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  • Day57

    Leaving Lambai Island

    November 25, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Another breakfast of chips but this time with an eggy bread sandwich - unsure of the filling. Then time to check out of the Campzone.
    Before heading to the ferry, we managed to sneak in a final attraction on the island, A boar trench. Then we took the scenic route to the Bike Rental and returned the bikes. Walked the short distance to the ferry terminal and realised there was an hour wait for the next ferry back to the mainland. Just enough time to squeeze in another quick snorkel at the beach next to the port.
    Then a speedy and relatively smooth crossing. Before picking the car up from the 24hr car park we wandered through a cool fish market, with all sorts of fresh and dried fish on offer.
    Finally back at the car and made a plan to head South! Found a place to stay a few towns away from the main tourist area. Checked into our accommodation which was all white and blue - very Mediterranean. Then got some lunch from the 7/11 and headed to the beach. Tried the famous bubble tea which was a bit weird. It turned out to be difficult to find a sheltered spot and we started to get sand blasted. So decided to drive to a nearby recommended deer park. Had a walk around the area and through the minor and major gorge and got a good view of the coast.
    On the way back we stopped for dinner at Smokey Joe’s, a chain of Asian tex-mex restaurants. Very tasty and a good atmosphere.
    Then back to the room for a beer and film! Great to have a comfy sofa in the room.
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    Roger Le Poidevin

    That wasn’t a bore trench, it was a boar trench!

    Sally Le Poidevin

    The water had probably bored it’s way through it to start with to make the trench and then the boars used it as their path, luckily we weren’t bored seeing it. So it was an unboring, bored, boar trench xx

    Roger Le Poidevin

    Yes you are right dearest!

    Louis Le Poidevin

    A har

  • Day60

    Birthday celebrations and a gorge

    November 28, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Woke up early to make sure we could get to the Taroko Gorge and access the hikes. Started with some presents for Rog and then a birthday breakfast on the beach!
    Checked out the tourist information centre to find out which walks would be possible. Turns out there were some nice trails with parking so we decided to start with them. Baiyang trail took us through the gorge with great views, dark tunnels and ending up at a water curtain where you could walk through some of the waterfall. Lots of Asian tourists offered us their poncho’s - even though we already had our waterproofs we put on the extra layer.
    Found a spot for a birthday picnic and a rest.
    Then attempted to find a wild hot spring - turned out to be quite a dangerous route down, which had been closed off to the public and we decided it was too risky so were sensible and gave it a miss.
    Instead found a short walk to see more of the Gorge and an opportunity to take some drone footage.
    As it was getting dark we drove back to our accommodation and went to the beach for birthday drinks and nibbles. Then back to the bar for more pizza, wine and beer!
    We then finished the night with drinks, cards and birthday cake on the terrace outside our rooms. Quite a lot of wine was consumed for the birthday celebrations.
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    Sally Le Poidevin

    Cheers! X

  • Day52

    Sun Moon Lake

    November 20, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Up to try and get some drone shots but too rainy. 😫.
    Had another heart attack breakfast with butter, more butter, extra butter, chips, sausage and more butter. Artery clogging tastic.
    Drove for 3 hours to a man made lake called Sun Moon Lake. Very picturesque, if a bit cloudy.
    Checked in to our Switzerland style chalet, with high wooden ceilings and a balcony bedroom, overlooking the others for Hannah and I.
    Wandered to the lake and took a boat trip on a catamaran to the other side and back.
    Curly not feeling well, so we went back so she could chill out and have a bath.
    After she warmed up we went out for some food. Almost everything was closed by 7.30 and we struggled to find somewhere to eat.
    Found a nice man who said he would cook us some food. Fed us all with beer for only £20.75, bargain.
    Dad and I had a brief conversation with a swearing parrot on the way home, which I'm sure was made much more funny by the 58% spirit from the store (costing only £1.50 for a little bottle).
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  • Day51

    Exploring Jiufen

    November 19, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Nice leisurely start of 9am. We had breakfast included which was probably the most butter loaded croissant I've ever had, plus a slab of bacon to wash it down with. Heart attack central.
    Drove down toward the coast. Did a short stop at an unplanned temple stop. Amazing place with 7 floors of gold decorated rooms. We managed to lose Hannah and Curly on the way round.
    The roof was covered in dragons and fighting men. Down to the coast after that to see the golden waterfalls and some sandstone rock features next to massive surf. Walked through a forest and up to a headland to see some panoramic views of the sea and a multicolored military base.
    Narrowly avoided paying 100 pounds for some lobster and ormer lunch. We thought it was going to be about a 10th of that.
    Drove up the road back to our village and went straight out to the old street.
    Found a lovely place for tea and nibbles. We had to add small dried tea leaves to a pot, which expanded to about 50 times their size. The green tea made us all feel spaced out.
    Fully spaced out we found somewhere for beer and dumplings, with a great view over the hills and valley.
    On the way back curly took us on a detour down a cave and found another pub at the end. Had 5 huge beers and booked a woody hotel for the next few nights.
    Picked up an Oreo waffle on the way home to share. Well tasty!
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  • Day11

    Taipei Night Market

    October 10, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Smells of everything from roasting horse nuts to fried cheese. We sampled some dumplings and some weird noodle slop. One bite tasty next more slop. Very strange.
    Loads of people and loads of lights. After an hour, definitely time to go back to the hotel to rest the feet.Read more

