Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

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  • Day5


    March 28 in Saudi Arabia

    After successful meetings in Riyadh I have arrived in Jeddah with the luxury of flying. It was much better than the 10 hour drive. I was greated by my long time driver and friend Ibrahim. I met him 5.5 years ago on my first trip and he has been with me almost in its entirety on my other travels here. His mother made us a wonderful home cooked lunch and in the evening I took them out to eat at a nice Turkish restaurant.
    The day wasn't all relaxing and eating though. We did get through inventory and began to pick up supplies.

    For those movie buffs or perhaps heggli/taylor nerds, I came across a situation that made my day. I was sitting with ibrahim and his brother, Ahmed, attempting to access their wifi. I asked them for the password. Before they replied i said "let me guess, it's 1,2,3,4,5". They looked at me shocked and laughed. They said "How did you know". I couldn't believe it. All I could think of is "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. The kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage". It dawned on me, they had never seen Spaceballs and then it sunk in, they actually used 1,2 3,4,5 as a password without seeing spaceballs. I there fore had to show them the scene and we all had a good laugh
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  • Day8

    Wadi carcass

    March 31 in Saudi Arabia

    Warning. If dead animals make you quesy you may want to skip this one.

    Today we attempted our first wadi in Al Birk, about 100km south of last night's lodging in Al Qunfudah. Upon arrival to the wadi we saw an existing station installation by another engineering firm. It was familiar because I designed it for them. So rather than waste too much time we moved on the the next wadi another 2 hour drive.

    Upon arriva,l the wadi had the most foul dead animal smell. I saw one dead goat just down stream of the bridge we were working at. I was hoping that was all, but as I crossed under the bridge I saw a couple stray dogs hovering around a pile of dead goats at one end of the bridge. To my luck this was the end of the bridge we had to work at, maybe 10 yds from the pile. A couple hours later as we were working under the bridge we heard a thud. I thought something fell from our scaffolding. I went to take a closer look and I found a dead baby goat about 6ft from the scaffolding. Fortunately no one was around the scaffolding when it happened. I will spare you the pictures.

    Tomorrow we will try to finish the station and maybe move on to another ....inshallah. I'll save my experiences with inshallah for another time
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  • Day15

    Flash Flood

    April 7 in Saudi Arabia

    My last post I posted too soon. Shortly after i posted, while we were driving to our hotel we hit some of the largest downpours I have seen in Saudi. We were on some back roads and came across flooded sections of the road. One of the more significant flash floods I posted a picture of. As we were winding our way through the mountains and along the wadis it was neat to see water in them and see locals flock to the stream. It was more people than I'd ever seen out and about in these rural areas. They were wading in it, taking pictures and picnicking near it. This is the 3rd rain event we have come across this trip, fortunately we have always been finished with our day when they occur.

    Today we installed one wadi and attempted a climate station, which had poor site selection at the peak of a mountain. As you can see in the pictures the view wasn't bad though. We are now in Al Baha
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  • Day11


    April 3 in Saudi Arabia

    We set out today to install a wadi station but we had rain last night. What are the odds. At least we were able to check to see if our newly installed rain gauge worked. That location got a whole 1.4mm of rain. When we arrived at the wadi, there was standing water which would have made it extremely difficult to install. Rather that waste a day we went to install another climate station. This location is in the high desert, just over 7800ft elevation and the furthest south we will be.Read more

  • Day13


    April 5 in Saudi Arabia

    Yesterday we installed the wadi station where there was water and then we drove north for 2 hours to Tathleeth. So far our trip has been pretty good when in comes to lodging. 3 of the first 4 locations we have been able to stay in a hotel for multiple nights and all have been decent places. Tathleeth is the start of the grind where we will be in 11 different hotels in 11 days. The hotel in tathleeth wasn't bad compared to what I have stayed in the past, though the bed sheet was more of a box spring lining without any mattress pad. So I decided to sleep on top of the mattress.

