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  • We kayaked out to one of the beautiful little islands in the surrounding reef of Nukua'alofa Tonga called Pangaimotu. This is the perfect little cruisers hangout. It has a great bar and good anchorage and pretty beaches. The town itself was also nice. The market was very large and had a lot of great local crafts. Since tourism is not that big a deal on the island most of the shops were for the local people. It was very pleasant and the locals were friendly and most spoke English so you could get around easily enough. It is not an island I would really have any interest in going back to unless I was on my own boat but it was good to see.
    We found out yesterday from the captain that we escaped Tahiti in the nick of time. If you remember I said we had some bad weather the night we left but it smoothed out by morning in Bora Bora. That bad weather turned into a tropical storm and eventually became the first cyclone of the season. It is not chasing us though so no worries here. It is calm and sunny and pretty perfect and we should have a good sail to Noumea, New Caledonia tonight. I don't have any pictures to post because we are getting really jaded to the physical beauty around us and we don't even pull the camera out any more. I think Jeff has some though so I will try to get some up later.
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