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Curious what backpackers do in Uganda? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day1

    Been a busy couple of nights with James on cooking duty, buying and cooking dinner, breakfast and lunch with two others followed by Louisa doing dinner and breakfast with a different cook crew. It was a quite a challenge with 20 meat eaters, 5 vegetarians, a small budget, three coal burners to cook it on as well as the hot water for washing up! We crossed the border yesterday and instantly noticed the difference as it looks quite tropical with fruit trees, rice paddies and many mud round houses in the rural areas. We have had quite a few storms as the wet season has come late (it's now the dry season). We are having a couple of nights on the banks of the River Nile, supposedly the source as it flows out of Lake Victoria. This morning, before the storm, we used a cut out kayak to slide down a ramp that launched us 10 foot in the air! Whilst travelling along we get so many waves from everyone along with massive smiles - such a great reception.Read more

  • Day4

    We went to the the most beautiful lake in Uganda for the day, the main reason was to spend time at an orphanage on one of the 29 islands. The surrounding hillsides are intensively terraced, similar in many ways to Nepal. We spent a couple of hours dancing and singing with many of the 149 children from the day care orphanage. After a beautiful walk across the island we had a swim in the lake, jumping from a rather high platform that could only be reached by climbing up the tree.Read more

  • Day3

    We had a long journey today, tent down and away by 6am and not arriving until 7pm. It was an enjoyable ride as the scenery changed to be more rural and hillsides covered in crops. We crossed the Equator again, had a roadside lunch stop and played a few games of cards.

  • Day2

    We drove from Jinga to Kampala, starting on mud roads before we reached the main road. Enjoyed passing the villages before we went around the capital of Uganda, stopping at a massive local market which we loved. There were lots of lovely looking veg, not so nice looking offal, clothes... Stayed at a campsite just outside the city near the lake and had a relaxing couple of hours by the pool, after trying to clean off some of the mud our tent got covered in.Read more

  • Day45

    We drove 10 hours to Jinja and our campsite overlooks the Nile River - the longest River in the world! Today we went white water rafting down 10 of the greatest rapids on the Nile. I've never been white water rafting so I was a little anxious but up for a bit of adventure! We did several safety exercises before entering the first rapid which was grade 5 - the highest grading commercial rapid! By the end of the day we'd flipped the boat twice, both times I almost panicked thinking I was going to drown, but both times I popped up and thought 'Wow that was awesome, let's do it again!!' My arms are sore, I'm so sunburnt and ready for bed but it was such an adrenaline filled day and a highlight of the trip!Read more

  • Day1

    I have been away from home for one month now. Although by the time I post this it will be closer to six weeks because that is likely the soonest I will have internet access. Ruhija is a community within the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It's inhabitants are mainly gorilla treckers and farmers and many many children. I am working in the health clinic here three days a week. There are five Canadians and five Ugandans in my team of health care students and we are staying on a conservation site owned by MUST (Mbarara University of Science and Technology). The lights are solar powered and there is no running water. We hike up a steep hill to charge items and collect water in jerry cans. Monkeys seem to be nearly as common as squirrels here. The ITFC (Institute for Tropical Forest Conservation) people let the monkeys eat our garbage, but this has not stopped them from breaking into our house and stealing our bread.
    This is probably the most beautiful landscape I have ever been in and the pictures simply do not do it justice. I will try to post more often.
    Read more

  • Day39

    We crossed the equator into the Northern hemisphere for my second time on this trip. The first time was in Nanyuki and it's really evident how the water moves in opposite directions depending on which hemisphere you're on! Super interesting. I did a little bit of shopping here, finding some cool African colored tops and shorts plus some delicious samosas!

  • Day39

    We arrived in Kampala, Uganda and set up tents for the night. Again the campground was super nice with HOT showers, flushing toilets, pool, bar and even wifi!! We were in luxury!! It was another quick stopover for the night so unfortunately we couldn't enjoy it too much but we at least got to check our social media and contact home.

  • Day40

    We arrived in Lake Bunyonyi late afternoon from Kampala, another 10 hour drive over 450km. The drives have been super long but luckily the truck is pretty comfortable and we have regular stops. As we drove into the Lake, it was incredible how green and full of nature the place was. There were crops everywhere, even on the steepest of hills right up to the top! When we got to Overland Camp Bunyonyi, we realised we had an incredible spot on the lake and the campground was the best by far. We have four nights here so it's going to be amazing not having to pack up before sunrise for a few days!Read more

  • Day41

    The whole reason I joined this tour was for the gorilla trek and today was the day!! We woke up at 4:30am to leave the Lake by 5am. It was a 2.5hr drive to the briefing station where we met our guide David and found out we would be trekking a family of 18 gorillas, the second largest family in the park. There are five gorilla families in Bwindi and only 40 permits per day for the park, meaning 8 people per family maximum, and your time with the gorillas is limited to one hour.
    We drove 30mins from the briefing to the other side of the park where we'd be starting out trek. We were accompanied by two police officers with AK-49 rifles in case we encountered aggressive animals, plus two guides. We trekked for an hour on a pretty comfortable path with a few hills and then we went off the path into the bush for the next two hours. The guides had machetes to carve their way through the bush because where we were trekking, humans hadn't been before! After 2hours of trekking, we were told the gorillas had been located!!! Because they only have contact with humans for 1 hour per day, the trackers return to where they were the day before and have to locate their movements in the past 24 hours to help guide the tourists to the right spots. We reached the gorillas and it was the most incredible, unreal and fascinating experience. We met a 30 year old female first who is the most social of the group. I managed to get 1-2m away from her and she was completely unphased by the group of humans surrounding her! At one point she reached out to grab one of the trackers who said she was playing games with him. We then trekked a little higher up and out of nowhere, found the silverback sitting down eating leaves. And then there were 4 or so babies hanging around him as well!! He was absolutely massive but it wasn't until he got up and started moving that you realized how big he was. We observed them in their own habitat which was amazing and I took some time just to sit there without worrying about getting the perfect photo to really appreciate how special the experience was. I've never been a big fan of zoos or seeing animals in captivity and this day has just reinforced that. They're beautiful animals and I'm so thankful to have seen them in their own environment!
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Uganda, Uganda, ዩጋንዳ, اوغندا, Uqanda, Уганда, উগান্ডা, ཡུ་གན་ཌ།, Ouganda, Uganda nutome, Ουγκάντα, Ugando, اوگاندا, Unganndaa, Oganda, Úganda, યુગાંડા, Yuganda, אוגנדה, यूगांडा, Ուգանդա, ウガンダ共和国, უგანდა, អ៊ូហ្កង់ដា, ಉಗಾಂಡಾ, 우간다, ئوگاندا, ອູການດາ, യുഗാണ്ട, युगांडा, ယူဂန္ဒာ, युगाण्डा, Oeganda, ଉଗାଣ୍ଡା, يوګانډا, Ubugande, Ugandäa, Ugaanda, உகாண்டா, యుగాండా, ยูกันดา, ʻIukanitā, ئۇگاندا, Уґанда, یوگانڈا, Lugandayän, Orílẹ́ède Uganda, 乌干达, i-Uganda

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