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  • Day317

    Vintgar Gorge

    May 9, 2017 in Slovenia

    We hope you enjoy watching the short video we filmed at the gorge here:

    One of the things that shocked us when we arrived at Camping Bled was the number of GB vans. We'd parked up in between two who turned out to be British, the next day two English people, Wendy and Mary, travelling together in their own vans parked nearby and a Scottish person (we didn't catch her name) came over for a chat while we were sitting outside. She'd just returned from a walk through the nearby Vintgar Gorge and told us all about it.

    The next day, buoyed up with enthusiasm, we picked the lads up from the small train station near their apartment and headed off in the van to the gorge. At 4km away from Bled we could have walked but a lot of it was uphill and we wanted to be able to enjoy our time in the gorge without having to worry about being exhausted by the time we got back.

    We pulled up in the free car park, opposite half a dozen old modified cars with GB plates. There was a €5 pp entry charge with a sign stating this went on the upkeep of the gorge. By the time we'd walked the 2 miles of well maintained boardwalk and bridges, we could see the money was well spent and the fee a reasonable one.

    The Radovna river cut a deep course through the steep, rocky gorge. It was so steep that the boardwalk had been built on the side of the near vertical banks, for a significant portion of the walk. The noise of the rushing water was ever present as it flowed over shallow rapids, squeezed through deep pinch points and tumbled down waterfalls of varying heights and widths. The weather had turned colder and the sky was overcast much of the time, but in the spells where the sun came out and shone into the gorge,the light was filtered through the Spring Beech forest foliage. It took on a gorgeous golden-green hue that was reflected by the surface of the river. The water was so clear that in the deeper sections, the colour penetrated to the pale karst bed.

    The wildlife was great too. Birds sang at the top of their voices to be heard over the river's roar. We watched Grey Wagtails hopping around at the water's edge and Dippers diving and swimming underwater, before emerging to chew on a tasty morsel. Spotted fish rested and recuperated in eddies, ready to continue their journey upstream.

    Our journey down Vintgar Gorge ended with the stunning and powerful 16m high Sum Waterfall. We crossed over a bridge at the head of the fall before descending a steep woodland track to the plunge pool, where we were splattered with the spray.

    Making the most of Ali and Tom's last night in the apartment we returned there for a warming curry. It was too cold to sit out on the balcony but the dining room was comfortable enough and had an even better view of Lake Bled.
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  • Day80

    Lake Bohinj

    August 25, 2017 in Slovenia

    After a day of waterfalls and mountains it was time for a swim at the beautiful Lake Bohinj.
    While Lake Bohinj may not be as glamourous as Lake Bled, it is less crowded, and an ideal summer holiday destination. People come to chill out or to swim in the blue-green clear water. There are lots of outdoor pursuits like kayaking, cycling, hiking - it is big enough to accommodate everyone, and it is close to all the quaint villages including where we are staying (about 15 minutes).Read more

  • Day77

    Ljubljana - last day

    August 22, 2017 in Slovenia

    Walked to the City Park - beautiful parklands with something for everyone. Apart from the huge Weeping Willows and other trees, there was a great playground, wading pool, cafe, lily pond, and quirky statues placed here and there. One last look around both sides of the river as we prepare to move on to Bohinj tomorrow. It has been such a lovely visit Ljubljana. Hvala!Read more

  • Day308

    Cerknica intermittent lakes

    April 30, 2017 in Slovenia

    For our last activity we'd planned a day at Lake Cerknica in Notranjski Regional Park. We weren't sure what to expect because the lake is an intermittent one, sitting in a karst limestone valley and appearing and disappearing with the varying rainfall of the seasons.

    It was windy and felt cold at the start of the day but after a short drive we were happy to see a substantial amount of water in the lake as we pulled in to the free car park. After doing a quick recce and picking up a map from the cafè, Paul and Cath hired mountain bikes, we got the tandem down and we all peddled our way towards the lake. We had planned to cycle round it but after slipping and sliding along a muddy track riddled with puddles and having it come to an abrupt end in the lake, twice, we changed course and took the car track along one side of it. The mountain bikes had coped better than the tandem, whose wheels had become clogged with mud and grit. Will initially blamed our inertia on Vicky, but a 5 minute clean and a quick adjustment worked wonders and we were able to double the speed for half the effort of before.

    The car track was a good route and after a while we came accross another lake on our left, where light brown reed beds stretched for miles. The mixed green forests covering the hillsides in all directions and the rich blue sky patterned with fluffy white clouds made for a stunning backdrop. It was in to these forests that we climbed after a while, reaching the hamlet of Otok before looping round and returning to enjoy a cuppa at the busy cafè overlooking the grass meadow, lake and hills.

