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  • Day31

    Basel - where u can float through town!

    August 1, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Kate and I had a walk through a v different part of Basel today. Gone were the clean, ordered streets with their efficient teams- Replaced with graffiti covered random dwellings all styles, shapes and materials.
    We spent some time watching people float at speed down the Rhine thanks to the ripping current.
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  • Day32

    Troistorrent and Champery

    August 2, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    V efficient Swiss trains took us from Basel to Aigle where Lowenna picked us up and drove us to Troistorrent.
    Her place is amazing nestled in the Swiss Alps.
    Kate and I had a wander around Champeray for an hour before home for a BBQ and wine under a clear, starry sky.Read more

  • Day182

    Stansted to Geneva

    December 30, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    At 4.30am we were trying to eat our free breakfast at the hotel because it was free!!
    Staying at the Hampton by Hilton at Stansted Airport meant we only had to walk 5 mins to the terminal thank god so by 5.30am we were all checked in and going through security for our 07.05am flight. The airport was packed it could have been 5.30pm!!
    We saw a couple trying to get to their flight through a gate that had closed 30 mins before... and then we were boarded 40 mins early!! Luckily we were in situ so no harm done.
    By 9.15am we had touched down in Geneva!
    There is a machine that dispenses free train tickets for the 6 mins from the airport to the city centre so we v soon found ourselves in downtown Geneva after the most efficient airport transfer ever.
    Next it was off to find the Hotel Montbrillant to dump our bags... and viola there it was right next to the train station.... 5 metres from the station doors. Loving Switzerland already!
    10 mins later and our bags were safely dropped off, tickets for free transport provided and a city map we set off to find a much needed coffee.
    We found a great little coffee shop, had refreshments and then spent several hours walking around the lake and town- Geneva is a v beautiful, clean, easy city- just what we needed.
    Migros supermarket provided us with a quick ( but quite expensive) lunch which we took back to the hotel as we checked in.
    Our room was v nice and so super convenient.
    After meal planning for the next few days it was back to
    Migros and another supermarket for supplies and bottles of wine to take with us to see us through the next few days including New Years.
    In the bowels of the mall opposite the supermarket there was this random little beer cafe full of locals so we decided to join them for a quick beer- it was hilarious!! An unexpected local experience but sadly could only afford 1!!
    Back to the hotel for a relaxed evening and an early night as we were leaving at 08.30am the next day. This was after hanging the bag of food out of the window to keep it cool as the fridge was too small!!
    Leaving at 08.30am sounds like a decent time but it’s dark until this time and quite cold so not so easy getting up early- in fact it’s getting harder and harder to get up.... we need daylight!!!
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  • Day183

    Happy New Years Eve - quietly

    December 31, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    The 09.12 was boarded easily after a smooth check out from the Hotel Montbrilliant and a trip to the small Migros for a couple of breakfast pastries.
    The Swiss trains r so on time, efficient and well laid out that there is ample room for luggage and more than enough comfortable seating.
    A quick change in Aigle and we boarded the mountain train towards Champéry getting off at Chemex.
    Sadly the 5 min walk to Lowenas house in the mountains took nearly 25 mins as we went the wrong side of the railway tracks. Finally we turned up to be greeted by Lowenas dad Gerald, step mum Pam and ther friend Susan who had been staying for Xmas and were getting the train out in 30 mins.
    This allowed change over instructions, how much not to feed the cats, that the underfloor heating was automatic etc etc
    Lowenas family r from Saltash, Cornwall so despite us bringing the largest tub of clotted cream with us.... there were 2 more tubs in the fridge- heaven!!
    We said goodbye and then we settled in for some much needed relaxation.
    An hour or so later we were back on the little
    Mountain train up to Champéry to suss our if we were able to hire some ski gear and if there were beginners slopes.
    Champéry is a lovely little village with a Gondola further up the mountain however the very helpful lady in the info centre informed us the beginners slopes there weren’t that nice so she recommended Morgin instead.
    All info and maps gathered we got the train back down to Chemex and we were back home on the deck with a coffee in 30 mins. Lowena has a total slice of heaven with her place.
    Wine and cheese started our NYE festivities which involved watching a doco on Lynx and then Kate fell asleep on the couch at 8.30pm. To be fair she did wake up at 11.56pm and we watched several different firework displays both up high and down low in the valleys for about 20 mins but our evening was seriously lacking the party atmosphere to be honest.... maybe next year!!! Happy 2020!!!
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  • Day184

    Happy New Year from Troistorrents

    January 1 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 3 °C

    Happy 2020!! Although no chance of waking up with a hangover here. Actually we both felt a bit low in energy today so just relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and the haven of Lowenas fabulous chalet.
    We spent most of the day reading and watching TV although after lunch we did walk the 30 mins into the little village of Troistorrents.
    We had a v funny exchange in the patisserie when the owner tried to wish us Happy New Year and something else in French when we went in to get a loaf of bread.
    Another customer came to the rescue with some English and luckily found the funny side of the communication ( or rather lack of it).
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  • Day187

