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Curious what backpackers do in Slovakia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Po mesiaci koncime nasu dovolenku a teda aj tento blog.

    Za cely cas sme sa viac ako den (teda nepocitam rozne celodenne vylety) zdrzali v 7mich roznych lokalitach.

    Dakujeme vsetkym, ktori s nami touto virtualnou formou prezivali nasu dovolenku a drzali nam palce a podporovali nas.

    Bol to vzrusujuci a do poslednej chvile sa gradujuci mesiac plny zazitkov!

    Tym, ktori zavideli prajeme, aby sa inspirovali a dufame a prajeme vam, aby ste zazili to, co sme si mesiac uzivali my... Az na tu nemocnicu ;)

    P.s. Na foto moje znackove (znacka Kito ;) topanky po mesacnom chodeni
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  • Yesterday was the big party for my aunts 70 birthday. Martina my cousins partner spent two days making her a grand cake. It was gorgeous. The night before we had caught the bus downtown and went to a bar that my second cousin Miso runs. My cousin Zdenko was buying rounds of 20 year old Cuban rum. Didn't feel so good yesterday. We went to the restaurant in the early afternoon and I disappeared for half an hour. By the time I walked back to the restaurant everyone was already there and my cousin was panicking that I had gotten lost. I walked in and everyone sat there with opened mouths and were shocked to see me, especially my two aunts. My cousin kept a good secret about me being here. The party was great and I even had a chance to FaceTime with Julien and Kayleigh . They got to say hello to everyone at the party and vice versa. I'm waiting for my cousin Jozef to send me some pictures because being a social butterfly yesterday I didn't take photos. Stay tuned. Today is Sunday dinner day and it's raining. I'm going to get some fresh air to clear the cob webs. Tomorrow I am going back to the gallery to finish the exhibits.Read more

  • We ended up at a jazz bar just around the corner from our hostel and tried this amazing plum and herb liquor - it was 72% proof and it helped clear up my cough by this morning . I caught christty's cold a couple of days ago. Had breakfast and walked Christy to her train. Decided to go to Brno for three days instead of Prague. I'm meeting Denisa in Olomouc on saturday (our bunk mate) and she is going to show me around. Her mom lives there. After Brno I will head to Prague for a few days.Read more

  • Today we took a day trip to Cerveny Kamen castle. I saw my first white peacock feeling the cold just like I was. We had a guided tour and I wanted to take photos but was told I couldn't because I didn't purchase a photography pass. Well that didn't stop me because I used my second cousin Juraj as a human shield do I could sneak pictures. The castle is built out of red Quartz and was owned by the Palffy family (yes the same one that Ziggy Palffy the Slovak hockey player that played in the NHL came from). It was built in the 11th century. A very impressive place. It was so cold and foggy today that it took me two cups of tea and three hours under the blanket before I started to warm up. Tomorrow is shopping day and movie day with Martina. Going to see Snowden in Slovak, should be interesting.Read more

  • What a great day! Pouring rain but that didn't stop us. Had a huge breakfast around the corner from our hostel and then headed into town. Went to the Bratislava Castle and museum and it was fabulous. Spent three hours there and climbed up to the bell tower. Walked down to St. Michaels church (last coronation of Ferdinand the II occurred there and then to St. Michael's Gate. We found a great wine bar called Trunk across the Bloominthal church where I was baptized snd gad some great fabulous Slovak wine. I had a wonderful St. Laurent from Ludwig vineyards 2015. We took a tour of Bloominthal church and then went to dinner to the Klastorska Pivnica (Monks Cellar). All the beer is made by the monks. Had some fabulous borscht and a pagac(bacon biscuit) and some awesome Ivan dark beer. Service was awesome and we had a great time. Put on about 10 k walking today.Read more

  • It has been so foggy and rainy and yesterday we finally had a break in the weather-Sunshine-yippee. Saturday I went to the movies and saw the movie Snowden which was great. Sunday morning my cousin Zdenko turned on the stove in the morning and activated the drying process of the super chillies in the oven. We were all coughing and barely breathing with the amount of capsicum that was in the air. I now know what bear spray is all about. It was an awful feeling. All the windows were opened and the chillies were quickly wrapped up and throw into the trash. Zdenko dropped me off close to my aunts and I went for a nice long walk by myself in the beautiful sunshine. Haven't been walking as much as I should be. I had Sunday lunch at my aunts which consisted of duck, cabbage, dumplings and apple strudel. After lunch we went to a shopping mall which I would never have guessed because it certainly did not look like a shopping mall with my aunts friend Milka(yes just like the chocolate). She is going to check into tickets to see the ballet "Giselle" for me. I hope they are not too expensive because I really want to go. I booked my flight back to Dublin for the 6th of December and will be catching the bus from the airport to Galway. I plan on spending at least five days there and then heading south. My flight-35 euros from Bratislava to Dublin. So incredibly cheap to fly in Europe.Read more

