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  • Day114

    We are still tired today and leave Istanbul very late. Even though we take the tram to the last station, we cycle a one hour along the Bosphorus to finally leave the central part of this gigantic city. We pass some nice villas. Ahmet recommended us to take the boat to the other side, so we enjoy to travel to the Asian continent on the water.

    Directly on the other side, it leads up the hill so steeply (20%?), it is impossible to ride. So a lot of walking and sweating changes with great panoramic views and small villages with a lot of fruits and vegetables. The black fig trees just get ripe and pomegranade trees grow here as well. Both are fresh absolutely delicious.

    By chance we end up at Marias place in Polonezköy. The village is a polish enclave in Turkey. Maria is 74, runs a pension and speaks perfectly German. The village is based on polish ancestors, is mainly catholic and they eat pork. We learn about the history and how her relatives have build the village from nothing after fleeing the war. Once, her sister even danced with Atatürk. We even get a tour by the mayor (relative of Maria) in his private museum. Very interesting :)

    Goal for tomorrow: Back to black...sea
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  • Day125


    September 7 in Turkey

    We start the morning early with a powerful porridge with fruits made by Joscha. The cycling goes well and we arrive early at our destination Ayancik. To see four cyclists in the villages on the way must be quite rare as almost all people greet us. The views are magic again. Forests changes with coastline.

    We have a lot of wonderful local food and try everything. Turkish food is just awesome. (Köfte, Bulgur, Chickpeas, Moussaka, Rice, Beans, Gözleme, ... you name it) Also the deserts! (Boyabat Ezmesi, Künefe, Catmar, Baclava...) Delicious. We find a place to sleep in the "teachers house" through a German-Turkish family from the city that uses their connections. We enjoy a beautiful seaview there. In the evening, the waves are so huge! They hit against the walking area and people stand and stare.

    Our "how turkish are you" - index just rose today as we had 5 times tea today :D
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  • Day129


    September 11 in Turkey

    From Samsun, the very modern, clean, lively and big city, we pedal fast on the flat streets. A food stop at one of the local food restaurants and a nice break at a beach area in Terme and we almost arrived at Ünye. Another Çay and very nice conversations with a family from Witten and we arrive in one of the oldest cities in Turkey. Ünye is known for its small old streets in the city center. It starts raining and Jo is going to the local Hamam which is open for men only today.Read more

  • Day133

    Breathtaking mountains

    September 15 in Turkey

    This day has changed my view of Turkey. Here is why. We organized us a rental car in no time and went to the famous Sümela monastery first. It hangs in the rocks. The Greece Orthodox monastery was founded in the 4th century, it was abandoned in 1923 after the creation of the Turkish Republic and the ‘exchange of populations'. It is now a tourist magnet and recently under construction.

    We follow the road up the hill to a village. We feel like we moved to Mongolia and enjoy Köfte, salad and tea facing this view. We move further up and up the serpentines and need so stop every minute to take a picture. It looks so impressive! The mountains are 3.040 metres here and the pass is small. It is 11° only. We plan to go down on the other side and hit a real street there again.

    We take an old men with us who is hitchhiking :) He wanted to go to the next village to drink çay with his friends. So, we join for one tea and they show us the Orthodox church in their village where the cross can still be seen in the stone but it a mosque tower was added.

    It takes forever to drive down. When it is already dark, we take a girl and a woman hitchhiking with us. They want to buy eftek (bread) at the next bakery. It feels as Turkey must be really safe when women hitchhike in the dark somewhere in the mountain villages.

    I wished to have a drone to catch more of these breathtaking views. Turkish mountains are definitely a must! And they are worth the trip in itself. So, my view of Turkey has adjusted even more to the positive than before!
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  • Day109

    Crossing boarder to Turkey

    August 22 in Turkey

    Bye Bulgaria! See you hopefully soon. After a long and hard ride up the hills (all day 107km and 1.950m height!!!!!) trough the dense Bulgarian forest with again - a lot of flies - we arrived in Malko Tarnovo.

    It's a sleepy, lovely town with decreasing population next to the Turkish boarder. We eat the last Shopska salad while talking to a nice Finnish guy. He was a happy to have a small break from his Bulgarian wife's family ;) The boarder control takes only 5 minutes and we are in Turkey!