    Lovely day in Morgins

    January 4 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 0 °C

    Kate and I went skiing in Morgins with Lowena. After getting boots and skis for the day it was Up to the top of La Foilleuse chair lift to start on a much harder slope today. Sadly Kate was feeling really ill and had no energy to make her turns so after a few runs decided it was time for coffee.
    Lowena who had finished her telemarking trial along with Tom took me over for some harder and longer blue runs.
    I survived but not so without doing a bit of breakdancing spinning 360 degs on my back with my skis in the air as I made a stylish fall!!
    By now i seemed to have lost the use in my legs and I couldn’t turn either so it was a couple of lifts and some ugly skiing back to the cafe where Kate had bagged a front table and was enjoying a glass of red!
    After lunch it was a couple of practice short runs before k got the chairlift down and lowena kindly helped me ski back to car park.
    Once home at 3 pm it was coffee in the sunshine on the deck followed by cheese and wine with Lowenas neighbours, Tom and Ronnie, Mary and Richard.
    We watched Babe in the City film before getting to bed quite knackered at 10.30pm - great day

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  • Day13

    Amazing day with beautiful company

    March 8 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    So today my beautiful friend Cass & I went to the top of Gornergrat mountain alongside the mighty Matterhorn in Zermatt & went sledding down the slopes.. it was so incredibly fun & absolutely stunning! 🙏❄️💖🏔Read more

  • Day16

    Magic scenery ☀️

    March 11 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

    Following an epic day on the slopes we had this delightful drive home.. the sun shining on the snow capped mountains looked like gold topped mountains, we were in absolute awww & feeling very blessed..Read more

  • Day37

    Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren

    November 6, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Ich war mal wieder der erste morgens beim Frühstück. Und während ich da so saß und auch heute den Kopf über das schlechte Frühstück in französischen Hotels schüttelte, kam ein älterer Herr, ein anderer Gast, in den Raum.
    Mit Betreten des Raumes sah er mich und begrüßte mich mit einem freundlichen Lächeln: „Bonjour, monsieur“ (Guten Tag, mein Herr).
    Ich dachte so: „Gute alte Schule: Wer den Raum betritt, grüßt zuerst. Und der Zusatz „mein Herr“ ist besonders höflich.
    Nur wenige Minuten später betritt eine etwa 40 Jahre junge Dame den Raum und grüßt: „Bonjour, Messieurs“ (Guten Morgen, meine Herren“.
    Jetzt war ich sensibilisiert: Wie geht‘s weiter?
    2 x wiederholte sich das noch mit weiteren Damen.
    Dann kam ein Typ „Mischung aus Rocker und Hippie“, komplett tätowiert, ärmelloses T-Shirt, gefärbte lange, aber gepflegte, blonde Haare, der sich eindeutig auf dem Rückweg von „Woodstock“ verfahren hatte. Er sah sich um und grüßte: „Bonjour mesdames et messieurs “ (Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren)

    Ich war begeistert: Wann hatte ich das das letzte Mal erlebt? Das muss Jahrzehnte her sein. Schade, dass gutes Benehmen bei uns aus der Mode gekommen ist.

    Mit diesen Gedanken steige ich, dick angezogen, bei zunächst strömenden Regen auf die Maschine und richte das Vorderrad in Richtung „Genf“.
    Der Plan für heute: Im Rhône-Tal bleiben und nicht höher als 500 m fahren.
    Musikalisch ist heute „Classic Rock“ dran, und zwar jeweils die lange Version. Ich fange an mit „Hold the line“ von Toto, drehe den Sound hoch und werfe einen Blick in den Himmel. Im Takt der Musik trete ich den ersten Gang rein.....Kupplung kommen lassen... hat das Hinterrad „Grip“? Weiter beschleunigen.... und laut mitsingen. Yeah!

    Nach 1 Stunde hört es auf zu regnen und ich sehe Sonne.
    Es wird eine traumhafte Fahrt über Nebenstraßen, durch die hügelige Landschaft des Alpenvorlandes. Immer mit Blick auf die tiefe Schneegrenze, die bei 600 m liegt und auf die tollen Wolkengebilde, die die teils schroffen Berggipfel umschmeicheln.

    Genf erreiche ich am Nachmittag. Hier übernachte ich und werde mal versuchen, bei den „Vereinten Nationen“ vorzusprechen.

    Auf dem Weg dahin kann ich einen kurzen Blick auf den „Mont Blanc“ erhaschen und belohne mich anschließend mit einem Stück leckerste (und teuerste) Schokolade von „Läderach“ 😉

    Erkenntnis des Tages:

    Ich werde bei mir selbst verstärkt darauf achten, die „guten, alten Umgangsformen“ jederzeit zu praktizieren. Es kommt gut an und macht einfach gute Stimmung bei allen.
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  • Day7

    Petite étape en Suisse

    June 23 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Après avoir passé 1 nuit à Chambéry nous voilà partis pour la Suisse !!! Nous avons fait bonne route et nous sommes arrivés chez Émilie, Nicolas Augustine et Léopold !!!
    Nous avons fait une petite rand'eau comme s'appelait la randonnée. J'ai appris que le lac Léman en celte veut dire le "lac grande eau".
    Nous nous sommes aussi baignés dans le lac. J'ai eu un petit peu peur des silures géants, mais papa et maman m'ont dit que ces gros monstres qui peuvent faire 3 m 20 de long ne vivent qu'au milieu du lac.
    Je vous écris depuis la voiture . Direction la Toscane !!!
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