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  • Had a good day today doing a lot of hiking around the park, although a lot of it was walking up steps.

    Met some crazy Russians and walked around the park with them. 'Do not enter' doesn't apply to Russians, and they always want to swim everywhere.

    Day started off really misty, as you can see from the great view behind us from the top (there is supposed to be a good view). It did clear up a bit more later in the day.

    Very tired after it though, fitbit said I did the equivalent of 313 floors and 10 miles.
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  • Spent the evening going someplace high.

    Also walked along some of cheong gye cheon, which was a raised freeway that has been torn down to uncover the stream and turned into a nice path.

    Also, I'm staying in what used to be, might still be, a love hotel. So I have a Jacuzzi bath, so I used it, it was very nice and a relaxing end to the day.

  • This was a 9-hour layover between my MNL to LAX flight. I was with my brothers on this trip. While at ICN, we decided to take a 2-hour tour that the airport provided. Being at the airport itself can already be considered a staycation because it's so neat in there, but we still wanted to check out the outside of the airport.

    The tour took us to see the following:
    -Incheon Grand Bridge (longest bridge in S. Korea)
    -Incheon City Museum
    -Heungryunsa Temple (beautiful temples and Buddha statues)
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  • the royal palace in the Josen dynasty, built in the 14th century in a typical Korean style. the upward lines of the roofs are supposed to follow the lines of the mountains and this way make the building become part of the scenery.

  • it's hard to believe the country is at war, because the reminders are very subtle. but the people seem happy, they sure live their lives in an orderly (the last picture is of a protest :D) but active manner and the city is just beautiful

  • Today it's off to Incheon airport to fly back to Switzerland. I'm sad to leave my friends here. Koreans are very interesting people in general, but my friends are just extraordinary.
    On the way to the train station I had a very special taxi ride. The taxi driver told me he also works as a magician and was on TV many times. He even had a bird in his cab! ;-)

  • Landed at the international airport and had to take a express subway to another section of their terminal to get Chris' Check In Luggage. That was fast enough, but then we hit immigration. My goodness, there were at least 800 people there. It was insane. We had to go through those snake lines and we were there for a good two hours. The line was moving forward slowly very consistently, but there were just that many people in there that it took what seemed an eternity. Mainly those from Malaysia and China, with a splattering of Japanese and Europeans. It was then we made the decision to go straight to Gimpo as we had to secure a flight for tonight for Jeju. I went to SK Telecom and get my WIFI Eggs and also Chris organised a coach to Gimpo. It was quick and good, if not stinky of cigarettes. I could not wait for a shower at this point.Read more

  • After 9 years I finally met the first Korean friends of my life again in Seoul: Kate and Jinny. Without their intention they raised my interest about Korea which has changed some of the paths in my life. I am very grateful for this unique moment...I didn't think it would be possible.
    #Toronto2007 #Seoul2016 #AlwaysMeetTwiceInLife #milestone #blessed #kamsahamnida

  • With the meeting of Miji at Incheon Airport my Korean endeavour has ended.
    I tried hard (sometimes too hard) to learn more about the Korean culture, their history and to understand their social rules, which are so different from my own. Therefore I went to South Korea twice and met many friends, and also went to North Korea to get a complete picture of the divided country. I can say I understand better now, but some parts will always remain a mystery.
    Anyway, I will always be an ambassador for Korea when my friends have questions or don't understand certain things in East Asia and Korea will remain in a special place in my heart.
    Hanguk, sa rang hae!
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