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Curious what backpackers do in Thailand? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Wee wander round the old town of Chiang Mai. Chock full of Wats (Buddhist shrines) with lots of Monks, Buddhas, temples, paintings and peace & quiet. Despite being third largest city in Thailand, the large old quarter surround by moats has a low rise small city feel to it. It has changed massively in the 12 years since we were last here, more hostels of a decent standard, cafes and traveller amenities. Typically Thai, loads of small shops selling everything and plenty of street food sellers. Busy but relaxed vibe. Beautiful food in a tiny 'cafe' with Fawlty Towers levels of service by man/lady owner - mad but so funny (we'll be back). First tuk-tuk ride in Thailand, rapid and a bit mental.Read more

  • We have enjoyed some relaxation time on this beautiful island. We were surprised to find a completely deserted beach on such a small island, have enjoyed some picnics and sundowners on the beach too. We also went on another snorkelling trip visiting these islands, Koh Hin Sorn, Koh Lugoi, Koh Dong (lunch), Koh Pung, Koh Bulu (our favourite), Koh Hin Ngam (black stones), Jabang (an underwater 16 meter pinnacle). The current at the last stop was fierce this time, so were thankful for our flippers and a rope to hang onto! The warm water, clear seas and beautiful coral and fish have kept us here longer than we thought we would stay but the snorkelling was great and the island quiet with not much development at all.Read more

  • Finally pulled ourselves away from the island and have been moving on again using a longboat, speedboat, minibus, plane and taxi. It was more appealing than a 28 hour bus ride! 800 miles in a straight line, wee bit more with the route we took!

  • Had some great street finger food for tea last night including steamed pork buns. Went to Wat Chedi Luang (Buddhist temple) early to beat the crowds and walked into some special police ceremony, followed by a school visiting. Good to know school children are the same world round, quite amusing to watch... On the bikes again! Rode around looking at the old city and wandering around a huge market. Highlight was the stall selling live animals (for food) including frogs in nets and buckets of cat fish and eel's. Spent a while looking for flip flops for James as his fell apart and it appears western feet are a lot longer and wider than Asian!Read more

  • The old city is one of Chiang Mai's biggest attractions. Built over 700 years ago, the city was once an entirely walled square surrounded by a moat.Today of course Chiang Mai's Old City is more developed but there are still many tantalizing glimpses of its exotic past. Some of the original city walls still remain particularly the great brick bastions at the four corners replete with their walkways and arrow slits to protect against invading armies.The Old City really comes alive every Sunday when Ratchadomoen Road, running west from Thapae Gate, becomes a walking street complete with a craft market, local dancers and musicians.Read more

  • After almost three weeks of diving, learning and practising I am done with my Divemaster course and reward myself with a lazy day at the beach. After some rainy days at the beginning of the year, the weather is again like it is supposed to be this time of the year: 32°C and sunny. So I am thankful for the tree which provides me with a nice shade.

  • After the last day in Chiang Mai with a big bowl of selfmade punch, we finally arrived in Pai. (The little hippie village) The mini bus ride takes about 4h and and costs CHF 5.-. and includes a beautiful view to the nothern countryside from Thailand. Because of the high season the prices are bit higher, and the rooms obviously a bit tighter😆

  • Nach Gewitter und Starkregen die ganze Nacht klart es zum Glück heute auf so das die Überfahrt nach Phi Phi Island stattfinden kann. Der Wellengang ist aber heftig, das Sonnendeck am Bug ist gesperrt weil immer wieder Wellen drüber Rollen. (Video kann ich leider hier nicht posten)
    Aber es hat sich gelohnt:

    1) Der Strand an dem sie "The Beach" mit Leonardo di Caprio gedreht haben
    2) Ankunft auf Koh Phi Phi Don (Hauptinsel) und erster Blick auf die Bucht
    3) Der steile Weg zum Aussichtspunkt
    4) Der Blick...
    5) Glücklich
    6) Erholen am Strand, bevor es wieder zurück geht
    Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Kingdom of Thailand, Thailand, Taeland, ታይላንድ, Tailandia, تايلند, Thailandia, Tailand, Тайланд, Tayilandi, থাইল্যান্ড, ཐའི་ལེན།, Tajland, Tailàndia, Thajsko, Gwlad Thai, ཐཱའི་ལེནཌ, Tailand nutome, Ταϊλάνδη, Tajlando, Tai, تایلند, Taylannda, Thaimaa, Teiland, Thaïlande, Tayilande, Tailân, An Téalainn, થાઇલેંડ, Tailan, תאילנד, थाईलैण्ड, Thailandska, Thaiföld, Թաիլանդ, Tailando, Taíland, タイ, ტაილანდი, Tailandi, Thailandi, ថៃ, ಥೈಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್, 태국, थाइलैंड, تایلەند, Pow Tay, Tayirandi, Tailandɛ, ປະເທດໄທ, Tailandas, Tayilanda, Taizeme, Thailandy, Тајланд, തായ്‌ലാന്‍ഡ്, थायलंड, Tajlandja, ထိုင်း, Thayilandi, थाइल्याण्ड, ଥାଇଲାଣ୍ଡ, Tailandya, Tajlandia, تايلنډ, Tailândia, Thaysuyu, Tailanda, थैलेण्ड्, Thaieana, Tailânde, තායිලන්තය, Tajska, Taylaand, Tajlanda, தாய்லாந்து, థాయ్ లాండ్, Таиланд, ไทย, Taýland, Taylandiya, Taileni, Tayland, تھائی لینڈ, Thái Lan, Tayän, Taylandya, Orílẹ́ède Tailandi, 泰国, i-Thailand