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  • Day44

    And now.. something completely..

    March 8 in Tunisia ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C


    Someway I don't find my spot in Tunisia.
    However the people are nice.
    We were stoped on the road by those who has seen us on Facebook.
    As we park, there is always a few who comes and asks for pictures and selfies.
    But still.. Someway it is not Algeria.
    Am I homesick? ;)
    Today we travelled from Tabarka to Bizerte.
    And tomorrow we are going to start fresh.
    A new country, a new beginning, although we will leave the 12th.
    For the corona capital of Europe; Italy.
    But first...
    Lets enjoy Tunisia!
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  • Day45

    And .. what now..???

    March 9 in Tunisia ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Today we discovered Bizerte.
    We visited the medina, the old Harbor and the city.
    But now...there is a dark cloud..
    The only reason we travelled to Tunisia is the boat from Tunis to Italy, to continue our journey.
    But just an hour ago the news was announced that all of Italy is on lockdown.
    So we don't know if we are able to sail, nor if we could embark or even are allowed to travel through Italy..
    We are in doubt, and do not know how we deal with this.
    We could:

    1) sail anyway to Italy, and we will see.
    2) stay (much) longer in Tunisia.
    3) Sail to Marseille, but that would mean the end of the roadtrip..


    (And no, overland to Egypt is not possible, nor going back to Algeria...)
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  • Day47

    29 unplanned days...

    March 11 in Tunisia ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Today it became obvious.
    Traveling to Italy makes no sence at all.
    Not only due to the travel restrictions, but also our plan was to just cros the country and sail to Albania.
    And Albania has closed its border for travel from Italy.
    Game over.
    So. We rebooked our sail for the 9th of April.
    That means 29 days in Tunisia which were not planned.
    What are we going to do?
    Lieske still has a small problem with her prop shaft, so we need to spare her. A bit...
    Today Seif came to visit us in Tunis, and we just had a nice walk around. What else ? ;)
    We still did not visit Carthago.
    Maybe tomorrow?
    29 days left anyway.. ;)
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  • Day49


    March 13 in Tunisia ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

    As we are counting time, we did almost nothing today.
    Had a long sleep, did some change in the car storage organisation and enjoyed being lazy.
    Went into the city late afternoon, and had a snack for diner.
    We think of staying here for another night , as the place we are is quite nice and safe.
    Lieske sleeps under a few old olive trees, and so do we..
    No hurry. So...No worry.
    Even in pictures we are lazy.
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  • Day51

    Joining in.

    March 15 in Tunisia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    We are picked up!
    What a fun is this. Camping together with some youth from Germany and the Netherlands.
    Feeling old. But very accepted.
    Glad we found this wild bunch. Looks like we go and discover Tunisia with the lot.
    I still have to think at our friends in Algeria.
    Things happen for a reason?!
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  • Day52

    Madness of fear.

    March 16 in Tunisia ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Today we left the beautiful spot on the mountain of Zaghouan.
    The decent was a bit tricky, but we managed.
    Poor Lieske..
    We visited or better, tried to visit the Hamam in Zriba. But as we arrived it was all closed due to the Corona.
    So we decided to visit the mountain village of Zriba.
    Poor Lieske ...again..
    A deserted town. Only a few inhabitants and lots of ruins. But.. it was worth a visit.
    We split up.
    Patrick and Lisa, the German couple had business to attend, and wanted to go ahead to Kairouan. We would follow later these days.
    So we, Maarten en Janne in their Landcruiser and we in our old lady cruised around.
    Bargou it was going to be. Because of the tales of a Shepard...
    But there was not much to see. And on the quest of a place to sleep, we found a lake.
    Looked nice, but soon, the village came to look at the strangers, and the wind was so hard, it would be insane to stay.
    So we took of again.
    Asked serval farmers, but all sent us away.
    No hospitality there.
    (Oh Algeria...)
    Anyway. In the end, time was running out, we parked at a meadow next to the main road.
    But again, we were sent away. Busy looking people, on their phones..
    A few miles up, a nice patch. We parked, and started coocking. But could not finish. A car, a motorcycle and three man.
    Interedit! Go!
    After a long discussion, we were taken to a distant hotelparking. But soon as we arrived, security did not want us there.
    We refused to go.
    Long story short, as things might get out of hand, we agreed to go home with one of the guys.
    So.. there we are.
    Poor Lieske, again she had to struggle up a steep mountain.
    And it feels like the first gear problem is getting worse. Anyway.
    We are now here. At the parents home of a unknown guy, who, in the end is friendly, so are his parents.
    We finished our meal. And are offered a room in their house which we friendly declined.
    Not the way we dealt with in Algeria, but it just feels a bit strange here.
    So. Tonight in our car, and hopefully tomorrow we just have a normal day. But I am afraid it will not be as we think.
    Tunisia is in the fear of corona, and foreigners are the ones who brought this to them.
    Fear rules the heart.

