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  • Day40

    Seoul sky tower and trip to Busan

    November 8, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Got up, packed up and set off to get a bus to the bottom of a hill, onto of which sat the N sky tower. We seem to be (or maybe just I) seem to enjoy a good sky tower. Viewa were epic, but it did allow us to see an even bigger tower in the distance. Tower FOMO. That one was the 6th biggest in the world. Dowh.
    Back to the station to pick up the bags and get the 2.5 hour train to Busan, the 2nd largest city in South Korea after Seoul. The countryside is relatively flat compared to Japan, but still fairly hilly. The buildings on the way down were often high rise flats, which reminded me a lot of that scene from Inception where they build their own city.
    Busan seemed like a nice city, on the sea side.
    The bus to the hotel was a faff as there was only standing room and and lot of wobbling around with heavy bags.
    Hannah got in touch with a friend from home - Emily who was working close by. So we met up for some Korean food (lots of mini dishes over a cook your own bbq). Had a few beers and Soju (clear liquid, reasonably tasty, and they mix it with beer. It's about 25%. Did not realise that!). Not happy with finishing the evening there, we went to a Karaoke bar. This is actually just a private booth where they bring you food and booze. Hannah fell asleep with 30 mins which left Emily and I to keep singing and drinking Soju until it closed at 4.30am.
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  • Day40

    Last Day in Korea

    October 6, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Our temple stay continued with a fairly typical Buddhist monk wakeup time: 3:50am! They have another drumming ritual starting at 4:07am precisely, so we had to be up in time for that. Much the same as last night, though still quite cool to see. This was immediately followed by morning prayers and meditation in the main hall of the temple, so we followed our guide in.

    I'd figured out that if I folded the prayer cushions three times I could sit high enough to be cross-legged on the floor without much discomfort, so that's what I did! I'm pretty bad at meditating, but it was really cool to sit in the same room as all the monks, seeing them all in lotus position, still as statues. Listened as they went through the ritual singing and chanting, then the worst part which was 10 prostrations before the Buddha. Basically a burpee, you start in a standing position, bow and then kneel before bowing to the floor so that your knees, elbows, nose and forehead all touch the ground. Then you rise to a kneel and stand again. Ten times. I guess if you're meditating properly the pain isn't noticeable.

    Prayers finished, we had an hour before breakfast at 6am which I used for a bit more merciful sleep. Breakfast was much the same as dinner, though less spicy and with a soybean soup that had squishy rice cakes in it, a bit like gnocchi. I wouldn't call it tasty, but it was nice enough. Temple tour at 7am with a monk, though we were mainly revisiting spots we had already seen yesterday. We got to go inside the tripitaka pavilions, but you can't see the actual blocks and no photos are allowed inside.

    A little free time which we used at the coffee machine to load up on caffeine and chat to the others. At 8am we had a woodblock printing session where we got to print our own copies of the Heart Sutra, the same way copies would be printed from the tripitaka. The woodblocks are of course just imprints of what you want to put on the paper, and the Chinese had this printing technology centuries before Gutenberg. His innovation was the idea that having lots of letters meant you could quickly and easily change what was being printed each time. The Chinese, of course, with thousands of characters, didn't have that luxury!

    Last step on the program was chatting with a monk over tea. It was the same monk who had guided us with the meditation the previous night, and it was nice to see her in a slightly less formal setting. Very surprised to learn that she had been at the temple for 30 years, and had started the process when she was 9, so she was at least older than us! But I guess with the shaved head and the genetic "Asian women don't wrinkle until their 50s" thing, she didn't look more than 25.

    The session was nice, but a bit frustrating too because of the language barrier. She spoke a little English and even though our guide interpreted for us, Arlette kept asking odd tangential Marie-style questions (with an additional language barrier since her English was only okay), and the Israeli man kept asking questions by talking about his favourite topic - himself.

    And with that, we were done! Packed up, said goodbye to everyone and hurried down the hill for the 12pm bus back to Daegu, where we got another bus south to Gimhae. This was a flying stop, as there was a tentative WHS to visit here - Tumulus mounds! Ancient burial mounds from kingdom that even pre-dated the Silla. There wasn't much to see in either the museum or the mounds themselves, just a lot of locals walking their dogs around the mounds since it was a sunny Sunday afternoon in a large park. The highlight was probably when we saw two dachshunds! But at least we've been and ticked it off, as Korea will probably push it through in the next couple of years.

