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  • Day8

    Today we explored the Gallipoli region further, including visiting the British, French & Irish memorial sites at Cape Helles & V Beach.
    We learnt so much about this region & its significance in history, including the roles of all countries involved. The blood shed & lives lost is incomprehensible.
    We had little knowledge of the fact that the British/Irish & French forces suffered even greater losses than our own on 25th April 1915 at V Beach (located on the opposite side of the Gallipoli Peninsula from ANZAC Cove), where they were slaughtered after disembarking from the SS River Clyde. Historical recounts of the day indicate that it was an absolute bloodbath with the water at the beach turning red with the blood shed there.
    Again, a very moving & educational day.
    We made the 4 hour journey back to Istanbul, stopping on the way for a late lunch at the little fishing village of Gallipoli (Gelibolu) ! We enjoyed a delicious & traditional fish sandwich (fried sardine) before treating ourselves to a traditional turkish coffee & baklava in a gorgeous cafe/patisserie.
    We are off to bed early tonight, as we will be up at 3am tomorrow in order to catch our flight to Cairo. We might be a bit quiet for the next 4 days or so as we will only be accessing WiFi in Egypt & Jordan due to the data roaming being limited (& extremely expensive) in these countries.
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  • Day7

    We drove 4 hours from Istanbul to Gallipoli today. We stopped for lunch at Eceabat, a small town overlooking the Dardanelles Strait, before heading to Gallipoli.
    Approximately 75% of our group were in full WWI Light Horse ceremonial dress, as we had a number of wreath laying ceremonies scheduled with the Australian Consulate Military Attache & Turkish Officials. We visited ANZAC Cove, Shrapnel Gully & Hell Spit before laying wreathes at Lone Pine; the Turkish 57th memorial; The Nek; & Chunuk Bair.
    The work done by the Turkish Government to preserve & maintain the national park, monuments & the Gallipoli Peninsula in general, is nothing short of incredible. Everywhere we went, the Turkish people welcomed us with open arms & wanted to shake our hands & take photos with us.
    It was a very moving day, & the trip back to Eceabat, where we caught a ferry to Canakkale, allowed us to reflect on what those brave young men went through in order to secure our freedom.
    We spent the night in Cannakale in preparation for exploring the region further tomorrow.
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  • Day196

    Ew yucky early morning - we heard rustling down stairs at around 5:30 and didn't think anything of it... we went to leave at 6:30 and the worker man was like don't leave without breakfast, it's ready"
    Ahhh shit. We felt so bad but we had to leave. Hope he wasn't too put out.
    We drove for 1.5 hours before hitting the traffic.
    What caused the traffic? PUTTING ROUND ABOUTS ON A HIGHWAY 😡😡😡😡😡😡

    We stopped to refill the car all the way - $30 for a quarter tank 😒😒😒

    It took another hour to go maybe 4km but we finally got there. As we are sitting in traffic Will mentions he scratched the hubcap.... don't know why he hadn't previously mentioned it... 🤦🏼‍♀️
    didn't matter though because they didn't record it when we dropped the car off woohoo!
    Everything went really smoothly from then on.
    We got breakfast then checked in, went through all the different customs and found our gate.

    The big dilemma of the day was I hadn't bought a Romanian magnet yet. I had to break the bank to get one.... 7€!!!!!! For a little wood thing. Appalled!
    I do love it though..

    We exchanged our Moldovan money over to Romanian - in Moldovan it was worth $18 - we got given $10...
    then my airport salad cost about $8
    Seems reasonable...

    We boarded with no issues and had no issues on the plane despite it being an unknown airline (Pegasus airlines) - because it wasn't a full flight we got exit row snd the seat between us was free :)

    I read on the plane - it only took an hour to arrive.
    Can't believe it - Turkish customs were the best ones yet - they didn't need my e-visa because my passport activated it on their systems, they checked my photo and stamped me - no silly game of 20 questions.
    Also super excited that their stamp is a red circle - I'm over European black rectangles lol.

