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  • Day119

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    December 25, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    For anyone who wants to watch our “Celebrating Christmas in Thailand” parody on Winter Wonderland, just click here:

    (We can’t post the whole thing on the finding penguins platform...)

    Performance and lyrics by all of us
    Video by Chloë

    These are the lyrics:

    [In this land, the land of smiles
    We must shed our winter styles
    Our flip-flops are out
    As we walk about
    Celebrating Christmas in Thailand

    Lanterns shine in the twilight
    Kids all whine on Muay Thai night
    No traffic lights to be seen
    But there’s still red and green
    For celebrating Christmas in Thailand

    So this winter we can still wear tank-tops
    Though in temples girls must hide their knees
    At the corner we can buy some ice-pops
    ‘Cause it’s the only thing that makes us freeze

    Mosquitoes hum
    Our Christmas carols
    While we sweat
    By the barrel
    Our life’s full of cheer
    But we wish you were here
    Celebrating Christmas in Thailand

    Celebrating Christmas in Thailand
    Celebrating Christmas in Thailand ]

    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Much love from the Paisley-Taylors
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  • Day126

    And a happy New Year !

    January 1, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    To ring in the New Year Chiang Mai-style, we headed to the Old City, stopping at a Wat to send our New Year wishes up into the sky via lantern. After the kids were in bed, Geoff and I snuck back out to join the party by the city moat. I can’t get enough of these lanterns. They are so beautiful (until the next morning when the streets are littered with ashes and metal rings!). Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for 2019!Read more

  • Day77

    Wir sind im Paradies

    February 18, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Bangkok gelandet und wieder warten, jedoch nur 2 1/2 Std. Dann der letzte Flug ( für die nächsten 10 Tage) nach Pucket.
    Nach einigem Suchen finden wir den Mann der uns weiterbringt.
    Bild Bepflanzung ist direkt am Flughafen.
    Eine ca 30 minütige Fahrt bringt uns ans Meer. Von dort geht es mit einem Holzboot mit rieeeeesen Motor auf die Insel die für die nächsten 9 Nächte unser zu Hause ist.
    Die Fahrt führt übers offene Meer teilweise der Küste entlang direkt an dem Strand von unserem Hotel.
    Dort werden wir bereits erwartet😊😊 mit einem Erfrischungsgetränk 🥃(ohne Alkohol)
    Bungalow Paradiesisch siehe Bilder 😍😍
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  • Day49


    May 5, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Stress macht doof/ unkreativ! Und das Gegenteil passt auch: Ruhe, Entspannung und Langeweile bringen wieder kreative Ideen hervor. Nachdem ein paar Palmenzweige auf unserem Müllhaufen gelandet sind, haben wir angefangen damit zu basteln... und nicht mehr aufgehört! 😅 Kinderfreude pur. ❤Read more

  • Day82


    June 7, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    ...bedeutet auf Thailändisch Farbe Rot und das war das Motto der Geburtstagsparty. Es war mal wieder eine legendäre Nacht! Wir haben soooo viel gelacht und es gab sogar Momente der Freudentränen. Wir werden diese verrückten Thai Freunde wirklich vermissen. Es fühlt sich schon alles ziemlich heimisch an und deshalb sind wir sogar auch ein bisschen wehmütig. Dafür bleiben aber solche Abende einfach unvergessen! 🥰
    "Chokh dī" sagt man übrigens zum Anstoßen und bedeutet so viel wie "Viel Glück".
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  • Day101


    June 26, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Vipassana heißt "to see clearly". Wenn man sich mit sich auseinandersetzen will, dann ist das wohl so ziemlich der Endgegner. 😅 Hier begegnen einem alle Ängste, Situationen und Gefühle, die man sonst unterdrückt, wegdrückt bzw. womit man sich nicht beschäftigen will. Man sieht sich selbst und seine wahre Natur. Es waren die härtesten 2 Wochen überhaupt und dennoch hat es sich absolut gelohnt! "Wer nicht richtig geweint hat, hat nicht richtig Vipassana gemacht" war eine Aussage und das passt definitiv. Man holt halt echt den ganzen Mist raus (Cleaning Out).
    Der Tagesablauf war ziemlich gleich, nur die Stimmungslage halt nicht. 4 Uhr Aufstehen, Meditation, Reissuppe frühstücken, Report beim Teacher, Meditation, 11 Uhr Thai Essen, Meditation, Report beim Teacher, Meditation, 22 Uhr Schlafen. Und auch daran gewöhnt man sich irgendwie. Erstaunlich war wirklich, wie sich von Moment zu Moment die Stimmung komplett ändern kann.
    Vipassana ist eine Antwort auf so viele Fragen und hat gezeigt, wie man wahre Achtsamkeit leben und wie man komplett im Hier und Jetzt sein kann und wie man mit diesen ganzen Gefühlen umgehen kann. Wir nehmen also viel mit.
    Besonders schön war es, so einen tiefen Einblick in die Kultur zu bekommen, durch verschiedenste Zeremonien in den Tempeln.
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  • Day168

    Who needs a snow day?