  • Look at the cutie pie I've got in my hands. Gave Milka a helping hand in feeding her as she wasn't eating -Little Muffin. Went to the market in the pouring rain but it was great. Had a langos which was deep fried and covered in hot garlic. Slovak delicacy washed down with hot mulled wine -yum and yum. More pork on the spit and an excellent variety of home made Slovak food. Musicians in the square every night.Read more

  • Today was wine region day. I took the morning train just 20 minutes out of the city in search of well known wines. Again it was a holiday (All Saints day) so lots of places were closed. I toured around this beautiful little town and had beautiful weather again. I found the wine if Matysak which us we'll know for s lot of award winning wines. My waiter Kristian was amazing. I told him I was in the wine business and asked to sample three wines off the list. He ended up giving me four award winning wines that were only available by the bottle but the owner had opened them for a private event the night before. I tried an Irsai Oliver early harvest 2016 which was bottled in early October- a hybrid grape bred in 1930 and tasted like a light Muscat. Then it was the riesling 2015, the cab sauv rose-2015-which was phenomenal followed by the 2015 cab franc (which was very soft on tannins). I had a duck leg with red cabbage and dumplings to go along with it. I ended with a private reserve white called "Rampage" which was not filtered yet and was so fruity and delicious. What a great experience. I came home about 4 and was surprised by a local on my walk back home. See photos. It was a perfect way to spend the day. Tomorrow I am heading to the art gallery to check out that propaganda exhibit from 1939.Read more

  • Last minute goodbyes, trips, family meetings and celebrations before I head off in two days. Yesterday I met with my godmother and cousins and caught up for 7 hours. Lots of laughs. Hit the market and the Havana club after with over exposure to cigarette smoke that made me absolutely sick to my stomache. The club was great for music but the smoking killed me. Had to have a shower when I got home and put my coat and purse on the balcony overnight. Got the last of the hot water and found out later on the morning the hot water is turned off at night. Lucky me! I'm the morning my lungs hurt and I changed the program to a long walk in the forest so I could clear my lungs. My aunt didn't want to go because it was too cold. We went anyway and when we got to the top there was the bobsled track and tbar. We took the tbar down, walked for another 2 km and then took the bus back to town. We went to Wagners cake shop and had a fabulous desert and coffee. Last day tomorrow and am ready for my next leg back to Ireland.Read more

  • What an interesting and fascinating exhibit. I only got a 1/3 if the way through the exhibits which were 3 floors. I had a lunch meeting at noon with my cousin so I will have to finish the other 2/3's another day. 1939 the country is run by a catholic priest who had fathered several children with several wives. The signs say have children fir a stronger nation. There us a fear among the people from the Bolsheviks and the Jews. The president sides with the Nazis and welcomes Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. Young boys are taught how to handle weapons as young as the age of five. Young girls are taught fitness and cooking so that they are healthy for motherhood and procreation. 1944-1945 end of WW11 and the Slovak propaganda now shows the Soviets in the picture not the Germans. Check out the photos. This is part one if my visit stay tuned for part two with more photos. Incredibly interesting and one of the best exhibits I've been to so far.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Slovak Republic, Slowakei (Slowakische Republik), Slovakia, Slowakye, Slowakei, ስሎቫኪያ, Eslovaquia, سلوفاكيا, ܣܠܘܒܩܝܐ, Slovakiya, Славакія, Словакия, Slowaki, স্লোভাকিয়া, ས་ལཽ་ཝཀྱ།, Slovačka, Eslovàquia, Slovensko, Słowackô, Slofacia, Slovakiet, Slovakia nutome, Σλοβακία, Slovakujo, Slovakkia, Eslobakia, اسلوواکی, Slowakii, Slovaquie, Slovachie, Slowakije, An tSlóvaic, સ્લોવેકિયા, Sulobakiya, סלובקיה, स्लोवाकिया, Słowakska, Szlovákia, Սլովակիա, Slovachia, Slóvakía, Slovacchia, スロバキア (スロバキア共和国), სლოვაკეთი, ស្លូវ៉ាគី, ಸ್ಲೋವಾಕಿಯಾ, 슬로바키아, سلۆڤاکیا, Slovaki, Slovacia, Sirovakya, Silovaki, ສະໂລວາເກຍ, Slovakija, Slovākija, Словачка, സ്ലോവാക്യ, स्लोव्हाकिया, Slovakkja, စလိုဗေးကီးယား, Slowakia, Slovakia (Den slovakiske republikk), स्लोभाकिया, Slowaakse Republiek, ସ୍ଲୋଭାକିଆ, Словаки, Eslobakya, Słowacja, Eslováquia, Isluwakya, Silovakiya, Словачия, Slovákia, Solovakïi, ස්ලෝවැකියාව, Slovenská republika, Slovaška, Sllovaki, Slovakien, ஸ்லோவாகியா, స్లోవేకియా, สโลวะเกีย, Silōvakia, Slovakya, سلوۋاكىيە, Словакія, سلوواکیہ, Xlô-va-ki-a (Slovakia), Slovakiyän, Eslovakya, Orílẹ́ède Silofakia, 斯洛伐克共和国, i-Slovakia