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  • Day15

    Wicked and Wonderful Wanderings ...

    September 3 in the United Kingdom

    GRATITUDES: After almost 12 hours of sleep ... I was feeling a bit more rested.. we lazed in our loft bed while we added 2 nights in Utecht and 5 days in Paris to our itinerary.  We are hoping we will be as pleased with our accommodations in these places ( as well as Amsterdam) as we have been here in London. 😊

    We opted to get an "Oyster Card"  for our explorations today! This is like a prepaid card and gives us some freedom to come and go on the tubes without having to buy individual tickets! Oh my ... so far we've done well at mastering the tubes!

    Our first stop, at the great suggestion of our good neighbor Doug, was Greenwich.  I had failed to put it together that THIS Greenwich is the standard by which global times are oriented! It's fascinating to be at the center of time ... so to speak!!  It's a quaint little village filled with history and the The University of Greenwich is now where the Old Royal Navy College used to be.  The stone buildings are so mammoth and grand that they inherently command your respect! 

    And, after a nice little lunch at the Tipsy Moth (table 107 outside) we wandered this beautiful little haven on foot.  Only 8881 steps today (6.42kms)!

    GASPS ... of the best kind: We experienced something very unexpected and extra special! There was an opera music exam happening in the Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul.  No pictures were allowed ...and ... we were summoned to be absolutely silent. 

    GAHS: We slipped into the pews ... and of course ... my hubby pulls out his video camera!! When I shook my head in utter dismay ... he emphatically whispered his defense in my ear!  "I am not taking pictures  ...  avideo is not a picture!!"  He only captured a second or two of video ... before one of the staff started in our direction. 

    GREAT BIG GRINS: Fortunately, we didn't get expelled for bad behavior!! Instead we were blessed with chills and goose bumps galore!!  After she was complete, we spoke with the student  who performed.  It was her final moment before her degree!! And a stellar ending to her time in school! I expect it is also the beginning of her success as a singer!  She was exceptional! 🤩

    We also got to see vestibule of The Painted Hall!  They were doing some work and much of it was hidden behind layers of scaffolding.

    GRINS: And we enjoyed a stroll through Greenwich Market and stopped in a quaint little lane for a cappuccino and a carrot cake! And then ... I mosied into a little shop and found two blouses to try on.  The lady pointed me towards the fitting room.  I opened the door ... and it was the toilet.  The other door was a closet.  It took me a moment to realize that the fitting room was the space between the two doors.  You just had to pull a curtain.  Too funny! 

    GRATITUDES: But ... better yet ... I bought both tops!  And then came across some fabulous neck pieces that are so artistic!  I  took a video to remind me of how to play with them.  Hopefully it will load so you can see how fabulous they are!!

    After that we got back on the tube ... headed home to give me a little rest and fashioned a little charcuterie board (actually it was a plate) before heading back on the tube to the theatre!!

    GROANS: I wasn't going to mention it, but we had splurged on our tickets for "Wicked" and ended up seated beside a very uppity couple from Washington DC. They seemed determined to impress us with their social status. I wish you could hear the American drawl drawl they spoke with.  We learned they had just come from Ireland too ... but found it..."well ... rather disappointing." Apparently it was just a "tourist trap".  And ... he shuddered to think that people actually drank the entire pint of Guiness that was part of the tour at the Stonehouse.  At this point ... I couldn't stop myself from asking ... with no apology for the bit of an edge in my voice: "What DID you like about Ireland?" I think he liked the history he learned at the jail. His wife ... was as quiet and timid as a mouse. I hope they find some joy in the rest of their travels!!

    Aside from the energy of our seat mates ... "Wicked" was ... dare I say ... wickedly wonderful and marvelously magical!  It brought me tears ... with that beautiful reminder ..  that I am better because I met you! 

