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Curious what backpackers do in Ukraine? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.

Most traveled places in Ukraine:

All Top Places in Ukraine
  • Day1

    Ukraine is a tough country - in the last few years there has been a revolution, a downed plane and there are ongoing issues with Russian. I clearly didn't do my research or I may have been a little more apprehensive when we landed in KBP - Kiev's international airport, and sought out Vladimir our taxi driver. We were there for the Eurovision song contest 2017. The drive into town was quiet Vald knew little English and I little Ukraine - we smiled and pointed at a few things. First impressions of Kiev were welcoming - though it had dark undertones - I got the feeling if you wanted to pay to have someone bumped off you should have brought them with you. I had Téa with me - my favourite daughter.

    Kiev to be pronounced like Keith with a speech impediment - where "th" is "v". yep that easy, was wet and not that welcoming as a city. The hotel was very nice - I think we could have stayed there a lot longer and it is somewhere where I would be very tempted to go back to.

    Beer and food in general was cold and cheap - I liked the chicken kiev's - I had 2 and many many more beers. I gave 5 euros to the porter, and I guess that was enough for him to take his family out for a slap up meal with lots more beers if the hotel prices were anything to go by.

    The Eurovision contest was good - some observations on no particular order;
    - very camp
    - nice welcoming crowd, all on good form
    - not many drunk people
    - lots of over excited people
    - lots of Brits and Irish - but a good all round collection of flags
    - the winning song was a bit pants
    - the variety of songs was fabulous
    - the horse and gorilla were the only weird there

    We walked a lot. My feet still hurt. We took the Metro out to the exhibition hall for the contest - some 10km. It cost the equivalent of 20p each way.

    I've included some photos - last is the best.
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  • Day41

    Bum ... bum ... bum ... "ANDREAS Breakfast" so wurde ich heute morgen um 7.00 Uhr von der freundlichen Hotelmitarbeiterin geweckt. Nachdem ich mich in die Jeans gequält und mir ein Hemd übergezogen hatte, öffnete ich die Tür und sie stand mit einem Tablett und dem Frühstück vor der Tür. So freundlich wie ich konnte hab ich ihr erklärt, dass wir abgesprochen hatten das ich um 8.00 Uhr frühstücken wollte ... der Tag fing also gut an.

    Gegen 10.00 Uhr ging's dann los Richtung Balti, dann weiter nach Edinet und Briceni schliesslich nach Czernowitz. An der Grenze zur Ukraine hat es wieder ewig gedauert bis zur Anfertigung. Und das alles wieder bei 26 Grad und voller Sonneneinstrahlung. In der Ukraine waren die Strassen hinter der Grenze kathastrohpal; aber auch insgesamt.
    Habe jetzt ein schönes Hotel gebucht; mit Unterhaltung.
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  • Day42

    Von Czernowitz ging's dann in die Kapaten. Zunächst nach Kolomea, weiter über die H09 nach Tatariv bis nach Mukacheve. Rund 370 Kilometer über Strassen, die eher als Buckelpisten herhalten können. Heftig, aber völlig normal für hiesige Verhältnisse, ist mit über 10ü km/h durch Ortschaften zu fahren. Besonders leistungsstarke Wagen wie Land Rover V8 oder Q7 sind die Könige der Landstraße. Schlaglöcher und Gegenverkehr sind völlig egal.

    Mein heutiges Domizil liegt direkt am Bahnhof.
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  • Day5

    So much to write about today. I had to post
    Interesting that there are toilets near some intersections, heard about this, now I share it with you....
    To cross the busier intersections you have to go under through the entrances to the Metro lines. They have these shops along the walls that are only about 3 - 4 feet deep. They put everything they sell in the windows, then you buy something through a small window similar to a fast food drive up window in size.There are places that sell meat and deli items, jewelry, Handbags, clothing, coffee, bakery items, almost anything you could think of.
    These people do what they can to make money to live, most of them in honest ways.
    Again, I am able use the small amount of Russian I know to get by. Most are helpful, even if they do not know English. I have a great sense of accomplishment when I can convey myself to the people here. It is the little things for
    It is difficult to translate a lot of what I experience here. Words seem to fall short when I write about how I feel.
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  • Day5

    Started the day late, must have been catching up on time zone differences. It has been windy for the past 2 days and it sprinkles frequently. There was sun for a few hours this morning, but the clouds took over. Probably in the 60's in the day and 40's at night. It does not feel cold to me, weird.
    Last night I walked around one of the large city blocks. I was hungry, but the hotel food was not apealling. I saw several.night clubs, lots of coffee shops and a sandwich place called "Fresh Lime". Across from there was a little place called the "Bufet", open 24/7. They sold pizza, japanese and italian dishes. I ordered chicken and pineapple pizza, in Russian. It was cool just doing that much. It cost me 40 hyrina and change. 1 dollar = 25 hyrivna.
    Tonight I went on a date with Tina (Valentina), she is a teacher at one of the universities here, there are several. Kharkiv was the nations capital for many years, the architecture here is incredible. Tina speaks good English, but wanted the safety of an interpreter. We had a nice dinner and saw some sites.
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  • Day6

    First, a very Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Teri, Marcie, Sigrid, Missy, Russi and your own Moms Too!.

    Today was more of the same weather, maybe a little more sun but ocassional sprinkling, or a short rain burst, both do not last long.
    Today, Ukraine celebrated its honoring of those no longer with us. It is a day spent at the cemetary, some bring lunches to eat there by there departed loved one. It is a family day together that finishes at home, gathering and sharing a dinner.
    Tomorrow is the big celebration for veterans and their Victory over the Nazi's. they were preparing for the past 3 days, getting ready for the parades and the crowds.
    I finally had Borscht tonight, well not the traditional version. This had beef in it. I also had Verenka, kind of a thin dumpling wrapped around meat or vegetables. I had a bun that was stuffed with shredded cabbage and carrots, and an apple dessert. The apples were chopped into small squares, mixed with cinnamon and sugar. They make long rolls of it, wrapping it in thin pasterie that had the flexibility of a tortilla. They sprinkle powdered sugar on it and cut it into smal sections, about 3 inches wide. I had a bottled water, with gas (carbonation). I was stuffed at the end. The entire meal was $72 hyrivna, just under $3 US.
    I got a decent workout today. The gym, spa, and pool are on the 11th floor. The views up there are very impressive. This is a city of about 3 million.
    I went to.a small mall. It was cylinder shaped and 3 stories tall. The McDonald's on the ground floor was packed.
    They have these small 6 sided Kiosks along the streets. They are about 9 feet high and show the products they sell behind the plexiglass exterior. You cannot see the person inside unless you go to the small window where your transaction is done.
    I came back to my room about 9:30 pm and the streets were still busy with people. I leave early tomorrow, flying through Kiev to Odessa.
    I will write more thoughts about Kharkov tomorrow.
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  • Day5

    Went to an amusement park with Tina and the interpreter, Lyubov. There are lots of trees and flowers. There was a small band shell with Traditional Ukrainian music and a lot of older people dancing. More carnival type amusement rides, some themed restaurants and a large Ferris wheel, similar to, but slightly smaller than the Eye of London. We could see everything from up there. Dinner was good, food is very affordable.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

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