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Curious what backpackers do in Thailand? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Chiang Mai has a really interesting night market on Sunday evenings which has expanded immensely since we were here two years ago. In 2014, the market was centered on Rachadamnoen Alley in the old city, with some small offshoots on a few cross streets. This year the offshoots are full fledged branches and even the streets running perpendicular to the main market are filled with vendors. Despite the expansion, as was the case two years ago, there are so many people walking around, one can barely move.

    All the hustle and bustle comes to a complete standstill at 6:00 PM each week when the PA system announces it is time to stand for the playing of the Thai national anthem. For the entire duration of the song, the only thing moving in the crowds are the lips of those singing along. And this year, because of the king's passing in October, we were treated to another pause in the mayhem. At just after 7:00, the PA blasted out another message, but this time only in Thai. The vendors began dimming the lights in their stalls and handing out candles to each other. Then, when all the staff was holding lit candles, they began handing them out to the customers, including me! A lengthy speech was broadcast over the PA system followed by a full minute of silence for their beloved king. Very touching.

    Once the candles were extinguished, it was back to business as usual. The food hawkers, the artisans and the musicians all picked up exactly where they left off and the throng once again perused all the offerings available.

    We stopped at our favorite spot for Pad Thai at one of the temples along the main drag. We were shocked to learn that the price had gone up from 25 baht two years ago to 35 baht this year! OK, 10 baht is only $0.35, but it's the principal of the matter. That's a 40% increase in 24 months. Shameful.

    Right near the end of our shopping time, Brenda stopped dead in her tracks and said, "Look at those papayas!" Now you have to realize that there are not a lot of people selling fruit at this market, unless it's sliced, diced and ready to eat. But lo and behold, a few feet ahead of me, there were a half dozen of the largest papayas I've ever seen in my life. We decided we had to have one....... no two! bring home with us, especially when we saw one was 25 baht ($0.89) and the other, 30 baht ($1.07). We'll probably have one for breakfast tomorrow morning and that's when we'll find out if they're any good.

    Happy days!
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  • Another day, more rain. I'm pretty sure this isn't what Phil Collins was thinking of when he penned the song "Another Day in Paradise", but there are surely worse places in the world to be.

    I went for an early morning work out at the local gym which consisted of a very hard, slow run and some weights. Maybe I can sort out some of this banana shake flab before I come home by training in what equates to a sauna.

    I came back and we headed to breakfast, where fresh pineapple was eaten in extradionary portions (maybe that is my problem....), before we headed to collect our washing and returned to our resort to make the difficult decision of what beach lounger should be selected today. On a normal beach day, the choice should be made on the following criteria
    a). best views of the sea;
    b). adequate sun exposure for a killer tan;
    c). sufficient distance away from screaming children, screaming adults, the English and Australians (I kid the English and Australians); and
    d). a table to hold my mojitos

    On a day where it has the potential to rain, the criteria should include:
    a). the biggest umbrella you can find;
    b). a bigger table to hold my mojitos (more will be required to cope with the rain); and
    c). sufficient distance away from screaming children, screaming adults, the English and Australians.

    It turned out that we didn't have long to wait for the rain and again we reverted to our childhood selves by constructing a tent made of umbrellas. There was only so much rain on my legs I could take (which were sacrificed to ensure the rest of my body remained dry) before I made the decision to head back to our villa to enjoy our covered outdoor bed. I would stay here like a lizard avoiding the rain for the rest of the day.

    We decided to venture a little further afield for dinner considering our day had been spent largely in one place, so we walked to the next bay around and found ourselves at a very popular restaurant called "Slow Down" where we enjoyed spring rolls and curries with delicious mojitos whilst seranaded with lazy sunday music belted out by a beautiful voice.

    We walked back along the main street taking in the neon flashing lights and pumping music coming from what seemed like everywhere. My partying consisted of dancing along the roadside like a lunatic before I ran out of energy and wanted my bed. Just like travelling, this getting old business is hard.
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  • Day 1. Just kidding. Khaosan road! You either need bad taste of music or be completely wasted. Or british :) Lughing has, sefie sticks and pingpong shows are the main thing.

    Bangkok. The mix of smells - food, cars, piss, ... One smart man once said "It's disgusting but when you'll be flying back you'll miss it". That's Bangkok, I love it!

  • First whole day in Bangkok. Yup, had a jetlag. I slept till noon and missed my breakfast. Off to the town then ;)
    Walked about 2km, there were tons of Thai people lourninf for their king whose birthday is tomorrow. They were all in black, many many monks, ... A tuktuk driver warned me I shouldn't wear short, but he just wabted to earn his 50THB. I ealked through people, through hundreds of food stands, the smell was awful! Disgusting! Some shitty sour stuff they make, eww.

