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  • Day20

    Cruise day 19

    As the photo shows it day 27 of our trip, its unbelievable to think we have been on holiday for almost a month. We really had so much fun it feels like a week. I can do this permanently no problem. 😜

    We had another great tour with our tour guide Clay Westwood who just happen to have been to all the places Isabel's research showed as must do's. Also he knows all the tricks like not having to pay to go to the Island 🌴 if you dive instead of just snorkeling.

    Beautiful dive site called the "Bronzer", with a wreck that's intact and the biggest clown fish colony we have every seen.

    We were lucky enough to see a seahorse for the second time in a couple of days of diving.

    We even saw a cleaning shrimp, who's job it is to clean the teeth of fish eating fish, like sharks. As this little guy does the sharks a favor they won't eat him. I even tried it as I opened my mouth he swam into it& no doubt getting some of last nights rack of lamb leftovers. 😜

    The clown fish was quite a treat, as I get to see the same facial expression on Isabel's face every-time she sees them, as she had when she saw her favorite Disney character in Disney world. She just loves those small clown fish or as she calls them Nemo's.

    The dive site was so close to shore that we literally got back on the boat and dropped our dive gear and snorkeled back to the island. Even the snorkeling was a treat with the amount of fish we saw.

    Just before we got to shore we passed the famous underwater post office of Vanuatu 🇻🇺 . Seems like too much effort to get you mail watertight or waterproof before posting it 😜.

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  • Day20

    My love for islands are growing rapidly!! We spend majority of our day on a tiny island, called Hideaway, it took me 12 min to walk around it. The beach is full of washed out corral. This island is also home to the only underwater post office in the world.We dived the wreck& reef closeby, the boat dropped us off halfway so we snorkeled back to shore. A Beautiful mix of soft and hard corral& loads of fish. Today I was in clown fish (Nemo) heaven.

    We walked through the market in town, I loved the gorgeous flowers. We spend our last Vatu's on an icelolly & then headed back with a water taxi. We enjoyed the pristine views from the water. Vanuatu is a third world country but without a doubt a paradise.

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  • Day21

    Cruise day 20

    A day on a deserted island 🏝in the Pacific. What more do you want.

    The island is 2.3km around, yes Isabel and I walked around the Island with our GPS watches to know exactly how big the island is. But it came at a price for me walking around and island in wet shorts = rash.

    This is really an island like you see in the movies with coconut 🌴 trees, never ending beaches and natures beauty everywhere.

    We spent most of the day snorkeling and sunbathing on the beach.

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  • Day17

    There are many local tour operators straight off the pier, everyone is storming you to make a sale, clearly their bread & butter. We much rather support the locals, than doing the standard RC ones which is over cautious &very Americanized. In other places in the world you are born with common sense or at least somewhat guided towards it. I am stunned by the safety comments all over the boat!! Sorry got sidetracked there.

    I wanted to see a waterfall as its so subtropical, so we opted for that tour option. I saw the nervousness in the tour guides eye when we said we want to do the entire walk independently, I assured him we are fast walkers & won't get lost as I studied the route before we arrived in Fiji. The oldie crowd went downhill at a snails pace. We ended up waiting for them and we went the long way.

    In Fiji they refer to "Fiji time" this is even slower than Bermuda or Africa time, a set time does not really mean anything to them. We stopped at a park where people train next to the beach, we were not surprised to see the school kids playing with a rugby ball. The tsunami sign caught my eye, it's definitely a reality in their everyday living.

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  • Day9

    We all got off for a look around Port Villa ,Vanuatu, we took one of the minibus type taxis from the port to the town, and that in itself was quite an experience.
    These must be amongst the worst drivers in the world, but at least we arrived in one piece, and at $5 Australian each was a reasonable price for the ride.
    The town is quite run down, but that seems to be the norm for the South Pacific.
    We went in a few duty free shops, but didn't buy anything.
    To be honest Sheila, Sue and Maz didn’t like the place and wanted to get back to the ship.
    I was going to have a mooch around on my own, but it started to rain so we jumped a taxi back to the ship.
    The impression I have of the South Pacific Islands is that they are very like the Caribbean, in that once you've seen one you've seen them all.
    Anyway today is a sea day then tomorrow is Suva on the island of Fiji, so hopefully that will be different, we have an overnight stay at Suva so maybe I'll get some exploring done on my own.
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  • Day107

    Another day in port! And wow, the bluest water I have EVER seen. Mystery Island is just beautiful!! I don't even think that I'll be able to describe how great it is here. The sand is soft, the water is a crystal clear turquoise and there is marine life everywhere. The locals were also very friendly and wow, what an amazing place. We took a tender boat to shore again and immediately I went for a swim. We then met up with a group to do some stand up paddle boarding. We took a boat from Mystery Island to the main island and got set up with some boards. There was a lot of reef and weeds here so it wasn't as blue, but the island itself with the palm trees everywhere was pretty cool. We paddle boarded for about an hour and then went back to Mystery Island. I don't think Mom particularly enjoyed the paddle boarding, she found it difficult to get up, but she had fun just putting around. I liked just watching the water changing and observing the landscape as we went around. The wind started to pick up as we were going and getting back to our starting spot became a bit of a challenge. But, the boards were easy enough to balance on compared to what we have at the cabin and I had fun!

