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  • Day118


    March 28, 2017 in Togo ⋅ ⛅ 84 °F

    Togo has been treating me well. It is a long thin country stretching from dusty savannah to a humid coast with riptides that will take you away never to be seen again.

    I have spent a couple of long riding days in the north where I saw Somba houses. This is a group of people who fled from various chiefdoms and protected themselves in fortified homes to resist the chiefs'efforts to round up people to sell to the colonial powers as slaves. In the north I also get my luggage rack welded for the 4th time. If only they made dirt bikes that could actually deal with bouncing up and down on the dirt, while carrying more than a bag of feathers!!!

    As I head south the views open up as the surroundings get greener and hills start to come into view. I turn off and start chasing these hills and after lots of fun riding reach the top of a mountain ridge to find a massive Swiss(ish) style chalet nearly completed with the most amazing views. Though I'm not quite sure where they expect to get the tourists from....and neither do they it seems.

    Anyway, I continue on with the aim of reaching a village in the coffee growing region that has a mountain where my 1999 guide book promises me stunning views. Wow though do I have fun getting here, riding single track paths across the mountains.

    I arrive and deploy my new camping solution. My tent is so unsuitable for the heat that I've been avoiding camping, but now I have the perfect answer. I just hang up my mosquito net, weight it down at the edges and let the wind blow on through. Perfect, if slightly lacking in privacy.

    Afterwards I arrive in Lomé and the humidity really cranks up, which means I spend as much time in my room as possible with a fan positioned about 50cm from me twirling in overdrive. This also has the added benefit of limiting the mosquitoes ability to latch onto their favourite meal.

    Being here allows me to sacrifice more of my wallet to the visa gods and means I can also get proper work done on the bike from a competent European standard bike mechanic. Well that's what I thought, but it turns out that I can't get a new rear tyre here like I was relying on... this will make the wet clay roads of Cameroon and the Congos interesting! Oh, and the mechanic forgot to tighten the bolts on my front brake caliper, luckily a fellow rider behind me saw them bounce down the road and flagged me down, otherwise I'd have come up to the next set of lights only to have no brakes!

    At least the time here has meant I've caught up with Ferry, Gulcin, Nicholas, Patrick, Cemil and Laura that I met in Bamako, as well as meeting a new biker Olaf.

    1) My new 'tent'
    2) Somba house
    3) View from the Swiss chalet
    4) One of the tracks that day
    5) The view my guide book promised
    6) Just an everyday sight
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  • Day24

    H u n g o v e r

    August 5, 2017 in Togo ⋅ ☁️ 77 °F

    For some reason, I was up at 7 am Saturday morning and had breakfast in the bar area at the hostel. And for some reason (must have still been drunk), I was drinking smirn off ices. So I was feeling great!

    However, poor Hope! She woke up and was SO hungover to the point where she didn't know whether to even get out of bed. We did get up though, and went for some food before the boat party (which we booked the day before with some girls who came round promoting it). Hope couldn't eat much but she had some tomato soup, and I had some chips and a cocktail. We had to arrive at Jiggys for 1 pm for the boat party. We got there just gone 1, and it was packed!! However we found out that the boat party also runs on Mondays and Wednesdays, so as Hope was not exactly in a great way, we ended up changing our tickets for the Monday.

    We went and met the girls on the beach, but not long after they went for lunch. Hope and I chilled on the beach, then rented some snorkels (after my coral grazes we rented finns as well to help with the current!). We saw so many fish, and even saw 2 turtles!! We were so lucky!

    However, as I tried to swim out deeper towards the turtle to take a photo with the Go Pro, the current ended up pulling me so quickly to the side and to the other side of a big boat. So for about 10 minutes, Hope and I were panicking where the other one was haha!! Luckily all was fine. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, before heading back.

    We had dinner at the hostel, then got ready to go out. As we went to the bar and had a few drinks (and complimentary shots), we saw Phoebe and Jess who said that they were going to have a chilled night so that they could do a snorkelling tour the following morning, and asked us to join. Seeing as we were so tired anyway, we decided to last minute have a chill night also, so we could have a big day the following day. Our roommate Mark was also having a chilled night, so we all ended up having the most in depth conversation about cockroaches, and then about poisonous animals (don't ask haha!)

    A chill night ended up being a wise choice!

    **** I need to add the go pro photos from snorkelling *******
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