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  • Day44

    Wi back on the road!
    Beautiful Euro Velo 6 cycle path today.
    Found three marijuana fields. Harvested all. (just kidding)
    Spontaneous hiking to the top of Hainburg castle. Awesome view.
    Met other cool cyclists on a boat.
    Night in Bratislava <3

  • Day46

    Der Campingplatzbesitzer hat uns einen privaten Boot Transfer organisiert, das hat uns ein 10km Umweg erspart.

    Mittags haben wir eine Pause an der Donau neben dem Fort Monostor gemacht und sind dann relativ früh beim Campingplatz Eden eingescheckt.
    Wi schreibt an Ihrem Buch weiter und Jo ist ne Runde Kajaken gegangen. Jo

  • Day21

    Endless hospitality

    September 19, 2017 in Slovakia

    We reached the Danube which means from now on we continue the well-known flat Danube Cycle Route and ended up in Vienna where we stayed at Samuel's place. For rainy reasons, we had a rest day in Samuel's cosy apartment by sleeping in, breakfasting late, reading, talking about cycling and other bike travelers and planning our further route. In the evening we explored the city center by foot and went to the cinema for the Viennese comedy 'Die Migrantigen' with Samuel and his girlfriend.
    As yesterday we were blessed with better weather we hiked uphill to the Leopoldsberg from where we had great views of the Danube and Vienna. We went out with our bikes which felt quiet weird not feeling the weight of our panniers.
    This morning we hit the road again and followed the Danube till Bratislava - 5 hours of steady rain. We took it calmly as we can't change the weather anyway :)
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  • Day33

    Hallo Leute,

    Von Wien ging es erst einmal mit Lenas Familie nach Bratislava. Eine wirklich schöne Stadt mit toller Altstadt, günstigem Bier und viel Nachtleben. Wir genießen die Zeit mit Essen gehen, einer Stadtrundtour von mir angeführt (ich war hier ja schon ein paar mal) und lecker Eiskaffee bzw Eisschokolade. Leider reisen Lena Eltern schon am nächsten Tag ab, es war wirklich schön sie wiederzusehen!! Und bald sind wir ja auch schon wieder zuhause!
    Dafür kommt Hanna am selben Nachmittag noch hier her!!! Jetzt ist unser Teamski komplett!!! Mirko, Hanna, Lena und ich fahren jetzt von Bratislava bis nach Hause!
    Den Abend genießen wir allerdings noch bei gutem und günstigen Bier und Kartenspielen in Bratislava bis spät in die Nacht! Morgen gehts dann los, Abfahrt in aller Früh!! Wir sind schon sehr gespannt wie sich Mirko und Hanna schlagen werden :-) Es ist allerdings jetzt schon schön mal wieder von Freunden umgeben zu sein und ein großes Teamski zu sein!

    Liebe Grüße
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  • Day9

    Oravský Podzámok

    May 22 in Slovakia

    The Orava castle was never conquered and was one of the few that never fell into disuse or disrepair. Interestingly, in the 17th century, the only male heir died at the age of 23, and the will specifically stated that the estate could not be divided. So, the 7 daughters and their husbands together created a com-possessorate, and ran the estate through an administrator. It stayed with the family until the communist government appropriated it after WWII.Read more

  • Day64

    Family time

    November 6, 2016 in Slovakia

    Yesterday was the big party for my aunts 70 birthday. Martina my cousins partner spent two days making her a grand cake. It was gorgeous. The night before we had caught the bus downtown and went to a bar that my second cousin Miso runs. My cousin Zdenko was buying rounds of 20 year old Cuban rum. Didn't feel so good yesterday. We went to the restaurant in the early afternoon and I disappeared for half an hour. By the time I walked back to the restaurant everyone was already there and my cousin was panicking that I had gotten lost. I walked in and everyone sat there with opened mouths and were shocked to see me, especially my two aunts. My cousin kept a good secret about me being here. The party was great and I even had a chance to FaceTime with Julien and Kayleigh . They got to say hello to everyone at the party and vice versa. I'm waiting for my cousin Jozef to send me some pictures because being a social butterfly yesterday I didn't take photos. Stay tuned. Today is Sunday dinner day and it's raining. I'm going to get some fresh air to clear the cob webs. Tomorrow I am going back to the gallery to finish the exhibits.Read more