    Finally I found a nice decent place for breakfast accross the road of Wat Pho. What I ate? Best things (besides bacon) - pineapple shake, mango shake, coffee and club sandwich. Yumm. At breakfast I was joined by a nice couple from Frankfurt and they suggested I go to another temple, it's prettier they said. I took my day off, I took it easy, no rush, walking and checking people, so I went accross the street to Wat Pho". For 100THB you get to see the biggesrtBuddha (30 tons), awesome chinese statues and tons of other gold statuea. Pretty amazing. It was all moced to Bangkok from Ayutthaya after 2nd war with Burma, when everything was burned down.
    Not too many tourists, peace and quiet. Going to BKK? Check it out!
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  • Chinatown was next. I was told it's far away. But I like walking.
    Chinatown is like every chinatown - selling junk electronics, unknown medicine stuff, gold and stuff I wouldn't eat even if it was the last food on earth. It is cool though thay you can buy curry in sacks (yes, literally!).

  • At the end of Chinatown there is Wat Traimit (Wat = temple). The exhibition was closed but I could see the 3m big Buddha, recently found at some renovation. Beautiful! Also donated some money for kids and their education. They are collecting donations everywhere and it pays off, I've heard. They are building houses, schools, fixing temples, ...
    After that I headed home, 4km walk. I also had to help some elder chinese women finding her holel. Talking about handling Bangkok like a boss :)Read more

  • After having my curry dinner (I couldn't eat any thai food, too much sour smell during the day on the streets) and buying some shirts and fisherman's pants so I don't look like a fucking #1 tourist from Russia I went through streets to find a decent place for my evening's beer. And while I was walking someone waves at me. I thought "I don't know anyone here". I couldn't believe it - Matjaž and Mateja, just arrived today to Bangkok from Dubai! Amazing! We should meet in Haad Yuan in 3 weeks but here they were! And a pinapple havana drink already waiting for me. It was a fun evening, drinking a LOT of havana before heading home. I'm meeting them for breakfast tomorrow.Read more

  • Arrived to Koh Tao after a long, overnight boattrip with the Ko Jaroen ferry. What an experience that was. Actually it went very well. The people on the boat were are very quiet at night and everyone respected each other's sleep. I woke up one time at night, because of the wiggling of the boat. That probably got me to sleep again as well. We waited a couple of hours at the pier when we arrived at 5.30. Our time easily passed by using the offline Netflix service on which we had Narcos final episodes. At the sairee cottage we didn't have to wait to check in, lovely. Tonight we spent our first few hours at the beach town in Koh Tao. Tomorrow we have our very first diving class. Although it's just a minor theory class, we are looking forward!Read more

  • Onze eerste dag Bangkok is een feit. Het is hier nu zeven uur 's avonds en wij zijn pompaf, maar moeten nog een paar uurtjes wakker blijven.

    Onze hostel bevindt zich in de Chinese wijk, hier hebben we de dag dan ook vooral doorgebracht. We hebben vandaag zoveel gezien, geroken, geproefd en gehoord. M'n zintuigen konden het niet bijhouden. Fruit is hier echt een feest en het komt meestal gesneden op een stokje. Lekker én handig 🙌 Geuren zijn hier in overvloed. De ene keer ruikt het hier al lekkerder dan de andere, dit is geen plek voor gevoelige reukorganen.

    Bus genomen, in een tuktuk gezeten en morgen waarschijnlijk de boot op. We hebben een paar tempels gezien en de grootste gouden Boeddha ter wereld.

    Ik ben te moe om iets zinnigs te schrijven, dus ik ga nu op het dakterras een mango eten.


    PS: het internet is jammer genoeg te crappy om foto's up te loaden. Ik probeer het later opnieuw.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Kingdom of Thailand, Thailand, Taeland, ታይላንድ, Tailandia, تايلند, Thailandia, Tailand, Тайланд, Tayilandi, থাইল্যান্ড, ཐའི་ལེན།, Tajland, Tailàndia, Thajsko, Gwlad Thai, ཐཱའི་ལེནཌ, Tailand nutome, Ταϊλάνδη, Tajlando, Tai, تایلند, Taylannda, Thaimaa, Teiland, Thaïlande, Tayilande, Tailân, An Téalainn, થાઇલેંડ, Tailan, תאילנד, थाईलैण्ड, Thailandska, Thaiföld, Թաիլանդ, Tailando, Taíland, タイ, ტაილანდი, Tailandi, Thailandi, ថៃ, ಥೈಲ್ಯಾಂಡ್, 태국, थाइलैंड, تایلەند, Pow Tay, Tayirandi, Tailandɛ, ປະເທດໄທ, Tailandas, Tayilanda, Taizeme, Thailandy, Тајланд, തായ്‌ലാന്‍ഡ്, थायलंड, Tajlandja, ထိုင်း, Thayilandi, थाइल्याण्ड, ଥାଇଲାଣ୍ଡ, Tailandya, Tajlandia, تايلنډ, Tailândia, Thaysuyu, Tailanda, थैलेण्ड्, Thaieana, Tailânde, තායිලන්තය, Tajska, Taylaand, Tajlanda, தாய்லாந்து, థాయ్ లాండ్, Таиланд, ไทย, Taýland, Taylandiya, Taileni, Tayland, تھائی لینڈ, Thái Lan, Tayän, Taylandya, Orílẹ́ède Tailandi, 泰国, i-Thailand