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  • Day11

    O'Cebrerio to A Balsa

    Yesterday in Spain

    Good night's sleep in a private room. 6.30am start in the pitch black. Straight into an epic hill! But it was a beautiful walk on a gorgeous day. The scenery in Galicia is amazing. Glorious mountains as far as the eye can see. Through forest trails for most of the day. Less stops as less villages and longest walk yet today. Was 27km, 8 hrs, after we took a wrong turn out of Triacastela and added 3km to our journey!
    3 long km! Feet ache but in a beautiful eco albergue tonight. Environmentally friendly and all organic food and products. The couple who run it met on the Camino! The place is called El Beso which means kiss! They are so lovely and help with bed bugs problem. I told them everything i did yesterday, washing and drying at 60.degrees and rucksack in to a black sack ans left in the sun. They assured me I've done all i can but doing the process again to be sure! No doubt I'll have to do it again down the line. Its such a common problem on The Way.
    Have done over 170km and have 130km to go.
    I'll arrive ahead of time if all goes well so might end up doing another 90km past Santiago and out to the coast, Finisterre. We'll see! Sitting in their gorgeous garden now with a beer and feeling very satisfied! They have hammocks!
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  • Day7

    Foncebadon to Molinaseca

    September 14 in Spain

    22km today up to the highest point on our journey. Steep ascent but the bitch was the downhill! Quite stoney/rocky so slow pace.
    We started at 7.15am for sunrise at Cruz. Its a cross that has become one of the abiding symbols of the pilgrim way. People leave stones on the huge pile as part of their journey. A legend says that when the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was being built, pilgrims were asked to contribute by bringing a stone. The tradition is to throw a stone, brought from the place of origin of the pilgrim, with his or her back to the cross to symbolize their journey.
    My stone came all the way from Greystones beach!
    We hit the road again and the morning walk turned emotional pretty quickly for me. My thoughts were with some loved ones gone too soon that I'll always have a longing for more time with. We all know life is short but sometimes loss hits you smack bang in the face.Talked it out with 2 fellow pilgrims and felt lighter for it.
    Left another stone at the highest point with my thoughts on the 3 boys taking on Mont Blanc adventure today. Good luck lads!
    First in to our hostel today so pick of the beds which is one of the greatest things ever!
    Finished the day with the pilgrims meal beside a beautiful lake with some top people. Old friends and new.
    Day 6 tomorrow. Feels like longer but can't wait for another day.
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  • Day5

    21km today. Debated going another 5km but the sun stopped me. Legs prob could have made it but theres next to no shade to be found so gave up & checked in to Casa las Aguedas. Lovely walk in the morning but the heat gets too much past 1pm. Stopped in Astorga for lunch and to move bag on. I bypassed Astorga as for now I'm happier staying in these smaller towns. Another pilgrims meal on the way. Nice to sit and connect with pilgrims over a meal.
    Taking another alternative route in the morning on recommendations from others so lets see what that brings. Apparantly theres a 1,200metre climb to come! Having let go of planning for this trip i didnt realise they put a hill in there!
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  • Day6

    22km today. Up to 1,500 metre height. Alternative route on the blue route through Castrillo de Polvazres.
    More to come! Tired now so will report back later!

    Walked with English John, Croatian Iva and Aussie Rodney today. Rodney could talk! John I've been with in the same hostel last 2 nights and Iva we met last night. We met and both thought it was epic are names are so similar sounding 😂 Faith!
    She lent me her spare stick today for the rocky climb and she's a spanish speaker too so I'm hanging on to her! We met with Gea in the hostel who stayed with us last night too.
    Early start tomorrow with John and Iva for sunrise at Cruz de Ferro.
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  • Day8

    Foncebadon to Pieros

    September 15 in Spain

    24km today. 6.15am wake up for 7am start. Doing up the feet in the mornings and packing up the rucksack is something i need to get quicker at! I'm wrapping my toes/hot spots with hikers wool every day. It's worked wonders for me, no blisters. Until today. I skimped on it as will run low. Paid for it, 2 blisters now! Bastards. Its hilarious how much time is spent talking to fellow pilgrims about their feet! Ive watched Iva thread hers to drain them too. Fucking dreading having to do that to mine!
    Myself, English John & Croatian Iva still walking together. We had company of Emyr from Wales and Andrew from Idaho today. 2 smashing lads. Andrew is great fun, singing at random times, movie quotes, useless facts. Kept us entertained all day. He's also very religious so first real talk of religion on day 6 into a pilgrimage!
    Emyr is the son of a Presbyterian preacher but considers himself spiritual more than religious. Soft spoken, quiet till you walk alone with him. A beautiful day with beautiful people! Loads of stops as we passed through many towns and it was hot hot hot. Highlight was the van in the forest which had the tastiest vegan burger EVER. And it even had couches!
    Bedding down tonight in a small alberque. Nothing else around so group meal prepared for us. Which i would have passed on this evening for some quiet time as I'm exhausted but gotta eat. Lost my mojo a bit this evening as we didnt till finish till 4pm after a long last 3km up a hideous hill in 32 degree heat. Legs and feet are throbbing. Legs seize up every time i sit and get back up! Hoping the overnight sleep helps!
    Edit. Had a lovely meal and once i explained tje tiredness and aches got a round of support from everyone who filled me in about their days near the start that were similar. I may do shorter walk tomorrow and finish up before lunchtime.
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  • Day10

