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  • Day20

    Hideaway Island Vanuatu

    October 27, 2016 in Vanuatu

    Cruise day 19

    As the photo shows it day 27 of our trip, its unbelievable to think we have been on holiday for almost a month. We really had so much fun it feels like a week. I can do this permanently no problem. 😜

    We had another great tour with our tour guide Clay Westwood who just happen to have been to all the places Isabel's research showed as must do's. Also he knows all the tricks like not having to pay to go to the Island 🌴 if you dive instead of just snorkeling.

    Beautiful dive site called the "Bronzer", with a wreck that's intact and the biggest clown fish colony we have every seen.

    We were lucky enough to see a seahorse for the second time in a couple of days of diving.

    We even saw a cleaning shrimp, who's job it is to clean the teeth of fish eating fish, like sharks. As this little guy does the sharks a favor they won't eat him. I even tried it as I opened my mouth he swam into it& no doubt getting some of last nights rack of lamb leftovers. 😜

    The clown fish was quite a treat, as I get to see the same facial expression on Isabel's face every-time she sees them, as she had when she saw her favorite Disney character in Disney world. She just loves those small clown fish or as she calls them Nemo's.

    The dive site was so close to shore that we literally got back on the boat and dropped our dive gear and snorkeled back to the island. Even the snorkeling was a treat with the amount of fish we saw.

    Just before we got to shore we passed the famous underwater post office of Vanuatu 🇻🇺 . Seems like too much effort to get you mail watertight or waterproof before posting it 😜.

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  • Day20

    Vanuatu- Hideaway

    October 27, 2016 in Vanuatu

    My love for islands are growing rapidly!! We spend majority of our day on a tiny island, called Hideaway, it took me 12 min to walk around it. The beach is full of washed out corral. This island is also home to the only underwater post office in the world.We dived the wreck& reef closeby, the boat dropped us off halfway so we snorkeled back to shore. A Beautiful mix of soft and hard corral& loads of fish. Today I was in clown fish (Nemo) heaven.

    We walked through the market in town, I loved the gorgeous flowers. We spend our last Vatu's on an icelolly & then headed back with a water taxi. We enjoyed the pristine views from the water. Vanuatu is a third world country but without a doubt a paradise.

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  • Day21

    Mystery Island Vanuatu

    October 28, 2016 in Vanuatu

    Cruise day 20

    A day on a deserted island 🏝in the Pacific. What more do you want.

    The island is 2.3km around, yes Isabel and I walked around the Island with our GPS watches to know exactly how big the island is. But it came at a price for me walking around and island in wet shorts = rash.

    This is really an island like you see in the movies with coconut 🌴 trees, never ending beaches and natures beauty everywhere.

    We spent most of the day snorkeling and sunbathing on the beach.

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  • Day17

    Waterfall Fiji

    October 24, 2016 in Vanuatu

    There are many local tour operators straight off the pier, everyone is storming you to make a sale, clearly their bread & butter. We much rather support the locals, than doing the standard RC ones which is over cautious &very Americanized. In other places in the world you are born with common sense or at least somewhat guided towards it. I am stunned by the safety comments all over the boat!! Sorry got sidetracked there.

    I wanted to see a waterfall as its so subtropical, so we opted for that tour option. I saw the nervousness in the tour guides eye when we said we want to do the entire walk independently, I assured him we are fast walkers & won't get lost as I studied the route before we arrived in Fiji. The oldie crowd went downhill at a snails pace. We ended up waiting for them and we went the long way.

    In Fiji they refer to "Fiji time" this is even slower than Bermuda or Africa time, a set time does not really mean anything to them. We stopped at a park where people train next to the beach, we were not surprised to see the school kids playing with a rugby ball. The tsunami sign caught my eye, it's definitely a reality in their everyday living.

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  • Day4

    Mele Cascades Waterfall

    December 29, 2017 in Vanuatu

    A wee walk along a bush path through a couple water crossings and we arrived at the waterfall and pool. In for a swim beautiful clear water could see the bottom but barely touch it. Found the cave behind the fall...rathwr fun! Stopped for some entertainment and a snack tray of fresh fruit...YUM!
    Tony our driver and Ronald our guide from Evergreen Tours were fantastic friendly and really helpful. Highly recommmended.Read more

  • Day6

    New Years Eve

    December 31, 2017 in Vanuatu

    Nice dinner at Cafe du Village. Sheila had a lobster entre and crab main. Richard stuck with steak! Lovely location on waterfront and fantastic service. We even managed to stay up to see the start of 2018!

