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  • Day239


    June 27 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Ça faisait longtemps, ça fait du bien de la retrouver : la plage 🏖 fait son retour dans notre voyage ! 

    On passe la journée à Vigo, et c'est plutôt pas mal comme coin. Vu le nombre de personnes âgées ET faisant du sport, ça doit être un lieu de retraite prisé. Mais le front de mer est bien équipé avec des piscines (oui, on est face à la mer, mais ils ont des piscines), des toilettes tous les 200m, des tables de pique-nique à foison,... La seule ombre au paysage est la présence d'un immeuble, massif, en plein milieu d'une île à 100m de la côte, c'est surprenant, mais pas dans le bon sens 🤔.

    En début d'aprem, sieste syndicale 😴 sur la plage. On n'était pas prêt pour le vent 🌬 et on n'a pas quitté nos doudounes, alors que tout le monde autour de nous était en maillot de bain 👙, tout ce qu'il y a de plus normal 🥶 ! 

    Le soir, on s'est posé dans un espace de camping-car payant, 5€ la nuit, pour tous le confort possible et super propre, c'était un super plan. En a profité d'être installé pour cuisiner 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 un énorme saladier de taboulé qui nous a fait 4 repas à 2. Mais aussi profité de l'électricité pour geeker sur l'ordi une bonne partie de la soirée/nuit ! 😅
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    Laurence AUFFRET

    Y a de vagues 🙂 c'est Brice qui serait content 😋

    Floriane Auffret


  • Day238

    Playa Fluvial de rio Pacin

    June 26 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Après s'être fait avoir au Portugal 🙁🇵🇹 sur l'emplacement qu'on avait repéré, nous sommes retourné en Espagne. Et c'est un changement d'ambiance 🇪🇸🤩, première tentative, on trouve direct un super lieu où rester 2 nuits. Les points positifs : c'est au départ de pas mal de rando 🥾, le paysage est super et on est au niveau d'une "Praia Fluvial" 👙🗻 (bord de rivière de montagne aménagé en espace de détente). On en a profité pour faire la vaisselle et se laver directement dans la rivière, c'est frais 🧊, mais qu'est-ce que c'est bon 🙂! 

    Vu l'endroit, on ne s'est pas fait prier pour faire une bonne petite rando. Il y avait quelques sections très sauvages 🪴🍄(avec des panneaux de signalisation, mais pas de chemin, il fallait marcher à travers la végétation) mais des super points de vue, des falaises, des cascades, ça valait le coup !
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    Laurence AUFFRET

    Incendie ???? 😱

    Floriane Auffret

    Pas du tout c'est les reflets du coucher de soleil😅

  • Day15

    Hike rate “easy” on AllTrails and “Famil

    June 30 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Hmmm unless you are a family of Sherpa’s living in the Himalayas and do base camp regularly this trial was neither of the above 😂😂😂 dropping off to the side of the very narrow trail in parts to prob 300 mts ! Then having to climb through a rock staircase through a home in the rock … the only offering on the other side is a chain to hang onto for the last precariously narrow section ! Chickened out for the last few metres ! Not that brave ! Cath and Jills cursory beer after a hike (skulked in 3 mouthfuls I was so hot 🤣🤣🤣) then a dip in a beach somewhere 🏊Read more

  • Day44

    Morning has spoken...

    June 30 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 50 °F

    And it said
    Orange juice
    Coffee con Leche
    Toast with olive oil tomato and ham

    And as we are finishing breakfast a hungry Pilgrim staggers in and... OMG!
    MONIQUE... we have not seen each other for close to 5 weeks starting at the same time in St.Jean and then separating for the duration of the Way..Read more

    Hello Laurie! [Katie]


    Hola Katie

    Christin Seaver

    Have an especially happy day today!!!


    why? any specific reason this day is special? 😉

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  • Day4

    Aldudes - Roncesvalles

    June 29 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Was für eine Nacht 🔔💦 Nicht nur die benachbarte Kirchenglocke sondern auch die extrem hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit haben uns um den Schlaf gebracht. Nun gut… Keine Zeit zum jammern. Weiter machen! Die vierte Etappe startet direkt mit extrem steilen Anstiegen, aber dafür werden wir auch mit tollen Ausblicken belohnt. Ansonsten hat uns hauptsächlich das Wetter für den nächsten Tag beschäftigt 🤔 Heute Nacht bis morgen Mittag ist starker Regen angekündigt, weswegen wir diese Nacht in einem Apartment verbringen. Morgen hoffen wir spätestens ab 13 Uhr wieder starten zu können. Unser Ziel bis zum Sonnenuntergang: 21 km.Read more

    Manuel Reimer

    wunderschönes Wuppertal

    Hakan Gündüz

    Daumen sind gedrückt, dass die Wettergöttin es ab jetzt besser mit euch meint und mal den Regen weglässt. 🤞


    Wir hier in der Heimat sind wirklich ganz gespannt welch unfassbaren Aussichten, Erlebnisse und Eindrücke ihr wieder für uns habt! Ihr macht das wirklich toll. Sonne ist bestellt 😚

    Conny Danny

    Habt Ihr im Appartement gezeltet oder das Zelt trocknen lassen?

