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Curious what backpackers do in Slovenia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day76

    Sorry for the little delay in posting this but whilst we are now in Austria, we arrived here from a stay in Lovely Ljubljana.

    The Slovenian capital is wonderful and there was so much going on.

    We had an idea of a couple of things that we wanted to see but had no idea that there would be so much else on offer else we would likely have stayed for more time. Also we only really saw two other places in Slovenia other than Ljubljana but I get the impression that there is so much more to experience. Our host and his friends told us of so much more.. definitely one to add to the future holiday list!

    We arrived on the Thursday and spent most of the day chatting to our new Slovenian friends. Later in the evening we did pop into town to try some Slovenian food - more of that in a separate post as I must elaborate on the food we had whilst here as it was so fantastic!

    Friday we knew that the Tour of Slovenia was taking place so we headed to the HUGE Tivoli Park to watch the start. Got up close to Mark Cavendish was definitely a highlight. Not such a grand scale as the Giro in Italy but great atmosphere. Once the race started we toured the park on the bikes that were included with the place we rented. Things were going well until Stuart snapped the pedal and the pedal arm clear off his bike with his brute strength.. so we were walking after that..! heading back in to the centre of the city we found the weekly Friday food market, and aren't we glad we did, amazing food.. again. After lunch the heavens opened and we waited - luckily undercover - for the end of the race. There was a nasty crash just before the finish but an exciting finish nonetheless.

    Taking the broken bike back to the flat our host was very understanding as I suspect the bike was not brand new. We then wandered back into the city for a bit of sightseeing on foot and another lovely meal.

    Saturday Stuart had discovered a board games cafe so we headed there. Great place, lots of games and good coffee. After this we had read of a burger and beer festival - right up our street :) in the centre. We then visited Ljubljana Castle where we finally got to ride in a Funicular. Having missed out on a couple of previous chances to go in one. We then had an amazing tour where they get actors to reenact stories detailing the Castles past as a penitentiary in different parts of the castle. The attached picture is taken from the viewing tower for which we had to climb the spiral stairs.. my height fright returned but it was worth battling through it for the incredible view. Apparently you can see a third of Slovenia from up there.

    From the castle we headed to an area called Metelkova. It is covered with Graffiti and is like the 'alternate' area in Ljubljana, It was a "former barracks complex of the Yugoslav Army" according to our guide. We were here specifically as it was the start of Ljubljana Pride. As proud allies to the LGBTQ community we enjoyed the parade through the city streets to loud music and surrounded by lots of colour as you will see! Incredibly that was not all as we stumbled upon an open air concert set up. Turns out we had arrived in time to get seats to a free concert by the Slovenian Philarmonic Orchestra. Accompanied by a mezzo-soprano they covered various famous opera and show tunes.. amazing music and luck for us!

    To say that we had to choose to miss a wine festival shows you how much there was to do! Definitely top of my "will come again" list so far..

    But the food, oh the food, it really does deserve a separate post...
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  • Day76

    And the food...

    Not necessarily Slovenian but amazing appetite crunchers..

    The first evening we visited a Slovenian 'fast food' joint called Klobarsarna. Traditional Slovenia sausage, bread accompanied by horseradish/mustard type sides..

    The Friday Food market offered food from everywhere and there was plenty of seating and the area was buzzing with people and noise. We chose some Egyptian chicken wrap thing which was out of this world. The smell as we passed by meant that we could not fail to choose it from the hundreds of stalls, lucky as I don't know how we would have picked otherwise.

    Saturday was no question, BURGER. Same market place and size as Friday but this time only burgers and beer.. heaven. Choice was harder but very pleased with what we had.

    The Thai is just for our now "traditional post Pride Thai" as we have eaten this after the previous two Pride parades too.

    The final photo is the famous Bled Cake.. taken on our visit to Lake Bled this week, we had read all about it and it didn't disappoint. Vanilla cream filled delight perfect after a walk around the lake!

    one thing is certain, definitely not going to waste away on this trip..!
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  • Day317

    We hope you enjoy watching the short video we filmed at the gorge here:

    One of the things that shocked us when we arrived at Camping Bled was the number of GB vans. We'd parked up in between two who turned out to be British, the next day two English people, Wendy and Mary, travelling together in their own vans parked nearby and a Scottish person (we didn't catch her name) came over for a chat while we were sitting outside. She'd just returned from a walk through the nearby Vintgar Gorge and told us all about it.

