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  • Day649

    Crossing the Border to UAE

    February 2, 2021 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ ☁️ 4 °C

    I was at Al Uquair beach when we received the message the borders are open again and I had to leave Saudi as the visa had long expired. After getting the PCR test done in Al Khobar/Dammam we left Al Uquair separately in the morning. As I drove down the road along to coast, the traffic got scarcer and scarcer, a sign told me the road would end soon. Well, that’s no news with a highway, the map indicated a road…, the four-laned highway turned into a two-laned road, which after a while turned into a one-laned road, which lead into a track and then I was in the middle of a road-building project, driving in between excavators, huge trucks and anything else that is needed to construct a highway. I quickly turned off the safety advisor voice in my head, telling me I cannot possibly think, I could drive through there, and continued on, asking construction workers for the way, if there was a choice of more than one track. I tried to get in touch with the Boeggers, who had warned me about this mud bit, but hadn’t heard from them since. And somewhat muddy it got, and slippery, but not so bad that it would justify a warning I thought. After a while, following my GPS I found out through this maze of construction tracks. This was another occasion, where a 80km track turns out to take several hours to complete.
    But no trace of my friends. I left them a message that I had made it to the road and sent them my location and then I just waited for them. And I waited and waited. It was already getting late when they finally arrived. Totally exhausted. They had gotten lost in the maze of construction tracks, gotten stuck in deep mud, where they only could be rescued by some excavation machine, then in deep and soft sand…. But in the end, they made it. I was very relieved that we hadn’t travelled in convoy.
    We arrived at the border at 1900hrs. I would normally avoid border crossings during the night at any cost, but we ran the risk of the border closing again, so we decided to pass.
    And at the Saudi custom’s gate already a problem: the number plate of Boeger’s car was not recognized and it took about ½ hour to get to the bottom of the issue. I passed this one without a hitch.
    Next stop passport control: Oh, the visa has expired nine months ago? We explain the issue, that due to corona the borders were closed and our visas extended without any formal documentation. I showed the conversations we had via email with “Visit Saudi”, the department for tourism. The friendly Customs Officer (CO in the following) tried to find information about our situation, without success. By now it was 2100hrs and nobody knew what to do. Finally, I had the far-fetched idea to call that Officer at “Visit Saudi”, knowing by now, Saudis work the strangest hours, and low and behold, somebody answered the phone. I don’t know what they discussed, we just waited and waited and 2 hours later we heard the chuck-a-chuck of six stamps and we were ready to go.
    Getting to the arrival gate on the UAE side we were greeted by a huge queue of truck drivers waiting in line to get the arrival stamp. After queuing a short time with all the kids in tow, a CO approaches us and takes us into a special office, where we were processed quite quickly.
    Off we went, to the customs gate. Knowing that the Emirates charge a fortune for the import of dogs, €400, I wanted to smuggle him in unseen. I had given Rexelby some sleeping pills, and hid him under a blanket on my bed. The customs officers were checking my paperwork, and the VIN number, which is under the dog’s front seat. Everything fine here I thought when one of the COs wanted to look into the van. He checks it quickly but then unfortunately lifts the blanket I had covered Rex with. Bugger!!! No stamp for me! I have to go to the veterinary.
    Still in Saudi, I went to get a document completed, as required for entry into UAE. The officer there had told me he wouldn’t know the form I had downloaded from the appropriate UAE internet site, but told me, they would issue me with one they normally use for this purpose.
    So, after a 10min criss-crossing the Border area, the vet at the UAE side told me, this document was not valid and made me complete another online form, which I now have to get signed off by a Saudi Veterinarian. On the Saudi side. In the middle of the night? I was sure, he had gone home by now? No! He just had a falcon coming through his office, just signed off by the Saudi Vet. I have to go there!
    So back I go, to the customs guys. Telling them, I had to go back to Saudi, to get the form signed off. Oh no, I need a letter from the vet, confirming I had to pass. So, all the way back to the Vet, who issues me with a small handwritten note. On the way back, I think this whole thing turns out to be ridiculous; a solution has to be found.
    At the customs area, the main customs guy is awaiting me with 3 other officers. They ask me again, why I need to get across, and I tell them, to get the documents for my dog checked. “And all of that, even though I don’t have a dog” but they had seen a dog before!? “no, you must be mistaken. Take a look by yourselves!” I open the door and show Rex to them, who is still sleeping. “Do you see a dog n here?” I ask them. “No, I don’t see a dog!” the three officers say. The Main CO says: “but I see a dog! You have to get your form signed of.” grrrhhhh “Any signature will do?” “Yes, just come back with a signature.”
    So off I go. Again, to the passport officer, past all the waiting Pakistanis, then into the Saudi side. Here I am stopped by another officer who saw me passing a few hours back and of course wonders, what I was doing there again. I show him the Vet’s paper, but of course, he does not recognize a paper like this. He has to ring a superior about what to do with me. After 10 minutes he lets me pass.
    Finally, I get to the Saudi border. What do I want? I need to see the vet. He makes me sit in the waiting room. After an hour I go to see him again, asking what the problem was. He cannot find a Vet. Please sit down and wait. Another hour goes by. No Veterinarian.
    On the other side of the office, I see a long queue of people getting documents stamped. Didn’t the CO say, any stamp will do? Now I line up, my document in hand. When it is my turn, I ask him to put a stamp on the document. No! he cannot do that! I explain my situation, but still, it is a No. In my desperation I make him an offer: He goes to the loo, leaves the stamp sitting on his desk, and when he comes back, the deed will be done, he doesn’t know anything, he has never seen me. He must have thought there was less risk involved in putting the stamp on my doc than being accused to leave the stamp unattended, open for misuse, but which way ever, he set the stamp on my document.
    With my stamped document in hand, I drive back to the UAE, past the waiting Pakistanis I get another entry stamp into my passport, and make my way to the CO. Triumphantly I show him my document. He studies it, and says, he has never seen a stamp like this before. Where did I get this from? I just shrug my shoulders, don’t know? But you told me to just get the document stamped…. No, you still have to go back to the vet.
    So back into the car, I drive around the customs building and back to the Vet. But just there, where I would have needed to turn left to get to the vet, there was a sign saying, EXIT. So, thinking “Bugger that!!” I swung my steering wheel around and drove towards the exit. There was another stop, for the insurance. I did all the official stuff and was just about to pay when I felt somebody tapping my shoulder, and a very gentle voice saying: “The Veterinarian is the other way! Let me guide you there!” on the way to the vet, the under CO profusely apologized, he was ordered by his superior, to catch me; he knew, that I was trying to get through the border for 6 hours now, he was so sorry for the inconvenience.
    The ordeal was not finished as yet, another 1 hour at the vet. He of course did not recognize the stamp. Where did I get THIS stamp from? Who has given me the stamp? I don’t know, he did not tell me the name. The nice CO: just give her the stamp…. But no, he needed to do it all properly inclusive the 400€. But finally, eventually, I made it.
    All in all, it took me 11hours to get from one side of the border to the other. At 7 am I was through. Totally exhausted I just stopped somewhere and fell asleep.
    The border closed again, later that day. We just had made it through.
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    ElisaLola Rexelby

