Vatican City
Vatican City

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  • Day106

    Rom - Vatikan & Spanische Treppe

    April 21, 2017 in Vatican City

    Nach dem Pantheon hatten wir einen kurzen Besuch im Vatikan, haben den Petersdom aber nicht betreten. Unmengen an Menschen und eine Wartezeit von ehrlichen 2h waren uns dann doch etwas zu viel. 🤣

    Die Spanische Treppe dürfte natürlich an unserem Rom-Tag auch nicht fehlen. 😀

  • Day51

    Rome, her Churches and Vatican

    January 2 in Vatican City

    We had a very Holy New Year. Spent the entire day visiting churches and ending the day listening to Christmas arias in a church. The Basilicas are truly amazing. At St Ignatius church, a dome was painted instead of using bricks and mortar because she could not handle the weight of such a structure. The perspectives are so good, it looks virtually 3D.
    InBasilica Santa Maria del Minerva, the mosaic work was so intricate and amazing.

    The catholic church is full of contradictions. The earlier popes commission's artworks by famous artist like Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Leonardo Da Vinci, but the later popes became offended by the nudity. They then made a decree that the privates be covered with shroud or fig leaf. To me this is a terrible damage to priceless art.
    At the Sistine chapel, the fresco are highly sensitive to vibrations so much so that the guide tells us to be silent for the entire time in the chapel, only to have the security announcing over the PA system saying, "Silezio, silence, no photo,no video." That must be the good vibrations.

    This does not take away the massive scale and splendor of St Peter's Basilica and the massive square. Crowds made the visit less enjoyable.
    The Borghese gallery on the other hand is very well organised. They limit the number of visitors and give a limited 2 hours to see there gallery. You won't get to all the exhibits but because of how well laid out the exhibits are you get a real good gist of the works. The gallery mainly houses Bernini's sculptures, paintings and ancient Roman works. Absolutely stunning gallery.
    Because of the limited numbers, it is really hard to get tickets for it. The girls missed our as there were only 2 tickets left for the time we were in Rome.
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  • Day348

    Day 349: Filming in Rome

    January 29 in Vatican City

    Although I generally don't do videos about sites I've already visited, I decided to make an exception for Rome since it's such a noteworthy one. Basically the entire city is part of the listing, and there's just an impossible amount of ground to cover, so I decided we'd focus in on the ancient Roman parts of the listing.

    So we headed out fairly early, sans Schnitzel, and caught the metro then bus to the Colosseum. Fairly crowded here, and people constantly trying to sell you tickets, guided tours and skip the line passes. And of course the usual assortment of people selling selfie sticks and garbage trinkets. But we ignored all that and headed into the Colosseum via the slow line. Shandos hadn't been inside before, though I had, and we did some filming around here. Lots of people again which surprised me given how quiet other parts of Italy were.

    Done with the Colosseum, we decided to grab an early lunch nearby of a couple of paninis. After this we headed into the Roman Forum, the large area of ruins in the centre of town. This was where the old centre of town was located, full of important monuments, buildings, temples, triumphal arches and so on.

    We spent most of the afternoon here, probably around 3.5 hours just exploring and filming. Once you include the Palatine Hill area (which rich citizens and later the Imperial palace was located), there's a huge amount to see. Quite warm in the sun, making me wish I hadn't worn my puffer jacket!

    Eventually finished and headed across the road to Trajan's forum, which was an expansion but also a separate Forum built in the second century AD, when the original forum was basically full. Remember that everything happened here - markets, trading, law courts, political debates, trials, voting, religious rituals. It's difficult to really comprehend how important the Forum was to Roman life since there isn't an easy analogy for us.

    Also spent some time checking out Trajan's column - a large column made of stone that tells the story of emperor Trajan's war against Dacia (in modern day Romania). It's a series of scenes told like a comic book, slowly winding their way up the pillar - very propaganda heavy, but one of the only primary sources we have for the war which is quite interesting.

    Last stop for the day was the Pantheon, probably the most remarkable building of the ancient world. It was built during the reign of Augustus (first decades AD), before collapsing in a fire and being rebuilt by Hadrian a century or so later. It's the oldest domed structure in the world, and still the largest structure built by unreinforced concrete. 43 metres high, and the square interior is also 43m x 43m. Also inside are the tombs of Raphael, Victor Emmanuel II (first king of Italy), and Umberto I (second king of Italy). All up a fascinating building, and I find it amazing that the dome still holds. Even other ancient domes like the Hagia Sofia have collapsed at various points (the current one dates from around 1300 and is the third attempt).

    At this point we called it a day for filming. Shandos wanted to do a bit of shopping for her niece's birthday - I couldn't think of anything worse, so I headed west. The last thing I wanted to see was Castel Sant Angelo, just across the Tiber and adjacent to the Vatican since I'd never seen it before, and since I was so close I decided to walk over and have another look at St Peter's. Just took a couple of photos in the square, rather than go inside again since I've been inside a few times now.