    The next day, buoyed up with enthusiasm, we picked the lads up from the small train station near their apartment and headed off in the van to the gorge. At 4km away from Bled we could have walked but a lot of it was uphill and we wanted to be able to enjoy our time in the gorge without having to worry about being exhausted by the time we got back.

    We pulled up in the free car park, opposite half a dozen old modified cars with GB plates. There was a €5 pp entry charge with a sign stating this went on the upkeep of the gorge. By the time we'd walked the 2 miles of well maintained boardwalk and bridges, we could see the money was well spent and the fee a reasonable one.

    The Radovna river cut a deep course through the steep, rocky gorge. It was so steep that the boardwalk had been built on the side of the near vertical banks, for a significant portion of the walk. The noise of the rushing water was ever present as it flowed over shallow rapids, squeezed through deep pinch points and tumbled down waterfalls of varying heights and widths. The weather had turned colder and the sky was overcast much of the time, but in the spells where the sun came out and shone into the gorge,the light was filtered through the Spring Beech forest foliage. It took on a gorgeous golden-green hue that was reflected by the surface of the river. The water was so clear that in the deeper sections, the colour penetrated to the pale karst bed.

    The wildlife was great too. Birds sang at the top of their voices to be heard over the river's roar. We watched Grey Wagtails hopping around at the water's edge and Dippers diving and swimming underwater, before emerging to chew on a tasty morsel. Spotted fish rested and recuperated in eddies, ready to continue their journey upstream.

    Our journey down Vintgar Gorge ended with the stunning and powerful 16m high Sum Waterfall. We crossed over a bridge at the head of the fall before descending a steep woodland track to the plunge pool, where we were splattered with the spray.

    Making the most of Ali and Tom's last night in the apartment we returned there for a warming curry. It was too cold to sit out on the balcony but the dining room was comfortable enough and had an even better view of Lake Bled.
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  • Day308

    For our last activity we'd planned a day at Lake Cerknica in Notranjski Regional Park. We weren't sure what to expect because the lake is an intermittent one, sitting in a karst limestone valley and appearing and disappearing with the varying rainfall of the seasons.

    It was windy and felt cold at the start of the day but after a short drive we were happy to see a substantial amount of water in the lake as we pulled in to the free car park. After doing a quick recce and picking up a map from the cafè, Paul and Cath hired mountain bikes, we got the tandem down and we all peddled our way towards the lake. We had planned to cycle round it but after slipping and sliding along a muddy track riddled with puddles and having it come to an abrupt end in the lake, twice, we changed course and took the car track along one side of it. The mountain bikes had coped better than the tandem, whose wheels had become clogged with mud and grit. Will initially blamed our inertia on Vicky, but a 5 minute clean and a quick adjustment worked wonders and we were able to double the speed for half the effort of before.

    The car track was a good route and after a while we came accross another lake on our left, where light brown reed beds stretched for miles. The mixed green forests covering the hillsides in all directions and the rich blue sky patterned with fluffy white clouds made for a stunning backdrop. It was in to these forests that we climbed after a while, reaching the hamlet of Otok before looping round and returning to enjoy a cuppa at the busy cafè overlooking the grass meadow, lake and hills.

    Lunch in the van rested and reinvigorated us ready for Will, Cath and Paul to canoe while Vicky kept Poppy company. The day had warmed up a bit by this point and an enjoyable few hours were spent paddling. Viewed from the water, the beautiful scenery seemed enhanced, but there was only one other person out making use of it. Spring isn't as far on here as in Italy and Cath spotted some Snowdrops in flower under the surface of the clear lake, together with some Water Buttercups.

    Returning to our site at Razdrto, Will made up a special three course feast for the final night of our Slovenian adventure with Cath and Paul. There are always nerves preceding a get-together like this, we hadn't spent time with friends from home for 7 months and they were going to be with us for five nights. Mixed in with the excitement of seeing them were doubts that buzzed around our heads. Will they like the same things as us? How will we all fit in the van? Will we be able to agree on where to go and what to see? We were delighted that as time progressed we found more and more common ground with Cath and Paul and they adapted brilliantly to van life - especially the 'only one person standing' rule! Our doubts had quickly fallen away and we'd ended up having the most amazing time!
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  • Day301

    Dobar Dan (hello) Slovenia!
    Leaving Italy on an unusually good quality road, we whizzed through the understated border and were in Slovenia before we knew it. You wouldn't think that a few kms either side of a border would make much of a difference, so we were surprised how quickly the changes appeared. Drivers seemed more courteous and careful, the upkeep of buildings, the road and roadside more assiduous and the countryside more verdant.