    Sending love ... 💚💚💚
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  • Day13

    London's First Act was a Show Stopper

    September 1 in the United Kingdom

    We had the best sleep in that little loft bed ... and awoke with plans to prepare a nice breakfast in our  new abode with our grocery purchases from last night!  And, may I say, the gooseberry jam was a delicious addition to our toast and eggs and fruit!  It was suggested that walking is the ideal way to see London ... but we wanted to orient ourselves to the city with the Hop On Hop Off Bus !  And ... now we understand why they recommend walking! At one point there were about 5 buses and a girl on a bicycle and a taxi all gridlocked in traffic near Buckingham Palace!!  GAH!  We must have spent 20 minutes at that intersection! 

    I didn't know it but Trafalgar Square is right in the middle of London. And, it can fit 80, 000 people! It's only a three minute walk from our place.  The sun was shining brightly today ... it was almost too warm at times ... but I am not complaining.  I am expressing my GRATITUDE for the extraordinary weather!  It's supposed to be warm and dry all week.  I hope that it will be, because it would not be nearly as enjoyable with umbrellas!

    GROAN: We couldn't see Big Ben because it's being refurbished. Its leaning slightly and they anticipate it will fall over in 800 years if the tilt is not corrected!  So all you can see is the clock face at the moment.  They seem to be working on many of the older buildings ... they seem to keep them in very good repair!

    MORE GRATITUDES: We took a cruise on the River Thames ... floated under London Bridge and then on down to the Tower of London.  For me, it was extra lovely to spend some time on the water ... away from the overstimulation of all the busyness and people and commotion!  We also enjoyed the panoramic views of the city from the London Eye! It's a magnificent ferris wheel that takes 30 minutes to make a full circle! Gives you stunning 360 degree views of the city!

    Stopped in for a few appys and a cool drink at The Admirality Ale & Pie and ordered the Hamshire Black Pudding Croquettes; Frontier beer battered haddock goujons; Steak and London Pride pie (with carmelized shallots, button mushrooms & thyme); and curried spiced sausage roll! So good! Once again, the food services is second to none here in the UK.

    We were meandering back to Soho ... and ... found ourselves wandering through China town. Lots of people out and about ... street musicians entertaining the passersby with their exceptional talent! We strolled past an all you can eat Chinese buffet ... for $10.95. It looked so good and smelled so good that we got the urge to fill our bellies ... again ... before we went on to the Picadilly Theatre to see "Strictly Ballroom; The Musical." When we got to the theatre we were delighted to learn that if you bought two large glasses of wine you could get the rest of the bottle for $3.00. And ... they would give you a number and place it on the ledge for you to refill your glasses during the intermission! So ... THAT is what we did!! 🥂

    GRINS:  And lots of them. It was sheer delight ... such talent and scripting  and acting and humor and dancing and singing!  We even got showered with confetti at the end of it!  John said it was the best theatre show he has ever seen!  We have tickets to see "Wicked" on Monday ...so we'll see how it holds up to that competition!  

    GRIPES:  Aside from the fact that I have picked up a head cold  ... it was truly a very enjoyable day in London!  Five Star kind of day!!  Talk to you tomorrow! k&j
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  • Day16

    Our Last Full Day in London

    September 4 in the United Kingdom

    We awoke to our last full day in London with no firm plans.  We had some ideas in our pocket ... but ... decided to let our hearts lead the way.

    GRATITUDES: We headed towards Westminster Abbey on foot and opted to enjoy a cappuccino and a nice bowl of soup at the crypt at St. Martin-in-the-Field's church. There are tombstones all around you in the floor ... and ...the walls and ceilings display the most amazing brickwork!  We thoroughly enjoyed it and would never have found this remarkable spot without the super suggestion of our great neighbor.  Thank you again Doug!

