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    • Day 50

      Port Vila, Vanuatu

      March 13, 2020 in Vanuatu ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

      Today we are docked in wild and wonderful Vanuatu. At 7:30 this morning, it was already 90 degrees and probably 95% humidity.
      We had signed up for a “bushwalk” which sounded like “fun” (we call that the F word).
      It was truly amazing. It was an opportunity for 10 of us to get away from the beaches and the resorts and see what real life is like on a remote island in a country like Vanuatu.
      Vanuatu is made up of 80 islands with a couple of larger cities scattered throughout. It is a country that has about 90-95% unemployment. Their main income source is tourism. We were allowed in today, but I’m sure it was a difficult decision to turn away another ship carrying 3000 passengers for fear of Coronavirus. They remain untouched so far, but introduction of the virus would be devastating to them.
      We drove about 30 minutes to a rough path and went on our way through the jungle. The heat was oppressive and I instantly realized that my shower and the semi-cute outfit that I had donned that morning were pointless. Within minutes my shirt was soaked, not only from sweating, but from wiping the sweat dripping off my face. We saw many interesting plants and the sky was beautifully blue with puffy clouds. We passed a women dressed more heavily than I would have been and carrying a fur jacket. I guess heat is all relative. We walked along some open jungle paths, some narrower, enclosed paths, some beach areas filled with hand-hewn fishing boats and did a rock scramble. The expedition experience on this cruise is new, and we saw it here! Usually, walks are described by saying “you walk 200 meters, or need to navigate a couple of steps onto the bus”. This was more climbing than I’ve done! We had two strong local men that helped us, but it was still a challenge. Everyone was a good sport, cheering each other on, and giving a good yell when reaching the top.
      Something that we found most interesting was that the houses and homesteads were beautifully tended, if very simple. The roofs are thatched and many have vegetable gardens-people tend to be self-sufficient here due to the high unemployment rate.
      The lawns are gorgeous, all done with stringtrimmers. I asked about the pristine nature of all the homesteads and was told it was a cultural expectation. Their is a chief for each area who assigns certain pieces of ground to various individuals and helps maintain the order.
      Another shower after the hike, and still another shower after getting caught in a deluge of rain when we went back into town in the afternoon.
      In any case, I am super clean and had a great walk that afforded us guilt-free eating and drinking for dinner!
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    • Day 62

      Mystery Island

      December 26, 2022 in Vanuatu ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

      Die südlichste Insel 🏝️ im Staat Vanuatu ist Mystery Island. Die kleine Insel nur 1,5 Quadratkilometer und trägt den indigenen Namen Inyeug. Sie ist die Nebeninsel der Insel Aneityum, die nur 650 m entfernt ist.
      Beide Inseln gehören zur Provinz Tafea.
      Mystery Island ist bekannt für das einzigartige Korallenriff mit der prächtigen Unterwasserwelt sowie für die wunderschönen weißen Sandstrände. Die Insel ist unbewohnt. Bewohner der Aneityum,
      kommen jedoch zum Verkauf ihrer Waren auf die Insel oder zur Arbeit auf dem Flughafen der zu Aneityum gehört. Er wurde im zweiten Weltkrieg von den Amerikanern errichtet und besteht aus einer Graspiste, die fast die gesamte Länge der Insel einnimmt.
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    • Day 34

      Port Vila, endlich in Vanuatu 🇻🇺!

      January 30, 2023 in Vanuatu ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      Wir haben zwei weitere Tage unfreiwillig in Auckland verbracht, da der Flughafen von den Überschwemmungen betroffen war. Wir haben den regnerischsten Tag von Auckland seit Beginn der Wetteraufzeichnung miterlebt. Selbst als wir heute morgen um 4.30 Uhr einchecken ist alles noch sehr chaotisch. Wir haben kurzzeitig Angst, dass es wieder nichts mit Fliegen wird. Wie durch ein Wunder starten wir (fast) pünktlich in Richtung Efate, der Hauptinsel von Vanuatu. In der Hauptstadt Port Vila angekommen sind wir von dem feucht-warmen Klima erst einmal erschlagen und stärken uns mit frittierter Brotfrucht. Die Tatsache, dass wir um 3.30 Uhr aufgestanden sind und es auf Vanuatu zusätzlich noch 2 Stunden früher ist, lässt uns den Tag unendlich lang erscheinen. Das schreit nach einem Mittagsschlaf. Am Nachmittag erkunden wir die Stadt und lokalen Markt und lassen den Tag entspannt ausklingen und genießen den Sonnenuntergang. Morgen geht der nächste Flieger zu unserem eigentlichen Ziel, die Insel Espiritu SantoRead more