    From Gimhae we got an hour-long local bus into central Busan, second-largest city in South Korea. Gimhae is basically a satellite city, sort of like Penrith I guess. Our hotel was downtown near the train station which must have been a good idea when we booked, but it was a long way from the bus station and the airport, both of which we actually needed, so it wasn't a great choice in the end. The room was nice enough, and we passed the evening working before our traditional final meal in a country: McDonalds.
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    Trish Forrester

    A great story to end your tour of Korea. I guess with that lifestyle I'm not surprised the guide looked so young.

    Trish Forrester

    That would make a magnificent sound!

    Trish Forrester

    Inside the pavilion? Oh I just realized you are in front of a big poster!

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  • Day224

    Un ferry en remplace un autre

    October 20, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    C'est bête, nous avions tout bien calculé pour arriver à temps à Yeosu, au sud du pays, pour attraper le ferry vers Jeju island.. Mais nous l'avons manqué ! Il ne partait pas a 1:30 pm, comme nous le pensions, mais à l'horaire étrange de 1:30 am, soit en pleine nuit ! Le prochain passe deux jours plus tard. Nous voilà "désoeuvrés" en bord de mer. Mais il fait beau, c'est joli, on campe sur la plage et on se déplace tranquillement de café en table de pique-nique en "jjimjilbang". C'est pas mal non plus.

    Avant cela, sur la route : d'impressionants ponts à haubans qui reliaient les presqu'îles entre elles, un spot de camping envahi de moustiques, des champs sous la pluie... Mais aussi une bonne nuit au chaud, un copieux dîner et même un peu de shopping dans la ville de Yumi.
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    Donald Chambers

    Looks a beautiful location and a lot of ships in the bay.

  • Day227

    Brève exploration de Jeju island

    October 23, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Les trois petits jours qu'il nous reste sur Jeju (qui fait environ 250 km de circonférence) sont un peu justes pour en faire tout le tour.
    Nous partons vers l'est, pour visiter des formations typiques de cette île volcanique : immense grotte de lave (on se sent comme dans les caves de la Moria - pour les geeks à qui ca parle) puis cratère géant, au pied duquel nous campons. Nous bifurquons ensuite à l'intérieur des terres pour l'ascension du Mont Hallasan. Nous pourrons dire que nous sommes montés sur le toit de la Corée, à 1950 m, mais de là-haut nous n'avons rien vu (jour blanc) ! En revanche au pied de la montagne, je tombe sur... une ancienne "collègue" de la SNCF. Pas banal.

    L'île de Jeju est un drôle d'endroit à plus d'un titre. Au-delà de ses trésors volcaniques, c'est le seul endroit au climat tropical en Corée et elle concentre des productions particulières : des clémentines, du thé. Les traditions ne sont pas en reste : femmes plongeuses (sans matériel !) pour ramasser coquillages et fruits de mer, constructions en pierre volcanique, manière rigolote de signifier avec un jeu de pierres et de barrières si l'on est chez soi ou absent (on est loin de la méfiance des grandes villes...).
    Jeju est une destination prisée pour les lunes de miel et les voyages en famille. Et sans doute parce que les Coréens aiment se distraire, ils y ont installé des musées et sites ludiques improbables. Nous aurions ainsi pu visiter le musée "Hello Kitty", celui du chocolat, des illusions optiques ou encore de la mythologie gréco-romaine (?) ou bien nous perdre dans de nombreux labyrinthes. Nous nous sommes contentés des sites naturels et des clémentines !

    Pour David et moi, Jeju signe aussi la fin de la route partagée : il retourne en ferry à Yeosu pour pédaler encore le long de la côte sud, tandis que je prends le ferry directement pour Busan. Je dois en effet être à l'heure au rendez-vous des copines à Osaka !
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    Alan Wai

    Very nice picture although I don’t know what is this

    Aline en roue libre

    Well i'm not a geologist but I would say it's just some lava that went cold while running/ dripping, ending up forming this tall lava column.