    February 12, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

    We clearly picked a great winter to be away... but we are thinking of our friends in Ontario! Honest, I posted these for you to enjoy on your snow day (not to rub it in)... If we could bring you to the beach with us, we would! The irony is that our kids say they miss the snow. I guess the grass is always greener, or the snow always whiter, or the sand always softer, somewhere... stay warm! LaraRead more

  • Day15

    Day 14 - Santa Hat Selfies

    December 24, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Who’d be so cliche’d & immature!

    Today we were awoken by an enormous gecko in our room squawking. We got up & hired a scooter from our lovely lady. She found us the best available bike & gave us a couple of ill-fitting helmets.

    The plan was go for a recce further a field & spend the day on the beach at the southern end of the island where the Same Same But Different Restaurant was situated. We recall that the beach was nice, but more importantly the restaurant did the best chicken & cashew nuts we had ever had.

    We set off on the coast road heading south, when after about 10 miles we found a French bakery that took our fancy. We got off the scooter & went to open up the seat under which was my bag & all our money. Hunting high & low, we couldn’t work it out, but a little old lady came over & showed us that it was the button next to the ignition. She tried it several times but still it didn’t work.

    In the end we had to get back on the bike & return to Lanta Happy Hills where our lady opened in a second, it was the switch next to the ignition, but the ignition key had to be at a certain position. So easy when you know how!

    We drove back again on the quite frankly terrible roads & stopped at our intended stop. We had half a homemade fresh baguette & coffee. Lovely, but naughty.

    On we continued to where I thought Same Same was. Every hundred yards or so, Jackie would pipe up ‘You sure we’ve not just gone past it’. Another 10 miles down the road, we arrived at Mu Ko Lanta National Park, where I thought Same Same was. Now there was an entry fee, 420 Baht (over £10). We paid it & very soon realised I was wrong. We had been here before when it was free & in-fact went for a jungle trek that turned into a nightmare for Jackie. She wasn’t wearing the correct footwear and fell over. Luckily Jackie didn’t say I told you so about a thousand times or say that it was a waste of money.

    Mu Ko Lanta National Park is a jungle swarming with monkeys & has a decent beach. We sat on the nice sandy beach for about an hour to try & justify the entrance fee, then we left. This was only after monkeys had raided another couple’s belongings whilst they were swimming and then returned a second time & actually opened their bag & stole a 100 Baht note & their wet wipes.

    We returned to the scooter & as we did on our previous visit, Jackie had to walk up the hill as it was too steep for both of us on the scooter. When Jackie finally reached me at the top of the hill, she got back on & we headed back the way we came. We stopped at another beach, thinking it was the one, it wasn’t, but we had a beer.

    Same Same turned out to be another 1.4 miles up the road. We stopped & both ordered the chicken & cashew nuts. It was nice, but not as fantastic as we remembered.

    After spending the rest of the day on the beach we returned home, not before stopping to buy a Santa hat & some reindeer ears for a selfie. That night we went out for a curry, then sat on our balcony & managed to stay up, just, to see Christmas morning in.

    Note the beaches & restaurants were full of tourists wearing Christmas headwear & taking selfies. I wouldn’t be lying if it was more than 50%.

    Song of the Day - We’re Not The Same by Wolf Alice.
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  • Day22

    Day 21 - Too Old To Party

    December 31, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

    Started the morning with a sugar rush. We went native & ordered iced coffees from a roadside shack opposite Lanta Happy Hills. Jackie had an iced latte & I, an iced caramel, both made fresh to order with mainly sugar & carnation milk, making them ultra sweet.

    With breakfast done, it was then back to the beach for ant-free sunshine. At lunch we had Pad Thai & pineapple fried rice with a couple of Changs, then back to the sunshine.