    When we got back to Mystery Island we went swimming again and spent a good solid hour or so in the water. The island is pretty small, it took us maybe 15 or 20 minutes to walk to from end to end. With a whole cruise of people the island started to feel pretty packed.. But out in the water it wasn't so bad and we had a great time! Mom brought goggles so I swam around just looking at everything. So many fish, I absolutely love these places we've been! Fantastic!

    When we decided it was time to return to the ship we went and ate some lunch and then I ran into Pods and Adrian at the pool. I swam again, and we wandered around for a bit as well. Shot some hoops and just relaxed! Then I went back to my bar to write and actually had some peace and quiet this time around because I hid in a corner. And because the two main culprits for distracting me thankfully didn't make an appearance ;)

    Then it was off to dinner with Mom and a new friend and was supposed to be an early bed time but ended up out late again... This time because of playing mini golf, some basketball, ping pong, and then a night cap!
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  • Day21

    'n Kaleidoskoop van kleure en die reuk van sondbrandolie het ons betower op die Mysterieuse mooi Vanuata eiland. Terwyl ek en Roedolf so om die eilandjie stap, het ek gedink my Afrikaanse en Engelse byvoeglike naamwoorde mag dalk opdroog voor ons in Sydney aankom.

    Wie sou kon raai dat mens met n bikini oor n landingstrook kan loop en gou n spring kan inwerk? -ook n eerste.

    Die snorkel was weereens eersteklas. Dit was absoluut die moeite werd om ons snorkel en paddavoete saam te karwei.

    Ek werk aan my Afrikaans, ek besef ons praat n mengelmoes na ek 'n Afrikaanse storieboek gelees het

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  • Day94

    Währung: Vatu (~114 VUV = 1 Euro)
    Strom: Typ I (identisch mit Australien und Neuseeland)
    Visum: keines benötigt
    Zeit: +10 Stunden zu Deutschland
    Verständigung: Bislama, Englisch und Französisch sind Landessprache
    Staatsform: parlamentarische Republik
    ÖPNV: Busse und Wassertaxi
    Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr (stand 11/2016)

  • Day94

    Nächster Halt Mystery Island!!! Was, noch nie von gehört?!? Ich auch nicht… Was nicht verwunderlich ist, da es sich um ein Eiland von 600m x 150m handelt. Besonderheit: Geniale Strände und Korallenriefe in ~2m Tiefe. Ach und den Flughafen von Aneityum, der nahegelegenen Hauptinsel. Flughafen ist auch schon etwas hoch gegriffen, da es sich um einen längeren Rasenplatz mit einem Gebäude dran handelt.
    Wir haben uns dann auch gleich mal ein Schnorchel Set geliehen und sind durch diese herrliche Unterwasserwelt gepaddelt und haben Clownfische gesehen. Dabei war es wohl naiv zu glauben, dass wir ohne Sonnenbrand zurückkommen. So kommt es, dass ich nun leuchte wie ein Krebs…
    Und was macht man noch nach einem warmen und schwülen Tag wie heute? Genau, man geht auf die Schiffseigenen Eislaufbahn. Ja, unser Schiff hat sowas…
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  • Day95

    Mit Sonnenbrand ging es in die Hauptstadt Vanuatus. Endlich Kontakt mit Menschen aus einem Land, welches für das glücklichste Land der Welt nominiert waren. Leider schien das Großstadtleben und das regelmäßige überrannt werden von Touristen nicht viel davon merken. Daher war die Besonderheit vor allem der billige Alkohol. Selbst Deutsche Alkoholika waren billiger als bei uns.
    Um ein wenig ins Landesinnere zu gelangen sind wir dann zu den Meelee Wasserfällen mit tollen Pools davor gefahren, die sowohl vom Lonely Planet, wie auch vom Schiff empfohlen waren. Das selbige zurzeit nicht fallen wussten wir. Entgegen der Aussagen, waren aber auch die Pools leer und schon bewachsen.
    Unglaublich, aber wahr, ein Franzose war dann noch das Interessanteste an diesem Tag. Er ist Vulkanologe und will in Port Villa ein Museum aufbauen. Was ich nicht realisiert hatte bis dahin ist, dass Vanuatu ein Mekka für Vulkanologen ist. Es gibt gleich 3 Möglichkeiten Lavaseen zu sehen und andere vulkanische Aktivitäten. Ich muss also definitiv nochmal wiederkommen.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Vanuatu, Vanuatu, ቫኑአቱ, فانواتو, Вануату, Vanuwatu, ভানুয়াটু, ཝ་ནུ་ཨ་ཐུ།, Vanuatu nutome, Βανουάτου, Vanuatuo, وانواتو, Wanuwaatuu, Vanuatú, વાનુઆતુ, Banuwatu, ואמוטו, वन्वातु, Վանուատու, Vanatú, バヌアツ共和国, ვანუატუ, ವನೌಟು, 바누아투, ڤانوواتوو, Vanawuwatu, ວານົວຕູ, Vanoatò, Ванату, വന്വാത്തു, वानौटु, Vanwatu, Vhanuatu, भानुआतु, ଭାନୁଆତୁ, ونواتو, Vanuatü, වනුවාටු, வனுவாட்டு, వనౌటు, ประเทศวานูอาตู, Vanuatu Cumhuriyeti, ۋانۇئاتۇ, وینوآٹو, Vanuatuäns, Orílẹ́ède Faniatu, 瓦努阿图, i-Vanuatu

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