  • Day212

    Nuit revigorante dans un "jjimjilbang"

    October 8, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Et la solution pour être de nouveau propre mais aussi passer la nuit au chaud (je me suis enrhumée lors des nuits de camping) est...le jjimjilbang ! Il m'aura fallu un petit temps pour comprendre qu'il fallait d'emblée deux "J" pour les trouver sur Depuis, je ne cesse de saouler David avec : "oh un jjimjilbang par-ci, un autre par-là ! Si on y allait ?"
    Mais je ne lai pas convaincu. Nous tombons d'accord pour que j'expérimente seule avant de l'embarquer dans cette aventure. Nous nous séparons donc pour la nuit. J'entre dans ce qui est donc un bain public coréen, en l'occurrence dans un immeuble en plein centre de Gangneung.

    A un étage, ce sont les bains pour femmes : dans le plus simple appareil, on se lave en se frottant vigoureusement, chacune assise sur son tabouret en plastique devant un "poste de lavage" : robinet, douche, seau, miroir, avant d'aller se prélasser dans des bassins à différentes températures et diverses salles de sauna ou hammam. C'est plus ou moins grand et luxueux selon le jjimjibang (et le prix d'entrée). Crèmes hydratantes, cotons-tiges, sèche-cheveux sont mis à disposition de ces dames. Chacune apporte aussi ses produits de beauté/lavage, à transporter dans un petit panier en plastique.

    Mais le Graal pour l'itinérante que je suis est aussi la salle de repos, à un autre étage : c'est une vaste pièce commune où, comme les bains sont ouverts 24h sur 24h, on peut même passer la nuit : sur de vastes tatamis on étale son matelas et sa couverture. On trouve aussi une télé, des mangas et autres livres (meme si en coréen ça m'intéresse peu...),des fauteuils massants, un bar où commander à boire ou à manger, d'autres salles étranges sur les côtés : une ressemble à une fausse grotte toute chaude décorée avec du gros sel et des étoiles de mer (?). Le jjimjilbang semble donc être le moment regression/ bien être par excellence : on dort, on lit des BD, on prend soin de soi, dans un environnement surchauffé digne du ventre maternel. Tout chaud mais pas nécessairement calme. Au cours de la soirée puis nuit, de plus en plus de gens arrivent. Crevée et un peu malade, je m'endors sans peine dès 20h30, malgré un vieux qui s'est assoupi devant la TV sans l'éteindre. Mais lorsque je me réveille au milieu de la nuit, je suis surprise de voir la salle remplie de nouveaux dormeurs ! Pourquoi les Coreens, qui eux ont une maison, viennent-ils dormir ici ? Mystère. En tous cas, j'ai pour ma part apprécié de me laver, me détendre, faire ma lessive, profiter des prises et du wifi et dormir dans ce cocon... C'est toute revigorée que je retrouve David le lendemain matin. Lui a campé dans une forêt au bord de la plage. Nous fêtons nos retrouvailles avec un petit-dej au soleil !
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    Mathilde RMX

    On sent bien la joie procurée par la douche et la nuit au chaud ! ;-)

    Aline en roue libre

    Ouiii !

    Anne-Sophie THOMAS

    Ahahah pas mal du tout ce plan dodo !!!! 😁 👌

  • Day215

    Further down the coast

    October 11, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Down the coast we continue. It's still nice and sunny. We feel more and more distant from big cities, crossing only little fishermen's villages. After many food and coffee opportunities in the north, the options narrow down to little fish restaurants.
    We meet a few other cyclists but otherwise it is quite deserted and the population seems to be aging. Young people have probably left for bigger cities.
    The trail is sometimes tricky, going up and down the coast all the time. We also regularly see damages from the recent typhoon, especially on river banks and bridges. One day the little port where we plan on going down to have lunch is completely barred : it has been badly flooded. To comfort us the men from the traffic regulation offer us some pastries. Another couple gives us energy drinks at a viewpoint ! Korean people are very nice, as usual.

    It is definetely the day of generosity : half an phour later, arriving at another little village, we are attracted by what seems to be a local traditional party with danse and music. We don't know exactly what is going on but the local folks soon invite us at the party and for a delicious lunch, ensuring that we don't lack anything. We then attend the performance. I would say it's nicer to watch than to listen to but you can judge by yourself by watching the videos :).

