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Curious what backpackers do in Switzerland? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.

Most traveled places in Switzerland:

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  • Beautiful day today and I didn't even wear a coat. Walked the hilly streets of the city for two hours and then walked down to Lac Leman and along the lake to Pully. I think I broke my new shoes in and my feet weren't even sore-14 km today. Pully was gorgeous with lots of birds and the lake so clean. When I got back to town I went up to the Olympic museum which was amazing. There were lots if photos from the 2010 Vancouver games. The Olympic flame is lit here all the time. I didn't see the displays because it was a little pricy for me. The one thing that is nice about the hostels here is that they give you a free transportation card so you can save in buses and trams and see the city. Heading out to Bern tomorrow for a day and it's supposed to be wet and cold tomorrow. It was the former home of the Bern bears and of Swiss clock making.Read more

  • Beautiful train trip from Lausanne to Bern, and only one hour 26 minutes. The country side and mountains were beautiful. Got into Bern and spent 3 hours roaming around. Very homogeneous here with all the buildings the same colour of communist green. Very weird. Only spending one night here and then heading to Lucerne. Saw five guys swimming in the river today, holy wow, because I was cold in my down jacket. I had to take a picture of them. Super expensive in this city and so glad I groceries yesterday. Very clean but very tourist driven. They have these shops and restaurants that are in cellars underground. What happens when it rains? Where does the water go? Also noticed that there is no wheelchair access to many sites or cathedrals. When I was here 30 years ago they had the Bern bears in a hole in the ground. The girl at reception said they are still here in hibernation but their hole is bigger.Read more

  • Today was a big walking day for a total of 23km. I started this morning taking a stroll around Lake Rotsee and then made my way through the village of Elikon and then back to my room for a foot rest and my sandwich that I packed from breakfast. At breakfast we did have some pretty aromatic but delicious cheese and a great breaky with two cappucinos, I then set of for Mt. Pilatus, said to have been named after Pontius Pilate, who apparently was buried there. I was going to take the chair to the top but a one way fare was 60 Swiss francs which equals about $80 so I scrapped that idea. I was looking to take more photos of carnival goers but I think they were recovering from yesterday. On my way to Zurich tomorrow and the weather is really standing up for me, with a rainy change for Tuesday.Read more

  • Wow how good do I feel to breathe some fresh mountain air. Forty minute walk from the bus to the hostel and the first thing I noticed was no cigarette butts on the ground and no dog crap. Sweet Jesus I'm in heaven. Super clean room with a view of the alps. I feel like I'm back at home. Went for an evening walk down to the lake , the Ouchy district and it was breathtaking. There are boats that go to Evian and other villes. Unlike the French the people speak English and are very proud of their surroundings. Lots of green space. Drove through Geneva which was also very lovely. I can't wait to explore tomorrow and enjoy this pristine beauty. I had a very strange thought walking back from the lake.....what would my life had been like if we had stayed in Switzerland in 1968? Would I have travelled just as much or maybe more? It would fascinate me to go back in time and see what kind of life I may have had here. I do love my home in Canada because it has given me so much, especially the clean air, water and environment.Read more

  • Brrrr....the coldest morning since December 6th for me. But the sun is shining so I'm happy. Things I love about Switzerland, milk (so fresh tasting and not stripped of all the good things), water from the tap(no taste of chlorine, not cloudy and tastes like mountain water) rye bread and the absolutely on time train system. I've yet to splurge on chocolate and wine. I bought a really cheap beer yesterday and it was excellent. The part of Switzerland I'm in now is more German language than French. I learned that Einstein spent six years here and came up with his theirs of relativity. His comment was that the Swiss people are the most humane he has ever met. They made a museum out if his house. Lucern is very hilly and there is a giant festival going on for five days with music everywhere and people dressed in masks and drinking in the streets. Really high energy. Apparently it is tied in with Easter and Ash Wednesday and the fortification of the city. It is a picture postcard city and stunning. The people are in very good spirits, laughing and drinking, singing and playing great music everywhere. Young and old!Read more

  • Scuol (ehemals Schuls) im Engadin... Hier habe ich vor 40 Jahren das Skifahren gelernt. Das Skigebiet ist nach wie vor ein perfektes Lern-Revier für die Kleinen. Es gibt einen wunderhübschen alten Dorfkern zwischen beeindruckenden Bergpanoramen, auch wenn rundherum die Bausünden mit den Preisen um die Wette wuchern.

  • Another amazing weekend of traveling! Ross and I loved meeting Jim and Barbara and staying at their beautiful chalet. We had a fun weekend of hiking, relaxing, and star gazing. The stars in the mountains were absolutely incredible. We saw 8 shooting stars in just 20 minutes! We couldn’t get enough of the fresh air and the beautiful views!

  • Our adventure allready ends. We had a great time full of wonderful moments, long lasting memories and great encounters we will never forget.

    Our last day in Brasil we spent at Ipanema Beach to soak up the last sunrays. But how could it have been different: On the last day we got rubbed at the beach. So far we were lucky, but the beachbag of Chrigi wasn't there anymore. Fortunately neither camera, phone or other very valuable belongings were in it.

    But now we are looking forward to celebrate Christmas and to see all our friends and families back home. And a big THANK YOU to our families for the heartily welcome at the airport!

    We wish all our readers "Merry Christmas" and thanks for following us! CHEERS 🍸🌴☀️🎄
    Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Switzerland, Schweiz, Switserland, Swetzaland, ስዊዘርላንድ, سويسرا, isveçriya, Швейцарыя, Швейцария, Suwisi, সুইজারল্যান্ড, ཧྲུད་ཧྲི།, Suis, Švajcarska, Suïssa, Švýcarsko, Y Swistir, སུའིཊ་ཛར་ལེན, Switzerland nutome, Ελβετία, Svisujo, Suiza, Ĩveits, Suitza, سوئیس, Suwiis, Sveitsi, Sveis, Suisse, An Eilvéis, Suíza, સ્વિટ્ઝર્લૅન્ડ, Suwizalan, שוויץ, स्विटज़रलैंड, Švicarska, Svájc, Շվեյցարիա, Suissa, Swiss, Sviss, Svizzera, スイス連邦, შვეიცარია, Uswisi, Schweizi, ស្វីស, ಸ್ವಿಡ್ಜರ್‌ಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್, 스위스, سویسرا, Confoederatio Helvetica, Switizirandi, Swisɛ, ສະວິດເຊີແລນ, Šveicarija, Swise, Šveice, Soisa, Швајцарија, സ്വിറ്റ്സര്‍ലാന്‍ഡ്, स्वित्झर्लंड, ဆွစ်ဇလန်, Sveits, स्विजरल्याण्ड, Zwitserland, Soïssa, ସ୍ବିଜରଲ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ, Szwajcaria, سویس, Suíça, Svizra, Ubusuwisi, Elveția, Šveica, Sûîsi, ස්විස්ටර්ලන්තය, Švajčiarsko, Švica, Swiiserlaand, Zvicër, Швајцарска, ஸ்விட்சர்லாந்து, స్విట్జర్లేండ్, สวิตเซอร์แลนด์, Suisilani, İsviçre, Швейцарія, سوئٹزر لینڈ, Thụy Sĩ, Orílẹ́ède switiṣilandi, 瑞士, i-Switzerland