    It wasn't long before we came to our stopover, a vineyard in a the little town of Zalošče. Slovenia doesn't allow wild camping and may fine you up to €300 for staying somewhere not designated as a campsite. €20 a night was more expensive than we've been used to but it was at a convenient point on our route and when we'd parked on our own little grassy terrace between the vineyards with forested hills all around we felt it was worth it. Sitting outside for lunch we listened to birdsong and the buzz of bees pollinating the wildflowers.

    The countryside looked so alluring that we soon set off to explore. We'd heard Slovenia had good walking and cycling trails and in this case we found it to be true. Passing three donkeys in a field with the faint smell of woodsmoke in the air, we followed a gravel and earth track and arrived at the bank of the Vipava river. Will tested the water and decided to go for a refreshing dip before we returned. At dusk cicadas chirped in the trees but even they stopped as the evening turned to night and we relished the quiet.

    Having looked at the web of walking trails on Maps.Me, Will planned a trip to a reservoir about 5km away. The temperature had cooled so it was nice walking weather and we really enjoyed climbing the Peach and vine covered hill and following a very quiet road to the water's edge where we had our picnic. The country air was scented with Rowan blossom and we were amazed by the variety of flowers we saw along the way, most of which you wouldn't find back in the UK. We kept hearing rustles in the undergrowth and near the end of the walk Vicky caught sight of a dark snake slithering up the side of an almost vertical drainage ditch. We are getting more used to the presence of snakes now and the fact that all the ones we've seen have been retreating has helped Vicky to be less on edge.
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  • Day306

    We took a 1 minute video of the park which can be viewed here:

    Friends of Cath and Paul's as well as friends of ours had recommended we go to the Škocjan Caves and we thought it the perfect wet weather activity. The only slight problem was there had been so much rain that one of the two tours was closed due to high water levels. However, the 'Through the underground canyon' tour was open. It was 3km long and lasted 2 hours so we weren't disappointed.

    We descended through the artificial tunnel and emerged at the start of the Silent Cave. Around every bend there were sights that made our jaws drop even further. The path had regular floor lights and there were white uplighters illuminating various formations. Stalactites and stalagmites of seemingly every imaginable size projected from the ceiling and floor. Some joined to form columns and others hung in clusters to form 'chandeliers'. The roof of the cavern was still quite low at this point so the mineral formations were close at hand. Curtains of white limestone, some with a little iron to tinge them ruddy brown, hung down from above and out from the overhanging walls. In places, the curtains looked like rucked velvet that had been wrapped around itself in a spiral. All our powers of description are needing to be employed here, with more than a little help from Cath, because there were no photographs allowed.

    The first section of the Silent Cave, called Paradise, led to the aptly named Great Hall of 120m wide and 30m high. On most days the Silent Cave would live up to its name, but today it seemed to echo with the sound of thousands of individual water droplets splashing on rock. It was incredible to think that each of these droplets contained minerals that were being left behind and growing these seemingly alien entities all around us.
    The most amazing stalagmite in The Great Hall was called The Giant and had formed over 200, 000 years! It was like the melted wax of candles had been repeatedly drizzled over the top of the rocks.

    From the (not so) Silent Cave we walked on and gradually became aware of the low rumble reverberating off the rocks. As we got closer, the noise of the River Reka rushing through the deep underground ravine became deafening. The Slovenian word 'reka' means river, so it is literally named 'River River'! It was dark and humid, so much so that the view of the water was obscured by a cloud that ended at a very defined level just below the top of the cave.

    The chamber we entered was around 100 metres in height and we were told that in 1965, it had flooded to a depth of 90 metres. Descending into the cloud and following the course of the Reka, about 40 metres above it, our eyes began to acclimatise and we could make out the light brown water gushing and frothing as it was forced to adhere to the tight course of the narrow fissure. After crossing the bridge we began to climb and the cavity opened up slightly. We came accross a set of dry pools that led up a slope away from us and were formed by a stream that used to flow over them in many miniature waterfalls.

    The cave network is the most incredible series of underground phenomena we've ever seen. We remember Croatia for its beautiful overground rivers and Slovenia's subterranean marvels will never be forgotten.

