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Curious what backpackers do in Slovakia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day356

    Shortly after setting off this morning, we had our 1000 x mile anniversary! (1609 or so km). As our duo is riding in part under the English flag, it was only right to celebrate it!

    We breakfasted on the road and then crossed into SLOVAKIA! Country number 5, and onwards into Bratislava. Forget Vienna, its all about Bratislava!! A small bustling city with a diverse cross-section of restaurants, wine shops, boutiquey gift shops under the backdrop of a medieval walled city. You can see most of the main points of interest in about an hour with a mix of biking and walking. The tell-tale signs of eastern block arctitecture remain, but on the whole the city is dominated with quaint older buildings and features.

    We then carried on our route 30-40km North into the real Slovakia. This is where we waved goodbye to well-paved cycleways and became acquainted with concrete plate roads, potholed-to-death main roads and sandy minor roads. Oh. La. La. Oh and the navigation app has translated street names into German which is nothing like how they are in Slovak!

    To ride comfortably you need fat fat tyres, solid suspension and a good sports bra. Getting 20 meters down a "country lane" we decided to turn around and try the main road instead. Sliding out on sand with a heavy bike is pretty taxing when the road is 1k+ long...!

    On the upside we can now afford nuts again!! Woo! (€4-7 for a small pack in Austria) And we can buy baked bread without it feeling like a treat for 4x less than Austria!

    We're currently on a campsite adjacent to a hotel. Stepping into the hotel to register was like a journey to the 70s. Wood panelling everywhere and a huge deep tube tv. East-side is going to be an adventure, thats for sure!

    In other good news, the duck phone that we lost in wallsee has been found and is making its way back to Germany!
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  • Day356

    Nachdem wir heute Bratislava wieder verlassen haben, sind wir den March hinauf gefahren. Der Fluss bildet die Grenzlinie zwischen Österreich und der Slowakei. Das Land ist hier dünn besiedelt, der Charakter etwas rauer im positiven Sinne. Zeltplätze sind hier nicht so weit gestreut. Auf unsere heutigen ist ein Treffen von Liebhabern von alten VW-Bussen - sehr geschmeidig, man hört sie garnicht. Dir Kinder springen um ein großes Feuer, an der Hotelrezeption, die auch für den Campingplatz zuständig ist läuft ein Röhrenfernseher. So mag ich den Osten :-)Read more

  • Day222

    Surprise last minute tickets to Mozart's Don Giovanni Opera, sung only in Italian. This was my first ever opera and it was magnificent. How the Slovak singers sang this in Italian was more than amazing to me. I was lucky to have seats in the fourth row so the view was amazing and the orchestra was right there. The opera was written by Mozart in 1776 and was written as a seductive comedy. Don Giovanni being a libertine and seducer of all women. It is the most performed opera in the world. The costumes and stage setting were also incredible with 3D sets and gorgeous gowns. Can't say enough about this great performance and experience.Read more

  • Day217

    Left Friday morning with 20 cm of snow on the ground. The train connections were great except for our last train which was late. It seemed like the longest train ride ever because there were delays on the way the police had been called on board for some reason. Unpacked my things and was happy to have some quiet time in my room. Saturday morning we went to the Bory mall for the garden show and I picked up a few tips for my garden when I get home. There was a beautiful orchid and bonsai display.Read more

  • Day202

    Day trip today on the speedy train to Trencin which is in the north west part of Slovakia. It only took an hour and a half to get there but we had to catch the early train so it was rise and shine at 6am. The little city is beautiful and a huge castle overlooks the whole city. Walking to the castle was only a 15 minute walk from the train and the weather was lovely. We took a guided tour because that was the only way we could see the whole castle and had a tour guide who talked so fast, non stop the whole time that I thought I was going to lose my mind. The city had a Roman sign engraved by Marcus Aurelius from the Roman Empire when they occupied Trencin with 885 Roman soldiers. The castle was also inhabited by the Hungarians, German s, Poles, Celts and the Slavs. The celts unified the territory of today's Slovakia and brought currency into use instead of trade. The castle burned down in the early 1700's and has been beautifully restored. There was a 79.2 m well dug but never functioned properly and only provided water when the Vah River was really high. The Vah River had palaeolithic finds of a mammoth 's lower and upper jaw. I climbed up to the bell tower and had a great view of the small city. Had my first hazelnut gelato in the whole time I've been away and it was fabulous. There were some interesting sculptures in the city park and incredible architecture. The region is known for copper works and wine.Read more