    A day of visits: after my stay in Al-Uquair beach was posted on Snapchat, people were coming from all directions to see and welcome me to Saudi and to bring me presents. Here I was given an abaya and a coffee set.

    ElisaLola Rexelby

    I was honoured in Al-Uqair Beach by the Al-Ahsa Municipality with this plaque.

    Nadja S

    That’s amazing! Good on you!

  • Day590


    December 5, 2020 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Even when you travel everyday life doesn’t leave you alone. You have to do the tax, worry about health insurance and car registration, all that mundane stuff you wish you could leave behind. And another thing will eventually catch up with you: your teeth demand to be taken care of. There will be no better place than Riyadh to look into my hurting tooth. And low and behold, the diagnosis is I need a new crown, a new bridge and a few root canal treatments. Hurray! Thank goodness I have friends in this city who will take me up for a few days. You will remember the generous family, who last year, offered us stranded travelers their house in Al Baha, where I was able to stay for 2 months. Again, they gave me their helping hand.
    So my journeys in the next few weeks, depended on the intervals between the treatments and always led me back to Riyadh. I met some very nice people on these trips with some of those I stayed as well in Riyadh. So the dental nuisance had some very comforting and loving side effects, thanks to Rasheed’s family, Margarita and Osama and Mahmet, and drastically changed my perception of Riyadh. It was not just a big City anymore, but turned into a place with friends who welcomed me with open arms and made me feel loved.
    Finally, on the 10th of January I could continue my journey untethered by dental commitments.
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  • Day575