    First impressions:

    - No flies, no forest
    - Awesome streets, broad, straight, no holes
    - Car drivers greet a lot
    - New max speed Wi: 78km/h
    - A shepherd gives us fresh berries from Rhus Coriaria bush
    - We have a coffee and a cake for less than one Euro
    - Hear the first calls for prayer by the nearby mosque
    - unpronounceable language: teşekür ederim = thank you

    We are looking forward!
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  • Day112


    August 25 in Turkey

    Hospitality of the people we meet is overwhelming. Our senses get flooded with impressions in this vibrant city. Even though it was Bayram, the center is packed with crowds. (Bayram = official holiday and many shops closed and people are in Mekka or with their families.)

    'You can stay as long as you want' our warmshower host Ahmet tells us and even gives us all his keys for his flat! :D Thank you, we are absolutely astonished :):) And we hope to host back another day!

    After a typical turkish breakfast with Ahmet (Simit, Tea, Tomatoes, etc.) Jo's hair and beard gets cut while Wi get served Turkish coffee and cold water. Service level is on the very top end in Turkey in our perception. We would like to bring a bit of it home. ;)

    We stroll endlessly with Paddy and David on the Grand Bazaar, read Arabic books and then continue on the Spice Bazaar today. It is so colorful, lively and tasty! A pity we can not take much on the bikes but it was successful shopping.

    Then, we are invited to the brother of Wis friend who lives in the east of Istanbul. We have an impressive dinner and get to know his family. We feel already offered soo much but of course they insist to even bring us to the metro station and we cannot pay for the 'taksi'.

    After that, we are happy to meet our host again. He takes us to local street food places and shows us the Taksim square and Galata tower. Again, crowds of people, more arabic influence, impressive views.

    Tired but happy we go to sleep.
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  • Day116

    Empty legs and hazelnuts

    August 29 in Turkey

    After the many ups and downs the day before, Wis legs are so empty, they burn like hell just after the start. Far too much anaerob energy was needed the day before on the steep roads.

    Along the way we see the first hazelnut fields and people who dry and clean the hazelnut harvest. We ask to take a picture and they give us a bag of hazelnuts :D Faar too many to eat! Black sea coast is called: 'Hazelnut-coast' in the east part as there are a lot of plantages.

    We have a lunch break with a bit of swimming in one of the nice beaches. Then we find beautiful rocks and climb around. Suddenly there is a full herd of cows on the street (cows in general are no surprise on the street to us any more) but there is a friendly sheppard guarding them. We give him the hazelnuts and are happy to give at least a little bit.

    We find a very friendly pension. The owner speaks perfectly German.
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  • Day123

    Iran, Turkey and Germany

    September 5 in Turkey

    We meet a Turkish biker, Mart, after 20km and decide that Jo continues with him while Wi takes the bus for today. In the evening, we meet a cyclist from Iran, Heidar. We go swimming together, eat and put the tent next to the harbour. Very nice company in a very small village.

  • Day128

    Prison, flat tire, dinner

    September 10 in Turkey

    The evenings live music on top of the castle yesterday was beautiful but tiring. We start late and visit Sinops historical prison firstly.

    Unnecessary knowledge: Sinops prison was built in 1215 and held famous prisoners as well as political exposed persons. It it said that the guards were like dragons guarding everything and not even let a bird flew over there. We were told that nobody could flew.

    Then, we ride trough Gerze, a wonderful cute town. We swim in a phenomenal place next to hundred metres of rocks. Then, we make it to Yakakent where Jo has his first flat tire. Meanwhile we fix it, we get invited for dinner which we agree to. So, we enjoy local food with a local family and communicate via google translate.

    After that, we 'wildcamp' at a gas stations garage with a roof above us. (Camping at gas stations is normal and always possible as a back up option).

    Tomorrow is the first day after we entered Turkey, without elevation!!! (Wohoooooo!)
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  • Day135

    Tea production

    September 17 in Turkey

    Our warmshower at the Çay house gives us a generous breakfast and we cycle to Hopa, the last larger town before the Georgian border. Along the way, it is full of tea plants everywhere. It is partly raining and the landscape is pretty green. We ask at several tea factories for a visit and at number 6, the women explains us how Lipton is producing the tea. However, entering is not allowed. Almost before dawn, we meet a very friendly security guy at the Çaykur tea factory, number 7, and he shows us the whole production site and explains each of the steps. Tea is made by fermentation. They add only water and heat. And as smaller the result, the better the tea quality.

    In Hopa, we meet a warmshower (a good friend of our host before) who is bringing us to his beach house. We can stay there for the night and listen to the ocean.

    It was our last full day in Turkey. From here, we can already see our final destination! Batumi in Georgia. It feels unbelievable that we have cycled so far. However, can't wait to cross the boarder and enjoy days of resting and holiday.
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