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Curious what backpackers do in Spain? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Fri, Sept 9: More cool, comfortable travels from Roncesvalles to Zuburi - a little over 20km. Beautiful views and towns along the way as well as a pilgrim terrier named Yogi.

    Sat, Sept 10: Another 20-some km to Pamploma! Sun was out and temp was up, but not quite so brutal as first day. More hiking through forest and a lovely town or two.
    Lost a trekking pole off a bridge as I was admiring the view, but nope, didn't get a pic as I tried instead to recover the pole. No luck, but one pole still comes in handy.
    Pamplona is fantastic & a great place to people watch. I found a swingset too!
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  • Wed, Sept 21: developed a bit of tendonitis just above my left foot so had my backpack courriered today to meet me at the albergue in Hontanas where we finally stopped after a 31 km (just over 19 miles) walk. First day walking through the mesetas . . . open, flat stretch of land with huge blue sky's. Another beautiful day.

    Pic#3 more sunflower fields with a few smiley faces created in the flowers
    Pic#4 sunset from our albergue
    Pic#5 part of my Camino family: (L to R)Young from S. Korea, Agustin from Argentina, Harley from Canada, Antonio (Spaniard now living in Germany)
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  • Distance: 24k (1426.9/501)
    Weather: 19C, Mostly overcast
    Mood: calm
    Staying at: Hotel Gerra Mayor

    The joy of a real towel...

    The view of a real towel can really make my day now and I think I dream about large piles of multicoloured, fluffy towels every night. I recommend hostels to other pilgrims when they have towels and I nearly jumped for joy when the hotel I'm staying in tonight had four towels all for me!!!
    It's amazing how perspective changes when one is on a journey so long. The kilometers don't count as much anymore, my feet and body have grown strong. But the longing for basic comforts has increased significantly and it makes me realise what an amazingly easy and comfortable life we lead.
    Someone said that the difference between a pilgrim and a tourist is that a pilgrim thanks you. Pilgrims are genuinely grateful, because they realise the pleasure of simple things and gestures again.
    So my friends, look around and appreciate and be grateful for what you have. We lead a life of luxury and we keep forgetting about this.
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  • This is how much wine is included in the price of a 3 course meal for one person! Only 12€, which has is kind of high, because it's only 8€ to 10€ many places. You get your choice of wine or water - same price.

  • We made it! Foggy morning and cool walking to Santiago. We waited in line at the new Pilgrim's Office and got our compostela then paid a visit to Pilgrim House where the owner recognized me from the Camino web site and Dave from last year. From there we went to lunch and celebrated with Pulp! Mmm so good, very tasty and cooked just right. I have been waiting until I got here to have it and it was worth the wait!

    Today was definitely a high point of the trip; some college age Pilgrims from Poland were walking just in front of me and praying the Rosary in Polish. I moved in a little closer and prayed with them. They invited me to lead the Rosary in English while they responded in Polish then a young Portuguese man started praying with us and he lead the next decade in Portuguese. It was beautiful and definitely a great morning.
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  • Distance: 10.2 (1867.2/0!)
    Weather: 24C, lovely sunny
    Mood: Appreciative
    Staying at: Lux Hotel

    Apologies for the late entry... A glorious day for the walk to Santiago, starting with a lazy breakfast after which we bumped into Michaela, a Slovakian girl I met on the Primitivo. It was once again special how perfect the timing was that led us to seeing her again.
    The walk was very easy and Marc and I had lots to catch up on. I felt happy and content to be arriving. The strange feeling of the end nearing had passed the day before and another four days of walking to Muxia and Fistera still were ahead of us, so no reason to feel sad or strange. We got our Compostela and Distance certificate at the Pilgrims office, a pretty post building with a security guard who takes his job a bit to seriously.
    Santiago is a lovely city and we spent time with another camino friend of mine, drank some wine and had some amazing tapas after a slightly boring Pilgrims Mass (you'd think someone would have thought of providing some kind of translation by now). Our short stay felt great and we are already looking forward to coming back here on Friday.
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  • Left St Jean De Pied de Port (pic #1) Tue AM & arrived in Orisson by lunch; the longest 6 miles (10 km) I can remember ever walking, due to 85+ temp & 30+% humidity. Was glad I stayed put for the afternoon instead of continuing on to Roncesvalles, another 11 km of up, then 4km of steep downhill. Beautiful view from Orisson (pic #2).
    Day 2 has been misty and cool, perfect for the 15km trek to Roncesvalles. Missed some great views, I'm sure, but this allowed me to focus on the sweet cows, horses, and sheep grazing about. One of my new favorite sounds is the cow bell (worn by both horses & cows); even if I couldn't see them, the sound let me know they were out there, grazing leisurely. The trail also took me through a beautiful beech (mostly) forest. (pics 5-6).Read more

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