    GASPS of AWE: We continued down to the Abbey ... and were struck by the monumental majesty of this structure.  The antiquity and reverance displayed within it can simply not be rivaled. It actually sparked some deep conversation between us about what we would like to be remembered for ... if ... we were ever to be talked about through audio headphones in numerous different languages.  🤔

    GRATITUDES: And, with another note of appreciation to Doug, we meandered our way back to Sherlocke Holmes for a "Cumberland Scotch Egg"; some "Sticky Pickle Sausage Rolls"; "Devilled Whitebait" ... and ...a "Dirty Burger." I know ... we ordered a lot... but ... we were running out of moments to taste the local English fare!

    GRINS: Interestingly, John ordered a Sherlock Stout and it is served room temperature! He really, really liked it.  And he really, really liked the Devilled Whitebait.  He thought they were breaded sardines.. but ... the server said not.  I did not dare to try them.

    Okay ... a small GROAN or maybe it's actually a GRATITUDE: it occurred to us as we were in Sherlocke Holmes ... reflecting on our time here in England that we have not had any of those 'Jack the Ripper' foggy nights under the street lamp moments that I have seen on postcards and always associated with London.  It could be ... that it hasn't rained  or maybe it's just that we haven't been out much past 10:00pm!!  😉

    Anyway ... London has been so lovely.  There are still so many things left to do and see ... but ... we are so very grateful we've become acquainted with her flavor and essence! 💚

    And, we are up at it early tomorrow! Our train leaves for Amsterdam at 8:30am.  We're excited for the next leg of this fascinating journey! 

    Thanks for joining us here ... 🧡🧡
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  • Day14

    A Walk-About London ...

    September 2 in the United Kingdom

    After a horrible night's sleep due to congestion, headache and scratchy throat ... we were greeted with another day of bright blue skies and warm ... dare I say hot ... sunshine here. 

    GRINS & GRATITUDES: We opted to walk over to Buckingham Palace ... and on our way over we noticed a counselling service being offered out of a small mobile trailer. It was called "Caravan Drop -In." It had such a welcoming energy about it.

    It may sound strange, but in all honesty, neither one of us had any real desire to pay a fortune to see the changing of the guards. As luck would have it though, we bumped into a couple of nice guards in their finest red regalia and those big tall puffy black hats ...I'm not sure what their official name is! Anyway, they were not at all stuffy and proper ... and ... they were kind enough to pose for a picture! 

    We then wandered the streets to get our bearings for where "Wicked" will be playing tomorrow. It's sad because we have seen so many homeless people on our travels around London. And a couple of them had made the steps of the theatre their temporary home. After that, we sauntered fairly aimlessly ... until we found ourselves at Bag O'Nails. I really wish I'd been hungry enough for the All day Sunday Roast ... but I opted for one of their other classic pub favorites... the lasagna!!! Yes. I never expected to find pasta at the pub ... but there it was!! And ... it had a pureed texture to it. Great taste but it seemed odd for lasagna to feel like whipped mashed potatoes in your mouth! John enjoyed the fish and chips ... rated it 9.5/10!

    GROANS: On the map it looked like we could walk to Harrods ... just to experience the posh, pomp and circumstance of the West End of London. It turned into 16,888 steps or a 12.26km walk. I had on the wrong shoes for a trek of that magnitude... but ... John' eyes were the size of dinner plates as he noticed all the high end vehicles ... McLaren, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Austin Martin ... all the super cars. John said some of them would be worth upwards of $250,000!!! 😯 GAH: It's hard to fathom that most of them are driven by older men ... but ... many of them seemed to be accessorized with younger women. 😉

    GRATITUDES: We stopped at the 'chemist' (aka pharmacy) to get some bandaids for our wounded feet ... and ... continud our walking home. It was then that we stumbled upon Caffé Concerto ... and went in for afternoon tea!! And so ... we sipped our tea with fancy chandeliers over head and lively jazz music tickling our eardrums. We thoroughly enjoyed this old English custom ... but we had enough to feed two more people!

