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  • Day170

    Yet another act of kindness

    August 27, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    So, usually my daily routine after a day of driving on demanding terrain is to get underneath the car and check that everything is still in place and all the bolts are tightened. Now, while the road through the Wakhan valley in the mountains of Tajikistan definitely falls into that category, yesterday I forgot to follow my routine. Of course Murphy was waiting around the next corner to enforce his dreaded law! The next corner being the even more remote Bartang valley.
    About 80km into the 280km drive through the valley we noticed a very strange sound coming from underneath the car. A quick inspection revealed that the bolt holding the rear left shock absorber in place had developed its own plans on how to continue its journey and hence had left us at some time on the road. Leaving the absorber awkwardly hanging down on the gravel.
    Of course no man or bolt gets left behind, so I quickly strapped the shock absorber in place to turn around and unsuccessfully try to find the missing parts.
    So, what now? Well don’t you worry. After we stopped to take another look on foot in the little town we were in at the time, we were instantly greeted by the villagers (we had passed them three times by now and they probably thought us rather odd. But they still approached us smilingly). A bit of chit chat and I explained that there’s a problem with the car. One look and 2 min later there were four guys inspecting the hanging shock absorber. What followed is still hard to comprehend. Not only did one of the guys have the right bolt, washer AND bushing to fix the suspension but also nobody would accept any compensation whatsoever. Instead they smiled, waved and wished us good luck while walking away.
    But here comes the best part. While I was busy with the guys and the car, Jo had made friends with Pari, one of the women living in the village. She owns a guesthouse and is the local English teacher. Pari not only helped to translate few bits and pieces, but she also brought us a basket full of apricots, peaches, onions and a huge pumpkin as a parting gift.

    People are just amazing!! Thanks Tajikistan!
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    Following your adventure and creative writing 👍🏼 VV from Delhi 😊

    Gabriele Gaaß

    I like such heartwarming stories very much! 😀 😘

  • Day170

    Random observations in Tajikistan

    August 27, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    As we passed our 10days in this beautiful country only in the GBAO district, driving along the Pamir Highway and exploring the Wakhan and Bartang valley, these observations can't really speak for the whole country, I guess. But they're our impressions of it, so I thought we'd share them anyways.

    Street posts are made from stone. Do not hit them!

    Only 7% of the country are below 1000m of altitude.

    We saw more tourists on the Pamir Highway than locals. Tourists have different means of transportation. Some have their own car like us, some have hired a car, some are travelling as part of a tour, some hitchhike, some are on motorbikes, some are on bicycles and some walk.

    A big shuffle seems to be THE must-have accessoir for Tajik men.

    We hardly saw any wildlife in the Bartang valley. The farther up you go the fewer livestock (and people) there is. But flowers, insects and beautiful butterflies can be found everywhere, even in the remotest corner.

    Tajik people (at least the ones we met) are super friendly. I loved the moment when we drove past and confusion was swept off the faces and replaced by a big smile that brightened up the whole person and seemed to charge the whole surrounding with positivity. Melted my heart.

    Soccer and volleyball seem to be the most popular sports. We drove past a lot of fields, especially in the Wakhan valley.

    Hitchhiking is very common to get from A to B. If you can't find someone to take you, you walk.

    At least during harvest season, you can buy food, both in the Wakhan and the Bartang valley. No need to stock up too much beforehand. Your money is better spent here!

    There are two Afghan markets, one in Ishkashim and one in Khorog, that foreigners can go to without obtaining a visa for Afghanistan. We didn't make it as they only happen once a week, but it must be an experience.

    We were very impressed by people's English levels, once again! However, the guy in the Khorog tourist office mentioned, it's mostly the people in the GBAO, not so much other parts of Tajikistan, that speak such good English. He might have been biased though.

    Tajikistan is a windy country. It usually picks up in the late mornings and gets stronger throughout the day. Then it calms down at night and very often in the mornings you can enjoy a few quiet ad warm hours - if you get up early enough.

