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  • Day59

    Church town. When the first churches were built to serve the Sami, it was necessary to build a bunch of cottages or bungalows because people had to travel so far to church that they needed places to stay overnight. The church towns are common across Lapland. The museum is in the old parish hall, and it shows a bit about Sami life. The bright colors are traditional.

  • Day57

    The Inlandbanan is a passenger rail that runs in the summer along a route through the middle of Sweden. I am spending 4 days along the route and will post pictures along the way. Today, the train chased a reindeer off the tracks, but my picture didn't come out. Most of this part of the trip was through national parks and one of the largest bogs in Europe and is included in the UNESCO cultural area of Laponia, what I knew as Lapland growing.Read more

  • Day58

    Small town right at the arctic circle. A center of or meeting place for Sami culture. Right now the annual reindeer herders Congress is in process here. Unfortunately, it rained heavily yesterday and I wimped out. So the only pics are the town common and statue (that is sadly in the shade). Outdoors folks will enjoy this part of the world as much about the Sami and the culture has to do with living in this environment, the flora and fauna that make it possible and how it all functions together. In other words, ecology. And this time, including human presence in and interaction with, this environmentRead more

  • Day59

    The village church. You don't see many churches with a glassed off room at the back for socials, coffee hour or even Sunday school. The last pic is the view from the pulpit. I admit I couldn't resist. The organist was there to practice at the time, and our conversation sounded like I could have been chatting with Jim Morgan!!!

  • Day59

    4 hour evening ride from Vilhelmina to Ostersund. A few differences. More types of trees, deciduous mostly. More "civilization." Not as boggy. Yet more lakes. More complex forests. A steam engine on display and some logghing practices that didn't strike me as optimal.

  • Day60

    Home of composer Wilhelm Peterson-Bergers. (Pronounced PEH-ter-zhawn--BEER-yers and remember to roll your Rs). Wonderful tour of the house with his music included at each stop. One of the highlights for me. Apparently at certain times, sunlight would come through the small red window, reflect off glass and look like a fire in the firerplace. I really enjoyed what musdic I heard.

  • Day61

    The last day on this small train through the center of Sweden. Still traveling south with the climate becoming more temperate . More farming. More varied topography. Woodlands are more interesting with still more species. Pretty ride weaving through lakes. Toward tge end, we stopped to look at "little people" a local artist places nearr the tracks. There was a natural gorge and what had been a flume for moving logs over a waterfall back in the day when logs were floated down to the mills.Read more

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Kingdom of Sweden, Schweden, Sweden, Swede, ስዊድን, Suecia, Swēoland, السويد, ܣܘܝܕ, İsveç, Schwedn, Швецыя, Швеция, Suwɛdi, সুইডেন, ཧྲུའི་ཏན།, Sveden, Švedska, Suècia, Svezia, Švédsko, Szwedzkô, Швеци, Sverige, སུའི་ཌན, Sweden nutome, Σουηδία, Svedio, Rootsi, Suedia, سوئد, Suweed, Ruotsi, Svøríki, Suède, An tSualainn, સ્વીડન, Suwedan, שוודיה, स्वीडन, Šwedska, Syèd, Svédország, Շվեդիա, Svedia, Swedia, Suesia, Svíþjóð, スウェーデン王国, შვეცია, Uswidi, ស៊ុយអែដ, ಸ್ವೀಡನ್, 스웨덴, سوید, Swedherwyk, Swideni, Zwede, Swédɛ, ສະວິເດັນ, Švedija, Suwedi, Zviedrija, Soedy, Шведска, സ്വീഡന്‍, Żvezja, ဆွီဒင်, Widen, स्विडेन, Zweden, Ruoččii, ସ୍ୱେଡେନ୍, Szwecja, Svessia, سویډن, Suécia, Suwidsuyu, Isvetzia, Svezzia, Swaden, Ruoŧŧa, Suêde, ස්වීඩනය, Iswidhan, Suedi, ஸ்வீடன், స్వీడన్, Шветсия, สวีเดน, Suwesya, Suēteni, Suwidan, Швеція, سویڈن, Svèsia, Thụy Điển, Svedän, שוועדן, Orílẹ́ède Swidini, 瑞典, i-Sweden

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