    GRATITUDES: On the bottom tier there were sandwiches with the crusts cut off in four varieties: cucumber and cream cheese ... smoked salmon with cream cheese ( John's favorite) ...egg salad... and ham and pickle with a dijon mustard ( my favorite!).
    The second layer offered us four hot scones with whipped butter and teensy tiny little pots of strawberry conserve! And the top layer was generously filled with SIX decadent desserts! Wow!! I am not sure where we expected to put it all ... but ... we gave it our best shot!!!

    Okay ... we are calling it a night early this evening! Hoping to get a better sleep ... fingers crossed!
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  • Day7

    Tasha and Brixton!

    November 11 in the United Kingdom

    November 10

    Today Emilie and I went to Brixton to check out their markets. They were amazing. So many different cultures in one place. Plus Brixton struck me as a pretty cool neighborhood.

    We ate at honest burger which was honestly one of the best burgers I've ever eaten. I had the "Brixton Burger" which had a tough of jerk (jamaican) spices, as well as a generous piece of pineapple running through the bottom. It was delicious and then some!

    Afterwards we went to this thing called "Department Store" which was not really a department store at all. It was four stories, but on top was a beautiful restaurant/lounge which was neat. Then we went exploring in areas that we were apparently not supposed to be, as the elevator didnt let us leave the way we came and we had to take a detour outside. We had a good laugh and got out as soon as we could.

    We went back to the flat for a couple hours to rest/speak with our families. I even had a nap and caught a few minutes of the premier league game with one of the flatmates in the Airbnb.

    By 9pm we met Tasha and Neil in Victoria for some pizza and drinks. The place was quite cheap so we enjoyed three drinks each along with a whole pizza. It was about 1130 when we left and went to the next bar which was a quick stop for just one drink before it closed. Here I got to know Tasha a little bit better one on one. Then we cabbed down to Archer Street and went to 100, this fancy cool basement club. We got settled and continued our evening. Tasha was quite the dancer so we got along quite well, but I always made my way back to Emilie :)

    We closed down 100 by about 3am. We attempted to take a few tube stops to get home, but we frequently came to closed gates. We eventually found one that took us close ish to home and then walked 20 minutes from there. It was just after 5am by the time Emilie and I stumbled back into our bed. I remember brushing my teeth and then I was OUT.

    Nov 11

    We slept until 2pm today. No hangover. WIN!

    We eventually made our way down Brick Lane on a whim, which was an amazing decision. We found this really cool farmers market/collection of street foods. We had sugar cane juice, chicken quesadillas, Argentine empanadas, chicken skewers, and
    alfajores with dolce de lece for dessert. It was all delicious!

    There was some really cool art and these candles that Emilie really fancied. Unfortunately I didnt think we would have any room for candles in our carry on small bags. But I ended up sneaking back to the shop and grabbing a few anyways. I figured we would make it work, and Emilie was very happily surprised when we got home :)

    Later for dinner we had some Chinese and then we just packed and watched a movie before getting ready for bed. Tomorrow the next leg of our adventures starts, Spain here we come!!!!

    T+E <3
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  • Day12

    On the Fly Again ...

    August 31 in the United Kingdom

    It is with heavy hearts that we slurped our last cappuccino in Dublin this morning before we left for the airport ... at our favorite little breakfast spot ... right under our room!

    GRATITUDES: It's a great little cafe called PSTwenty6! We were a bit rushed for time so the chef offered to make us some take-away breakfast sandwiches!! And then ... believe it or not ... they told us that they weren't going to charge us for them! They also offered to give us a 'pour over' to take in our to-go cup.