  • Day43

    A Pena morning

    June 29 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 52 °F

    The morning started with scrumptious breakfast buffet, again lovingly prepared by Angelis

    The Serene morning from the garden

    We did have quite a late start, but Juan drove us to A Pena proper to the Camino marker so we can be on our way.
    Without a doubt this was by far the best stay I've had through all my work on both Caminos
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    Nan Grimmer

    What a great idea! Ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast.

    Nan Grimmer

    Allan, I just realized that in the past 43 days, you have traveled 5,000 k which is 3,106 miles. That is more miles than the width of the United States. You are amazing!

    Nan Grimmer

    Have you actually WALKED that many miles? Or does the 5000 k include your flight from the US? (Even so, that is still amazing!!)


    OK, so...the 5K would indeed be the whole trip incl the flight. the app starts tracking and counting the moment you activate the trip and since I activated in EWR the ticking started... at 3100 miles it woul beat PCT...🙃. That said the total distance of Camino Frances from St.Jean to Santiago de Compostela is about 790 km. considering that I did skip some sections, I would estimate my total mileage at about 670km give or take and by the end of Finisterre extension it will be additional 90 km

    Nan Grimmer

    That's still about 500 miles -- way more than I could do. (Oh wait .. do I hear singing?)


    I've been singing that for 3 years now 🤣😇

  • Day15

    We made it! Santiago at last!

    June 28 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Today was a good day for most of us. For Jon, it was a test of his grit. As I mentioned briefly, Jon’s feet and legs have not been in a great place. Today his leg and knee were really bothering him. He pretty much limped the whole 18km today. He has grit and he clenched his teeth and did it! The rest of us had to watch him walk in pain. Thankfully, we all made it! The last part of the trip is such a strange experience. I thought it would be like seeing the Emerald City from far off and we would go running to the steps of the cathedral. Actually it was a windy path through downtrodden urban neighborhoods and you couldn’t even see the steeple until you rounded the corner of a bunch of old buildings and suddenly it was there. Not what I imagined. I guess though it is a metaphor and this whole trip is a pilgrimage for self reflection. I know Martin Luther would roll his eyes at me for wanting the compestella but honestly, I think God understands our need for physical gestures to help us believe and understand the heavenly gestures. Why else would He use water and wine and bread? He knows we are weak minded and need something physical to hold onto. The pilgrimage and piece of paper in the end aren’t necessary for forgiveness and grace. But they help us get to the right place to receive forgiveness and believe that it is true.

    I don’t know if it is something I’d frame in my house but I do know I will treasure it and use it to remember this awesome adventure of bonding as a family and sending off our first born into the world. The boys talked for 180km to each other- to us- And hopefully in their heads with God. I feel good about how we solved problems and worked as a team. I’m satisfied with my Camino and feel grateful for this opportunity. What an adventure!

    This evening we went to mass. It was all in Spanish but we knew the order of service and could tell what was happening. They swung the botafumiero at the end which is a special treat. The cathedral was amazing. What a grand finale!

    (By the way, funny that thousands of years of pilgrimage on a holy trail doesn’t trump modern necessities. The trail is clearly moved to go around an airport runway. Funny!)
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    Robin Sattler

    Thanks for sharing your journey. Happy your family had the opportunity to experience the El Camino and all the joys and challenges it brought. I loved hearing about it from your perspective, Sarah. Happy Travels homeward…

    Robin Sattler

    Wow…I didn’t expect that interior. Looks like the builders said “ We’re going as fancy as us humans can muster to give God the Glory!”

    Nancy Sattler

    Life changing, Faith enhancing, family affirming! Perfect. Love you all.

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  • Day42

    Desayuno numero uno

    June 28 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 63 °F

    Had to hoof it up for close to 10km before being able to find a place that was open

    Zumas, Empanada Pollo (1st ever for Laurie)
    Tortillas Bravas, coffee con Leche

    Then we came across an ancient bridgeRead more

    Bette Mayers

    Love the history that just pops up! Looks like a beautiful day!


    it sure was

    Nan Grimmer

    Are the birds parakeets?


    why, YES, yes they are!!!

