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  • Day398

    Tunisia Marina Gammarth

    May 18 in Tunisia

    We have added another country to the list and both bought cheap fuel and left the EU, something a non EU flagged boat has to do every 18months. We had thought we might stop in Albania on our way to Greece but no need now and fuel is a third of EU prices almost on a par with Gib but not quite. We travelled 145Nm to get here, during the day it was flat calm but very boring the highlight was 10 mins with 3dolphins playing on the bow as we went along. During darkness there was more chop and swell and also a lot more traffic, during daylight hours we saw maybe 5 boats but overnight there seemed to be loads and they seemed intent on travelling straight at us we kept having to change the autopilot course. At the end of Johns first shift he stopped the boat I leapt out of bed, no crisis but a trawler was now affectively alongside after it kept zig zagging across our bows. The Marina is modern and isn’t very local but it is secure with 24hour security and the staff are very helpful most people seem to speak French as second language so we are getting on OK must just stop saying Si instead of Oui. That said clearance procedures took 2hours each department wanting copies of the same documents and us filling in 3 separate but very similar forms and saying where we are going including any other places in Tunisia so they can all be listed and both what day and time we are leaving the country, after that we needed a nap. Tomorrow we are taking a taxi to Carthage for some more ruins, not the best in the country but the closest and also visiting is the town of Sidi Bou Said but it’s Ramadan so not sure if cafes will be open hopefully there are enough tourists around to make staying open worthwhile.Read more

  • Day399


    May 19 in Tunisia

    OK so we saw lots of different archeological sites in Carthage the first and least impressive was the Roman amphitheater mostly because it was very much a ruin so difficult to imagine the true scale. From there we went to the Carthage Basra museum and grounds ,the museum was actually closed for refurbishment but that was OK as the write ups said it wasn’t very good anyway but in the grounds were Punic ruins of the old town early second century BC and the Old Cathedral. Next the St. Antonine Roman baths third largest in Roman world, they were impressive then the Roman villas where for those of us with little imagination they have rebuilt one. We also saw the Punic harbour and the Trophet (children’s cemetery sort off, but only for the first born of each family and they were apparently cremated after their throats were cut). Nearly done so off we went to the Roman theatre, which wasn’t very historic only a few old bits still exist but it has been rebuilt and is used for music festivals in the summer, and finally the cisterns/reservoirs, we didn’t have any info on them but they were impressive and must have stored a lot of water that was brought down from somewhere whose name starts with Z by aquaduct.Read more

  • Day399

    Tunis Bardo Museum

    May 19 in Tunisia

    Hello a bit of catching up to do, so like I said the plan was Carthage and Sidi Bou Siad but in the end we were convinced by our taxi driver to go to the Bardo museum in Tunis, this did mean we got to see a bit of the capital and I am pleased we went the museum is apparently the second largest in Africa after Cairo and the mosaics were impressive though we couldn’t find an answer to the question that was puzzling us which is how on earth did they lift and move them? Anyway here are just 6 photos of the many I took at the museum of the mosaics and also the rooms themselves as if I remember correctly the museum is housed in a palace.Read more

  • Day1


    February 3, 2012 in Tunisia

    Wir haben doch noch Resturlaub? Hmh, vielleicht finden wir noch ein schönes Ziel, mit günstigen Flugverbindungen, wo wir mit 8 Urlaubstagen 1 1/2 Wochen verbringen können?
    Eventuell nicht in der idealen Reisezeit, aber dafür der perfekte Einstieg in die arabische Welt? Die wir nach unserem Besuch Istanbuls unbedingt als Nächstes kennenlernen wollten?
    Gesagt - getan. So landen wir nach 2 1/2 Stunden Flug in Nordafrika und kommen in einen Traum aus 1000 und 1 NachtRead more

  • Day3


    February 5, 2012 in Tunisia

    So, genug gefaulenzt. Wir wollen doch etwas von diesem Land sehen. Unsere Auftakttour geht nach Tunis, erste Station: Karthago!
    Von Karthago selbst ist nichts mehr zu finden. Die Anlage des Kriegshafens aber ist zumindest noch zu erahnen. Kaum zu glauben, daß diese Pfütze einst der Hafen war, vor dessen Kriegsflotte die antike Welt zitterte...

  • Day3

    Sidi bou Said

    February 5, 2012 in Tunisia

    Nur ein Stückchen weiter die Küste entlang kommen wir nach Sidi Bou Saïd. Am Cap Carthage hoch über dem Golf von Tunis gelegen, ist Sidi Bou Saïd vor allem als Künstlerdorf bekannt.Trotz des schneidenden Windes genießen wir den Spaziergang durch das pittoreske Örtchen.

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Republic of Tunisia, Tunesien, Tunisia, Tunisië, Tunihyia, ቱኒዚያ, Tunicia, تونس, ܬܘܢܣ, Túnez, Tunisiya, Туніс, Тунис, Tunizi, টিউনিস্, Tunizia, Republika Tunis, Tunísia, Tunisko, Tunis, Tunisia nutome, Τυνησία, Tunizio, Tuneesia, Tunisii, Tunesia, Tunisie, An Túinéis, ટ્યુનિશિયા, טוניסיה, ट्यूनीसिया, Tunézia, Թունիս, Túnis, チュニジア共和国, ტუნისი, ទុយនេស៊ី, ಟುನಿಶಿಯಾ, 튀니지, टुनिशिया, توونس, Tunisi, Tunisya, Tinizi, ຕູນິເຊຍ, Tunisas, Tunisija, Tonizia, ടുണീഷ്യ, ट्यूनिशिया, Tuneż, တူနီးရှား, टुनिसिया, Tunesië, ତୁନିସିଆ, Tunezja, Tuniziya, Tunisìa, Tunizïi, ටියුනීසියාව, Tunizija, Tuniisiya, Tunisien, டுனிசியா, ట్యునీషియా, ตูนิเซีย, Tunīsia, Tunus, تۇنىس, تیونیسیا, Tuy-ni-di (Tunisia), Tunizeye, Orílẹ́ède Tuniṣia, 突尼斯, i-Tunisia

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