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  • Day27

    This is a great BBQ restaurant, if you can ignore their prices on the menu. They cooked everything for us, so all we did was enjoy as much protein as we could tonight (beef tongues, prime rib eye steak, pork cheek, kimchi, mixed veggies...)

    At the very end, we even ordered chicken cartilage soft bones for take-out. These were for our two little dogs waiting for us patiently at home.


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  • Day28


    逛著逛著... 竟讓我在高速公路一個小小的服務區晃了一個半小時,然後就不小心買了三雙麥坎納 Macanna 的鞋,結帳時,小姐說:「看得出來妳很會賺錢,也很會花錢喔!」

    哦... 我真的只是想買杯咖啡提神,不想當不負責任的危險駕駛而已。

  • Day1

    We reached Taiwan via Kaohsiung Airport. From there it was a 2 hour bus journey to Kenting. We stayed in an inn smack in the middle of town called Sunshine Inn. There is a park nearby called Qingwashihaiyangyouqi Park. Try saying that real fast. It has some temple buildings but we didn't spend much time there. Instead, we went through it and walked along the sea shore on the reefs. Beautiful rock formation here thanks to the erosions caused by the waves. The view of course, is breathtaking. Came back to the main road by 7pm and there were so many stalls up by then. Lots of food, souvenirs, clothing, etc. We went for the food of course. So many stalls selling seafood, especially squid, but I took a corndog instead. Just felt right. On the way back to the inn we ate freshly cooked prawns and oysters. They were alive and were cooked to death in front of us. And although that sounds really bad, they tasted so good. After that we headed back and called it a day.Read more

  • Day2

    More hiking today as we headed to Kenting and Shedding Park for another adventure. Walked on some pretty interesting trails and witnessed some amazing sights. My favourite was the view from the observertory. There were many caves and gorges there too. Apparently this place used to be the reefs, so now we see a whole lot of that sort of geology here. Plenty of wildlife too. We spotted monkeys, squirrels, bats and various insects.

    Another breathtaking spot is The Grassland in Sheding Park. According to history, deer used to roam here but the vegetation had been destroyed now, so no more deer.

    After all that hiking we headed to Houbihu Marina where we had our seafood lunch. Everything was so fresh, from sashimi to lobster. We walked out of the restaurant stuffed. Then we headed back to our inn to rest for a bit before we headed out to the adjacent night market for dinner.
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  • Day3

    This park is located at the southern most tip of Taiwan. Its main attraction is the Eluanbi Lighthouse. Apart from that, there are also scenic views of the coast from various platforms such as the Sea Pavillion and the Coastal Viewing Platform. Apart from that, there is also the Narrow Gorge which can only fit one person at a time so you must make a line in order to enter. It is basically formed by coral reefs which underwent erosion and pulled by gravity during an uplift. There is a small cave here known as the Mystery Cave. It has a small entrance which is only about 5 feet in height so you might want to watch your head. These are collapsed coral reefs which unintentionally formed a cave. Another attraction you will see is the Kissing Rock, which is formed by cliffs being eroded by waves.Read more

  • Day3

    We left Kenting and headed to Fangliao at around 12pm. Reached there at almost 2pm. Our train for Hualien was only at 5.30pm so we dumped our bags at the station and went exploring. We found a small market by a jetty selling fresh seafood. Ended up having lunch there. Simple but delicious. Fried rice and squid as well as sashimi. Then we walked around for a bit and stumbled upon a temple. It is called the Sea Goddess Temple. Very majestic indeed. After that we headed back to the train station and boarded the train bound for Hualien. It took us 4 hours to get there. Stayed in Comfy Hostel for the night. We managed to get a room with 6 beds for the 5 of us. Small space but sufficient. Achey legs are going to need a rest for tomorrow's activity.Read more

  • Day4

    Today we went river tracing up the Sanzhan River in search of the Golden Grotto. We left our hostel at 7.30am and started our hike around 8.30am. After walking on some huge rocks with periodic swimming in the river to cool off, we reached the waterfalls. We climbed a series of 3 waterfalls before we reached the grotto. It made me realize how weak my upper body strength was. After about 3 hours we reached the Golden Grotto, and it was so worth the effort. Clear blue waters, beautiful rock walls, and a skylight. The view was to die for. Of course, my legs were already halfway through dying. The hike back was easier, to our relief. We floated down the river at places that were deep enough and walked the rest of the journey. We reached back to our starting point at about 4pm. All we wanted to do was go back to our hostel and immobilize ourselves. Taroko Gorge awaits tomorrow!Read more