    GAHS: I had no idea what he was talking about ... and when I found out ... I wish I had known about it sooner!! A `pour over ' is when they top off your cappucino with filtered drip coffeel I could have and would have done that countless times ... if I knew such a thing existed!! Anyway ... you just can't get better service than that! The Irish are amazing in their hospitality and humanity! 😀

    MORE GRATITUDES: And so, instead of taking a taxi again, we took the 747 Air Coach back to the airport and saved ourselves $25 Euros ... which is close to $40 CAD! And once we arrrived here in England, it was going to cost $130 - $150 euros to take a taxi from Gatwick to our accommodations!! So, we courageously opted to utilize a variety of public transit instead! So, we were armed with our directions and hoping like crazy that we could find our way to our new home in London ... without too much confusion, duress or agony! And ... guess what! It was relatively painless! We took the train to London Victoria station ... then hopped on the tube ... a quick transfer to another tube ... and a bit of a walk from there to our little house! Once again ... we remain deeply grateful for the help of kind but complete strangers!!!! We would have gotten very lost without their willingness to help a tourist!

    We are staying in Soho ... so our quaint new little home is in the beating heart of London. We are staying in the "smallest house in central London" that used to be a stable for working horses over 200 years ago. We are sleeping in the loft! yes ... we have to climb up the ladder ... and over the sitting room ... which is up the semi-spiral staircase from the kitchen and bathroom areas! I may be graoning about this later ... but for now ... it all seems so very cute! And for sure ... this renovated stable is fabulous when it comes to the old adage about "location, location, location" being of prime importance. We are close to the theatre district and have all kinds of restaurants and inviting nightlife right here ... all around us. We can walk to Buckingham Palace and many other of the sights to see here in London. We may even see some 'ladies of the night' in these parts ... but for us on this day of travel ... we grabbed a bite to eat at KILN (an Asian inspired eatery right beside our place!) and then ... wandered down the street to stock up on groceries! Yes!! Location, location, location!! Makes all the difference in the world for the quality of your trip if you are not driving!

    GRINS: Doesn't sound terribly exciting ... but John was in his glory at the Whole Foods store just up the street from us! There were quail eggs, fresh bread, baklava ... and ... it had a deli with an abundance of meats and unfamiliar cheeses and olives and wines and all kinds of goodness to pop into the basket!!! It just feels so good to us to get stocked up for breakfasts ... so that we can cook a bit now that we will have a kitchen. And ... it is lovely to simply relax and sip on a lovely Chilean(sp?) Merlot while we regroup after our commute today!!

    GRIPES: No gripes to report for today at all!! Amazing to be able to say that on a day of travel!!

    Tomorrow will be our first full chance to get acquainted with London. And ... we are eager for the fun to begin!! Someone said London is like New York ... and ... we LOVE New York!! So ... good night from us ... and ... good morning to all of you back at home!!

    Warmest smiles from our hearts to yours ... k&j
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  • Day27

    That's one way to do it.

    November 11 in the United Kingdom

    After staying up way too late, mostly to find food, and ending up in a not-so-secret secret club (for like two minutes) I got what might be referred to as sleep. One night in a place before moving to the next can be slightly off putting, and I still had to figure out where I was staying for the rest of my time in Liverpool. Since my trip is coming to a close, I decided to treat myself to an airbnb, and compared to the prices I found elsewhere, it was a steal. Deciding I would go to a museum until I could check in to my new digs, I found a place to store my luggage and made my way over. The first two levels were definitely geared toward children, but it was still fun (I saw an axolotl!), and the third floor was an expansive exhibit on Egypt. My stomach did get the better of me, as it does, and I had to leave and find nourishment before seeing everything; free entry made it a little easier to leave. Once I'd sufficiently stuffed my face, I made my way back to get my things so I could go check in to my gloriously private room. I found my way over, not terribly far from all the attractions, but farther than I wanted to walk with my bag that seems to keep getting heavier. A message through the app had given me the number of the person I was getting the room from, and a couple of texts and phone calls later... I still hadn't gotten in. Tired and frustrated I shuffled back to the hostel where I had stored my bags, if only I had realized the prices sooner. I asked for the cheapest room available, and ended up in a six bed dorm... by myself; blessedly alone. I ended up napping for a few hours, and when I finally emerged from the room I realized that not only was everything closed, but I was somehow still tired. Fortunately reception is twenty four hours, and I asked where I could get dinner. The lovely woman at the desk told me about a Lebanese restaurant nearby, made sure (with Google magic) that it was open, and even suggested a dessert. Thank goodness it was a short walk away, the only downside to going there was that they had apparently changed there hours, and it was actually closed. Sighing in defeat, I turned around and headed back to where I'd come from, figuring I could just get some more sleep. As I ambled through the, now empty, shopping center I saw a group of men go into a building, and realized it was a restaurant, an open restaurant. Two seconds in to looking over their menu and I knew exactly what I wanted: borek. Munching happily on my Turkish pastry, filled with juicy minced meat, I practically skipped back to my bed. Once satiated, and settled for the night, I snuggled in to my bunk once more, and couldn't wait for the sound of the city to lull me to sleep.Read more