    In the afternoon the rain had stopped and the sunshine had found its way out from behind the clouds with such vigour that it transformed the day. As well as the caves the park provided some good walks, so we wended our way around the valley beneath the dappled shade of new spring leaves. Below us we saw some stunning waterfalls bursting forth energetically from crevices with the recent glut of rain. Above we spotted a good range of birds, including a Peregrine Falcon and Kestral. We passed ponds with large warty newts and rocks with striking red and black beatles. If you enjoy nature as we do, this area of Slovenia is definitely the place to visit!

    Back at the visitor centre, Paul treated us to coffee and cake. We had a satisfying slice of Kremna Rezina, a pastry, custard and cream delight originating from Lake Bled. We'd all had a great day, Park Škocjanske jame is a wonderful place and it was made even better for us by being able to explore it with friends.
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  • Day314

    After not having seen anyone for 7 months, we were highly anticipating the arrival of our 2nd lot of visitors in 10 days! We returned to Ljubljana airport and picked up Vicky's brother Ali and his friend Tom just before midday. It was brilliant to see them! We'd met up with them for 4 days in Prague back in August and had a great time, so we knew we were going to enjoy ourselves during the week they were with us.

    After a trip to pick up supplies at Hofer (the continental name for Aldi), we left views of the pointed snow capped Alps behind and headed North West to Lake Bled, where Ali and Tom had booked an apartment. While we appreciate the beauty of steep sided hills, they aren't always the easiest to access in our van. Within a kilometre of the apartment we came to a low arched rail bridge with no sign to tell us how high it was. Vicky got out and eyed up the clearance as Will inched slowly forward. There was only inches to spare at the entrance and as the road wasn't straight or flat, we didn't want to risk it. A local who was recycling at the communal bins kindly offered us an alternative route (in English!), so we turned round to try this instead. On the second approach we were faced with another situation where there were only inches to spare. This time we crossed over a bridge, it's 3 foot high stone walls either side just being wide enough to allow the van passage. We decided at this point Ali and Tom wouldn't be getting door to door service!

    The view was well worth the climb. We were greeted by the owner Irena and her two children before being shown the rooms on the second floor. Inside the apartment was nice enough, but the views of Lake Bled from the windows and balcony were amazing, like something out of a fairytale.

    After granting Irena's request for a guided tour of the van for her and her children (who hadn't seen inside one before) Ali and Tom got back on board, we squeezed through the narrow bridge and were booking in at Camping Bled near the lakeshore in no time. Considering the location, the price of €9.90 per person was reasonable, although we thought €3 per night for Poppy was excessive.

    We went for a stroll up to and around part of the lakeshore, taking in the wonderful sights. The colour of the water was an alluring turquoise but it felt cold so thoughts of swimming to the sizeable island were abandoned. The air was warm but the sky overcast. Towards the end of our wander, the sun peaked out to shine a spotlight on some of our surroundings; the forested hills amongst which the lake was nestled, the terracotta roofed castle perched high on a craggy outcrop on the north shore, the barren snow capped mountains behind it and of course the picturesque chapel and bell tower on the island.

    The advantage of staying at a proper campsite is that when we returned to the van, we were able to get the chairs out and sit outside with Poppy in the mild early evening. Will put together a spag bol and we caught up with what had happened since we'd last seen the lads.
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  • Day306

    Ljubljana heavily restricts traffic in the city centre which makes for a very nice atmosphere. Unfortunately the atmosphere was not good to Cath and Paul, who got completely drenched when walking to our stopover, due to the fact that we couldn't drive Martha Motorhome to their hotel.

    We soon got the blowers blasting out hot air as we drove to Mirjam Pavlin in Razdrto, our home for the next 4 nights. Stopping off at a Spar we picked up groceries before having a freshly ground coffee in the van. After having spent so long with just the two of us, it was interesting to see vanlife through the eyes of people to whom it was a new experience.

    Mirjam Pavlin is a small B&B with campsite, bar, swimming pool, sauna, gym and a few other facilities. The rooms and pitches were nice enough but the sauna was less impressive and more expensive than it had looked on the website and the swimming pool was closed. They had also advertised horseriding that Vicky & Cath had been interested in, but the employee who showed us round didn't seem to know much about it. However, the gym was free and it was a good location for reaching a whole load of interesting places. That afternoon we planned our itinerary for the coming days. We needed to plan around the torrential rain that was forecast. This was easy because there was so many possible activities to do. We had a cosy evening in with a few drinks and Will's spinach and pasta meal for tea.