    Today we set out with the ambitious goal of installing 2 wadi stations that were 35 minutes apart and in route to tonight's lodging in Bisha. The first wadi went well. The team has been catching on quick. This allowed me to focus on surveying, allowing them to work on the scaffolding, as you can see in the pictures. Our Sudanese driver of the equipment truck you can see trying to nap whenever he wasn't needed. It was nice to take a day off from working on the scaffolding. The 2nd wadi we drove to and there was no wadi. They had the wrong coordinates. Fortunately it is near tonight's hotel so we will try in the morning.

    On a side note, Devon would like the shower I in my hotel tonight because it truly makes sense to pee in the shower (picture explains it)
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  • Day21

    Ar Rass and the crew

    April 13 in Saudi Arabia

    Another long day but we are that much closer to our return to Riyadh. Only one nearby wadi survey and then a 5 hour drive. We should have a days rest before we prepare a meeting with the government then we get the crew back together for one last wadi install as the government watches. We had a unique crew this trip and thought I would introduce them.

    The first picture is my driver and leader of the hired crew, "Prince" Ramiz. He Is from jordan and not actually a Prince. He comes from one of the largest families in Jordan. We would talk about the powerful Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi and I soon started calling him Prince of Jordan. He Would laugh so his nickname became "Prince".

    The second picture is Abdul wadood of Yemen. One of the happiest (side note, auto correct tried to spell hottest, haha), nicest and hardest working individuals I have met in Saudi. He moved from Yemen 7 years ago. He hopes to move to the USA as with his wife and 4 kids. His best friend lives in North Carolina, near virginia. He was the guy I could always rely on.

    The third picture is our two Sudanese workers who were in the large equipment truck. Ahmed, on the left was nice but always tried to sleep when we got to our job site. He would sleep on the ground under the bridge or in his car if there was no bridge. He would be constantly woken up when we needed him, until yesterday when he refused to work. On the right side of the picture is Abdul Wahab. Very nice guy and hard worker. He would get upset alot, but in a non threatening way. It was kind of comical like when a kid would act up.

    Though it did not start out smooth, we found our groove and somehow this unique group of individuals were able to work somewhat efficiently by the end
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  • Day1

    Camel for lunch

    March 24 in Saudi Arabia

    After arriving in Riyadh and a productive morning of meetings, the project manager was excited to take me to lunch for some camel. A month or two ago he found out I have never tried camel and he has been talking about it ever since. It wasn't that I was avoiding it, it was that out of all my trips here my drivers either never took me to a place that had camel or never ordered it for us. Most of the time the people I am with order for me unless we are at some fast food or westernized place. Posted are a couple pictures of our meal, camel with rice. According to the manager it is young camel as older camel is tougher meat. The meal was really good and it was followed up some kunafah, a dessert made of shredded dough with a sweet cheese filling (similar to whip cream )Read more

  • Day10


    April 2 in Saudi Arabia

    After Rocky first couple days due to poor coordination and communication I am optimistic we found our groove as a team. We had to return to wadi carcass to finish the install, as shown in the first picture. Then today we finished our first climate station in about 6-7 hours. Not bad, my old team could do it in 4 hours. Its a good start. I put a couple photos of the climate station. One you can see the team working well on separate things the other not so much. 4 guys drilling a hole in pvc pipe. We are still working on that. The other day it was 4 guys putting a wire through a pipe.

    I was happy to get a fruit/veggie smoothie. It was difficult to get them to put what I wanted in it. They would not combine everything so I got a carrot/orange smoothie then an avocado one. I mixed them. I regret the avocado as it was not ripe and just ruined my drink
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  • Day14

    Stuck in the sand

    April 6 in Saudi Arabia

    It's Friday! Surprisingly my team was willing to work today. I was better prepared with food this friday since I knew everything would be closed until after noon. I bought a pizza last night at pizza hut(the same pizza hut we got kicked out of a few years ago by the Haya, the religious police) and only ate half, saving the rest for morning.

