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    • Day 69

      Togo Toga party!

      March 24 in Togo ⋅ ☁️ 84 °F

      Toga Party in Togo? Of Course!

      The origins of the toga party is the 18th century, when people held parties in Roman dress as a form of entertainment. The idea behind the modern toga party is a party which is meant to reference the legendarily profligate and decadent parties held in Ancient Rome.

      First lady Eleanor Roosevelt held a toga party in 1934 to spoof those that compared her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt to "Caesar". It became popular in 1978, when the film Animal House depicted a much more raucous version of the toga party making it a lasting tradition.

      Some wonderful costumes! There were awards for various categories including most creative and most obnoxious! Bruce came in second in one category. You be the judge for which one….,

      There are 13 photos, then 2 videos and 7 additional photos. The 2 videos were one but had to be split based on the size limitation. It was recorded by the staff and ran on our local tv station. It is a good summary of the evening.
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      Traveler  Great photo. You look as though your enjoy the trip. 🙏❤️👀


      Traveler  We are! Each and every day!!


      Traveler  Oh that party looks like it was so much fun. Good way to burn off all those calories you eat and drink 🍹 🍷🥂


      Traveler  We were thinking of you and how much you would have enjoyed the party theme!

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    • Day 69

      Lomé, Togo - 2 VOODOO

      March 24 in Togo ⋅ ☁️ 88 °F

      In the small town of Sanguera we found a community that practices a VOODOO ceremony. Voodoo is a religion followed by more than a third of the people here and although many people in this region are Christian also, they still outwardly (and sometimes secretly) practice voodoo. We had an opportunity to learn about their very interesting and intriguing rituals. We had gone to a Voodoo ceremony in 2017 before in New Orleans, but this was very different. Centuries ago, slaves from Africa brought Yoruba gods to the Caribbean and South America and eventually made their way to New Orleans. There it came to mixing of African gods with the saints of Christianity and the symbols of the Catholic Church.

      We found both ceremonies very spiritual. Unfortunately, many Americans associate voodoo with dolls and pins. We did not see any if that and the best we could tell it never was part of a ceremony. It was probably because voodoo was and is such a mystery it made a good Hollywood plot and “character” (somewhat like the maltese falcon and language that was not from Malta but made up for the movie).

      A memorable ceremony began as we were welcomed by the Chief Priest and he purified the ground with a cornmeal type mixture and alcohol that we were about to walk on to experience the sacred ceremony. The actual ceremony is more of a ritual dancing which was very freeform where some of the dancers go into some trance for certain Gods they worship but not for other ones. A trance will allow the spirit to take over their body and often so draining, it weakens the person when they get out of it. They wear certain colors and paint themselves to represent the God they worship. To sacrifice, and make offerings they are paying back for getting what they promised to the Gods for fulfilling their needs. The rhythmic drums felt like very sacred music.

      Vodoo in Africa’s more than a religion, it is a worldview encompassing philosophy, medicine, justice, and religion. Its fundamental principle is that everything is spirit. Humans are spirits who inhabit the visible world. The unseen world is populated by spirits, mysteries, the invisibles, and angels. The spirits of ancestors come from those that are recently deceased (not so different from Judaism where you are named after a recently deceased relative, to carry on that soul. All these spirits are believed to live in a mythic land called Ginen, a cosmic “Africa.” The God of the Christian Bible is understood to be the creator of both the universe and the spirits; the spirits were made by God to help him govern humanity and the natural world.

      The primary goal and activity of Vodoo is to serve the spirits, offering prayers and performing various devotional rites directed at God and particular spirits in return for health, protection, and to get closer to the. Spirit possession plays an important role in Afro-Haitian religion, as it does in many other world religions. During religious rites, believers sometimes enter a trance-like state in which the devotee may eat and drink, perform stylized dances, give supernaturally inspired advice to people, or perform medical cures or special physical feats. Vodou ritual activity (e.g., prayer, song, dance, and gesture) is aimed at refining and restoring balance and energy in relationships between people and between people and the spirits of the unseen world. Sometimes these ceremonies are associated with holidays but other times its on a certain day of prayer in the week (usually Saturday and Sunday). And sometimes its just “when the Gods call them”. They can last hours or sometimes up to three days, in the case of the indoctrination ceremony.

      To continue the “theme” was our Togo Toga party (see separate post).

      There are 13 photos, followed by 2 videos and then 7 more photos.
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      Traveler  You both look very nice & very happy. Continue to enjoy but take no risks my son. God bless you both. Love : Lilia & Ed

    • Day 69

      Lome, Togo - 1

      March 24 in Togo ⋅ ☁️ 88 °F

      We landed in the port at Lomé to an energy filled greeting with singers, dancers and stilt walkers. It is the capital of Togo. Togo is boarded by Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin. It is 22,000 sq miles (long and narrow) and has a population of about 8.6 million people. As the colonial town that had German, British and African traders it became the capital of Togoland in 1897. It was a key location for these traders selling their wares and getting away from paying British taxes. It is a key center of their economy from exports of coffee and cocoa and with the production of oil as its major product. They became independent in 1960 and their primary language is French. We did not spend any time in this city because we had a big afternoon outside the city. We drove by some lovely beaches in our way to Sanguera.