    Beautiful Najran

    November 20, 2020 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Finally catching up with my German co-travellers in Najran. Najran is a city 30km north of the Yemeni border. Sometimes you can hear the rocket thunder, but apparently, no rocket has hit for a very long time.
    As my friends had left I drove to the undeveloped outskirts of the park as I thought I would go undetected by police. However not soon after I got there a police car stopped and he tried to send me away “as it was too dangerous, I could be hit by a rocket”. After a few discussions, he asked me if I was Muslim. No, it told him (to make things easier), I was Christian. His response still puzzles me to this day: he said, that if this was the case, I could remain here in the park. I am still pondering if he meant, my Christian beliefs would protect me from the rockets, or if it not mattered if a Christian more or less crawled this earth… I will never know.
    Visiting or trying to visit the castles, most of them were closed for renovation, and archeological excavation grounds of Najran.
    Walks with Hamed, my Jazan friend and his brothers through the old city and their farm with housese built in the traditional style with horses and camels. Their father is the Sheikh of their tribe. Saudi Arabia is a tribal society and each tribe has their own Sheikh. A Sheikh is not a position you inherit, like a prince, or king, but it’s a position of merit. A Sheikh has to have memorized the Koran, as the Koran outlines the laws and rules to be applied. There is no set remuneration for the advice, you pay what you can afford, or deem appropriate for the advice. When there are conflicts in a tribe, property disputes, marriage problems etc you can involve the Sheikh and he will try to find a solution.
    This weekend, as on any other weekend the family gathers at his family’s property. At least 40 women and I don’t know how many children in the women’s area, and I am unsure how many men were in the men’s Majilis. Only family members. Many of the women attending spoke English very well, and the conversations gave me invaluable insight into the lives of Saudi women.
    My bodyguards, who we had informed of my prolonged stay at this place and went home to have dinner with their families after they had rejected the invitation into my hosts home, gave me an opportunity to have a peak into the men's Majilis: they contacted my host and 11pm as they wanted to make sure I hadn't eloped, and asked to see me, so a messenger was sent to the female Majilis to pick me up. Adult family members cannot simply march in for any purpose, so children are being sent to deliver messages between the male and female areas. After some waiting outside, in the cold, Hamed suggested for the ease of purpose to wait in the male Majilis for another call. This gave me the unexpected pleasure to enter the male sanctuary at this time of day, which is an honour usually not bestowed onto a woman not being a member of the family. But, as everyone was interested to hear my story and ask a myriad of questions, this was a good enough excuse to make an exception.
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  • Day567

    Welcome to Saudi Arabia!

    November 12, 2020 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Finally I was able to capture it on camera: people passing me, waving, calling out a friendly "welcome to Saudi Arabia"!
    There was a traffic jam, moving along very slowly, allowing me to film cars passing me, recognizing I am from foreign lands. Unfortunately I did not capture the woman handing a papercup of Arabian Coffee from her car to me.
    I will miss badly you warm-hearted and welcoming people!
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    Stefan Hummel

    Liebe Elisabeth, da kannst Du sicher sein, so herzlich und warm wirst Du bei uns auch wieder jederzeit aufgenommen!!;)

    ElisaLola Rexelby

    oh Stephan! Das freut mich sehr!!!

  • Day639

    Al- Ahsa Province

    January 23, 2021 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Visiting Rashed and his huge family in Al-Ahsa and enjoying again the boundless Saudi hospitality. Another dream coming true: riding a horse in the desert. Doing it without saddle is quite a challenge and I loved it.
    Visit in the Jawatha heritage park
    And a simple but delicious dinner at home. I thank you so much for your hospitality! You all made me feel at home.
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  • Day641

    Thank You!

    January 25, 2021 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    After seven unsuccessful attempts crisscrossing all of Al Hofuf and all the surrounding towns to refill my gas bottle, the heaven sent me some very helpful guys. They took me to their farm and after a few tries and modifications they connected my empty to their full bottle and squeezed some Gas into mine. Good that I don't need to worry about my career as Safety Advisor any longer!!!
    Then some friends appeared and they decided to make me even happier by taking me to their workshop and giving my car a service and a good wash. But first we had to have lunch. Off we went to quite a fancy restaurant. After the main course, the owner or employee gave me a guided tour and a long photo session with interview and many more photos with guests and other people ensued.
    Finally we were released and returned to our table where I was surprised to find our tea and coffee to still be warm. We continued on to the workshop, where they did the service and the car wash for free!!! And they threw in a spare oil filter for the next oil change on top! Thank you guys from the Lube Masters! You really rock!!!
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  • Day648

    Last Day in Saudi

    February 1, 2021 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    The end of my exceptional Saudi Experience came too sudden.
    Another highlight, this time of the architectural kind, the Ithra Building in Dhahran. I find this building absolutely sensational! Inspired by rock formations in the desert.Read more

  • Day561

    No more Repairs please!