    Headed home via the underground and then the tram - super crowded the entire way since it was now peak hour and getting dark. Schnitzel super happy to see me since he'd been alone all day, poor little guy. Snacked on some leftover pizza before we headed out for our aperitif, then just had some supermarket bits for dinner - meat, cheese, olives and arancini. Completely exhausted - 25,000 steps today!
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  • Day3

    Sistine Chapel Vatican City

    Yesterday in Vatican City

    a couple of cheeky snaps in the chapel.
    I knew from my last visit we should have gone out of the door on the right that takes you into St Peters but instead we took the route we were supposed to do, through the door on the left. It took the best part of an hour, we must have walked 2 miles and we got soaked into the bargain. The only plus point I that Dave will never know how far it would have been if we had gone through the door on the right.
    Happy days!
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  • Day2


    October 17, 2015 in Vatican City

    Diese Kirche ist schlichtweg atemberaubend. Noch nie gesehen sowas (liegt wohl auch daran das es einmalig ist). Mit Insidertipps konnten wir die 200m lange Schlange umgehen 😂👍. Wollten gar nicht mehr raus am Ende. Aber die Füße taten nach 8h durchlaufen einfach zu weh!

  • Day2

    Vatikan Museum

    October 17, 2015 in Vatican City

    Unendliche Menschenmassen drängen sich durch dieses Museum. Und man muss gefühlt einen Halbmarathon zurücklegen bis man endlich durch die Rafael Rooms in der Sixtinischen Kappel ankommt.
    Ein Zimmer ist schöner als das andere, Sinnesüberreizung pur 😏. Total krass!

  • Day15

    Day 12&13

    June 12, 2017 in Vatican City

    Day 12

    Today we went into the Vatican City and into the museum and Sistine chapel which was amazing to see how they did everything by hand especially the paintings

    Day 13

    We slept in and then lazed by the pool all day and then I got sunburnt but only really badly on one side and packed up getting ready for the next stop!!

  • Day37

    Vatican City (VA)

    August 13, 2017 in Vatican City

    The worlds smallest independent international state, a walled off enclave within Rome, and home to approx 800 people.

    Consisting of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Bascilica, and of course St Peter's Square. Michelangelo's artwork adorns the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and took him five years to complete.

    Also climbed the stairs up and into the dome with breathtaking views of Rome from the top.Read more

  • Day28

    St Peter's Basilica + Cupola

    September 23, 2017 in Vatican City

    The organ was playing in the Basilica during our visit as some visiting clergy were partaking of Mass. The Basilica is awe-inspiring in its scale. A number of colleagues at work had suggested we do the walk up to the Cupola, which we did. Luckily there is a lift to the first level which gives a close up view of the internal ceiling and mosaics of the dome, and then after a lot of twisting and turning on the barely-wide-enough stairs, you pop out at the very top of the dome with 360 degree views of Rome which included a great view over St Peter's Square.Read more

  • Day28

    Vatican Gardens

    September 23, 2017 in Vatican City

    Today, we continued our mastery of the Roman public transport system and took the Metro to Vatican City. I had booked us in on a tour of the Vatican Gardens, because we could then skip the queues to the Museums + we also got access to the little door at the back right of the Sistene Chapel which gave us access straight into the Basilica (and when we saw that queue, were glad of the opportunity to do so). Do you get the idea that queues are an issue?

    The gardens were lovely but that is to be expected when there are 50 full-time gardeners employed to tend them. There were great views of the dome of the Basilica as you walked through the gardens. They are closed to tourists in the afternoon so that they can be used by the Pope and other residents of Vatican City in the afternoons. On the grounds is the apartment of the former pope, who apparently was in residence when we were there (something to do with windows being open etc).
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State of the Vatican City, Staat der Vatikanstadt, Vatican City, Vatikaan, Vatican Man, ቫቲካን, الفاتيكان, Vatikan, Ватыкан, Ватикана, Vatikaŋ, ভ্যাটিকান সিটি, ཝེ་ཊི་ཀན།, Ciutat del Vaticà, Vatikán, Y Fatican, Pavestolen (Vatikanstaten), Vatikandu nutome, Βατικανό, Vatikano, Ciudad del Vaticano, Vatikano Hiria, واتیکان, Dowla Waticaan, Vatikaanivaltio, Vatican, An Vatacáin, Cidade do Vaticano, વેટિકન, Batikan, עיר הותיקן, वेटिकन सिटि, Grad Vatikan, Վատիկան, Kota Vatikan, Páfagarður, Vaticano, ローマ法王庁 (バチカン市国), ვატიკანი, Vatikani, វ៉ាទីកង់, ವ್ಯಾಟಿಕನ್, 바티칸시티, ڤاتیکان, Vatikaani, Vatiká, ວາຕິກັນ, Vatikano miestas, Nvatika, Vatikāns, Firenen'i Vatikana, Ватикан, വത്തിക്കാന്‍, व्हॅटिकन, ဗာတီကန်, Vatikanet, Vatican State, भेटिकन, Heilige stoel (Vaticaanstad), Vatikanstaten, ଭାଟିକାନ୍, Stolica Apostolska (Watykan), Citad dal Vatican, Umurwa wa Vatikani, Orașul Vatican, Vatikána, Letëe tî Vatikäan, Faatikaan, Vatikanen, வாடிகன், వేటికెన్, นครรัฐวาติกัน, Місто Ватикан, واٹیکن سٹی, Thành phố Vatican, Orílẹ́ède Fatikani, 圣座(梵蒂冈), i-Vatican City

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