    Vega de Valcarce to O'Cebrerio

    September 17 in Spain

    13km today with a 900 metre climb. We made the decision to send on our bags ahead. So glad we did as it was a beautiful climb that would have felt punishing with the rucksack. We have been rewarded after the climb with the most amazing views.
    I'm a bit shook today as I've been unfortunate enough to pick up bed bugs. My biggest worry manifested 😥
    Have stopped walking in O'Cebrerio so i can try sort it out. Means washing and tumble drying everything to try kill them off. Feeling like a leper so a bit down. But I've a great Ozzie lady, Janet, here telling me how she dealt with her fleas earlier in the trip.
    It's so horrible to think about but thousands before me survived it so I'm sure i will too!
    Feet r ok so that's great and have a private room tonight so that'll help me get myself together again.
    Photos justice to the sights up here!
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  • Day9

    Pieros to Vega de Valcarce

    September 16 in Spain

    6.45am start after a pretty decent sleep. Stiff as f**k when i woke but the legs ease out after half and hour or so. Torch on and we crossed some hills/vineyard so nice walk this morning. Later it became a highway walk which sucks. Nothing to really see and walking on the road hurts!
    Still with John and Iva, will stay together until we get over the hill tomorrow. We have Ozzie Janet with us too today.
    Pushed out 23km. And the last 5 -7km was incredibly unpleasant. My toes/feet/ankles/knees/butt cheeks hurt like hell. I hobbled the last 3km really. Stuck in the headphones, tuned in to some Nirvana and raged internally for the last hour!!! There was some random cursing into the air too!!
    Checked in, showered and sorted the blisters. Had to stick a needle in them. 🤮 It better help!
    The place we booked in tonight gives a souvenir of a peg. You dont understand how useful this is!!!!
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  • Day5

    I really didnt think i could pack light. So i brought this little wheelie suitcase as well as the rucksack. 2 days in and I've sent the wheelie straight to Santiago! I had sent it from my starting point to 2 days ahead and had thought i might send it a few stages ahead each time but I've come to realise what the necessities are. I dont even have a hair brush with me now! It's so liberating! I didnt think i could live with so little but for the next 2 weeks i have everything i need on my back.
    36 litre rucksack weighing between 5 and 6 kg!
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  • Day148

    Santiago - July 27th

    July 27 in Spain

    I don’t really have any words to describe how wonderful and surreal today was. 💕❤️💕

    Alan, Paku and I entered the city together and, as we neared the cathedral, Andy greeted us with big hugs. Then, we continued through the tunnel and out into the plaza in front of the cathedral where Paul and Mirabelle ran up to hug and congratulate us. It was such a feeling of “Wow! We are finished. We really did it!” Groups of hikers dotted the plaza taking pictures, hugging, and just hanging out. It was kind of like we had all just won the big game and we were all discussing the details 🙂

    Today has been spent with our very special Camino friends, and it ended with what had to be the most amazing dinner. There were 14 of us...all ages...celebrating our time together on this journey It was like the perfect ending to a movie that we actually lived. 💕 I told Alan there is no way my little video snippets can convey what we experienced.

    The first video is of our arrival to Santiago, and then the 2nd is from our dinner together...probably the sweetest birthday celebration for dear Mariana whose giggles and happiness for life we will truly miss. ❤️

    We are going to take it easy for a couple of days, explore this city, then fly back home via Iceland. So, this adventure is now complete. ❤️🙂

    Thank you all for taking the time to follow along.
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  • Day6

    Food in Barcelona

    July 3 in Spain

    Barcelona is known for its amazing food. The array is extraordinary. There is the best of Spanish food, as well as a range of other influences, such as French (being not far from the border) and Italian, Greek and even north African. The Tapas scene is huge and impossible to effectively explore in a few days. We tended to eat convenience food rather than sit in restaurants, but it is evident that the range of Tapas is extensive and delicious. I was able to sample this on a few occasions but would need a few weeks to really do it justice.

    We visited the famous La Boqueria markets just of La Ramblas (the mall). This market is world famous. It is high-quality food for culinary gourmets. It is just the best culinary experience ever. I bought a couple of little paper cups of cheese and dried meats cut from the bone. These are sold as tasters for a couple of euros each. There are the best fruits and vegetables, meat, poutry and fish, cheese and tapas, coffee and fresh juice, goumet chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, spices, etc. And there are places to order the food and they will prepare it and you can eat it right there. Wow. Worth coming to Barcelona just for this place.

    But the food is exceptional. It is said that the food in Barcelona is the best in Spain. I cannot compare it with anything else in Spain yet, but I can say that it is amazing.
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