  • Day26

    Next time, I'm getting a train

    November 10 in the United Kingdom

    Although I had what could be the loudest snorer I've ever heard in my room, I was able to get plenty of rest. Having most of my things already packed made getting ready in the morning a breeze, so all I had to focus on was getting some food, and I would need it for my day of travel. I may not have much to do other than get to the bus station, but I had about eight hours of being in a vehicle to look forward to. After checking out, and double checking where the station was with the clerk, I was leaving Edinburgh. I can say with certainty, it would have been easy to spend all of my time traveling, in that city. There was a ton to see, and a plenty, I'm sure, I didn't even know to check out. With help, I did finally find my bus, and I hopped right on. For some reason, I hadn't quite wrapped my head around what exactly this trip would entail, and even with falling asleep for a couple hours I hit hour four absolutely ravenous. Then the guy across the aisle pulled out a sandwich. Thank goodness, the next place we stopped wasn't just for two minutes to let people on, but the downside was that there was no place nearby to grab something hot. I was able to grab some chips, and a few other snacks, from a nearby vending machine to hold me over until we got to Leeds, where I had 40 minutes between transferring buses. Scarfing down my delicious sweet chili & sour cream chips, and probably scaring the person sitting next to me, I felt much better. Only one hour to go until I could get my hands on real food. Finally arriving in Leeds, I was found that right next door was city market, and blessedly, warm food; I had to stop myself from ordering everything. Making sure I was totally satisfied, I got back to my next bus with plenty of time to spare. Next stop, Liverpool. I can't wait to crash, but I'm so ready for tomorrow, and you know I'll have to do a Beatles tour.Read more

  • Day28

    My body knows!

    November 12 in the United Kingdom

    Turns out when you've slept all day, your body will wake up earlier than normal, and it'll also tell you why it was getting so much rest. Waking up at six in the morning was not quite the plan, but neither was the scratchy throat and stuffy nose. It's as if my immune system doesn't like being alone in a room, but I wasn't going to let it stop me. Figuring I had more than enough time, I read for a while, took a nice long shower (because now one was waiting for it), and made my way downstairs for some breakfast. Essentially I was going for something hot, to sooth my throat, and protein to get me through the day, and settled for tea and a bacon bap (or round roll.) The upside of course, to waking up at an ungodly hour, is that I had plenty of time to choose what I wanted to do, and decided on a Beatles bus tour. Walking over to the Royal Albert Dock, it struck me that this was the first day in weeks that I actually had a need for my sunglasses, too bad they were back in the room. Not being a music buff by any means, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The guide and driver were very funny, and I learned a ton of interesting facts about each band member, where they grew up, how they got their start, what brought them together and then to fame... so naturally I've forgotten most of it. The trip ended with us headed for the Cavern Club, where we got a free souvenir (that you can only get through the tour) of a postcard that was reproduced from one years ago. With it barely being past noon, and not knowing where my day would lead me, I actually headed back to do some laundry, because I was literally on my last outfit. The boring part of travel being finished, but at least getting a game of pool in while waiting, I realized I had enough time to head back to the docks and check out The Beatles Story, a museum, all about them. Once I'd paid, and picked up the free audio guide, I slowly made my way though the building learning even more about these music idols. Although most likely overpriced, it was still a fun thing to experience, as well as being the only place where this museum exists, so in the long run it was worth it. Walking back, and being well aware of the time, I went to drop off any unnecessary items in my room, and then went straight to the Lebanese restaurant from the night before; I would not miss it tonight. Ordering the recommended lamb shawarma burger, a fantastic invention, was such a good choice. The burger was juicy without dripping all over your hands, and meaty but lacking the sense that you'd keel over from protein overload, the salad that came with was crisp and tangy for a perfect accompaniment, and being in England you can bet there were "chips." The finale of the meal though, and a recommendation from the receptionist who told me about this place yesterday, was the Lebanese coconut cheesecake. Not quite the same as an American cheesecake, but delicious all the same, and managed to be creamy but feel too heavy. Leaving the restaurant I did consider going back to The Cavern, since there is free admission with the bus tour, but still having a scratch in my throat I opted for tea, and at the very least an earlier bedtime. It didn't feel like a jam packed day, much easier than some, but my body might be telling me to slow down... I might wait until I'm home.Read more