    November 6, 2020 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    And then my house battery gave up its ghost. No battery, no fridge, so I need a new one. No problems, I am close enough to Abha so I tell my friends we will meet down (around 2200m) at the coast in Jazan once I am done. But nothing is as easy as it sounds. No deep cycle battery to be had in the region with about 1 Mio inhabitants. After a long search I find a fitting one in Jeddah. OK, they will deliver, it will arrive in 4-5 days. I hang around Abha, drive from here to there and back. Having a lot of opportunities to discover Abha and Khamais Mushait, the neighboring city.
    When installing the battery, the pin onto which to attach the accessories brakes off in the hole it is screwed into. Now I have to find a workshop to drill out the screw. I find one, just before they close for the noon prayer. And just as in Saudi fashion, they don’t charge me for this service. Now I am set to go.
    I travel down to Jazan, stinking hot down there. I make another traffic light acquaintance, a very nice family who invite me to their home. I only stay with them for a short time, before moving on, as I am still trying to catch up with the Boegers.
     I’ve only travelled for 100km at the most, when the next problem becomes obvious. My fridge is playing up. So back to Jazan, asking my new friend Hamad for help. He finds a fridge repair shop and after installation of a new thermostat the fridge is back to working order.
    The next day, after promising I will visit him and his family when driving to Najran I am sent off.
    The next day or two a stink of eggs fills my car. What is going on now??? It turns out to that my car batteries are on their last leg, and they are fuming my car up with toxic gases. At least this shouldn’t be too hard? And I am right there: in Najran I get some new batteries and am rolling again.
    For quite some time now one of my teeth is giving me some grief. I had it checked out in Jeddah, they could not resolve this problem. But when I got into Riyadh a few weeks after my car troubles I needed to resolve this issue. And what is the outcome? I need some root canal fillings and a new bridge and crown. Thank you very much! That means three weeks or more until everything is done. But there is no way of avoiding it, so I will have to arrange my travel routes around my dental appointments. And put my hands deep into my pockets ☹.
    Well, that’s how it goes with us elderly ladies. We need some TLC (for you Germans: Tender Love and Care) now and then. And some mechanical work.
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    Jörg Topp

    Hallo Elisabeth! Wünschen dir noch ein gutes neues Jahr! Gabi hat das mit dem guten Rutsch zu wörtlich genommenen und ist am 01. ausgerutscht und hat sich den Arm gebrochen. Das Jahr geht schon gut los. Wir wünschen dir mehr Glück auf deiner Reise. Bleib gesund! Gabi und Jörg

  • Day549

    What next?

    October 25, 2020 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    As the kids needed to take a nap and I wanted to continue driving, we decided I drive ahead to the Wadi we wanted to explore and check out where we could stay for some days. So I drove on and found this beautiful green Wadi, with a river running through. It was a magical place, most wadis are dry this time of the year and I hadn't seen green and running river for quite some time . I looked for a lovely spot, parked, set up the van and went for a walk with Rex.
    He was the happiest I have seen him on a very long time. Running through the water, jumping in and out, happy smiles, fishing sticks out of the water. When I contact S&B to send them the location, Steffen tells me, they were in some Wadi as well when his "escort" tells him, it was very dangerous to sleep in a wadi, as rain in a far away region can cause flash flooding. Well, knowing this from Oz I think about it and feel uncomfortable. I check the weather report, and the radar maps. No clouds in sight, but still... ok. I just roll in the awning, then I can quickly go to higher grounds should water arrive. But then...if I sleep deeply and don't hear anything??? The thought doesn't let me rest, so I decide with sadness to leave this beautiful spot. So I back out... And get stuck in the river sand. Man! Do I get stuck!! My spade, my sand boards...nothing helps! I dig, I shove, I reverse, I dig, I shove, I reverse... the sun goes down, it disappears, it gets dark, darker, darkest and still I dig, I shove, I jiggle forward, backward. Until I realise, (now i am really ashamed, it's not the first time I get stuck after all) I had not locked my hubs!!! REALLY!!! And then it worked. I just had to prune some trees so I could get out without getting stuck some more and badly scratching my new paint.
    I slept well, but dirty, that night. I was too tired to prepare a shower.
    The next day, I am being woken up by a man who looked like Ali Baba, wearing a turban, an adventurous beard and a kneelength kaftan over his pants, the kaftan being held by a colorful belt with a dagger stuck on his side. And, unlike Ali Baba, a mobile phone on his ear, talking to the police, I assume. What I was doing here? Considering I was woken from deep slumber and being quite struck by this apparition I hardly managed to to find a single Arabic word to explain my presence. But happy enough he disappeared. What a shame! Or was it this woman in bed that caused him discomfort?
    Later that day I wanted to take Rexelby for a long walk down the wadi. We are both enjoying this hike along the river, needing to cross it a few times, enjoying the refreshment it offered. Walking along dense shrubbery I suddenly hear hooves galloping and a donkey's neighing and suddenly, out of the dense bushes runs, no, flies a donkey towards me, closely followed by Rex, who loves nothing better then chasing fleeing animals. So here comes this donkey right at me. I just see his eyes, wide open in panic! I try to dodge it! The donkey tries to dodge me and WONK!!! It runs right into me! I go flying! I hit the ground! I don't know what hurt more, where the donkey made contact or the parts I hit the ground with. I move a bit, everything still working, then I sit there, tears from pain running down my face, but I have to laugh ... And laugh. Being run over by a donkey!!
    Slowly I make my way back. Rex trying to tempt me with a stick to play with him. You got to be kidding me!? YOU are the cause of this excruciating pain!
    Finally the van comes into sight. A car parked beside it. Limping closer, I see that two guys are looking into the van and are trying to open the doors. I call out to them. They sit down on my two chairs. The normal greetings ritual. The guys, late teans, early twenties, sitting down with their legs splayed, check me out from top to bottom. They want to see the inside of Lola. I don't like these guys, don't trust them, so no sightseing today. But you know what, I would like to sit down on my chair, injury you see, donkey... No, they say, we are not getting up. After quite lenghty "discussions" I tell them to leave, but they don't. Now I am getting quite furious, an emotion you should never show in Saudi! This deminishes your position, but what can I do. Where is an "escort" when you need one!
    At the end I ring Aziz to talk to them. No idea what they said, but Aziz advises with emphasis to pack up and leave.
    So I ended up leaving this beautiful place without having explored the wadi. And there was supposed to be a waterfall as well!
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  • Day548

