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  • Took a local bus yesterday for 4 hours to get here. Really reassuring to have some locals looking out for us (told us what price to pay for tuk tuk, found us a loo, pointed out money they thought we had dropped...) us westerners are larger than them so a bit of a squash in the 5 seats across when the bus was full. Can't wait to go swimming tomorrow.

  • Early start at 4.30am! We were on the train for nearly 10 hours although the beautiful rice farming countryside helped time pass quickly. Not a bad price either at 420 rupees each (£2.27) People here seem really happy to see you as there are not many tourists here at all. Oh, and we have a tree in our cabana!

  • Spending time relaxing on a beach! Not like us at all, but trying to slow down. Up early to swim in the sea before breakfast to avoid burning. Had miles of beach to ourselves when we went for a walk along from the bay. Surfing yesterday but only managed to catch some red legs and arms instead of some waves...🏄‍♀️🏄🏼🌞

  • Continue to stay in Arugam Bay as it is idyllic and relaxing. Long walk along another deserted beach to Crocodile Rock - and yes there were Mugger Crocodiles, Water Buffalo and a lone Elephant drinking from the river. A beautiful and peaceful place. Also best street light from overhead power cable, let go of the string, contact made, light on - dangerous but genius.

  • Bike ride around the old city and fort (built by the Dutch, Portuguese and British), followed by a trip along the deserted coastline and beaches. Plenty of reminders here of the 2004 tsunami, destroyed houses and communities that haven't been rebuilt. An estimated 60,000 people died in the East coast region.

  • Enjoyed traditional Sri Lankan games at a banana plantation farm but not sure hitting new friends is the way forward. We are up in an elephant watch tower. Had lunch at a house built by money from Exodus customers. The husband of the lovely family died in the Tsunami and their home was washed away.
    Group leader: Roshan.

  • Walked up Little Adam's Peak this morning and could look across to where we were yesterday. Had to have a thosai for lunch after we enjoyed last nights thosai so much. Went for obligatory walk along the railway but the other way to nine arches and a tunnel on a live railway.....

  • Last day in Ella - more walking! Huge breakfast including egg hoppers (rice flour pancake bowls with egg cooked inside), mixed fruit, toast & jam and curd with treacle. Walked to Ravana cave via very steep rock steps to see where Sita was hidden in Hindu tales. Had canine companion for two hours, reward was a biscuit. More walking on railway spotting birds and monkeys. First rains of monsoon this evening. (Also realised we have been a 'couple' for 21 years today. Obviously together when we were 9 years old....).Read more

  • This is what 10 hours and counting in the airport looks like! Finally airside and waiting for the next sector to Nepal (via India). Its been a variety of experiences of a new country - people are kind and friendly, always having time to sit and chat.

  • Arrived in Galle for the second time on Saturday, for a couple of days. Arrived by bus using Grand Prix rules.... Galle is a Colonial Fort with loads of history and characterful buildings. Spent a day and a half walking the streets and people watching, including a cricket match where the boundry included the road. Also indulged in another afternoon tea overlooking the ocean (including waffles and ice cream). Unfortunately it is time to leave Sri Lanka, but moving on to new adventures in Nepal.Read more