    The next day we discovered a couple of sows and their adorable piglets in the field next us. There was also the opportunity to use the van as a mobile hide and watch the dozens of little birds feeding close by. Paul even spotted a pair of Great Tits. They were nesting inside a street light, popping in and out to feed their chicks through a tiny access hatch near the ground.
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  • Day314

    To see the video of a Hoopoe taken at this site, click here:

    There was only a three days before we would return to Ljubljana airport to pick up Vicky's brother Ali and his friend Tom. We found a few campsites near an interesting looking town called Dolenjske Toplice, put them in the sat nav and set off. We used our vignette to travel via motorway for the first part of the journey. Many Slovenian service stations have emptying and filling points for vans so we made use of these before removing motorways from our route.

    We keep expecting to discover an area of Slovenian countryside that isn't stunningly beautiful, but today wasn't the day for that. Verdant tree covered hillsides, multicoloured wildflower meadows and well maintained attractive looking homesteads. Traditional wooden barns for drying hay (toplarji) and distinctive curved, multilayered church steeples dotted the scenery. After a while we came to and followed the course of the Krka river, its clear waters borrowing a green hue from the surrounding flora.

    One of the campsites advertised itself as FKK (Freikörperkultur meaning free body culture or naturist). We like to experience new things so we pulled up outside and were greeted by the manager, Katja. It turned out that Mali Raj (Little Paradise) was €10 per night and in an incredibly beautiful position on the river, surrounded by mature trees. We were the only ones there so were able to park just 7m away from the river bank. Katja brought us a glass of homemade grappa each, told us where all the facilities were, then talked Vicky through 10 leaflets and maps of the local area as well as writing down her phone number for us to call day or night if we needed any help! Oh, and if she hadn't already done enough to welcome us, she heaped a whole load of fuss on Poppy, who would have followed her home had her legs not given out!

    We decided pretty quickly to stay the three nights we had left before meeting Vicky's brother and his friend in Ljubljana. Will wasted no time getting into the chilly (11°C) river and the three of us spent the afternoon sitting outside in the warm air. We (at least two of us) wrote, read, watched the light glinting off the surface of the ever flowing river, the birds hopping about and the fish as they jumped out of the water after floating insects before popping back in.

    Over the three days there was warm sunshine, buckets of rain and a beautiful misty morning. We relaxed and experienced some amazing nature. In the day there was a Nuthatch, Kingfisher, Herons, and Black Redstarts as well as the adorable young blackbirds beginning to take on their adult plumage and learn how to feed themselves. The most exciting bird we saw was a Hoopoe, similar to a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Jay. It was feeding in the dappled shade of a tree just 15m from the van and we got to photograph and film it to our hearts' content. Will also saw a deer jump into the river and wade or swim 10m downstream before hopping back up the bank directly opposite the van and disappearing swiftly in to the woods. At night we heard Cicadas chirping and an owl hooting. On the second night we were lucky enough to hear deer calling out in rut! We couldn't quite believe our ears but Katja said it was quite common around here. She also said that beavers were active in the area and even on the campsite we saw evidence of this in the form of knawed tree trunks.

    The site name of Mali Raj (Little Paradise) really is an appropriate one and we do hope to return here at some point in the future.
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  • Day302

    Instead of using Calor gas bottles that aren't available outside the UK, we've invested in a system that allows us to fill up with LPG at petrol stations. We use it for cooking, warmth, the fridge and hot water so it is pretty essential. is one of our essential apps and allows to find LPG stations all over Europe.

    Anyway, you might be wondering where we are going with this! To cut a long story short, Will emailed Matija, the inventor of and after several messages back and forth Matija recommended a whole list of places to visit in his home country of Slovenia. He also invited us to drop in to see him where he lives in Idrija and we took him up on his kind offer!

    Using Park4Night, a new (to us) app, we found a small farm with two spots for campervans just 2km away from the town. After a stunning drive through lush mountain scenery, we climbed the steep, winding single track road and parked up at the farm. We were greeted warmly and enthusiastically by Maria, the owner, who told us we could walk down the hill and be in Idrija in 5 minutes, so off we went past the orchards and bee hives.

    Matija drove us the short distance to his home and we said a quick hello to his father in law before going to his restaurant for the local speciality of žlikrofi (similar to ravioli). At the end of the meal we met Matija's wife Mateja and their beautiful three year old daughter and baby son.

    After a short sightseeing drive around town, we climbed to the top of St Antony's chapel hill. From here we could see all of Idrija and Matija pointed out the various landmarks, explaining the history of the town, including that of its mercury mine. Up from the chapel there was a series of paintings of Jesus housed in small stone structures set at alternating sides of a winding track. Apparently this was a common sight accompanying Catholic churches in Slovenia, to symbolise the journey of Christ with the cross.

