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  • Distance: 24k (1426.9/501)
    Weather: 19C, Mostly overcast
    Mood: calm
    Staying at: Hotel Gerra Mayor

    The joy of a real towel...

    The view of a real towel can really make my day now and I think I dream about large piles of multicoloured, fluffy towels every night. I recommend hostels to other pilgrims when they have towels and I nearly jumped for joy when the hotel I'm staying in tonight had four towels all for me!!!
    It's amazing how perspective changes when one is on a journey so long. The kilometers don't count as much anymore, my feet and body have grown strong. But the longing for basic comforts has increased significantly and it makes me realise what an amazingly easy and comfortable life we lead.
    Someone said that the difference between a pilgrim and a tourist is that a pilgrim thanks you. Pilgrims are genuinely grateful, because they realise the pleasure of simple things and gestures again.
    So my friends, look around and appreciate and be grateful for what you have. We lead a life of luxury and we keep forgetting about this.
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  • We made it! Foggy morning and cool walking to Santiago. We waited in line at the new Pilgrim's Office and got our compostela then paid a visit to Pilgrim House where the owner recognized me from the Camino web site and Dave from last year. From there we went to lunch and celebrated with Pulp! Mmm so good, very tasty and cooked just right. I have been waiting until I got here to have it and it was worth the wait!

    Today was definitely a high point of the trip; some college age Pilgrims from Poland were walking just in front of me and praying the Rosary in Polish. I moved in a little closer and prayed with them. They invited me to lead the Rosary in English while they responded in Polish then a young Portuguese man started praying with us and he lead the next decade in Portuguese. It was beautiful and definitely a great morning.
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  • Distance: 28.7 (1694.2/199.2)
    Weather: 13C, ultra foggy, later a bit of sun
    Mood: strong
    Staying at: Camino Primitivo Hostel

    Despite the fog...

    Today was an ultra, super foggy day and still I went up the mountain. I guess I was hoping for a view, which came but only after the easier route joined mine. It was cold, windy, wet and I couldn't see a friggin thing for about two hours, but still... Despite the fog I enjoyed my walk and in contrast to most other pilgrims arriving today I'm not tired. I'm super strong 🤓
    I'm in a good mood, because I'm starting to smell Santiago. The end of the camino is in sight and I'm happy for it. Many new people joined the way in Oviedo and are going through their first days struggles. It's great to realise I'm so far past that, yet I'm not feeling bored or annoyed.
    Of course the girls who kept chatting late last night and again early this am and kept leaving the doors open irritated me a little, but only for a little while. They just don't know better and I do. And for that I'm grateful. I'm clearly still in my zen zone... despite the fog...
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  • Distance: 20k (+9 by train) (1375.9/561)
    Weather: 21C, little rain first then sunny
    Mood: Upbeat
    Staying at: Piedad Hostel

    Give me a break

    Today I finally took it a little easier and it felt great. I still got up early and I made sure to walk alone for the first but, so I could call Marc and just enjoy the walk by myself.
    Despite the long walk my legs felt good and soon I reached the stunning coastline before Santander. I took a break for some food while watching the sea. Many nervous pilgrims overtook me at a hasty pace. I assume cause they were worried not to get a bed at the next Alberge.
    It felt like a big waking competition and it made me smile a little. I decided to take a break and took the train from Santander to a village 10km further and walked another 5k. This way I broke free from The crowd that had gathered at Guemes, but more importantly it gave me a much needed mental and physical break and I am smiling again. Tomorrow I'll walk alone again...
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  • Distance: 33.5 (1174.4/805.6)
    Weather: 27C, sunny and windy
    Mood: lonesome
    Blisters: 0
    Staying at: Zumaia Pilgrims hostel

    Ask for solitude and you get...

    Loneliness... Today I felt alone in the most beautiful scenery. My feet no longer hurt and the walking is going well. I enjoy the more challenging climbs here and there are plenty of options on the way to enjoy the nice Spanish food, lattes and frappes. Still, instead of joy, gratitude or even just chilled out, I was overcome by a feeling of loneliness this morning. Why now? I have been walking for so long and many days alone.
    I was thinking about what will happen when I get back home and I noticed that I am really longing for a "normal" life again, with some sort of work and my own place to live (and the same comfy bed every night and real towels, yay!). Without these things, I struggle to feel my identity and maybe that's starting to make me feel a bit lonely too.
    Luckily a few nice ladies at home cheered me up with their virtual company (thanks Nicole, Sharon and Jolka!) and soon I was engrossed in the waking again, step by step by step.
    Tomorrow I have a bit of a tough choice to make, walk 35k with a really challenging climb at the end or walk only 20k and do the climb tomorrow... in the rain. Opinions can be shared on the discussion board 😉
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  • Tues, Oct 4 in O'Cebreiro

    Pics #1-2 modern day pilgrims don't lack for much out here in the way of food; pic 1 is the first course, ensalada mixta (there are usually 4-5 options to choose from) & pic 2 was my main course; a dessert of local cheese with honey was the 3rd course . . . incredible
    Pic #2 pilgrim family; we don't always walk so much together, but tend to meet up in the evenings

  • Pic #1 "hobbit house" in town outside of Terradillos
    Pic #2 another sunrise
    Pic #3 Arco San Benito as we pass through Sahagun
    Pics #4-5 nothin' but sky, sunflowers and wheat fields as far as the eye can see
    Pic #6 bridge over Rio Porma in Puente Villarente

  • Did 26 km into Astorga today, ending our walk through the Meseta. Yesterday's walk from Leon was brutal since it was along the highway. :-( Today was half and half, taking us through a couple of really sweet smaller towns.

    Pic #1 at dinner in Villadango last night, the elephant print on the wall is the same one I've got at home (looks much better in my house)
    Pic #2 not sure what breed these 2 beasts were but they were being used in the sheep farm I passed today
    Pic #3 fun drinking fountain/statue; as you run the water to fill your drinking vessel, the run off from the drain is pumped back up to the state's water bottle and a trickle comes out for him too!
    Pic #4 in Astorga
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  • The last 3 days have been fantastic, walking back toward the mountains and passing through lovely villages. Along the way I met a sweet Camino cat who climbed right onto my lap when I knelt down to pet it. Another pilgrim I talked to later that day said the same cat jumped on his back pack & went along with him for about 1 km. I also got to hold & have a photo taken with Julie, the Harris hawk!

    Pic #3 stork nest on an old church; I've seen these huge nests all over the place, though apparently it's the wrong time of year for the birds to be hanging out in them as I haven't seen a one

    Pic #5 ahh, the mountains once again

    Pic #6 another Camino kitty
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  • The morning was cool and very misty when we started out, reaching La Cruz de Ferro as the sun was coming up and trying to burn through the clouds. I left a stone there in honor of Jamie, a special member of the Lombard Animal Hospital team (where Willy goes each week) who I learned just 2 days before had passed away. I'm thinking of her a lot right now as I continue my walk; she was very excited for my Camino adventure and had often shared stories of her own outdoor adventures with me.
    The day cleared up and there were more amazing views as the mountains appeared once again around us.

    Pic #6 castle in Ponferrado
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