    Cat and Mouse

    October 24, 2020 in Saudi Arabia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Here we are on a very nice camp spot in a large park in the mountains around Al Baha. First thing in the morning, when taking Rexel for his walk, I walk past a car, partially camouflaged by some bushes. I demonstratively look the other way, I mean, who peaks into a car, parked in the bushes early in the morning, even in Saudi.
    Later, when coming back, I discover another inconspicuously white sedan, just a bit off the road. Later that day, Steffen goes for a walk; when coming back he says, we were spied upon. I think, he’s a bit exaggerating. But when I walk the dog again later that day, here they are again. Hmm!
    Next day my German friends are leaving, calling quite upset later in the afternoon, they were followed by a few vehicles. He had tried to shake them off, a bit difficult when you drive a pink Mercedes Benz truck, but he succeeded. I am still not convinced.
    The next day on my morning walk I again see somebody parked around the corner. I sneak up on him, from the back, surprise him, and after the normal greetings I put on a stern face and say in my broken Arabic: “I woman, you man. You looky looky. Not okay!” and he, totally thrown, justifies himself: he was just here having breakfast. Yeah, right! But at least he knows, I know.
    Later that day Steffen calls me, they were followed again by several vehicles. When they arrived at a police checkpoint, they pulled over, talked to the police, the police set up on a chase and caught one of the vehicles. After completing a vehicle check, they found out these guys were from the diplomatic police and are following us for our protection.
    For the next few days, when travelling, a cat and mouse game ensues. We try to loose them, and surprisingly we quite frequently succeed. But then this game gets a bit stressful, so I decide on another tactic and stop those guys. Telling them we wouldn’t really appreciate their following us. That we’d prefer they let us know who they were. It was their duty they are telling me, to protect the visitors to their country. Sometimes, when we are traveling separately, they would stop me and ask, where the big, pink van was. Sorry, I don’t know!
    After cold nights we would go and bring them some tea or coffee and something to eat. I start to feel bad for those poor guys who have the boring job to follow us. But soon they would learn, they have to come with 4 WD and fully equipped to spend the night with cooker and tea pots and blankets. And keep unobtrusive distance.
    In the meantime, they are not following me anymore. First I thought perhaps I just don’t see them any longer as I had decided to ignore them. But they are really gone. But they are still following Steffen and Birgit. We assumed they are more worried about the family with three children, than a crazy woman with dog. That’s okay by me.
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    Michelle Price

    The adventure continues ❤️ stay safe Elisabeth 😘

    ElisaLola Rexelby

    And it will for some time (un)fortunately. Thanks Michele


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