  • Day213

    Woke up this morning with horrible back and chest pain and had a hard time breathing. Aunt says its fresh air poisoning and I say it was having my backpack on for two hours in the same position. Don't know how I'm going to manage the hiking. Set out after breakfast for a 1km hike to the electric train. First stop was a transfer in Stary Smokovec and then on to Strbske Pleso. When we arrived at Strbske Pleso we did a simple hike around the lake which was only 2.25 km and manageable. The high Tatras were right above us and they were magnificent. We went down to Strba after by cable car which I've never been on so that was a neat experience. The cable cars have been running up to the mountains since 1896 and were beautiful. We had a coffee at the bottom and headed back up to the top again. Once up we headed by electric train to Stary Smokovec to get lunch and some food items. We couldn't find one restaurant that was open. We headed to Tatranska Lomnica for dinner at this point. The whole time we managed to bypass the rain storm that was passing through. We caught the bus back to our cabin and finally got caught in the thunder storm and pelting rain. Bought some topical tonic my grandmother used for pain relief made from herbs and doused myself in it to relief the pain and had an early night to bed.Read more

  • Day180

    I got into Vienna around 2:30 by train and my bus wasn't leaving until 4:30 so I had a few hours to wander. I walked to the Imperial Palace and Karlzplatz and there were so many people everywhere. It was getting late so I caught the underground to the bus terminal where there were some colourful characters and signs everywhere to watch for pickpocketers. Apparently this is a huge problem in Vienna. Caught my €5 bus to the Bratislava airport and the the city bus to my aunts. It was a long day if traveling but it was good to be back in Bratislava. Aunt was pretty happy to see me too. She had made me a chucked dinner with my favourite beer. I haven't eaten chicken in two months. Alas it was laundry time.Read more

  • Day204

    Today I spent the day with my second cousin Natalia, her brother Juraj, his wife Majka, their kids and met her husband Peter. Her mama Marta was there too. Natalia has a beautiful house in Dunajska Luzna a small village 10 minutes from where I'm staying. She picked me up at two and we talked so long that I didn't get home until midnight. Her house is super modern and we joint out in the sunshine in the backyard for a few hours drinking wine. She has four beautiful cats who are her kids. Two of them are Cornish Rex's and so beautiful that I want one when I get home. We had a light dinner with fresh home baking and drank Fernet into the night. I've never had this drink before but it's made out of herbs and drank along side with soda. No headache in the morning with it! We had a great time together.Read more

  • Day214

    Feeling better today and after last nights storm the skies are blue. Walking trek to Tatranska Lomnica and wanted to head up the ski lift to the first trek point but the lifts were closed for maintenance. We walked a total of 6 slow kms today and I wanted to walk another 8 but aunt was complaining her toe nails were too long in her boots and she had to go back to the cabin to trim her nails. I had to choke back laughing this excuse. Once back at the cabin I cracked open my bottle of Rose and laid back in the sun to enjoy the warmth. Booked the train back to Bratislava for Friday ahead of time. Tomorrow I'm heading out hiking alone.Read more

  • Day215

    Drizzle this morning so we started with a trek alongside the river to the village if Stara Lesna. Came back for lunch and then walked to Stary Smokovec which was about 6 km. The weather cleared and it was beautiful. Took the electric train back and a good thing because it started to snow....and snow. My first sign of winter so far on my trip. Beautiful winter wonderland. Heading home tomorrow.

You might also know this place by the following names:

Slovak Republic, Slowakei (Slowakische Republik), Slovakia, Slowakye, Slowakei, ስሎቫኪያ, Eslovaquia, سلوفاكيا, ܣܠܘܒܩܝܐ, Slovakiya, Славакія, Словакия, Slowaki, স্লোভাকিয়া, ས་ལཽ་ཝཀྱ།, Slovačka, Eslovàquia, Slovensko, Słowackô, Slofacia, Slovakiet, Slovakia nutome, Σλοβακία, Slovakujo, Slovakkia, Eslobakia, اسلوواکی, Slowakii, Slovaquie, Slovachie, Slowakije, An tSlóvaic, સ્લોવેકિયા, Sulobakiya, סלובקיה, स्लोवाकिया, Słowakska, Szlovákia, Սլովակիա, Slovachia, Slóvakía, Slovacchia, スロバキア (スロバキア共和国), სლოვაკეთი, ស្លូវ៉ាគី, ಸ್ಲೋವಾಕಿಯಾ, 슬로바키아, سلۆڤاکیا, Slovaki, Slovacia, Sirovakya, Silovaki, ສະໂລວາເກຍ, Slovakija, Slovākija, Словачка, സ്ലോവാക്യ, स्लोव्हाकिया, Slovakkja, စလိုဗေးကီးယား, Slowakia, Slovakia (Den slovakiske republikk), स्लोभाकिया, Slowaakse Republiek, ସ୍ଲୋଭାକିଆ, Словаки, Eslobakya, Słowacja, Eslováquia, Isluwakya, Silovakiya, Словачия, Slovákia, Solovakïi, ස්ලෝවැකියාව, Slovenská republika, Slovaška, Sllovaki, Slovakien, ஸ்லோவாகியா, స్లోవేకియా, สโลวะเกีย, Silōvakia, Slovakya, سلوۋاكىيە, Словакія, سلوواکیہ, Xlô-va-ki-a (Slovakia), Slovakiyän, Eslovakya, Orílẹ́ède Silofakia, 斯洛伐克共和国, i-Slovakia

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