    Lunch in the van rested and reinvigorated us ready for Will, Cath and Paul to canoe while Vicky kept Poppy company. The day had warmed up a bit by this point and an enjoyable few hours were spent paddling. Viewed from the water, the beautiful scenery seemed enhanced, but there was only one other person out making use of it. Spring isn't as far on here as in Italy and Cath spotted some Snowdrops in flower under the surface of the clear lake, together with some Water Buttercups.

    Returning to our site at Razdrto, Will made up a special three course feast for the final night of our Slovenian adventure with Cath and Paul. There are always nerves preceding a get-together like this, we hadn't spent time with friends from home for 7 months and they were going to be with us for five nights. Mixed in with the excitement of seeing them were doubts that buzzed around our heads. Will they like the same things as us? How will we all fit in the van? Will we be able to agree on where to go and what to see? We were delighted that as time progressed we found more and more common ground with Cath and Paul and they adapted brilliantly to van life - especially the 'only one person standing' rule! Our doubts had quickly fallen away and we'd ended up having the most amazing time!
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  • Day65

    Into the Caves! Postojna Caves

    August 21, 2017 in Slovenia

    Amazing!! This is how these caves are described on the brochure- ' Tiny droplets have created an endless parade of crystal fancies in the underground halls. Truly a heaven underground.' We drove to the caves, about 45 minutes south of Ljubljana. The caves are truly breathtaking. The cave system is 240 kilometres long- enormous. A small train takes you into the mountain through the first chambers then you walk for 45 minutes through further chambers. The stalagmites and stalactites are created when droplets of water seep through the limestone- takes 40 years to grow 1 millimetre! And the 'curtain' ones take 70 years for a millimetre to grow!! The photos just don't go anywhere near showing this magnificent creation of nature!Read more

  • Day78

    Bohinj Slovenia

    August 23, 2017 in Slovenia

    Our destination for the next three days is the Bohinj Valley or Basin in the Julian Alps (North-western Slovenia). The drive took us through Bled and those first glimpses of the glacial lake, its island and church, and Bled Castle did not disappoint but we did not stop - we were saving Bled for tomorrow. We continued for another 20kms of stunning scenery of mountains and forests before heading up to our accommodation through little settlements with tiny narrow streets to finally reach our little village of Srednja Vas. It is beautiful up here. If we had opted to stay in Bled we would have missed seeing this hidden treasure. Alan did a great job avoiding crazy drivers who don't know how to slow down even when it is obvious two cars cannot fit through the narrow corner!!Read more

  • Day79

    Bled Slovenia - Bled Castle

    August 24, 2017 in Slovenia

    A day spent in Bled. We did all things touristy:
    Bled Castle - medieval castle built on a precipice over 100m above Lake Bled. According to written sources, it is the oldest Slovenian castle. Great views of Bled, the Lake and mountains.

  • Day79

    Bled Lake

    August 24, 2017 in Slovenia

    Bled Lake - The lake is of mixed glacial and tectonic origin. It is 2,120 m long and 1,380 m wide, with a maximum depth of 29.5 m. The World Rowing Championships were held here in 1966, 1979, 1989, and 2011 and next month the European Rowing Championships will be held here.

  • Day79

    Bled Island

    August 24, 2017 in Slovenia

    Bled Island (Blejski otok) - we took the easy option and paid for someone else to do the rowing over to the island. The island has several buildings, the main one being the pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, built in its current form near the end of the 17th century. The church has a 52 m tower and there is a Baroque stairway from 1655 with 99 stone steps leading up to the building. It is a popular venue for weddings - there was one there today. Traditionally it is considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the steps on the day of their wedding before ringing the bell and making a wish inside the church. It was 28 degrees today! I think the bride and groom skipped that tradition.Read more

  • Day75


    August 20, 2017 in Slovenia

    A change of countries - we are now in Slovenia. Our home for the next three nights is Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital and largest city. It also happens to be one of Europe's greenest and most liveable capitals - the European Commission awarded Ljubljana with the coveted Green Capital of Europe title for 2016. Car traffic is restricted in the centre, leaving the banks of the Ljubljanica River, which flows through the city, free for pedestrians and cyclists. It has a great feel about it with its cafes set up along the river and its cobbled streets in every direction. The locals are friendly and chatty and speak excellent English. The Old Town sits on the right bank of the river directly below the Castle Hill. It is quite compact and easy to walk around (no cars) and enjoy its atmosphere.
    Many bridges cross the river, the most famous of which is Tromostovje (Triple Bridge), designed by architect Jože Plečnik, who tried to model Ljubljana on ancient Athens. The multitude of his creations in the city, referred to as a whole as "Plečnik's Ljubljana", is considered to be one of the 20th century's most important total works of art. Already we are wishing we had longer here....not just because of the delicious meal we just had, particularly the limoncello dessert!!
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