    • Day 35

      Espiritu Santo - wir sind am Ziel

      January 31, 2023 in Vanuatu ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

      Wir sind weiter gereist zu unsrem eigentlich Ziel, die Insel Espiritu Santo. Es ist die größte Insel von Vanuatu mit der zweitgrößten Stadt Luganville ( 10.000 Einwohner). Es war auch der erste Flug in unserem Leben der kein Sicherheitscheck hatte... bei Inslandsflügen nehmen es die Vati nicht so genau mit der Kontrolle und den Flüssigkeiten im Flugzeug.
      Als wir in unserer Unterkunft ankommen wirkt alles sehr surreal. Es sind ein paar Bambushütten am Strand, die von Gilbert, einem Luxemburger, gemeinsam mit ein paar Einheimischen betrieben wird. Es ist malerisch und zeigt das wahre Vanuatu. Wir sind begeistert von der Idylle. Und Gilbert ist ein unfassbar interessanter Mensch, der uns alles über die lokale Kultur erzählt und weitere tolle Geschichten im Gepäck hat. Außerdem spricht er 14 Sprachen, davon 11 fließend.
      Wir freuen uns schon auf die nächsten Tage...
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    • Day 36

      Riri Blue Hole

      February 1, 2023 in Vanuatu ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Wir möchten heute die Blue Holes von Santo besuchen. Nachdem wir uns erst einmal an die Transportmöglichkeiten gewöhnen müssen und wie man die Preise verhandelt machen wir uns auf. Wir sind noch etwas irritiert und verpassen zweimal unser Ziel. Wir finden dann aber ein paar Einheimische die uns auf einem Kanu zum Riri Blue Hole bringen. Dort angekommen sind wir völlig überwältigt von der Schönheit dieser blauen Teiche. Umso schöner, da wir auch die einzigen dort sind. Nach 1 Stunde werden wir wieder zurück gebracht und machen uns auf zum nächsten Blue HoleRead more

    • Day 36

      Matevulu Blue Hole

      February 1, 2023 in Vanuatu ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

      Wir sind am zweiten Blue Hole angekommen und bleiben überwältigt von den Farben. Matevulu ist das bekannteste und größte Blue Hole. Wir treffen dort auch auf ein paar Leute aus Vanuatu, mit denen wir uns anfreunden. Sie nehmen uns mit zurück in Stadt (auf der Ladefläche vom Jeep zu sitzen ist hier ein Ding) und wir lernen so nochmals besser die Kultur und die Einheimischen kennen. Momentan gibt es eher wenige Touristen hier und wir fallen allein optisch auf. Auch wenn wir den ein oder anderen kritischen Blick bekommen sind die Einheimischen wirklich sehr offen und unglaublich freundlich. Es war ein ganz besonderer Tag.Read more

    • Day 2

      BNE - VLI …..Back of the bus

      October 3, 2023 in Vanuatu ⋅ 🌬 24 °C

      My word - seat 29A! I remember very well the last time I was seated in the very back row. It was the day after the Port Arthur massacre - a flight back to Hobart from Maroochydore. I had been in Port Arthur just the week before…horrible time. There sure are no Qantas considerations- I didn’t even get an isle seat. Hopefully I get a view coming out/in. Glass half full - just about to take off and I am alone in the row of three- I will take this! Flying now — half the battle!
      Now arrived - sultry but VERY windy and looking like it could rain at any minute. The drive in from the airport was very Koh Samui. Lots of garages and small shops. On first impressions - everywhere is a little tired and clearly the economy is not booming. The main street meanders around a picturesque harbour. The hotel is more than adequate but here I wish I hadn’t been given top floor. Only 3 floors but stairs - brought back Haig St Kirra memories!! Nice balcony overlooking the pool. There is a pool bar with a cocktail person! Did the obligatory hike to a marche for some local beer to ‘welkam’ myself to Port Vila. Dinner is a little while away yet and I am hesitant to rush into the first place I see
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    • Day 3