    Many streets in the GBAO district are closed during winter (sep-march). Only the M41 (the main Pamir Highway) stays open all year as it is the main trade route. The villages in the other valleys need to prepare to be almost self-sufficient, there usually is a community Hall to store food supplies.

    It's the rivers that enable life in the valleys. Roads lead along them and they turn the surroundings green, providing for the local communities. We've seen many canals leading to the fields (and we often had to cross them, too).

    Ibex horns are used to mark sacred sites and sometimes to protect one's home from evil spirits. Sadly, we haven't seen a single alive one.

    Apricots are dried on any warm and fairly even surface that can be found. Roofs, stones, carpets. In winter they're soaked in water, flour and sometimes sugar is added and this way they help to fight the hunger.
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  • Day165

    Happy B' day Elisabeth!!!

    October 7, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    To have birthday in an environment like this, in Tajikistan, in view of Afghanistan, at the feet of the mighty Hindukush! You've got to be dreaming!!!
    This was totally enough to make my b'day a special day.
    But then, to top it all up, we were invited for tea in the home of aTajik family. Thanks to Lena's translations we were even able to communicate. . Finally you can ask all these things about their life, you are curious to know! This really beats the wordless smiles over cups of tea.
    AND, as if this wasn't enough, when returning to our vans Lena and Christoph presented me with a cake they baked this morning and a picture of Rex Lena has painted. How sweat is this??? Thanks so much you two!!!
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    Johanna Buss

    So lovely

    Naomi Joel

    Great mates for your caravan trail, and a lovely painting of Rex, he looks very noble

    Ghazala Tabassum

    It's such a beautiful feeling to be surrounded by mighty nature and amazing people.. I am vicariously travelling with you :-)

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  • Day193

    Rainy days

    November 4, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    This are these kind of days you don't even want to think about when planning a trip in a small van with an adventurous dog. Rain is pouring, outside nothing but mud, but nature still calls.
    When back to the van, you are soaked, the clothes are dripping, the boots are muddy, the dog is filthy...
    And this is just the beginning. The winter is approaching fast! We were so lucky until now!
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    Katharina Dannenberg

    Still stuck in this not too exciting place and waiting for the spare part for your van?

    ElisaLola Rexelby

    The parts have arrived yesterday. Van will be in the workshop all day today and then hopefully I can hit the road again tomorrow!!!

    Carol obrienbrown

    Where are you header for now Elisabeth ?

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  • Day201

    A day in Khujand

    November 12, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ☀️ 5 °C

    Staying at a large family, consisting as so many here out of grand parents, daughters and/ or daughters in law, whose husbands are working in Russia and of course their children plus children left with their grandparents whilst both parents are living in Russia, i stumbled across an intreaging piece of furniture: a narrow cradle with a hole in the middle. I found out that at least small babies don't wear any nappies, and that hole solves the soiling problem. For boys there is a pipe like contraption that gets attached to their little penis, unfortunately they did not have the equivalent for girls in the house, and everything gets diverted into a container attached to the bed. To keep the baby in situ they get tied down with silky straps.
    Well, saves a lot of nappies and washing.
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    Naomi Joel

    Wow what cool photos and interesting cultural experience.

  • Day185

    Quiet days on the lake

    October 27, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ☁️ 2 °C

    Whilst waiting for my Car parts I decided to drive to Iskander-Kul, a lake high in the Fan mountains. To get there from Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, we had to drive up a pass which is particularly interesting as you have to travel through some really mean tunnels, the longest being 8km. I am not easily intimidated but when leaving the bright sunlight and driving into this pitchblack tunnel, no or hardly any lights, no white markings, drains along the wall, no ventilation, therefore very Smokey and the environment swallowing any light, that is quite scary. It is noted on the map as "dangerous tunnel", which may give you the gist. It was definitely worth the while driving this road.
    And then through quite spectacular mountain scenery on a dirt track eventually you reach the opal blue mountain lake. Stunning color!!!
    Here I am, nobody else on this lake at the end of the world, apart from myself and my co-travellers, who arrived a day later, and you assume nothing is going to happen apart from some hikes.
    But low and behold one afternoon there was a fashion shoot, the next evening we were invited to a BBQ à la tajik, (oh, never again vodka,) and one morning we were woken by a huge herd of Yak being driven past our vans making their grunting yak noises.
    Unfortunately I had to get back to Dushanbe sorting out my car business.
    PS: ithe caption ruins every picture., particularly that photoshoot one which has a fairytale quality to it. Therefore the caption here: it was a very cold day, and the poor girl had to pose in sleeveless dresses. A hard job...
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    Naomi Joel

    Great colors, and camping spot well worth the 8 km tunnel 😎

    ElisaLola Rexelby

    Absolutely! Quite an experience!