  • Day222

    Don Giovanni (Don Juan) opera

    April 13, 2017 in Slovakia

    Surprise last minute tickets to Mozart's Don Giovanni Opera, sung only in Italian. This was my first ever opera and it was magnificent. How the Slovak singers sang this in Italian was more than amazing to me. I was lucky to have seats in the fourth row so the view was amazing and the orchestra was right there. The opera was written by Mozart in 1776 and was written as a seductive comedy. Don Giovanni being a libertine and seducer of all women. It is the most performed opera in the world. The costumes and stage setting were also incredible with 3D sets and gorgeous gowns. Can't say enough about this great performance and experience.Read more

  • Day217

    Back in the city

    April 8, 2017 in Slovakia

    Left Friday morning with 20 cm of snow on the ground. The train connections were great except for our last train which was late. It seemed like the longest train ride ever because there were delays on the way the police had been called on board for some reason. Unpacked my things and was happy to have some quiet time in my room. Saturday morning we went to the Bory mall for the garden show and I picked up a few tips for my garden when I get home. There was a beautiful orchid and bonsai display.Read more

  • Day24

    A Brief Visit to Bratislava

    August 22, 2017 in Slovakia

    Four hours by train from Prague and we ended up in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The small city, situated along the Danube and boarding on Austria, has a population of about 500,000. The Old Town was a short stroll from where we were staying. Unfortunately, much of the city has been vandalised with graffiti, even many of the historical buildings.

    Along the Danube, Bratislava Castle sits high onto of a hillfort. From the Castle, you get a bird’s-eye view of Bratislava and the border of Austria.

    Close by the Castle complex is the Old Town which includes a number of significant (and historical buildings), such as St Martin’s Cathedral, the site where many Hungarian kings and queens were crowned. Other attractions included Primate’s Palace, Devín Castle, Church of St Elisabeth, Michael’s Gate and a strange sculpture piece called “Man at Work”, which is a bronze sculpture of a sewer worker protruding from the ground.

    It seemed that the area we stayed in didn't get too many tourists from the way that people looked at us, and from the occasional “dobrý deň” that we got from people passing by. In the supermarket, a woman approached Jason and, in Slovak, asked him about the ingredients in the packet (well, that’s what we figured she was asking). Jason shrugged his shoulders and politely said that he doesn’t speak Slovak. We were not sure if the checkout assistant was having a bad day but she didn’t look too happy and almost pegged the checkout divider at us. When we had fresh produce that hadn’t been weighed and labelled, she started asking us questions in Slovak, to which Jason quickly replied “English please”. She obviously thought that it was futile trying to explain to us what needed to happen so she took off from her cash register, went to the fresh produce section on the other side of the shop, weighed the contents and stuck the barcode on the bags, came back to the register and continued to scan the other items. At the end of the transaction, she threw the receipt on the counter and quickly moved onto the next customer. Oops!
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  • Day69

    Cerveny Kamen (Red Rock) Castle-Modra

    November 11, 2016 in Slovakia

    Today we took a day trip to Cerveny Kamen castle. I saw my first white peacock feeling the cold just like I was. We had a guided tour and I wanted to take photos but was told I couldn't because I didn't purchase a photography pass. Well that didn't stop me because I used my second cousin Juraj as a human shield do I could sneak pictures. The castle is built out of red Quartz and was owned by the Palffy family (yes the same one that Ziggy Palffy the Slovak hockey player that played in the NHL came from). It was built in the 11th century. A very impressive place. It was so cold and foggy today that it took me two cups of tea and three hours under the blanket before I started to warm up. Tomorrow is shopping day and movie day with Martina. Going to see Snowden in Slovak, should be interesting.Read more

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