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  • Tibor Dudas
    Christiansted 8w
    Traveled in 104 countries
  • Wenke Kay
    Charlotte Amalie 8w
    Traveled in 8 countries
  • Jennifer Darnell
    Major loves free breakfast... 11w
    Traveled in 2 countries
  • Kir McLinn
    St. John USVI 32w
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  • We “quickly” sailed downwind to St. Thomas to pick up Corey and Jamie in the large harbor of Charlotte Amalie.
    It’s a large flat sandy harbor so we picked any old spot away from the ferries only to find that seaplanes had their own unofficial runway at our stern, which we found to be entertaining. Their plane landed right as we anchored so we jetted straight to the airport…. And just in time I might add…. As we bumped into good ole Corey & Jamie at the airport (who had been giddily sipping free rum samples), they immediately steered us over to a long line for car rentals…. Asking us if we recognized anyone… and by George …of all the gin joints… our college friend Sarah whom, we both met through NEUs outdoor club NUHOC, was standing there! We had traveled thousands of miles away from home over the course of 6 months and, still, we serendipitously bumped into friends from home. Everyone was engulfed in hugs and disbelief asking the same dumbfounded question “Wow, what-the, when, how are you?!?!?!”Because Mike & I were so organized our first order of business was to go grocery shopping in St. Thomas. Fun! Our first night we ate out in town, arriving just in time for happy hour. With beer and cocktails in hand, we made a game plan for the next 5 days – Circumnavigate ST. JOHN! Before leaving we meandered the town of Charlotte Amalie, known for its jewelry district. I found the Dutch influence in architecture to be of far greater interest; the buildings were made-up of old weathered stone walls with thick heavy wooden doorways and fat metal latches beautifully fashioned from a time period I can only imagine.

    St. John, day 1: We beat into the wind (‘beat’ is sailing jargon for bashing the bow of your sailboat into or close to the wind – aka not fun sailing) to St. John and hooked onto a National Park mooring. We snorkeled the area, spotting several stingrays and a turtle and the next morning we ran the dinghy onto shore in Reef Bay.
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  • We have a very nice, but hot, day wandering around Old San Juan. There has been some type of renovation of the old town and the buildings are quite fresh and clean while maintaining some of their 16th century, Spanish character. There are some lovely cobblestone streets made with blue glazing that were used as ballast in ships that came into the harbor 300 years ago.
    This is our last port of call on our trip before 2 days at sea returning to Ft. Lauderdale.
    I hope everything fits in our luggage!
    The first photo is the fort in San Juan.
    The second photo is a street scene.
    The third photo is our ship - our home for the past 4 1/2 months.
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  • One of the most popular cruise ports actually holds lots of great things to experience. We are the less tourist travelers and that may be hard to find here, but not impossible. Coki Beach was a great place to get away from it all. The beach is cluttered with locals and the water is crystal clear. We even got some great vegetarian eats! Another amazing spot, which I think will become much more touristy in the near future, is Secret Harbor Beach. With a bar just steps from the sand, it's hard to beat.Read more

  • We landed. The kids are super excited!

    Our taxi driver likes to run red lights. 5 minutes out of the airport. Kids meet the St croix police. This was not quick stop either, he couldn't find his registration at all. Plus he wanted us to say the light was yellow. It was sooo red.

  • We went to c'sted for dinner before heading back to our hotel for the moko jumbies. We saw giant tarpon along the boardwalk.

    Major and Evie enjoyed the moko jumbies. They also enjoyed the fire eater/glass walker. The kids got to limbo with the fire eater.

  • We walked around c'sted. Kids love feeding the aggressive Tarpon. Of course they have a favorite dog that they see everytime. I bought my cruzan hook bracelet. The store also sells hurricane bracelets. Each bracelet is different, like each hurricane that has hit. The Katrina one is crazy looking. Hugo was pretty cool. I really really liked them.

    First time I have been to a place with a menu in Danish. The food was excellent. The kids danced. And the kids danced with the house cat. The waiter said it is the first time they have ever seen someone try and dance with their wild cat. Thankfully, Evie, did not get scratched.Read more

  • We were in the ocean the entire day. No pool, just ocean. The kids are relaxed and settling in.

    Dave and Greg went fishing and Dave caught 2 fish! They may have been 3 inches but totally worth the sea sickness he got to get them. Poor Dave. On another note their captain is moving to Tampa bc the airport got 2 billion and he is running the flight operations so he sold his business. Dave had only eaten a banana and all the captain would talk about was Bern steakhouse and Ted Peters, Dave was not happy.

    Dave came back and took a nap on the beach and a random paddleboat with local school kids ran into him. It was very funny

    We ran into an Irish woman who has lived here 30 years. She looked at evie and asked if she is Irish and said Major looks Scandinavian. She thoroughly enjoyed Evie having Kathleen as her middle name. She also said Major would looks so very Scandinavian which made him smile.

    We picked up our jeep and went to the famous La Riene's Chicken Shack where we ran into friends from the plane. The chicken is very, very good. Tomorrow we head out for an all day event.
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  • The eastern part of the island is very, very beautiful. We started our morning with a drive to Isaacs Bay. You hike 10-15min down to the beach. There is no amenities, and no one around. The water had coral growing straight to the top of the water. The fish were larger. The rays were very large here. The hike back was a little hot but easy with little incline. Easily Daves fav part of the trip. I would have to agree. It was amazing.Read more

  • Wow. I really love Frederiksted. The old dutch archways on the buildings and the main street that goes along the ocean with the old park, was absolutely stunning. I wish we had taken pictures. We snorkeled the pier and it was pretty neat. Knife fish etc. Lots of grasses under the pier. A turtle. Pretty cool.

    Rhythms at Rainbow Beach was quite nice. Great beach bar. Decent food. Good swimming beach. Could easily go there again. My fb live video was there.Read more

  • We stopped for shaved icees, hung out with a black great dane while we waited and then took a road called Creque damn road (creeky damn rd). It goes thru the rainforest and you end up at the domino club with the beer drinking pigs. It was end of day so the pigs are quite full. Major got to hand the beer to the pig and he got a little scared. She grabs that can with force. She broke it open and it sprayed all over us. The pigs were nice and they even had babies.

    We stayed and had a beer and Evie has a new pen pal. She calls her, "her Jamaican friend." We keep telling her that she is not in Jamaica and the people here are Cruzan.

    Oh, mosquito count- jenn, evie, major=0. Dave=27 on each leg. Repel and sawyer products work much better than off
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