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  • Day50

    Day 50.

    March 14 in Tunisia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    And it was again a lazy day.
    Tunisia starts to implement restrictions on travel and openings hours in cafe and bars.
    So the corona measures has reached Afrika.
    We met some nice young travellers from the Netherlands and Germany.
    As the situation in this village is changing, our fellow travellers left yesterday.
    Tonight I got a what'sapp to join them. So, we try.
    As for now. We are waiting on a quite bad road, at the park national Djebel Zaghouat.
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  • Day46

    Alea iacta est....

    March 10 in Tunisia ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Today we met Seif and his family in a town called Utica.
    Who knew it existed? .. might be the same as Koewacht. But with a small difference. Utica is one of the oldest Phoenician cities of North Africa.
    Koewacht does not even come near...
    But anyway, again it was the friend from a friend who told a friend that we were on our way through Tunisia. And so we landed on this piece of history.
    I am in doubt which I liked more. Seif and his family and the wonderful lunch his mom made for us...or the remains of the old city.
    I think I will choose the first. As the stones could not cook, speak and laugh!..
    After the lunch we took of to Tunis.
    The capital of Tunisia.
    I must say.. traffic was again an experience. Especially as Mr Google sent us into small streets with market stalls, and lots of people...
    But we made it to the hotel, what we had booked for our visa for Algeria.
    As the plan was, to leave the 12th to Salerno, Italy.
    But Italy is now on Lockdown..

    It looks like the boat will sail. But we are afraid we will not be on it.. As there ia a chance that we are not able to move from the harbour or have to stay in a hotel as long as the lockdown of Italy is effected.
    And even if we are allowed to travel, we might get stuck in Bari or Albania, because they want us to get in quarantine..
    We decided that we stay in Tunisia, and try to discover this country, which we did not intended to visit longer than 4 days..
    It might gone be now more than three weeks..
    Tomorrow we try to visit the Dutch Embassy and check what they know.
    But on this moment,
    It's decided.
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  • Day75

    Dr. Alaeddine in Mahdia

    December 3, 2019 in Tunisia ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Since I couldn't get rid of my physical problems so far, I decided to take the Trans-African Highway 1 to the south directly and meet my friend Alaeddine in Mahdia. In accordance with a remote diagnosis, he instantly organised some stomachic and antibiotics for me. In spite of my sickness we spent some really nice days next to one of the most beautiful beaches of Tunisia and meanwhile I was introduced to the wide variety of the Tunisian cuisine, which is just amazing. Nevertheless, I finally have to cancel the planned excursion to the salt lake Chott el Djerid and the famous film location of scenes from Star Wars in the south with a heavy heart due to the loss of minerals, fluid and time. Moreover, not only my body but also my motorcycle shows increasing signs of wear and so I skip those sights to come back once.Read more

  • Day77

    Stopover in Monastir

    December 5, 2019 in Tunisia ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Even though I only spent one night and one day in Monastir, it was definitely worth going there. Prepared with Alaeddine's food recommendations I enjoyed a culinary stay in this city. And with a really little bribe for the receptionist I managed to get an excellent room with sea view right above the harbour. The next day I drive on to Tunis.Read more

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