  • Day1

    Melbourne to Hideaway Island

    May 10, 2017 in Vanuatu

    On the 10th of May Jimmy and I flew out to Vanuatu on a diving holiday. We went with 8 others from the Warrnambool Dive and Firearms Shop organised by Brian Brumley and his wife, Leanne. Also going were Chris and Bernie Rantall, Michael Harris and his 14 year old son Jeremy, mates Adrian Harris (no relation to the others) and Ed Basic. Turned out to be a great bunch of people. Destined for 10 dives over the weeks, 3 of us doing our Advanced Openwater Scuba Dive certificate, Brian being our instructor.
    We eventually got into Vanuatu Airport after midnight and getting to our rooms on Hideaway Island at around 2 am! Our bed was a very welcome sight.
    The temperature was about 27-30 degrees with the water 26-27 degrees even at depth!!
    The dive photos on this page was our first introductory dive, getting our gear and buoyancy right. It was a shallow swim off shore then a sudden drop off to more than 30 metres. We just went to 20 metres It was very pretty but still a bit murky from the 2 cyclones that had passed through over the last 3 weeks. The coral beds were a bit wrecked this close to shore as well.
    This is a marine conservation area that has a partnership with the Macquarie University in Australia
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  • Day2

    Bonzer wreck dive @ 24 metres

    May 11, 2017 in Vanuatu

    Ben's birthday today but he's back in Melbourne
    Today is our first Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver certificate dive for those of us doing the course.
    When we got into the water, my mask filled with water and I started to panic but got that sorted and descended. I'm getting the buoyancy control sorted now. Lots of corals growing and fish swimming about the rusty old wreck. There is plenty of room to swim through the cabin too.Read more

  • Day3

    The Abyss @ 30.6 m

    May 12, 2017 in Vanuatu

    This was classed as a deep dive and our second Advanced course dive. Any dive over 18 metres is classed as a deep dive and shouldn't be done unless you have the advanced ticket. You shouldn't go below 40 metres , 30 metres is the recommended maximum deep depth as further than that and you are more readily susceptible to nitrogen narcosis. The colours have pretty well leached out by that depth too, plus run out of air very quickly.
    This dive, The Abyss, starts as as 6 metre reef with a steep drop off to 50 metres. We only go to 30 metres for 10 minutes maximum or air down to 100 bars, whichever happens first. As promised the colours get really dull down deep. It was a pretty dive with lots of different corals and sponges and fish. I get my bouyancy right and Brian is very happy with my dive. I feel confident
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  • Day4

    3rd Advanced cert dive -"boat dive"
    Today we took water taxi again to mainland to get to Port Vila where we go on a boat charter with "Big Blue" dive. It is a bit of a boat ride to get out there with a big swell at the reef we get to. The reef is at the surface but then there is a drop off to 24 metres into "The Cathedral" or chasm you can swim in and out of.
    Here there are a lot more colourful corals and sponges, fan corals, pretty fish in big schools.
    I have been getting a cold over the last couple of days and today it's getting more into my sinus' and ears. Right ear really hurt and squealed 3/4 way down. Didn't do the second dive on that trip. I stayed on the boat but tried a snorkel on the top - it was still pretty but got nibbled by wee jellyfish or something
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Republic of Vanuatu, Vanuatu, ቫኑአቱ, فانواتو, Вануату, Vanuwatu, ভানুয়াটু, ཝ་ནུ་ཨ་ཐུ།, Vanuatu nutome, Βανουάτου, Vanuatuo, وانواتو, Wanuwaatuu, Vanuatú, વાનુઆતુ, Banuwatu, ואמוטו, वन्वातु, Վանուատու, Vanatú, バヌアツ共和国, ვანუატუ, ವನೌಟು, 바누아투, ڤانوواتوو, Vanawuwatu, ວານົວຕູ, Vanoatò, Ванату, വന്വാത്തു, वानौटु, Vanwatu, Vhanuatu, भानुआतु, ଭାନୁଆତୁ, ونواتو, Vanuatü, වනුවාටු, வனுவாட்டு, వనౌటు, ประเทศวานูอาตู, Vanuatu Cumhuriyeti, ۋانۇئاتۇ, وینوآٹو, Vanuatuäns, Orílẹ́ède Faniatu, 瓦努阿图, i-Vanuatu

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