      There are 10 photos, followed by 1 video, then 10 more photos and 1 more video.
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    • Day 70

      Lomé, Togo

      March 24 in Togo ⋅ ☁️ 81 °F

      Togo, a West African nation on the Gulf of Guinea. In the capital, Lomé, are the multistory Grand Marché bazaar and the Fetish Market, offering traditional talismans and remedies relating to the vodun (voodoo) religion.

      Today we booked an afternoon tour to see a Voodoo ceremony in the village of Sanguerra not too far from Lomé.
      We boarded our big bus, our tour guide was talking all the way to the village telling us in details about Voodoo religion. Too much unnecessary information. Approximately 33 percent of the population practice this religion.
      The road was good until we turned toward the village. Unpaved road was full of huge potholes filled with water. Impossible to see how deep the potholes were. Sometimes I thought the bus will fall on its side, but we made it.
      It was very interesting to see the dancing and chanting of local people.
      After ceremony, back on the bus.
      In the evening we has a Togo toga party. Lots of passengers and crew members came dressed up in “Togo” outfits and there were music, singing and dancing.

      Tomorrow is another port and also we are loosing one hour.
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    • Day 148

      One Night in Togo 🇹🇬

      March 22, 2022 in Togo ⋅ ☁️ 31 °C

      Nur ein kurzer Stopp für eine Nacht in Togo. Und wen lernt man am Strand kennen, zwei Leipziger. Sehr erfrischend sich nach langer Zeit mal wieder mit Leipzigern auszutauschen.

      Just a short stop for one night in Togo. And who do you get to know on the beach, two Leipzigers. Very refreshing to exchange ideas with Leipzigers again after a long time.Read more

      Traveler  Leipziger sind also scheinbar vom gleichen Phänomen wie Holländer geprägt - egal wo man ist, Holländer (äääh Leipziger) trifft man immer... 😄

    • Day 24

      LOME, Togo

      March 24 in Togo ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

      We were welcome to port with Togo dancers and drummers. I think they played non stop for hours. We road the Oceania's transport to the Market.
      This city is motorcycle madness. Not like Asian countries with scooters. The motorcycles are for hire and used for main transportation. The Market was the usual hub bub of activity. As you see just about everything on top of women's heads, the one that got me was a sewing machine. Voodoo has a long tradition in Togo. The country is long and narrow. 317 long miles x 87 wide with 35 miles of shoreline.Read more

    • Day 147

      Wli Wasserfall

      March 21, 2022 in Togo ⋅ ☁️ 31 °C

      Und Stop Nummer 3: Nach dem höchsten Berg nun eine Wanderung zum höchsten Wasserfall entlang der Grenze zu Togo. Ob das mit dem höchsten alles so stimmt, sei mal dahingestellt, es war auf jeden Fall ein sehr schöne und ich recht anspruchsvolle Wanderung, die erst zum oberen und dann zum unteren Teil geführt hat.

      And stop number 3: After the highest mountain, now a hike to the highest waterfall along the border with Togo. Whether this is true with the highest everything, it remains to be seen, it was definitely a very nice and I quite demanding hike, which led first to the upper and then to the lower part.
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    • Day 30

      Lomé, Tage der Erholung

      April 1, 1990 in Togo ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

      2 Tage nahm ich mir Auszeit, verbrachte viel Zeit am Strand. Bummelte durch die Märkte und genoss den Luxus im Supermarkt von Marox (Rosenheimer Fleischwarenhändler) der hier einen Filiale hat. Auch ein Restaurant ist mit dabei wo man alles was der Bayer sich wünscht bekommt. Weissbier, Leberkäs und Weisswürste wurden aufgetischt.Read more

    • Day 10

      Ask for help

      January 20, 2022 in Togo ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

      Hello home family! How do you wear? Well I hope. Please my church needs help with the construction. The church has 4 lots of land, we wanted to build the temple of God. We are looking for volunteers for the construction. .may God grant you grace, joy, and the love of the holy spirit 3 John, 1:11 - Beloved, do not imitate evil, but good. He who does good is of God; He who does evil has not seen God..Read more

    • Day 8

      Lomé Transit

      July 1, 2019 in Togo ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      After saying goodbye to Accra, now it's time to go to Ouidah. But one day transit first in Lomé.

      You know what...? Today I received a news that I shouldn't be paying Visa to get to Ghana!! Indonesia is in the visa exemption. Gggrrrhhh!!

      I was having a hard time, transfering money, adding bribe etc to get visa on arrival and re-entry visa!!! I can't believe it. 222 plus 100. 322 usd !! 😭😭😭
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