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  • Day23

    Kikuletwa Hot Springs

    October 28, 2017 in Tanzania

    Today we took a Dalla Dalla (mini bus with up to 26 people in it) to Boma and from there a Tuk Tuk to the hot springs.

    The water in the pool is amazingly clear, there is a cool swing and while holding still, you get a free fish pedicure.

    All in all a very cool day trip (10TSH pp entry).

  • Day46

    Blue Lagoon, Zanzibar

    November 20, 2017 in Tanzania

    Today we went snorkelling to the so called “Blue Lagoon” on Zanzibar. It was amazing snorkelling in very clear waters with lots of smaller fish and colorful corals. I can really recommend it 🐠🐟!

    It is best to go at low tide, a boat is not really necessary to reach the spot (it is really close to the beach). Nevertheless we did hire a mango tree dhow from a local fisherman and sailed there.

    Our perfect little day trip ended with a yummy octopus mango avocado salad 👍
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  • Day48

    Cooking class, Dole

    November 22, 2017 in Tanzania

    Because we spent a long time at the beach already, we decided to go back to Stone Town and to do a cooking class.

    We went shopping at the market, then took a Dalla Dalla to a spice farm, had a quick spice tour and then started preparing a fish curry, a vegetable curry, pilau rice and chapatis (watch out friends, next time on a dinner invitation, you will get African food and fresh chapati).

    Awesome experience really!
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  • Day17

    Border Kenya to Tanzania

    October 22, 2017 in Tanzania

    That’s it for us and Kenya (for now) 🇰🇪.

    Kenya was our first real African country with lots of new experiences and a lot of talking about politics. The tribal thinking of the people makes things a bit complicated here, still we hope the election (scheduled four days from today, but still unsure to take place) will be a fair one.

    Outside of the big cities Nairobi and Mombasa we felt safe and the people were warm and welcoming. It’s a great country to travel with wildlife everywhere.

    It’s always sad to leave a country but now it’s time for 1.5 month of Tanzania 🇹🇿✌️
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  • Day26

    Mtae, Usambara Mountains, Day 2

    October 31, 2017 in Tanzania

    “Mzuuunguuu”, thats what we constantly hear, no matter where we go. The correct translation is “Traveller”, but here it refers to “White person”. The kids shout it from far away.

    On the road the greeting is “Jambo“ “Habari” “Mzuri” “Karibu” and “Asante”, meaning “Hi” “How are you” “Great” “Welcome here” “Thank you”, phrases won’t forget!

    Our hike today leads us up and down, through villages and forest, until we arrive at the very end of this mountain range, at Mtae, a wonderful village with views over Tanzania and Kenya. We can even see the silhouettes of the Kilimajaro.

    After checking into our basic, but cozy guest house, we go for walk through the village, accompanied by kids making fun with us everywhere we go, “Mzungu” people are quite the attraction for them. It is really really nice here, we enjoy our time a lot.

    The day ends with an amazing sunset 🌅
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  • Day45

    Laidback Michamvi

    November 19, 2017 in Tanzania

    Michamvi is very chilled out, there is not much going on and a lot of places are Bob Marley style.

    We stayed in Mpole Guest House, had a nice room and a huge breakfast. The beach is only a few meters away and a nice sunset view bar is also around the corner.

    We spent most of our time with Thomas & Dorit, a couple we met in Paje and who originally told us about this place.

    Thomas twice bought fish, octopus, calamari, crab, shells and even sea snails 🐌 from the local fishermen and we cooked it on our camp fire 🔥, very cool and apart from the snail, very yummy!Read more

  • Day20

    Meet the Masai

    October 25, 2017 in Tanzania

    The Masai are pretty much still living as they did all the time. During all our travels I am not sure we’ve seen another indigenous tribe that is still sticking to its culture as much as the Masai do, still drinking a glas of cow blood with milk every morning and living a semi nomadic live. Okay, you can also find them in the local pub at night playing pool, but even there they are wearing Masai dresses.

    One day we did a quick trip to a Masai Village with dancing, singing and jumping Masai people. They gave us Masai clothes and we were allowed to join the dancing - fun! We were even asked if we wanted to drink some blood 🍷 but we politely negated.