      Downtown PV

      October 4, 2023 in Vanuatu ⋅ 🌬 25 °C

      Up at a civilised hour but before the crowds. A difficult run on roads without footpaths- I will go another way tomorrow. Even so - it was hilly and warm and did the job. A much brighter day today but still windy. Buffet brekkie goes with the room so baguette with jam (hello Kerry) is the go. A walking morning- I wanted to see the National Museum, downtown Port Vila, the markets and whatever. The museum was ok but needs some love. The outdoor handicrafts market can be missed while the indoor one was much better. The Central Marche was excellent- beautifully presented produce. The food hall was not enticing with everything one should avoid when eating on the street. I had a lunch in view so not an issue. I bought the obligatory stubby holders, t shirt, fridge magnets (for me and my hairdresser!) and chillies. Didn’t they look (and taste) a picture. Back to my digs via an AMAZING Thai iced coffee. A bit of a breather then back down the hill to the highly recommended Waterfront Restaurant. Great position. Don’t usually have steak at lunch (rarely anytime) but Vanuatu Beef has a huge reputation so I thought - I am not here long and.. French wine is cheaper than Australian wine and the choice is better. The steak was excellent- truly - it was also HUGE, However - this was a must do in a prime spot. Waddled back up the hill to my digs and then to the pool for some sunshine. Dinner will be very light with tomorrow a day planned at a beach resort. Rang up to arrange a day pass at a lux beach resort that appears to have a lovely beach/pool/restaurants as per Kerry’s great idea in Choeng Mon. Catch a local B van for 150 VT ($2) - can’t go wrong!! A very relaxing day planned. This place is a very friendly and laid back spot.Read more

    • Day 4


      October 5, 2023 in Vanuatu ⋅ 🌬 25 °C

      Nicer run this morning then baguette and jam. Another cruise ship heading in so my plan to be away from Port Vila is a good one! Earlier checkout tomorrow as Air Vanuatu has brought forward my flight by an hour - for my convenience. I had a little battle changing my transfer but finally found a way that didn't involve speaking to anyone! I then went down to reception to pay my bill. I went early because my main travel money is in my Qantas Travel Money card. It was declined yesterday at the restaurant so I didn't want any surprises tomorrow morning. Of course it was declined again so I had to use my CC which will have huge fees. The card worked beautifully in Singapore?? I tried to ring the international issue line but the message from the Vanuatu 'operator' was "you are not allowed to make this call" I was getting a little frustrated so went to the beach! So easy - cross the road from the hotel-find a space for the van to pull over, wait a minute, put your hand out and a B bus stops. Tell the driver where you want to go and he takes you (and others) to the door of their choosing. This was a 20 minute trip with 3 stops and bang - to the front door. All for 150VT ($2). The Breakas Resort was everything it said on the tin -sandy beach, infinity pool, bar and food. Very windy today but this place is a little sheltered. Beautifully sunny and warm with crystal clear water. Good job I brought my reef shoes as the coral came all the way into the beach.
      Spent the morning on the beach lounge then sojurned to the bar for a Tusker and a feed. I was tempted yesterday by the raw fish salad so it was a no brainier today. Real Raro memories where it was very similar with added coconut milk - our visit to Cooks was so long ago (don't mention the mountain). Beautiful lunch and a tip top excursion to round out my short trip to PV
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    • Day 4

      Au Revoir - Melanesian Port Vila

      October 5, 2023 in Vanuatu ⋅ 🌬 23 °C

      A quick add on to finish life on island time as tomorrow could well be mayhem. As noted my flight has already been changed and I now learn of chaotic wind action in Sydney cancelling a 100 flights - wonderful news. A positive- my new (earlier) transfer time has been confirmed! Hopefully there are not any delays out of Port Vila as it is a small airport with not many delights. I will have plenty of time, if all goes well, to negotiate SYD International to SYD Domestic- I will have to train as I don’t have connecting flights (wouldn’t allow out of CNS). I am overnighting in BNE - again if all goes well. I will miss Kerry on Saturday morning by a few hours - she arrives for the christening at 9.30am I board at 6.05. Let’s see how the dice roll!! Dinner tonight? I didn’t want hotel fare and the weather was too dicey to venture far. As it was I had to transfer off the balcony because of a squall and wind gust. I went to the Marche to try and bring some Francoise into this old French province for a last taste. A Mediterranean red, batard, confit fois, brie and gouda (nearly France) made for a nice piqnique and a fitting finish. There is a fair amount of French in the local language and the streets are named (like) Rue Picardi, which was my address, but not like New Caledonia which is full on. Bring on tomorrow - THIS is travel!Read more

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