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Curious what backpackers do on the Seychelles? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Well as much as Male was less then we expected, Mahe was more. We had always thought it would be cool to go to the Seychelles but now we realize why. It is like the Caribbean was 30 years ago or so. Not so developed, beautiful beaches, still some coral, and friendly people that don't mind you being there. We went to one beach that was right out of a postcard and camped up in the palm trees while enjoying swimming in some of the best sand and water we have seen. Snorkeling unfortunately brought the only accident of the trip when Ali stepped on a sea urchin. She had some stinging at first but it subsided and after a stop at the pharmacy and some minor surgery on the beach by Jeff she was good as new and we went to another beach with a great little bar called the "Boat House" for lunch. We saw almost all of the crew but not too many other passengers so we knew we were probably on the best beach since they always seem to know the best places to go. :-)
    The difference in this place and Maldives is that the other is an artificial experience that was all about the resort and the immediate tourist facilities that they had for you. This island had great little guest houses in and around the little villages where you can walk to stores, bars, beaches, etc without worry and actually interact with the local people instead of being kept away from them at their request. All in all we had a great time and will definitely come back here if we can figure out how to get here. The fact that Jeff flies to Tanzania fairly regularly seemed to indicate that we could surely figure out some way to incorporate a longer stay here sometime in the future in relation to some other adventure. It is kind of a hard place to just fly to though but from what we saw today it will definitely be worth it.
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  • Welcome to our trip to the Seychelles! The first impressions of the islands, beginning already with the very first views down from the plane, were excellent of course. This being our first visit to a tropical place, we we were stunned. After landing on Mahe, we took a ferry and made our way to Praslin.

    When arriving on Praslin we checked in to Chalet Cote Mer and immediately felt lucky and overall happy. We got a beautiful room and the view was amazing. The ocean sparkled in all kinds of blue, in the distance we could see neighboring islands and we loved the look over the garden of the hotel, so colorful and full of life!

    We had booked breakfast and dinner at Chalet Cote Mer. In the morning we got different kinds or bread and croissants with homemade jam, french toast, fresh fruits and omelette. The dinner was held a la carte, which gave it a really nice touch. It felt like going to a fancy restaurant every night. :)
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  • We spent our second day with Mario (edelweiss tours), we had booked his private island tour. Our first stop was the Anse Georgette, which is still my most favorite place on the islands. It's my happy place. I will never forget the first view down from the golf course and the first steps we took on the beach. The pictures do not do it justice. Not at all.

  • The last stop of a fantastic day around Praslin: Anse Lazio. A wonderful beach, where I wish we would have had more time.

    In case someone's wondering: We booked the tour with Mario (edelweiss tours) online, and we were very, very satisfied and we can highly recommend booking with him. You can find him on TripAdvisor etc., facebook, instagram etc. :)

  • This is what our first hotel Chalet Cote Mer on Praslin looks like as seen from the sea. We took this picture as we left Praslin and moved on to our second home on La Digue.

    In our first week on Praslin we had a little weather trouble. We has more rain than expected and spent a lot of time on the hotel. Since we only had 4 nights, it wasn't too bad though. One day we took the beforementioned island toor, on another day we walked around on our own, checked out the surroundings of our hotel. The other day we took the bus and went to Anse Volbert again to do some shopping and get more beach time.

    The weather changed as soon as we left Praslin and the second half of our journay was spoiled with lots and lots of sun. :)
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  • On Praslin we went snorkeling every day. One day, we went for a walk afterwards. We walked from the hotel to the left, where the road would take us to Anse Banane. We walked until the road came to a dead end, turned around and went to Chez Jules. We had heard about this place before, but we weren't hungry so we went inside anyway and had the best smoothie ever. (Okay, maybe that's slightly overpraised, but it was really good, especially with that view. :) )Read more

  • The next day we went walking the other side of the island, destination: The most famous beach of the Seychelles islands: Anse Source d'Argent. To get there, we had to walk through L'Union Estate Park, which costs an entrance fee, but is a really nice place. We walked through a garden of herbs, went into a souvenir shop (to buy vanilla and chili), you come accross a coconut oil press, a vanilla plantation and lots of beautiful spots by the sea. We liked it, but could hardly wait to finally get to the beach.

    When we finally made it, it was stunning. We expected the beach crowded, but there were only about 30 people on a very large (long) beach. The attached pictures will say more than words can.

    <3 <3 <3
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  • On our last day in the Seychelles islands we did the only right thing left to do and went to a snorkeling excursion by Catamaran.

    From La Digue we first went to Grand Soeur (Big Sister), where we had lots of fun! A small boat took us to the beach and we went snorkeling around. Wonderful "things" we have seen underwater, including corals, a great variety of tropical fish (new ones we had not seen before), turtles and even a small riffshark. When we got back to the boat, we had a nice barbecue.

    From the Sisters we went on to Coco Island and on to the island called Felicite. Everywhere we went snorkeling and also enjoyed the time on the boat.

    It was just a perfect last day! <3 <3 <3

    (and it was not over yet.. :) )
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  • We had not seen a sunset on the islands before, due to bad weather in the first days, and due to other activities on the wrong side of the island on other days. But on the last day, after the snorkeling trip, when we walked back to our hotel, already sooo blessed with that wonderful day, when we saw the sun going down!! We were sooo happy!

    Seeing the sun going down might not sound like the greatest adventure ever, but it was like the Grand Finale to our oh-so-wonderful journey to paradise. (omg, how corny! *cough*)Read more

  • With Mario, our tourguide, our next stop was Fand Ferdinand. It's a nature park and a lesser crowded alternative to the famous Vallee de Mai, and he recommended going there, so of course we did - and it was impressive! I have never seen a tropical forest and such high palm trees before. See pictures for reference. Chris also got to hold a female seed of the famous Coco de Mer, which weighs up to 25 kg.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

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