    Now, over the last week we had noticed that in the afternoon young lads had come to the beach & handed out flyers for Beach Parties & Clubs, but they swerved around us. We presume we sadly look too old in their eyes to party. Well, it happened again but as the lad passed us, I guilt tripped him into giving us a flyer for tonight’s party at ‘Fusion Club Thailand’. Funky Tech House Music - we won’t be going!!

    We stayed for the last sunset of 2019, with a Chang & some selfies AND slow-mo Hoff impersonations.

    After walking home, we met Ling at reception without her hijab 🧕. She was on her hands & knees, not praying, but wrapping up a paper lantern which she presented to us as a gift. We enquired about where she would recommend we go for New Years Eve & she gave us a couple of options, but she was having an early night.

    We had dinner at Ni Restaurant, sat at the best table (for 4) in the house & had chilli chicken & a superb Massaman. A group, in just bras on their tops I hasten to add, were waiting for a table, but my thug face seems to have some benefits, because the owner asked another couple to move to a smaller table, instead of us.

    After dinner Jackie went to loo & was gone ages, other customers were waiting to go in. Eventually Jackie came back out with her trousers on back to front!! Yes I did just say that. Apparently her snazzy pantaloons fell to the soggy floor when she undid them, then she couldn’t remember how to put them back on. She tried several times to get them
    the right way round then gave up.

    Now 10pm, we walked a mile along to Phra Ae Beach to sus it out. It was full of locals waiting for midnight. We decided it wasn’t for us, so left straight away. I could hear a lot of chanting coming out of speakers within a market. I had to investigate, but Jackie wasn’t having any of it, so we agreed to meet up in Funky Monkey.

    I trotted into the market to discover it was very Muslim & I was the only westerner, but undeterred I found the source of the chanting. It was what looked like a prayer meeting (hopefully) led by an Imam sat on a stage & talking into a microphone to his worshippers or followers. I took a sneaky photo & got myself out of there.

    Jackie wasn’t in the Funky Monkey, she had gone shopping instead, but we luckily reunited, then walked home for a Hong Thong. At 11.30pm, armed with our paper lantern we headed for Relax Bay Beach. We based ourselves at the front of Blue Wave Bar with a Chang, then lit our lantern at 5 minutes to midnight. Our lantern set off into the night sky at the 1st time of asking & without disaster. That couldn’t be said for another hapless halfwit near us who managed to set light to the paper of his lantern & had to take a walk of shame back to the bar with just the circular metal frame & a still burning ring in the middle.

    At midnight we were treated to a decent firework display & a couple next to us even offered us a glass of their champagne 🍾 🥂, but Jackie declined before I could say anything. It was a lovely end to the year.

    Song of the Day - Lanterns by Passenger.

    Alternative Song of the Day - Back To Front by Stiff Little Fingers.
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  • Day26

    Day 25 - Final Hotel Booked, Hallelujah!

    January 4, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Another great night’s sleep. We collected our laundry from reception, 2.8 kilos that cost less than £3. It’s cheaper than doing it yourself at home apparently.

    We went directly to my smoothie lady for a healthy smoothie each, which was disaster free, then headed for the beach. We passed the Muay Thai Gym & I espied my ‘Muay Thai Champion Buddy’ having a fag outside in his fight gear! Maybe I could have him after all!!

    Soul Kitchen was open so we plonked ourselves down on their beds, then I stripped off & went for my daily run. Upon my return, we polished off a bottle of water, had a walk, then started on the Chang. Lunch consisted of a prawn salad for Jackie & I, chicken masala on a naan with raita. All lovely.
    During lunch, we booked our final 6 nights at Clean Beach Resort, Hallelujah, which Ying’s husband had recommended to us 1st time round.

    After lunch we walked the full length of the beach again, stopping for another dip in the infinity pool at the half built hotel. We remained outside Soul Kitchen until sunset again, before returning home to discover that paedo & his entourage had gone. Hallelujah.

    That evening we ate at Richey Bar, which was next door Roi Thai/La Marina. We had chicken kebabs & pork ribs from the barbecue with corn 🌽 on the cob & garlic bread. It was decent, but the highlight of the night was seeing that Roi Thai/La Marina was completely empty, not one single customer, just bored waitresses looking slightly bemused. This is amazing because all the other restaurants in the vicinity were full. Maybe I am a social media influencer following my scathing review on TripAdvisor the previous day!

    Song of the Day - Hallelujah BY Leonard Cohen.
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