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Saudi Arabia

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  • Day2

    Today we were able to go through all the equipment that has been sitting in jeddah for a year. Good news it is all there. Let's hope it all works. I put a couple pictures of our team and loading up. One cool thing about today is that I saw the future tallest building in the world under construction. It will be one km tall when complete. Tomorrow we head east over the mountains to Taif

  • Day11

    We are now in the town of Afif. We finished 2 more stations. One was a way stations with a bride about 8m high and the other was a weather station. The weather station is pretty nice compared to the wadi stations. Nothing too exciting happened. Just long hot days in the sun. There temperature has gotten warmer as we have headed east from the mountains.

  • Day16

    Last night we made it to probably my favorite place in Saudi (AL Ula). It was an interesting day Friday as it was a scheduled day off but we were not in a decent area so the team wanted to continue working. The workaround was they still needed time for prayer and after prayer lunch (11:30-2pm). This meant we needed to finish everything that required our larger equipment truck before 11:30. So we left our hotel at 5:30 with an hour drive to the location. Fortunately the bridge was low enough to do part of it by standing on the he bed of our pickup. We were able to finish everything that required scaffolding by 11:25 (just in time for prayer). We decided to then drive 2.5 hours further then planned to get to a decent hotel that was still on our way ( AL Ula)
    AL Ula hi a historic area with stunning rock formations and apparently enough groundwater to support some agriculture. On our way out we ran into some Americans visiting the area. They work at an American consulate somewhere in Saudi. We then had to take a photo opp with an Indonesian coffee shop worker who wanted to take a photo with us. The poor guy doesn't really know Arabic and doesn't know english. I am not sure how he is going to make it here
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  • Day1

    Made it to my hotel after 26 hours of travel. Highlights of the day was some good food and a beer at 6am in Frankfurt followed by a nice sight of snow falling as we boarded the plane.
    My hotel is decent but i am in for some trouble because of the store located next door ;)

  • Day3

    Today we made an attempt at installing or first wadi station. We knew it would be a trial run and would come across difficulties that would later be fixed with practice and efficiency but the thing that makes it most difficult is not having someone like Zach. Instructions are not very well understood due to language and oversight can be time consuming. One example is when instructed to drill two holes in line with each other on a pipe 3' apart, it was drilled 2'6" and not centered with each other.
    The photos today are a couple of us playing in the sand and scaffolding below a bridge, plus one of dinner
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  • Day6

    We finally finished our first site and will begin site number 2 today. One major delay was with the weather. We showed up to the location to finish it on Monday and the wind speeds were up to 30mph. We decided it was unsafe to be on scaffolding. Some other interesting situations were with our equipment truck getting stuck in the wadi and having a herd of goat approach us.

  • Day9

    Today we finished our 3rd site. Today we encountered some goats trying to get into our equipment and some stray camels. We cut our install time from a day and half to 6 hours to 3.5 hours. Though we have created better efficiency, we have our work cutout for us with a 400m wide wadi that is pure sand (which means or vehicles must stay out and we will have to hand carry or lower equipment from the bridge).Read more

  • Day14

    Since I last checked in, we finished 3 more wadi stations. We had some issues today with the last 2 stations, as they were not transmitting properly. We had to back track 100 km, setup 4 m of scaffolding just to unplug and replug the unit. Then a notice of a sensor failure came on the most recent unit we installed. Pretty finicky equipment (not our recommendation). We are now heading to the small village of AL Henakiyah and are debating whether to work on our scheduled day off tomorrowRead more

  • Day18

    So the last two days were eventful. The drive from AL Ula to Tabuk in the North was a scenic one. We could not install a station this day since our equipment truck had a 500km+ drive. So we took this opportunity to scout out the wadi. The wadi was located on a new highway that we were unsure if it was finished. So we decided to check it out. If it was decent enough to drive, it would save or equipment truck 2 hours the next day. Let's just say it wasn't good enough for them and barely worked for us. The map location shows where we were and how the that is not finished. At one point we had to walk to some peaks to see how to get down to the valley floor that had some signs of truck tracks in the sand. 60km later of a combination of dirt road and off road we made it to the road.

