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  • 25.08.2016

    Unser erster Halt in Taipeh war die Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. Bei gefühlten 50°C gingen wir sehr zügig durch die knallende Sonne um die Halle zu erreichen. Wir waren sehr überrascht als es drinnen mehr wie in einem Familienfreizeitpark zu ging als in einer Gedenkstätte. Dann gab es einen Wachwechsel, sehr eindrucksvoll. Die jungen Soldaten mussten mindestens 1.78m groß und im alter von 20-22 sein. Die Zeremonie erinnerte mehr an einen seltsamen Tanz mit Waffen als an einen militärischen Wachwechsel. Wir mussten uns jedoch leider sehr beeilen und hatten keine Zeit den tollen Garten anzuschauen weil die beiden Phillipiner die mit uns die Stadttour machten früh den nächsten Flug nehmen mussten.

    Our first stop in Taipei was the CHiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. We hurried through the sun to get to the building but were very surprised when it was less like a memorial hall and more like an amusement park inside. A little later there was a change of guards which was very impressive.The young soldiers had to be at least 1.78 tall and of the age 20-22. The ceremony itself was more like a dance with weapons than a military change of guards though. After that we had to hurry back to the bus because two of the people on the tour had to catch an early flight.
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  • Made it to Mom and Dad's place a few days ago. They have been busy with their retirement lives! Mom has been teaching different classes, giving seminars and mingling with students. Dad still serves as members of board of directors for several companies. Finally got a chance to have lunch and coffee with my busy mama! So lucky!!!

  • We couldn't just let Thanksgiving pass us by without any celebrations! There are no turkeys in Taiwan, so we cooked up some chicken, mashed potatoe+ gravy, mac n cheese, and a green salad. We had a lot of fun cooking a real meal together, like what we used to do back home. The food also turned out not bad! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are so grateful to have friends and family supported us on this trip, and so happy we have this opportunity to travel!Read more

  • It's no joke that Taiwan is the home of Night Markets! This is now the 5th one that we've been to. Some old friends of mine took us out for a stroll in the Ruon Hua night market. It is one of the largest one in Taipei, and of course they know all the good stuff to eat here. We again stuffed our faces.
    I've known these brother and sisters for 27 years. They were our neighbors growing up and our first friends in Taiwan. It's amazing that we kept in touch untill this day. Everytime I come back to visit, we always meet up for some fun. And everytime I see them is as if time never passes. Love these guys!Read more

  • Checking out Taichung.... Just when I thought we've seen everything in the night market, Taichung's Feng Gia night market brings it to a different level. It is twice as big as some of the markets we went to in Taipei, and offers some really different street food like baked potatoe with nacho cheese, peking duck in a wrap, and the famous massaged grilled chicken. The Rainbow Village on the out skirt of the city is also very cute. Supposedly an old man painted his village with these whimsical, children like artwork in order to save it from being teard down by the government.Read more

  • Last day in Taipei... We were fortunate to have my cousin Alex to take us to some great local places. These are some of the best food we have ever tastes in Taiwan!! We will truely miss the food and the people here...

  • My Aunt and Uncle took us to the Tamsui area today and treated us to a seafood feast! We totally stuffed ourselves and had to "walk off the food" by the river. Of course we can't resist the super size ice cream vendor and had to get some. My parents won't stop bringing all kinds off food to feed us at home either. We are seriously getting fat in Taiwan. No amount of running or crossfitting can work off all this food!!!Read more

  • One of the favorite Taiwanese past time is catching shrimps. People gather around a pool filled with tiger prawns, catch shrimps and drink beer. There is a technique to this thing...movements needs to be subtle and correct to lure the shrimp to eat your bait. We had a really good local shrimping customer who was more than happy to be our teacher for 2 hours. Caught 19 in 2 hours and you grill them on the spot! Had so much fun! Best fishing dynamic duo ever!!!Read more

  • We returned to Tamsui and Bali to spend a few days at my aunt's apartment. It was nice to have the whole apartment to ourselves. Tamsui during the week days are breezy and beautiful, and the old street area has plenty of food. A short ferry ride takes us to the Bali area on the other side of the river bank. This is not the Bali in Indonesia, but a very nice and quiet park near the mouth of the Tamsui river.Read more

  • My first trip out of Hong Kong to see more of Asia - together with a group of other international students, we visited the capital city of Taiwan. It was a great trip, i found out a lot about what i liked and did not like to do during travelling with friends, and i learned a lot about how different each Asian culture could be.. A first taste to what was awaiting me the coming year when i would travel more and more more around Asia!!!Read more