  • Day5

    We hired a driver for the whole day today to bring us to Taroko Gorge and back. Turns out he is also an awesome tour guide. We did a few trails today. First up was the Shakadang trail. It is a 1.6km trail but we only did 1km of it as it pretty much was the same thing the whole stretch. The view was that of a river in between the mountains. Clear blue water streaming down. Then we made a short stop to see the Changchun shrine and the Enternal Spring with flows from beneath it. Next up, we went to the Swallow Grotto and this is where I got some of the most magnificent shots of the gorge. After which we headed to the Cimu Bridge and Pavillion. The bridge is made of marble and its pillars are red in colour, overwelming the surrounding gorge. We also crossed a suspension bridge near the Yu Fei Pavillion but after that had to walk back across it as going beyond requires a permit and we didn't possess one. It was almost 2pm by the time we were done so we headed off to lunch at a place nearby. One interesting dish I had was the Golden Needle Flower (or daylily) soup. Apparently these grow nearby at a town south of Hualien. After that we hiked the Baiyang trail. Now this trail requires you to walk through a dark tunnel with a flashlight followed by a 2.1km trail. We only did 1km as the trail was closed off due to reconstruction because of damages from a previous typhoon. Just when we thought we were done, our driver/guide brought us to Qingshui cliffs. This is a 21km stretch of coastal cliffs with beautiful ocean view of various color tones. After that we went to an isolated beach nearby and just enjoyed watching the violent waves. Our train to Taipei was departing at 7.30pm so we headed off to the Hualien train station about an hour before. There was an impending typhoon coming towards Hualien and so the alert was on. Coastal shops and houses were to be evacuated for 3 days. We were lucky to be able to spend a wonderful day in Hualien today. Taipei is now upon us.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Taiwan, Taywan, Republik China, ታይዋን, Republica de China, تايوان, جمهورية الصين, টাইৱান, República de China, Tayvan, تایوان, Ҡытай Республикаһы, Republik Kina, Тайвань, Република Китай, ताइवान, Tayiwani, তাইওয়ান, ཐའེ་ཝན།, তাইৱান, Tajvan, Бүгэдэ Найрамдаха Хитад Улас, Dài-uăng, Republika sa Tsina, Çin Cumhuriyeti, Tajwan, Republikken Kina, Cumhuriyetê Çini, Republika Chinskeje, ޓައިވާން, ཏའི་ཝཱན, Taiwan nutome, Ταϊβάν, Tajvano, Taiwán, Repúbrica de China, Taywaan, Kiinan tasavalta, Teivan, Taïwan, Rèpublica de Ch·ina, An Téaváin, Kitay Respublikası, 中華民國, Poblachd na Sìne, तैवान, તાઇવાન, Pobblaght ny Sheen, Chûng-fà Mìn-koet, Republika Kina, טייוואן, Chinska republika, Թայվան, Republiko di Chinia, Taívan, 中華民国, Républik Cina, ტაივანი, Хъутей Республикэ, Taiwani, តៃវ៉ាន់, ಥೈವಾನ್, 대만, Formosa, Repuvlika de Kina, Republiek China, Taiwanin, ໄຕ້ຫວັນ, تایڤان, Taivanas, Taivāna, Taioana, Taiwana, Тајван, തായ്‌വാന്‍, ထိုင်ဝမ်, Republik Tsiene, Taihuan, Tâi-oân, Thayiwani, Republike de China, ତାଇୱାନ୍, Китайы Республикæ, ਤਾਇਵਾਨ, Republika ning Tsina, Republika di China, Republika Chińska, تائیوان, د چين جمهوريت, Chunwa Republika, Кытай Өрөспүүбүлүкэтэ, Republic o Cheenae, تائيوان, Tâiwâni, තායිවානය, Saina Taipei, IThayiwani, Republika Chińsko, தைவான், టైవాన్, Тайван, ประเทศไต้หวัน, Taýwan, Heograpiya ng Taiwan, Taiuani, Ripablik bilong Saina, Кытай Җөмһүрияте, تەيۋەن, Republica de Cina, Taivan, Đài Loan, Tayvän, Republika han Tsina, Taaywaan, 中华民国, Китдин Орн, Orílẹ́ède Taiwani, Cunghvaz Minzgoz, 台湾, i-Taiwan

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