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  • Didn't write last night because we had too much fun and got into our room really late. We got into Piran which is in the farthest west coast point of Slovenia. Absolutely stunning. Climbed the bell tower,146 steps to the top, and took some great photos. Walked the promenade and had a great lunch. Drank some wine in our room and then met a couple of guys for drinks later. Had a ton of fun laughing and joking with them. One was from Bosnia and the other was local. The weather was warm sunny and 17 degrees.
    We were supposed to get a ride to Trieste Italy but had to grab a cab instead. We got into Trieste at 11 am. Christy crashed and I headed into town to explore.
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  • Well I made it am am just waiting for Christy to show up in the next five minutes. What a magnificent city so far. You could eat off the pavement here it's so clean . 360 from Dublin . Check out the view, I had when I walked the door from the airport. Stay tuned

  • So much action today. Started the morning within a one hour walk in the city while Christy slept in. It was cool but the sun was shining and I found the centre and market with a short 7 minute walk. Found st. Nicholas church with the most beautiful brass door I have ever seen. It is so incredibly clean and beautiful here. I give this city a five star rating; right up there with Kraków. Went back to the hotel and had a fabulous breakfast. Then we headed back out to the city for the day. We took a boat trip up the fishermans wharf river and stopped at the foot of the national park.

    It was beautiful. We had lunch by the river send then went back to the hotel for a glass of wine. Went back to town and had a tasting with andreas a Spanish wine maker and agent. He gave us a bottle of cold pressed olive oil as a gift from his olive grove and offered me a job. I'm thinking about it! He gave us a name if a great restaurant to eat at called chompas. They squeezed us in for s 7 pm dinner. It was incredible. We had a film maker send us an appetizer and then the guy next to me sent us fresh grilled bread. Then the chef sent us croatian sausages. We had so much fun with the locals and laughed our butts off. Then the owner told the guy next to me to.....have to edit this part ha ha ha......use your imagination! I love this city! Today's beautiful shots.
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  • Been smiling since we got here! It was world smile day today and we had yet another great day. Toured the castle, food festival in the square, found a wine bar referred to us by Blair winemaker from ruby blues and checked into our Airbnb. Walked about 10 k today and there is no lack of things to do here. Had a great pizza for dinner tonight and Christy saw her first help tonight! That's hedgehog in slovak. Check the little gaffer out. Two locals thought I was Russian today. Been doing lots of translating. Dropped in on our restauranteur & his wife tonight and they gave us a glass of local wine and cheese and talked to us. They were so happy we had dinner at their restaurant last night. Check out the funny giggling picks if us in the mirror. FYI on the menu was local delicacy- raw young horse meat. I was at a loss for words .Read more

  • What s phenomenal day today. Started the day with walking to the Grotto Caves called Postojna. We took a small train into the caves about 1 km down. We then meandered through the caves for two kms. We went down below the ground 140 metres and couldn't believe the amazing rock formations. Huge stalogmite columns. Felt like I was in a star wars movie. At one point the lights went out and it was sheer silence. After the cave tour we headed 9km up the road to Predjamska Jama where the castle was built into a rock cavern for protection purposes. It was amazing and had underground escape tunnels for its occupants to flee if war was about to break or if they were threatened. The stairs were so steep that a midget would never have made it up them. Tomorrow we head to Piran, the west coast and then to Trieste making our way ti Budapest Hungary.Read more

  • Leaving the mountains of Italy, with the train along the breathtaking coast to Trieste, crossing the border to beautiful Slovenia, having the most warm welcome by kind strangers, meeting other lovely travelers, being hosted by a lovely Slovenien girl. Walking along the coast of Koper - Isola - Piran.

    Slovenia, you are breathtaking beautiful.

  • Walked into town from our Airbnb today and the artisan market was on. Checked out a few sights and tried some fabulous food. One restaurant we had dinner and the second restaurant we had dessert. Booked our double private room at a hostel at the mouth of the national park for tomorrow. Last day in Ljubljana tomorrow and then we go to the postojna caves and wine region. We are getting a private tour with a local girl we met (Neza) who is taking us to a few vineyards on the west coast. We are going to spend a night in piran and then head up to Budapest for 4 night.Read more

  • Neza(the student we met at the wine store two days ago) picked us up at 9am from our hostel. We drove out about 140 km to the west and started our first wine tasting at Medana. The kristancic family has been making wine for four generations. We tried 5 different wines and I bought a bottle of chardonnay the was oaked for two years. Incredible. We went to the local castle but it was closed. The landscape was unbelievable. Everything us planted on a slope & the first harvest isn't the fourth year. We then went to the Jakoncic vineyard where the family has been producing for 5 generations. We tried 7 different wines and mama brought a beautiful charcuterie platter. We had crossed Italy and slovenia in a matter of 30 seconds. Mitya the winemaker was wonderful and so knowledgable and the whole wine production area was so clean. Very forward thinking in the yse of barrels. Check out the old concrete (50 yrs ago) barrels (blue) and the new egg shaped barrels he is using now made from slovanian barrels. The most beautiful tasting room I have ever seen. We had dinner later at a local family restaurant which was wonderful and the Neza Drive us to our hostel in Postjana where we will explore the grotto and caves tomorrow. Can't wait. Right now there are a bunch of teenage boys dancing to polka music above us. Peculiar!Read more

  • Beautiful little country. Stayed in a hotel just outside the capital (Ljubljana - try and pronounce that) that was the friendliest I've ever been to. Owners just couldn't do enough. It was well after lunch when I arrived and asked if there was something light I could have from the kitchen - ended up with a veal roast, vegatbles, salad and the obligatory bread I couldn't jump over. Kept asking me if it was alright so I was obliged to eat the lot 😨. I had to settle for a fruit dinner in case I exploded.

    Slovenia was designed by a god that loves motorbikes - beautiful scenery and fantastic roads. I'll post pics in my next footprint for Kranjska Gora. In the meantime I'll leave you with a pic of a little church and some food.

    Ohh, a lot of the hotels are pet friendly....pretty much whatever pet you want to travel with. A small compact car pulled up for an overnight stay - mum, dad 2 kids, 2 huge dogs and a smaller one. No idea how they fited them in the car, or their room!!!!
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  • Another day in Črniče. We hiked to the end of town, found a rough trail to a gurgling river and followed it upstream among the boulders and dense trees. We returned to have lunch at the Arkade tourist farm and the food was so good. We had intended to eat a light lunch, but at the insistence of the owner, Silva, we each had a dish of mangalitsa pork that the Cigoj family raises. I've never tasted pork like that. It was rich, deep and delicious. Silva cajoled into trying one of her light, refreshing white wines made with a grape that is unique to Slovenia, Malvazija. It was indeed refreshing and bright - it tasted of a breezy sunlit Saturday or maybe that was just my imagination. This region of Slovenia is subject to seasonal intense winds they call The Bora (or Burja), which can reach up to 120 mph. The intensity and impact of these winds has shaped the towns and landscape. Towns are packed tightly, with labyrinthine roads hedged by high walls or houses themselves. Terra cotta roofs are kept in place by stones (pictured).Read more