    I also try to lure David into a spa and into a cave visit, but the spa is too expensive and the cave has been flooded too... Anyway, the little detour inland that we made for these places has given us the opportunity of another nice camping spot, in a grassy field full of flowers rather than at the beach.
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    Solenn Poullennec

    A faire de beaux rêves

  • Day44

    Busan to the Island of Jeju

    November 12, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Took a flight from Busan to Jeju. A little island off the South West coast of South Korea. We needed a break from cities!
    An hour and a half bus took us to our most fancy hotel yet, a few mins walk from the sea. Not much time left in the day apart from taking a stroll to the sea. Missed the sunset as I took us the wrong way. Much to Hannah's delight as she said she thought we were going the wrong way. 😫.Read more

    Heather Proctor

    Looks fabulous. You know Hannah’s always right Louis 🤣

    Eamon Gomaa

    The 3D stuff is so cool, did I mention I hate you guys....never felt so damn jealous! But I cant stop checking out all the photos 😀😀😀.

  • Day46

    Exploring Jeju. South and West.

    November 14, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Today we explored the south and west of Jeju. Started out with a nearby waterfall.
    Then a bit further along the coast found these hexagonal stone structures which had been formed by cooling lava. Pretty cool.
    Followed by a walk along a river and a few more waterfalls.
    Taking the advice of TripAdvisor we went to the number 1 thing to do in Jeju - a sacred garden. Started by 1 man in the 60s (now a team of 25). A peaceful place with lots of Bonzi trees.
    The man Mr Bum Young-Sun is obviously quite an astute business man. A random person asked if we would write in the visitor book. Whist we were doing that she offered us some orange tea (which was very nice). She asked if we would like the meet the main man. He came round and very kindly gave us a free book about his garden, only asking that we provide a trip advisor review. A good way to help yourself to the top of trip advisor. Still, good garden though.

    With the light fading and it getting freezing, we went for an indoor activity. Can you guess who chose this one...? An art museum with perspective art which you could pose in front of.
    Got quite a few photos of me, one or two of Hannah.
    Back home for another Marvel film, which the hotel seemed to be playing on loop.
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    Sally Le Poidevin

    Great Geography! X

  • Day47

    Walking up Jeju volcano

    November 15, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    Up and out quickly to get to the foot of the volcano in the centre of Jeju. There are about 5 different routes to the top, but only 2 which go to the crater. We chose the most common route to the crater.
    We arrived at 9.15 to be told we had to be at a checkpoint by 12pm otherwise we would not be allowed to the top. The checkpoint was 3 hours away, so we got our quick march on.
    Made it with 30 mins to spare, so cruised to the top.
    Last 100m were pretty tiring, but apart from that a very nice walk.
    Lots of people up at the top including lots of the Korean army out for some training. After a snickers enjoying the view we started the walk down. Great views out over the island and interesting scenery as we descended 1000 vertical meters. Total time was 6.5 hours and about 13 miles.
    With tired feet we went to the harbour for sunset and a short drone flight.
    Back to the room for some pot noodles and a cider. I think probably the first day we actually came in under budget in the whole holiday so far.
    Early start tomorrow for a flight to Taiwan to meet up with the family.
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    Sally Le Poidevin

    Lovely! Ping! X

  • Day203

    Randonnée à Bukhansan

    September 29, 2019 in South Korea ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Une belle Coréenne expansive qui n'avait jamais randonné mais s'en sortait bien - tout en poussant régulièrement de petits cris et en se jetant sur les pierres, jouant la pin-up épuisée ! Un grand Coréen taiseux qui à l'inverse avait marché jusqu'à Saint Jacques de Compostelle, un Coréen américanisé, photojournaliste hyperactif, passionant mais avec tellement d'idées à la minute qu'il en perdait le fil, une Francaise designer textile, amoureuse du Japon et qui fait le tour du monde en Land Rover, une Indienne qui n'avait pas trop la forme et a du rebrousser chemin, un petit chien affectueux mais interdit, qu'on a donc du cacher dans le sac à dos...Telle était l'équipe de Bukhansan. Randonnée pas si évidente et qui a demandé un peu de varappe sur les rochers. Couronnée en tous cas par une vue panoramique sur Séoul, sous un soleil radieux, puis par la visite d'un temple en redescendant. En dépit de la foule de marcheurs qui a eu la meme idee que nous en ce samedi, j'ai adoré !Read more

    Marie Dessaillen

    Elle est belle cette photo! Tu as l'air vraiment heureuse ❤️

    Marie Dessaillen

    Belle couleur de tuiles! 🥰


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