    Whats more Wills bag was first out and mine not far behind - THEN we walked though the exit and our name was straight in front of us on a sign - easy peasy! Why isn't it always like this😒

    The dude led us to where we got a private bus to pick us up. Traffic was dreadful so it took over an hour to reach the hostel. Istanbul by the water looks so gorgeous 😍
    Its wayyyyyyy greener than we both thought! They take some serious pride in their gardening! There were heaps of gardens that had been cut into displays. When leaving the airport there was a hedge in the shape of an airplane which was cool.
    The grass is immaculate.

    Lots of mosques everywhere but they already shit on Moroccos.

    Made it to our hostel - front door service - we tipped the driver $5 cause we went to pay him the whole amount and he was honest and tried to communicate he only takes the tip not the money. So for his honesty and because the awkward word tip had been uttered... we tipped lol.

    Our dorm is awesome! Really spacious and all beds have a power socket and curtain for a touch of privacy.

    We were starving so we went out and got kebabs only they weren't kebabs... they were the kebab ingredients on a plate ... not made up.
    It was shit to eat with a knife and fork :/

    Turkish exchange is just as hard to do as Romanian. 10 Turkish is $3.50
    My brain just rejects the math.
    It would be fine if things were 10 or 100 lira but it's always a stupid number like 73 or something.

    We walked past the blue mosque but are going to investigate properly tomorrow.

    We are both buggered. We went out for dinner and Turkish tea.
    Very excited to have Turkish delight in the coming days 🤗

    Will wasnt feeling good so he left me at the resturant to pay and ran back to the hostel which was close by.
    Inner him back there and he still has a sad tummy :(

    In bed. Keen for sleeeeep!!!

    Forgot to mention because I suppose it's a given.... the Romanians can't drive. I've uploaded a picture we took on the highway - they do a great job at using their lanes.... bloody hell.

    I actually feel very safe in Turkey. I know anything can happen at any time but in saying that, it can happen anywhere.
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  • Day197

    Slept in 🙌🏼
    They are quite comfortable beds. People were so loud In the morning though.

    We packed up all our dirty washing and stuffed it into a bag. We chucked out our toothbrushes holders because they smelt like mould and we spent 10 minutes looking for our locker key which Will lost but it was on his bed the whole time...
    then we left...

    Dropped off the washing at a laundromat around the corner - luckily it went of weight and not clothing items.

    We then stopped in for kebabs for breakfast lol
    We made sure we bought the wrapped version today haha it was ok but very basic. Australia is kicking ass in the kebab department.

    We headed towards the blue mosque. We got pretty far in just as it because time to call for prayer. We have had to leave and it will reopen in 45 mins.
    So we have gone walking. Currently sitting on a park bench at a lovely park full of animals. I think they treat the strays quite well here. I've notice a few provided with food and non have looked like they were on deaths door.
    On our travels we walked through the markets ( not sure if it's there main bazaar or not. It surely isn't - it was only one street?)
    We popped into a sweet shop and I bought some Turkish delight 😍😍😍
    I've sampled 2 already and they are delicious. I don't think my sample box has a rose flavored one which I'm pretty cut over 😖

    Hung around in the park for a while then went back to the mosque. They offer free covering clothes for women so they gave me a skirt and head scarf.
    I thought that was pretty good of them.
    In we went - so you go through the entry to like te internal bit but not the prayer section - I liked this bit, very nice Turkey 👍🏼
    We then had to line up and take our shoes off. I could smell my feet but I suppose because everyone had removed shoes they can't possible know it was my feet they were smelling 😓 inside was beautiful but I do avtually think I prefer the one in Abu Dhabi.
    I was also expecting more blue. Yes it was blue - ish but not BAM.
    The stain glass was awesome and the carpet under my feet felt friendly :) heh.
    The front section visitors couldn't enter.
    We stood and looked for a bit then left. Nothing too exciting - still great to see.

    We walked up the street and Will uttered some magical words " I feel like ice cream" 🤗🤗🤗 ok ok you twisted my arm we can get ice cream. 🙊🙊🙊

    We found a man in traditional attire- he did the proper ice cream show we had heard about so we tipped him. Basically the ice cream is extra sticky and he does tricks with the cones as well.