    Sally Le Poidevin

    Pretty blue light x

  • Day62

    Off to New Zealand

    November 30, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Up for a nice breakfast of salad, sausage, egg and hash brown. They were playing christmas music, so I suppose that made it our Christmas day meal. No where near as full or pissed as usual for Christmas.
    We slimmed down our packs by handing a few Kg to Curly to take home.
    Started our Teddy tour with a car park walk, followed by another car park we couldn't even enter to get access to do a walk. We took the navigational reigns off him and went along to a small pond with a 3 min walking route. Lovely.
    We wanted to get a bit closer to the airport so started the stressful drive through the city. Too many bikes and merging lorries for my liking!
    Got to a rotating restaurant for lunch over looking the beach. Had some chinese tasting food, very nice. Made us all feel pretty dizzy, even though it was only rotating at 1 RPH.
    Made it back to the airport to handover the hire car.
    Few beers with the family to get rid of some coins and we were off to New Zealand!
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    Roger Le Poidevin

    Great video!

  • Day58

    The Southern most point of Taiwan

    November 26, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Woke up and as breakfast wasn’t included we got a selection of fruit and yogurt from 7/11 - our go to shop! Much healthier than our last few days breakfast.
    Decided to just head off and stop at any attractions along the way with no real plan and no end destination for now.
    First stop - the southern most point of Taiwan and a short walk to a viewing area.
    Second stop - lunch. A local restaurant with tasty rice, noodles, soup and Rog Pretty much had a plate of onions! Curly was adventurous and tried an asparagus juice - not as tasty as the food.
    Third stop - very much off the beaten track with Curly following a well mapped tip to a wild hot spring. We scrambled over some rocks and to the edge of the river to find a pool of hot water!
    Fourth stop - a random hotel with a hot spring. A bit of an eye sore from the outside but nice enough on the inside - especially for the price 8 quid a room. A quick dip in the hot spring and then to a traditional Aboriginal restaurant to try a selection of tasty meals.
    Before heading back to the room a quick stop off at 7/11 to pick up some post dinner sweet treats and tasty wine. Louis nearly stood on a snake on the way home - checked the picture online and turns out it was quite a dangerous one!
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  • Day12

    From west to east

    December 5, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Oliver and I went for a quick walk after breakfast, before Steven picked us up at 9am.

    We detoured via the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (in the dragon, out the Tiger!), near the old town wall of Kaohsuing, before heading toward Moon World. It's not a theme park, but is an area of barren hills with a lunar-like landscape in Tianliano District.

    After a much welcome ice cream (it was 32 degrees and humid today), we left the east coast and headed across the mountains to the west coast, including a stop for lunch (beef noodle soup today).

    The west coast is vastly different, with long beaches and sheer cliffs. The cities are much smaller and have a rural feeling, without the crowds of the west coast.

    We arrived in Taitung at 4pm and went for a bike ride around the Forest Reserve, before heading to our hotel (5 star luxury tonight in the Sheraton... it's in the main street and looks very out of place!)

    We headed to the outdoor bar for cocktails, then a quick swim before heading out for a walk around town for some tea and a couple of caches.
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  • Day11

    Waiting for the crack of dawn

    December 4, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    4.30am wake-up call this morning so we can catch the 5.30am train to Zhushan station, then a short, steep uphill walk to "Ogasawara Mountain Sun-rising Watchtower", the best place in the area to see the sunrise. It's a popular event in these parts, the train was standing room only.

    The train line originally went from Chiayi to Alishan (80km), but was damaged in the 9-21 earthquake in 1999. Repairs were competed in 2005, but it was damaged again in Typhoon Morakot in 2009, and remains unrepaired. The section we are traveling on is now just for tourists, from Alishan Township to the summit.

    We arrived at the lookout at 6am, and did the important stuff first - found the cache up there☺ (it's now our highest altitude found cache, at 2449m).

    After watching the sunrise and squeezing between the bus loads of selfie-stick wielding Chinese tourists to take some photos, we caught the train back to the village for breakfast (local breakfast today, our hotel doesn't have a dining room... or a lobby, comfy bed or lift... but that's another issue!)

    After breakfast we met our driver at 9am for a lovely walk up and down and around the forest - according to Chris' app we walked up the equivalent of 57 flights of stairs!

    We departed for Kaohsiung at 10.30am

    To be continued...
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  • Day11

    Caching in Kaohsiung

    December 4, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Today's lunch special was rice dumplings in Zhongpu - peanut, chestnut and radish flavours for mains, and a sticky black rice variety for dessert.

    Next stop was the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum on the outskirts of Kaohsuing, Taiwan's second biggest city. It had a comprehensive display of Buddha's life and housed one of four Buddha relics in the world (one of his teeth).

    Kaohsuing was one of only two Taiwanese cities planned by the Japanese during their occupation, and is a notably different to other cities we have visited, with a functional grid design with wide boulevards, on the banks of a river. Our first stop was a Love River Cruise (the river's name, not the nature of the cruise!).

    After grabbing a nearby cache, we were dropped at our hotel, which is in the heart of the city. We walked to the Liouhe Night Market (voted the best night market in Taiwan) and ate the usual range of delicacies - fried squid, Taiwanese hot dog, sweet potato balls and a mango beer.

    The walk back to the hotel was via the MRT (Underground) station to view the Dome of Light, the largest glass art installation in the world. It's 30m in diameter and is made of 4,500 glass pieces... and has a resident grand piano player! Not the usual sight in an underground station! Did I mention there is also a cache there... according to the past logs it's notoriously tricky, so we were very happy when Chris made the find 😃
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