    We've been amazed at the number of people who speak English here in Slovenia and with Matija, we didn't feel we needed to moderate our words or slow down, because his level of English was so good.

    The Idrijca river flows through the town and we followed the valley upwards towards its source. The scenery was incredible, the water so blue and clear as it flowed over its light coloured limestone bed, bordered by mixed forest that climbed the steep sides carved by the river. The road was quiet and we chatted away as we drove. Not only was Matija going out of his way to show us this marvelous area but he was really easy to get on with and we found ourselves enjoying his company.

    A place called Wild Lake was our first stop, a point at which water surfaced from deep underground and, depending on the amount of rainfall, either flowed into the Idrijca, or from the river back underground. Despite the water clarity we could only see a rich blue at the centre and deepest part of the pool. Sheer rock rose behind, in the middle of which was a clear fault line, reminding us again of the area's mercury rich base.

    Just up the road was a rope bridge and natural swimming pool that locals frequent in warmer months. Even further upriver water spilled through a dam that we walked out on to. Driving higher into the mountains along gravel tracks the van could never have accessed, the slopes became steeper. At one point we needed to turn back because logging was taking place and the route was blocked by a stack of tree trunks. We adventured on foot along a shallow section of river where it flowed over small wide waterfalls into little pools. It was tranquil and we really felt we'd come to the heart of nature.

    An interesting innovation created to move wood downstream to Idrija for the extraction of mercury was the klavže; blockades built accross the river where logs were piled before a great amount of water was released to wash them into the town in a flood. They aren't used now, but are still maintained and we got to walk out on the wooden platforms that led to a 20 metre drop to the river below. The craggy mountains around made us feel very small as we stood in the bottom of the steep v-shaped valley.

    Towards the end of our Idrijan tour we journeyed up through the clouds to the highest town in Slovenia, Vojsko and climbed the short distance up the Śkolj peak to 1128m. Matija showed us too much to recount everything here and we feel the words we've found to describe what we saw are inadequate. We ended our tour of the Idrijca valley overawed and wondering how we could ever thank Matija enough. He then asked if we'd like to join him and his family for dinner in their home! Of course we said yes and had a lovely evening with locally produced cheese and domači želodec (Slovenian salami) bought at the town market. They had some beautiful lace designs in their home that they were made by their families and Mateja herself. She even showed us how it is made and left Vicky fighting the urge to get some bobbins and learn!

    It had been an incredible day that we will never forget. The kindness, openness and generosity of the family and the indescribably beautiful countryside were a combination that truly blew us away!
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Slovenia, Slowenien, Slovenia, Slowenië, Slovinia, ስሎቬኒያ, Eslovenia, سلوفينيا, ܣܠܘܒܢܝܐ, Sloveniya, Славенія, Словения, Sloveni, স্লোভানিয়া, ས་ལཽ་ཝེ་ནི་ཡ།, Slovenija, Eslovènia, Slovinsko, Slofenia, Slovenien, སིལོ་བེ་ནི་ཡ, Slovenia nutome, Σλοβενία, Slovenio, Sloveenia, سلوانیا, Slowenii, Slovénie, Slovènie, Slovenie, Sloveenje, An tSlóvéin, સ્લોવેનિયા, Sulobeniya, סלובניה, स्लोवेनिया, Słowjenska, Szlovénia, Սլովենիա, Eslobenia, Slóvenía, スロベニア, სლოვენია, ស្លូវេនី, ಸ್ಲೋವೇನಿಯಾ, 슬로베니아, سلۆڤێنیا, Sirovenya, Slovenië, Siloveni, ສະໂລເວເນຍ, Slovėnija, Slovēnija, Словенија, സ്ലോവേനിയ, स्लोव्हेनिया, Slovenja, စလိုဗေးနီးယား, स्लोभेनिया, ସ୍ଲୋଭେନିଆ, Словени, Słowenia, Eslovênia, Isluwinya, Siloveniya, Solovenïi, ස්ලෝවේනියාව, Republika Slovenija, Slloveni, ஸ்லோவேனியா, స్లోవేనియా, Eslovénia, สโลวีเนีย, Eslobenya, Silōvenia, Slovenya, سلوۋېنىيە, Словенія, سلووینیا, Xlô-ven-ni-a (Slovenia), Sloveniyän, Eslovenya, Orílẹ́ède Silofania, 斯洛文尼亚, i-Slovenia

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