    This Thursday was Masai market day, a big happening, where all the Masai from the surrounding lands meet up, selling their goods, jewelry and the famous indestructible Masai shoes, made from motorbike tires!

    Masai culture experience ☑️
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  • Day38

    Stone Town, Zanzibar

    November 12, 2017 in Tanzania

    Sitting next to the pilot in the airplane of Coastal Aviation, we landed on Zanzibar, our last destination of this trip.

    First location, Stone Town. With its narrow streets it is a little bit like a maze, a pretty place, but also a pretty touristy place!

    Here we see more Mzungus (white people), than at any other place on our trip so far. However for us, it was quite refreshing, to meet fellow travellers. We didn’t mind at all. By coincidence, we met 2 Greek friends, we knew from Nicaragua 3 years ago.

    Best thing about Stone Town: Food! Generally Africa hasn’t served us the best food, but here things are changing. We love the Zanzibar kitchen, the Biryanis, the curries, the spices, ... it is so good, that being full after a meal sucks 😲!

    We were staying 2 nights in the Jambo Guest House, then took a Dalla Dalla to the beach.
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  • Day40

    Paje, Kinazi Upepo Bungalows

    November 14, 2017 in Tanzania

    White sand, colorful skies, a nice Bungalow, Masai beach boys, awesome fish currys and masala chips, oh, and Konyagi nights ✌️. These things explain or 5 nights in Paje quite well.

    Very strange things however occurred to the soap in our bungalow. First night, while sleeping, two packs of soap right next to the sink simply disappear! We didn’t really have an answer to this, the monkeys, that come to our roof at night, have no way in. We get a new soap and take very good care of it. But two days later, after we return from a local bar, the soap is gone AGAIN! Creepy sh*t. The next morning we find out, that the rats or rodents sometimes eat soap 🐀😳??

    In the mornings, we do some work (Christmas is coming) and in the afternoons we hang out on the beach, playing soccer or ring toss with the local masai boys. There are a lot of Masai guys here, selling their jewelry on the beach. Almost all are really nice and we are having good times with them. We also see them doing their Masai dance and jumping. Cool stuff!
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  • Day49


    November 23, 2017 in Tanzania

    2 days Nungwi at Makofi Guest House.

    Compared to the rest of Sansibar, Nungwi is full of tourists, with solid hotels right at the beach front, but all in all, there still weren‘t too many people around.

    The beach is nice and not tide effected, swimming at low tide is possible 👍.

    We went to a turtle rescue place and had a nice candle light dinner with a table right on the beach!

    Oh, and all our spread out luggage was moved from one room to another after the first night - without our knowing or presence!? 😳Read more

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United Republic of Tanzania, Tansania, Tanzania, Tanzanië, ታንዛኒያ, تانزانيا, República Xunida de Tanzania, Tanzaniya, Танзанія, Аб'яднаная Рэспубліка, Танзания, Tanzani, তাঞ্জানিয়া, Tanzanija, Tanzània, Tanzánie, Tanzania nutome, Τανζανία, Tanzanio, تانزانیا, Tansanii, Tanzanie, An Tansáin, તાંઝાનિયા, טאנזניה, तंजा़निया, Tanzánia, Տանզանիա, Tansanía, タンザニア連合共和国, ტანზანია, តង់ហ្សានី, ಟಾಂಜಾನಿಯಾ, 탄자니아, टंजानिया, ທານຊາເນຍ, Tanzānija, Танзанија, ടാന്‍സാനിയ, टांझानिया, Tanżanija, တန်ဇန်နီးယား, तान्जानिया, ତାଞ୍ଜାନିଆ, تانزانيه, Tanzânia, Tansanya, Tanzanïi, Tansaaniya, டான்சானியா, టాంజానియా, แทนซาเนีย, Tenisania, Tanzanya, تانزانىيە, Обʼєднана Республіка Танзанія, تنزانیہ, Tan-da-ni-a (Tanzania), Tansanän, Orílẹ́ède Tanṣania, 坦桑尼亚, i-Tanzania

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