    The day started out with some extra obstacles as both our trucks got stuck in the wadi. We found some wood planks to put under the tires of the small truck to help get grip. The big truck we had a backhoe tow it out. Not sure who they knew to call but it showed up. After that delay we were able to knock out the station in about 5 hours, then we installed a rainfall station. Tonight we are staying in Sabt Alalayah, west of BishaRead more

  • Day18

    Al Khurma

    April 10 in Saudi Arabia

    Kind of crazy day so here it goes. Arrived at the wadi yesterday to see it was really muddy. We went down to evaluate it, telling our equipment truck to wait on the bridge. They didn't listen and get stuck. We drive to near by construction site to ask to use their loader, they refuse. We are in the middle of nowhere, so we find a small village a few miles away. We track down a man that owns the village loader. After a few minutes of the father/son duo playing good cop bad cop on the price we strike a deal. They remove the truck from the wadi. The guy then tells us that every year the water beaches the wadi bridge. This is a huge problem because it would destroy the equipment. So we move on to the next station while making phone calls on what to do about that wadi. We drive 2 hours to the location of a climate station. We finish it as the rain starts.

    When we finish we are uncertain about tomorrow. Will we get approval to install back at that wadi or do we move on. So we position our crew where the equipment truck stays put, relatively close to the wadi and we move north so that no matter the decision we still have a productive day, though it may be a longer day. We arrived at Al khurma, a town I was told had only one hotel, which usually isn't a good thing. Upon arrival the power went out in the town. It makes it interesting walking up 3 flights of stairs in the dark. After the lights came on, requesting them to change the sheets, another power outage, I was finally settled in.

    Not sure if I made any sense in telling that story. Oh well, off to another day
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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi-Arabien, Saudi Arabia, Saoedi-Arabië, ሳውድአረቢያ, Arabia Saudí, Saudisc Arabea, المملكة العربية السعودية, ܣܥܘܕܝܐ, Arabia Saudita, Saudi Ərəbistan, Саудаўская Аравія, Саудитска Арабия, Arabiya Sawudiya, সৌদি আরব, སཽ་དྷི་ཨ་རཱ་བི་ཡ།, Arabia Saoudat, Saudijska Arabija, Aràbia Saudita, Saudská Arábie, Sawdi-Arabia, སའུ་དི་ཨེ་ར་སྦི་ཡ, Saudi Arabia nutome, Σαουδική Αραβία, Sauda Arabio, Saudi Araabia, عربستان, Arabii Sawdit, Saudi-Arabia, Saudi-Arábia, Arabie saoudite, Arabie saoudita, Saûdy-Araabje, An Araib Shádach, સાઉદી અરેબિયા, Ƙasar Makka, ערב הסעודית, सऊदी अरब, Sawdi-Arabska, Arabi Sawoudit, Szaud-Arábia, Սաուդիան Արաբիա, Arab Saudi, Sádí-Arabía, サウジアラビア王国, საუდის არაბეთი, Saudi, Сауд Арабиясы, អារ៉ាប៊ីសាអ៊ូឌីត, ಸೌದಿ ಅರೇಬಿಯಾ, 사우디 아라비아, عەرەبستانی سەعوودی, Arabi Saoudek, Arabia Saudiana, Sawudarebya - Buwarabu, Alabi Sawuditɛ, ຊາອຸດິອາລະເບຍ, Saudo Arabija, Alabu Nsawudi, Saūda Arābija, Arabia saodita, Саудиска Арабија, സൗദി അറേബ്യ, सौदी अरब, Għarabja Sawdita, ဆော်ဒီအာရေးဗီးယား, साउदी अरब, Saudi-Arabië, ସାଉଦି ଆରବିଆ, Saudita Arabia, Arabia Saudyjska, سعودی عربستان, Arábia Saudita, Sawud Arabya, Arabiya Sawudite, Arabia Saudită, Саудовская Аравия, Arabbia Saudita, Saûdi Arabïi, සෞදි අරාබිය, Saudská Arábia, Saudova Arabija, Sacuudi Carabiya, Arabia Saudite, Саудијска Арабија, Saudiarabien, சவூதி அரேபியா, సౌదీ అరేబియా, Арабистони Саудӣ, ประเทศซาอุดีอาระเบีย, Arabyang Saudi, Saute ʻAlepea, Suudi Arabistan, سەئۇدى ئەرەبىستان, Саудівська Аравія, سعودی عرب, Ả-rập Xê-út (Saudi Arabia), Sauda-Larabän, Arabya Saudita, Orílẹ́ède Saudi Arabia, 沙特阿拉伯, i-Saudi Arabia

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