  • Day71


    June 28 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Nach zwei Tagen Regen 🌧, den wir für die Bearbeitung und Vertonung unseres Reisefilmes genutzt hatten, lachte heute wieder die Sonne ☀️ 🥳
    Der Sonnenschein hat uns zu unserer zweiten Radtour motiviert. Zu dieser Tour kann man fast keine Worte finden. Obwohl sie ziemlich anstrengend war, war sie einfach einmalig schön.
    Hie und da zogen, zu unserem perfekten Glück, auch noch einige Pyrenäen-Geier über unseren Köpfen ihre Kreise. Manchmal waren sie unheimlich nah, dann wieder so weit oben im Himmel, dass man nur mehr einen Punkt kreisen sah … 🤩
    Es war heute einfach wieder ein perfekter Tag!
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  • Day341

    Naked and afraid: MENORCA

    June 17 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Written by Ruby ;]

    They are naked. We are afraid. The boat is surrounded on all sides. They are creeping closer. I lie awake at night and shiver, praying for an end to it all. Welcome. To. Menorca.

    [24 hours earlier]
    It is truly a beautiful day for sailing, so that’s exactly what we do, crossing over from Mallorca to Menorca. The boat happily sails along, and spirits are high. As the evening draws in, we pull into a bay on the northern coast, called Cala de Algaiarens. There are two sandy beaches and pine trees surround the bay. Many boats are at anchor here but there is enough space that the Cala still feels quiet.

    It is only the next day that the problem rears its head. Nudism. An onslaught of nudists; they are on the beach and swimming, they are sailing their boats and hosting their equally naked guests. I don’t know where to look.
    We spend four days here but never feel inspired to join in -we are prudes through and through.

    There’s great snorkelling around the rocks, so we spend lots of time there gazing at all the fish. We go to the beach on some of the evenings, when the heat of the day has subsided and the nudists are mainly dressed . On one of these occasions we meet our friends from Aphrodite, a boat we met way back in Ibiza.
    For most of our stay here, it’s windy, so we haven’t launched the paddle boards. We are beginning to understand why Menorca is called ‘The Windy Isle’. On our forth morning, the wind changes direction and everyone has clearly had the same idea. There is a mass exodus and we sail off in their midst.
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Kingdom of Spain, Spanien, Spanish State, ስፔን, 스페인, ܐܣܦܢܝܐ, สเปน, スペイン, 에스파냐, ສະເປນ, እስፓንያ, ସ୍ପେନ୍, អេស្ប៉ាញ, ประเทศสเปน, An Spáinn, An Spàinn, Caxtillan, Esipaɲi, Esipanye, Espaañ, Espagne, Èspagne, Espaina, Espainia, España, Espangne, Espanha, Espania, Espanja, Espánjja, Espanya, Espânye, Espay, Estado Español, Hesperia, Hisipaniya, Hispaania, Hispania, Hispanio, Hispanujo, Hiszpania, Isbeyn, Ispagna, i-Spain, Ispaña, Ispanija, İspaniya, İspanya, Ispuanii, la Madre Patria, La pell de brau, La piel de toro, Nsipani, Orílẹ́ède Sipani, Pain, Paniora, Pāniora, Regne d'Espanya, Reino de España, sangue, Sbaen, Sepania, Sepanyol, Sepeni, Sipeini, Sipen, Sipeyini, Spagn, Spagna, Spagne, Spain, Španělsko, Spania, Spánia, Spania nutome, Španielsko, Španija, Spānija, Španiska, Spanja, Spanje, Spanjë, Španjolska, Spánn, Spanya, Spanyän, Spanyol, Spanyolország, Spayn, Spen, Spēna, Spéonland, Spēonland, Spuenien, Szpańskô, Tây Ban Nha, Uhispania, Yn Spaainey, أسبانيا, إسبانيا, اسبانيا, اسپانیا, اسپین, ہسپانیہ, سپین, هسپانیه, ئیسپانیا, ئىسپانىيە, ספרד, שפאניע, Ισπανία, Гішпанія, Испани, Испания, Испониё, Іспанія, Шпанија, སི་པན།, སིཔཱེན, སིཔཱེན་, Իսպանիա, ესპანეთი, स्पेन, સ્પેઇન, સ્પેન, స్పేన్, ಸ್ಪೈನ್, ஸ்பெயின், സ്പെയിന്‍, স্পেন, စပိန်, ස්පාඤ්ඤය, 西班牙

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