  • Day161


    October 3, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

    On the 2nd day we decided to combine the Rexelby walk and visiting the cave paintings and left the car at the overnight spot. Walking those 3kms one way was not a big problem but them climbing up top the cave at aheight of 4000m left me quite breathless. In these heights breathlessness can come over you at the tiniest activity. This gives me additional respect for those mountaineers conquering 8000m peaks or those bicycle riders traveling the Pamir. Hat off guys!!!Read more

  • Day31


    August 26, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Unser Mittagessen war heute eine spannende Angelegenheit. Nachdem wir und die Inhaber feststellen mussten, dass die Kommunikation zwischen uns nicht ausreicht um eine Mahlzeit zu bestellen wurde ich kurzerhand in die Küche eingeladen. Die Frau zeigte mir alle Kochtöpfe und ich konnte daraufhin durch Handzeichen wählen.
    Geschmeckt hat es sehr gut, leider war es mit 8,50 € auch unser bisher teuerster Restaurantbesuch.

    Der Pamir Highway zählt für das Navi als Autobahn. Das macht es besonders lustig, wenn man 10 Kilometer in 10 Minuten zurücklegen sollte und dafür fast eine Stunde benötigt. An diesem Tag trifft uns ein außergewöhnlich schlechtes Stück "Straße". Die Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit liegt bei 20 km/h. Belohnt wird das nur durch einen schönen Ausblick und durch eine spannende Wegführung.
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    Elfia Fähnrich

    Simon schaut sehr skeptisch-

    Elfia Fähnrich

    Simon ist sich hier aber nicht so sicher ob er den Löffel nimmt.

  • Day34


    August 29, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Wir kümmern uns um unsere Versorgung für die nächsten Tage. Auf dem Basar werden wir fündig. Außerdem sucht Anni ein langes Kleid. Die Verhüllung im Iran steht ja bald an.

    Da unsere Gastfamilie noch ein Versprechen offen hat, treffen wir uns anschließend nochmal mit Shokirjon. Anni bekommt ein selbstgenähtes tadschikisches Kleid und ich eine traditionelle Kopfbedeckung. Die Kopfbedeckung wird vom Marketingleiter der Tourismusbehörde von Tadschikistan vorbeigebracht. Der Mann ist ein früherer Kollege von Shokirjon. Danach geht es für die Beiden wieder auf Arbeit.Read more

    Elfia Fähnrich

    Toller Basar, alles sehr ordentlich und dann für euch auch noch ein kostenloser Einkauf. In Deutschland undenkbar.

  • Day190

    Garage life

    November 1, 2019 in Tajikistan ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    My Car is up for repair in Dushanbe. Second garage. In the first they "ordered" the part, due to arrive in 10 days, just to be told after 7 days, it's not available.
    Am now at another garage. They apparently habe the part at the end of next week. Appointment at 10am, it's now 1055am. Tajik time! 10 probably means 11! So plenty of time to observe.
    Lots of garages are located here on this plot, and a lot of activity going on, however not of that kind you'd expect in a workshop, hammering, sound of screws drivers, clonking of tools.... No, it's lots of men coming and going, lots of discussions over cups of tea, lots of phone calls being done, then the men that went are coming back, just to disappear again. And all the cars are standing in their booths, unattended. I really wonder how long this all will take today. And if I really get the parts in time before my visa runs out.
    It's a miserable, rainy day, so I'll have a lot of fun walking the city with my country dog.
    But Overlanding can't only be fun, some hardships will increase the joy once everything runs smoothly.
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