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  • Day17

    ... please go away quickly so I can continue my journey. But no, you decide to bring pouring rain and storm the next 3 days which means I'm stuck here in this 300 dollar hostel. Thank you. Anyways, some friends from Zhongli are here and couchsurfing is another option to kill time. In the end, not too bad! At least I got some postcards written.

  • Day7

    3580 meters above sea level. This is probably the highest piece of asphalt you can travel in Taiwan. Despite the lack of oxygen, my scooter takes it with a steady 60 kmh from Taroko to Qingjing. After passing the foggy cloud level (which stretches from 2000m to 3000m altitude) the views are mind-blowing. Not many people make it up to this point because the weather forecast is rather bad. Additionally, last night's thunderstorm chucked rocks and debris on the road, requiring more concentration. As the road winds up the mountain range, dark tunnels and narrow curves need to be taken.

    The challenge was worth it.
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  • Day8

    3:00am my alarm sounds. I jump on my scooter and drive up the mountain road. The sunrise watched from 3000m above sea level kicks off a beautiful day.

    In Caotun I meet Ian and his family. I linked up with him via Couchsurfing. He takes me to his junior high school class. The kids are curious as hell and ask a lot of questions. The day finishes off with a homemade dinner.

  • Day13

    Lonely Planet's chapter about Tainan appears so so useless compared to the knowledge of Vicky and Amy who took us around their hometown for 4 days. They both deserve a gold medal. I hope the pair of chopsticks we designed in that hidden workshop will last a lifetime.

  • Day1

    This trip's formula:
    17 days off
    + 125cc scooter
    + 1 backpack
    = a sore butt

    I hired a scooter to fulfill one of my big dreams: Scootering around Taiwan. In Seven-Eleven Country, everything is just so super convenient. That's why a 30 liters backpack is all I need to carry for this 17+ days trip. Winding roads and long driving distances demand their toll: Unfortunately, sunscreen doesn't prevent a sore butt. Nonetheless, the views are worth it.

    After navigating through buzzing Taipei city, I ended up in Fulong, a touristic beach town and met other exchange students. A rented house for 17 people, bonfire and beer.
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  • Day12

    Again the alarm sounds at 3am. We pack our stuff and hike a pitch black forest trail to watch this famous Alishan sunrise. Other visitors take the train. We are not alone on this summit at 4:45am.

    We spend the afternoon driving on a randomly chosen countryside road which leads us deep into the jungle. This hot and humid environment goes well after cold days in the mountains. We find a waterfall and pitch up hammocks to relax for a while.

    In the evening we reach Dapu, which turns out to be an obscur holiday place. A perfect spot for free camping.
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  • Day25

    From Xiamen I hop on the ferry to Kinmen, which is some kind of an outpost of Taiwan dating back to the Cold War times. Finally, the first footsteps on Taiwan! But they quickly turn into 2-wheeled tracks as I rent a scooter and try to lap the island. 90km/h and more - would be allowed to drive this at home. Ah Taiwan, this is a really good start.

  • Day3

    I left the bunch of hungover exchange students and picked up Lin at the train station. For the next 4 days, we're going down the east coast together: Steep cliffs right hand side, crystal blue water left hand side. Inbetween a smooth line of black asphalt.

    Tonight we stay at Taroko National Park. We drove some 130 km today.

  • Day4

    This morning we tackle Taroko Gorge - an incredible scenery hard to describe with photos. The winding road takes you up the gorge, you pass stone archs and rush through a tunnel which suddenly spits you out next to overhanging cliffs rising a couple of hundred meters left and right of you. We feel so insignificant facing this power of nature.

    We spend the evening and night scootering down to Chenggong. Insects pierce our skin as we go down the empty highway at some 80 kmh. Still 2 hours to go. Betel nuts prove helpful this night.Read more

  • Day10

    We get up in the dark to watch the sunrise at Sunmoon Lake. The view is gorgeous: This is Taiwan's beauty.

    From Sunmoon Lake we take the monkey-framed mountain road to Alishan. Alishan is famous for its sunrises. However, the sunsets aren't to bad neither.

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