    The ice cream was great. Expensive but great. but hey, we had a good show and another ticked off experience.

    We turned around and went to collect our washing but realised not enough time had passed so we went to the hostel and organised a Gallipoli tour for tomorrow. We also put our name down for a hostel BBQ tonight.
    Will has a cold so he is grumpy lol.
    Went to collect the washing and it's all so beautifully folded woo!

    Oh my so embarrassing !!!! I was talking to Will and being jokingly dramatic about something and it turns out the dorm wasn't empty like I thought it was. She must think I'm crazy hahahaha
    He knows I was just being funny but she won't 😓 hahahah

    Will is having a rest so I'm just chilling for the moment 🤙🏽

    We went upstairs to the terrace at 7 when dinner was suppose to be served but the chef bailed... there was very frantic man trying to organise everything. 1.5 hours later we got served pasta and vegetable curry thing. It was really nice but don't know why it took so long... we were starving! All we ate today was the smell kebab for breakfast and an ice cream scoop.

    It was a really uncomfortable wait because the table fotted everyone but us... so we were just sitting to the side like dicks. 😓

    I showered which I hate doing in hostels because it's so difficult getting dressed while wearing wet thongs.
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  • Day137

    Heute gab es einen Ausflug ins Aspendos Theater. Leider wurde dieser Vorzeitig wegen Migräne beendet. Da ich nicht mehr fahren konnte und die Kubaner leider kein Auto fahren können, mussten sich meine Freunde auf den Weg machen, um uns und das Auto an einer Tankstelle einzusammeln. Alles etwas spektakulär ... leider so nicht geplant. Aber hier in der Türkei darf man sowieso nichts planen denn ALLES kommt anders als man denkt. Dafür lernt man sehr viel...eine türkische Mama hat mir auf der Tankstellentoilette aus einer Damenbinde ein Kühlpad gebastelt was die Migräne beruhigen sollte und es tat tatsächlich gut :-)Read more

  • Day138

    Auch eine Bootstour wollte ich schon seit langem machen...nach fast 4,5 Monaten nun endlich habe ich es geschafft.
    Die Tour startete in Kemer und ging entlang der Küste Richtung Demre...auch wenn wir davon noch ganz weit entfernt waren. Die Tour war eine Mischung aus Relaxen, Sightseeing und Spaß.

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Republic of Turkey, Türkei, Turkey, Turkye, Tɛɛki, ቱርክ, Turquía, تركيا, ܛܘܪܩܝܐ, Türkiya, Турцыя, Турция, Turiki, তুরস্ক, ཏུརཀི།, Turkia, Turska, Turquia, Turecko, Турци, Twrci, Tyrkiet, Tırkiya, Tɛki nutome, Τουρκία, Turkujo, Türgi, ترکیه, Turkii, Turkki, Turkaland, Turquie, Turkije, An Tuirc, તુર્કસ્તાન, Turkiyya, תורכיה, तुर्की, Turkowska, Törökország, Թուրքիա, Turchia, Tyrkland, トルコ共和国, თურქეთი, Uturuki, Түркия, Tyrkia, ទួរគី, ಟರ್ಕಿ, 터키, तुर्किये, تورکیا, Turki, Turcia, Tierkei, Ttake, Törkieë, Tiliki, ຕຸນກີ, Turkija, Tuluki, Turcija, Torkia, Турција, തുര്‍ക്കി, တူရကီ, Thekhi, Törkie, टर्की, Turtchie, Turkanmua, ତୁର୍କୀ, Турк, Turkiya, Turkie, Turcja, Turkya, Tirchia, Turukiya, Turchìa, Durka, Turukïi, තුර්කිය, Turčija, Turkiga, Turqia, Турска, Turkiet, துருக்கி, టర్కీ, ประเทศตุรกี, Türkiýe, Toake, Türkiye, Төркия, تۈركىيە جۇمھۇرىيىتى, Туреччина, ترکی, Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ, Türkän, טערקיי, Orílẹ́ède Tọọki, 土耳其, i-Turkey

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