  • Day29

    Like that would stop me

    November 13 in the United Kingdom

    After rejecting the 5am wake up my body so nicely decided upon, I ended up rising at a much more respectable nine; besides, there's still an hour until things really open. The unfortunate side of this morning, and I totally plan on oversharing, is that mucus should not be that color (I'll spare you the other details.) So, getting ready took a little longer with my foggy head, but with only a few days left of this trip, some of them traveling, I'm not going to let this take me out of commission. There may be a stop at Boots (kind of a convenience store) for lozenges and tissues, there will certainly be tea and a bacon bap, but I will go on my free tour and hopefully infect no one.

    Well as far as the tour went, I had an amazing time. Not only did I learn about how Liverpool got its start, but also about the Liver bird, which is a made up bird and emblem for the city. Being a small group our guide was able to take us to all sorts of places, singing and dancing all the way, making for a very enjoyable time. By the end of our two and a half hours, not only had I learned a whole bunch about the city I was in, but I had made some new friends too. Although I had planned to go to the Tate museum, I thought it might be more fun to hang out with the group, and we all headed to the Liverpool Cathedral. This place is massive, with ornate statues, and intricate stained glass windows. Although no one else was interested in paying to go to the top of the Cathedral to see the views, they were kind enough to wait for me, as well as live vicariously through my photos. It was an amazing view, on a surprisingly clear day, and it wasn't even as windy as the top of the Wallace monument. Taking more photos than necessary, I headed back down, especially because I knew we were going to get food. As I learned, the local dish is called scouse, meat with vegetables and potatoes (what a surprise), that closely resembles stew. So we headed off to Bold St. to experience the area like a local and eat the food that is so loved. Once we found a restaurant that had what we were looking for we all popped in, learned that it was served with pickled cabbage and beets, and couldn't wait to dig in. By the time the food got to the table, I can safely bet, we were all ravenous, and dug in. It was a bit plain in flavor, but the pickled vegetables really brought a brightness and rounded out the flavor. All the guys blew through their food, and I managed to eat half of it, giving the rest to one of them who was still hungry. Once I was stuffed, and they had taken an edge off their hunger, we decided to split up back to our hostels, and meet up for drinks and music later. Heading back to my room, that surprisingly had other people in it, I dropped off anything I didn't need and went to spend more time with my impromptu group of friends. Originally the plan was to listen to music and have a