    The next day in Tabuk we finished another wadi and made our way back to AL Ula. Along the way we saw a pretty cool mosque made from date trees (picture 1). One of the cooler things we saw was the remains of the Hejaz railway and train stations (picture 2). The old tracks use to run from Damascus to Medina under the Ottoman empire until WWI where portions of the tracks were destroyed by the Allies (The infamous Lawrence of Arabia)
    The last photo was a beekeeper selling honey. Notice the rock formation with a rug pointing toward Mecca.
    Oh we also lost a team member. We had a worker that kept getting in arguments with our equipment truck driver (every two days). My driver took the worker to town and gave him money for a bus and sent him on his way.
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  • Day7

    Had an interesting day today. Came across our site where there were dozens of monkeys. Good thing for us there were some stray dogs as well. Unknown to me but monkeys don't like dogs so the dogs kept the monkeys away. After unloading our equipment or generator did not work. We took it to a shop 80km away and it is now fixed (knock on wood). We were able to make the most of our time by surveying 2 wadis and preparing material better. We strive for 2 sites today. Besides some monkey photos I put a photo of the sunrise with a carpool vehicle, generator maintenance and is scavenging through an shop for a part (We took apart a dozen faucet drains for a part we needed)Read more

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi-Arabien, Saudi Arabia, Saoedi-Arabië, ሳውድአረቢያ, Arabia Saudí, Saudisc Arabea, المملكة العربية السعودية, ܣܥܘܕܝܐ, Arabia Saudita, Saudi Ərəbistan, Саудаўская Аравія, Саудитска Арабия, Arabiya Sawudiya, সৌদি আরব, སཽ་དྷི་ཨ་རཱ་བི་ཡ།, Arabia Saoudat, Saudijska Arabija, Aràbia Saudita, Saudská Arábie, Sawdi-Arabia, སའུ་དི་ཨེ་ར་སྦི་ཡ, Saudi Arabia nutome, Σαουδική Αραβία, Sauda Arabio, Saudi Araabia, عربستان, Arabii Sawdit, Saudi-Arabia, Saudi-Arábia, Arabie saoudite, Arabie saoudita, Saûdy-Araabje, An Araib Shádach, સાઉદી અરેબિયા, Ƙasar Makka, ערב הסעודית, सऊदी अरब, Sawdi-Arabska, Arabi Sawoudit, Szaud-Arábia, Սաուդիան Արաբիա, Arab Saudi, Sádí-Arabía, サウジアラビア王国, საუდის არაბეთი, Saudi, Сауд Арабиясы, អារ៉ាប៊ីសាអ៊ូឌីត, ಸೌದಿ ಅರೇಬಿಯಾ, 사우디 아라비아, عەرەبستانی سەعوودی, Arabi Saoudek, Arabia Saudiana, Sawudarebya - Buwarabu, Alabi Sawuditɛ, ຊາອຸດິອາລະເບຍ, Saudo Arabija, Alabu Nsawudi, Saūda Arābija, Arabia saodita, Саудиска Арабија, സൗദി അറേബ്യ, सौदी अरब, Għarabja Sawdita, ဆော်ဒီအာရေးဗီးယား, साउदी अरब, Saudi-Arabië, ସାଉଦି ଆରବିଆ, Saudita Arabia, Arabia Saudyjska, سعودی عربستان, Arábia Saudita, Sawud Arabya, Arabiya Sawudite, Arabia Saudită, Саудовская Аравия, Arabbia Saudita, Saûdi Arabïi, සෞදි අරාබිය, Saudská Arábia, Saudova Arabija, Sacuudi Carabiya, Arabia Saudite, Саудијска Арабија, Saudiarabien, சவூதி அரேபியா, సౌదీ అరేబియా, Арабистони Саудӣ, ประเทศซาอุดีอาระเบีย, Arabyang Saudi, Saute ʻAlepea, Suudi Arabistan, سەئۇدى ئەرەبىستان, Саудівська Аравія, سعودی عرب, Ả-rập Xê-út (Saudi Arabia), Sauda-Larabän, Arabya Saudita, Orílẹ́ède Saudi Arabia, 沙特阿拉伯, i-Saudi Arabia

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