen och gick runt i staden. Riktigt trolsk miljö, och molnen förstärkte verkligen känslan.Read more

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Repubblica di San Marino, San Marino, ሳን ማሪኖ, سان مارينو, ܣܢ ܡܪܝܢܘ, San Marín, Сан-Марына, Сан Марино, Marini-Senu, সান মারিনো, སན་མེ་རི་ནོ།, San Marino nutome, Άγιος Μαρίνος, San-Marino, سان‌مارینو, See Maree, Saint-Marin, San Mairíne, સૅન મેરિનો, סאן מארינו, सैन मरिनो, Սան Մարինո, San Marínó, サンマリノ共和国, სან-მარინო, Samarino, Сан-Марино, ಸ್ಯಾನ್ ಮೆರಿನೋ, 산마리노, سان مارینۆ, Res publica Sancti Marini, Sanimarino, Sántu Marinɛ, San Marinas, Santu Marine, Sanmarīno, സാന്‍ മറിനോ, सॅन मरीनो, सान् मारिनो, Saint Mathîn, ସାନ୍ ମାରିନୋ, Repùblica ëd San Marin, San Marein, सान मरीनो, San Marinu, Sên-Marëen, San Maríno, சான் மெரினோ, సాన్ మారినో, ประเทศซานมารีโน, Seni Malino, سان مارىنو, سان مارینو, Repùblica de San Marin, Xan Ma-ri-nô (San Marino), Sanmarinän, Orílẹ́ède Sani Marino, 圣马力诺, i-San Marino

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