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Curious what backpackers do in Slovakia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Last minute goodbyes, trips, family meetings and celebrations before I head off in two days. Yesterday I met with my godmother and cousins and caught up for 7 hours. Lots of laughs. Hit the market and the Havana club after with over exposure to cigarette smoke that made me absolutely sick to my stomache. The club was great for music but the smoking killed me. Had to have a shower when I got home and put my coat and purse on the balcony overnight. Got the last of the hot water and found out later on the morning the hot water is turned off at night. Lucky me! I'm the morning my lungs hurt and I changed the program to a long walk in the forest so I could clear my lungs. My aunt didn't want to go because it was too cold. We went anyway and when we got to the top there was the bobsled track and tbar. We took the tbar down, walked for another 2 km and then took the bus back to town. We went to Wagners cake shop and had a fabulous desert and coffee. Last day tomorrow and am ready for my next leg back to Ireland.Read more

  • Tuesday night I went to the Chamber orchestra at the school of music. The musical pieces celebrated 250 years of Wolfgang Mozart and Joseph Hayden. My favourite piece was Mozart Divertimento F dur, KV 138 -Presto. The violins were incredible in this piece. Wednesday night we went to the National Theatre and saw Giselle (happens to be my middle name). Words can't describe the feeling I had when I walked in-my dream realized. The ballet was magnificent with a beautiful stage, wonderful dancers and full orchestra. Pictures were not allowed. At set change we had a glass of prosecco in the lower foyer. The ballet finished with ten full minutes of applause.Read more

  • Today we took the bus to Vienna and we were in the centre by 10:30 am. Found the Christmas markets right away. We walked around for 4 hours, browsed, ate sweet desserts and drank hot mulled wine. I have to say the Slovak market was much better for traditional home cooking, baking, and mulled wine-the atmosphere was also better and far less expensive than Vienna. We went to a few luxury boutiques, Swarovski crystal and saw a few sights. Vienna us truly tourist driven.Read more

  • Yesterday I dragged my aunt Bobena out for a 12 hour day. We went to the school of beauty where she knows some instructors. We went for lunch at the market and then headed to Cunovo to the gallery of modern art. It was right on the Danube and beautiful. We spent two hours at the gallery and I had a chance to talk to the curator. We headed off to my aunt Anna's after for a visit and glass of wine.

  • The weather is changing back to cold again so we took advantage of a beautiful day and went for a hike in the forest. We walked four kilometres and then had lunch. There was a tbar at the top of the forest we were going to take to go up to the top. We decided we were going to go today. The forest was lush and busy with locals. This was my first time there. It was beautiful. For lunch I had the best ever perogies filled with sheep feta. There are wild boars that live in this forest.Read more

  • Found out that there was a market at the Bratislava castle and so Martina and I met up and went to check it out. It was brisk and it started to snow lightly. There was a nativity scene set up in the courtyard with live sheep, goat and cute brown donkey. The sheep were super friendly. We walked down into the lower square later and went for a chocolate cappucino in a lovely little cafe called Mondieu. It had real 80% melted dark chocolate melted on the bottom-decadent!Read more

  • Set out his snowy morning to go visit my uncle in Topol'cany before I head back to Ireland on the 6th. The train ride was under 2 hrs and relaxing. I'll be going to the cemetery to visit my father's family plot. Uncle Tomas and Drahoslava met me at the train and then took me for lunch. We walked through the cold winter rain after lunch to the cemetery. I lit a candle for my father and had my silent time. We spent the rest of the night talking and my uncle told me some funny stories about his life and my fathers growing up. The town is so beautiful from where my father grew up. I always feel really good here. After breakfast they saw me off at the train station. It was hard to say goodbye. Uncle Tomas will be 80 in March and I sure hope I can see him again.Read more

  • Po mesiaci koncime nasu dovolenku a teda aj tento blog.

    Za cely cas sme sa viac ako den (teda nepocitam rozne celodenne vylety) zdrzali v 7mich roznych lokalitach.

    Dakujeme vsetkym, ktori s nami touto virtualnou formou prezivali nasu dovolenku a drzali nam palce a podporovali nas.

    Bol to vzrusujuci a do poslednej chvile sa gradujuci mesiac plny zazitkov!

    Tym, ktori zavideli prajeme, aby sa inspirovali a dufame a prajeme vam, aby ste zazili to, co sme si mesiac uzivali my... Az na tu nemocnicu ;)

    P.s. Na foto moje znackove (znacka Kito ;) topanky po mesacnom chodeni
    Read more

  • Minus 10 dni do odletu.
    Pomaly sme sa odstahovali zo Siravy a chystame sa na svoju mesacnu dovolenku. Danka uz tyzden bali, Tomco este nema ani kufor a ja klasicky nestiham - este tolko veci som chcel spravit pred dovolenkou :)

  • Die Hauptstadt der Slowakei war ganz süß.
    Die Altstadt und die darin enthaltende Fußgängerzone war klein aber gemütlich. Man läuft die ganze Zeit auf den historischen Martina Turm zu.
    Ansonsten hat Bratislava noch eine alte Burg die wir aber leider aufgrund des Eises nicht besuchen konnten und natürliche viele museen über die Geschichte.
    Wir haben uns einen Tag dort aufgehalten und alles sehen können.
    Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Slovak Republic, Slowakei (Slowakische Republik), Slovakia, Slowakye, Slowakei, ስሎቫኪያ, Eslovaquia, سلوفاكيا, ܣܠܘܒܩܝܐ, Slovakiya, Славакія, Словакия, Slowaki, স্লোভাকিয়া, ས་ལཽ་ཝཀྱ།, Slovačka, Eslovàquia, Slovensko, Słowackô, Slofacia, Slovakiet, Slovakia nutome, Σλοβακία, Slovakujo, Slovakkia, Eslobakia, اسلوواکی, Slowakii, Slovaquie, Slovachie, Slowakije, An tSlóvaic, સ્લોવેકિયા, Sulobakiya, סלובקיה, स्लोवाकिया, Słowakska, Szlovákia, Սլովակիա, Slovachia, Slóvakía, Slovacchia, スロバキア (スロバキア共和国), სლოვაკეთი, ស្លូវ៉ាគី, ಸ್ಲೋವಾಕಿಯಾ, 슬로바키아, سلۆڤاکیا, Slovaki, Slovacia, Sirovakya, Silovaki, ສະໂລວາເກຍ, Slovakija, Slovākija, Словачка, സ്ലോവാക്യ, स्लोव्हाकिया, Slovakkja, စလိုဗေးကီးယား, Slowakia, Slovakia (Den slovakiske republikk), स्लोभाकिया, Slowaakse Republiek, ସ୍ଲୋଭାକିଆ, Словаки, Eslobakya, Słowacja, Eslováquia, Isluwakya, Silovakiya, Словачия, Slovákia, Solovakïi, ස්ලෝවැකියාව, Slovenská republika, Slovaška, Sllovaki, Slovakien, ஸ்லோவாகியா, స్లోవేకియా, สโลวะเกีย, Silōvakia, Slovakya, سلوۋاكىيە, Словакія, سلوواکیہ, Xlô-va-ki-a (Slovakia), Slovakiyän, Eslovakya, Orílẹ́ède Silofakia, 斯洛伐克共和国, i-Slovakia