few drinks, but after realizing that we could barely hear each other while yelling, we moved to the quiet bar attached to my hostel and played a few games of pool... we all blamed the curved cue for our poor performance. I also ended up introducing them all to borek, for our late night snack, and we stayed up far too late chatting and laughing. Not at all how I'd planned my day, and at this point I wonder why I try, but once again better than I could have hoped.
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Vereinigtes Königreich, United Kingdom, Groot-Brittanje, Ahendiman Nkabom, እንግሊዝ, Reino Unito, Geāned Cynerīce, المملكة المتحدة, ܡܠܟܘܬܐ ܡܚܝܕܬܐ, সংযুক্ত ৰাজ্য, Reinu Xuníu, Birləşmiş Krallıq, Vaeinigts Kinireich, Вялікая Брытанія, Великобритания, Angilɛtɛri, যুক্তরাজ্য, དབྱིན་ཇི་, Rouantelezh-Unanet, Velika Britanija, Regne Unit, Ĭng-guók, Regnu Unitu, Velká Británie, Y Deyrnas Unedig, Det Forenede Kongerige Storbritannien og Nordirland, ཡུ་ནའི་ཊེཊ་ཀིང་ཌམ, United Kingdom nutome, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, Unuiĝinta Reĝlando, Reino Unido, Suurbritannia, Erresuma Batua, انگلستان, Laamateeri Rentundi, Britannia, Stóra Bretland, Royaume-Uni, Royômo-Uni, Grut-Brittanje, An Ríocht Aontaithe, An Rìoghachd Aonaichte, યુનાઇટેડ કિંગડમ, Rywvaneth Unys, Birtaniya, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo, הממלכה המאוחדת, ब्रितन, Zjednoćene kralestwo, Wayòm Ini, Egyesült Királyság, Միացյալ Թագավորություն, Regno Unite, Kerajaan Inggris, ꑱꇩ, Nagkaykaysa a Pagarian, Unionita Rejio, Stóra-Bretland, Regno Unito, イギリス, დიდი ბრიტანეთი, Ngeretha, Ұлыбритания, Tuluit Nunaat, ಬ್ರಿಟನ್/ಇಂಗ್ಲೆಂಡ್, 영국, شانشینی یەکگرتوو, Britanniarum Regnum, Groussbritannien an Nordirland, Bungereza, Vereineg Keuninkriek, Regno Unïo, Angɛlɛtɛ́lɛ, ສະຫະລາດຊະອານາຈັກ, Jungtinė Karalystė, Angeletele, Lielbritānijas un Ziemeļīrijas Apvienotā Karaliste, Angletera, Kīngitanga Kotahi, Велика Британија, ബ്രിട്ടന്‍, ब्रिटन, Renju Unit, ယူနိုက်တက်ကင်းဒမ်း, Storbritannia, Vereenigt Königriek vun Grootbritannien un Noordirland, संयुक्त अधिराज्य, Groot-Brittannië, Rouoyaume Unni, Reiaume Unit, Yhtys Kuningaskundu, ବ୍ରିଟେନ୍, Стыр Британи, Pisanmetung a Ka-arian, Zjednoczone Królestwo Wielkiej Brytanii, Regn Unì, برتانیه, Hukllachasqa Qhapaq Suyu, Reginavel Unì, Phandlo Thagaripen la Bare Britaniyako thai le Nordutne Irlandesko, Ubwongereza, Marea Britanie, Unitit Kinrick, Stuorra-Británnia, Ködörögbïä--Ôko, එක්සත් රාජධානිය, Spojené kráľovstvo, Združeno kraljestvo (V. Britanija in S. Irska), Mbretëria e Bashkuar e Britanisë së Madhe dhe Irlandës së Veriut, Storbritannien, Uingereza, பிரிடிஷ் கூட்டரசு, బ్రిటన్, Reinu Naklibur, Подшоҳии Муттаҳида, สหราชอาณาจักร, Nagkakaisang Kaharain, Pilitānia, İngiltere, Paratāne, بۈيۈك بېرىتانىيە, Сполучене Королівство, سلطنت متحدہ, Бирлашган Қироллик, Vương quốc Liên hiệp Anh và Bắc Ireland, פאראייניגטע קעניגרייך, Orílẹ́ède Omobabirin, 英国, i-United Kingdom

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