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Curious what backpackers do in Vietnam? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day17

    So, drei Tage lange haben wir nichts von uns hören lassen und warum ? Wir haben einfach die ganze Zeit damit verbracht das perfekte Bikini Foto zu produzieren 😂 nein Quatsch.. aber wir haben tatsächlich endlich ein paar Tage lang faul am Strand herum gelegen und die zuckersüße Stadt Hoi An auf uns wirken lassen :)

  • Day166

    This morning we got up early for Tai Chi exercises on the boat deck at dawn! I say early but it was actually a relative "lie in" for us as we all slept through until 5:30am - only our 2nd full night's sleep in 8 days, since we left Costa Rica - much needed, and hoping this is the turning point on the jet lag front... The weather was good to us again and we got to see the beautiful sunrise over Halong Bay. After breakfast we went to visit "Surprising Cave", the biggest cave in Halong Bay. It was pretty impressive, with 3 large chambers, the last of which was vast. It had some amazing stalagmites and stalactites too, in allsorts of weird and wonderful shapes. After the cave we cruised further out into the bay and into neighbouring Lan Ha Bay. Along the way we saw some floating houses and lots of floating fish and oyster farms, where people live and work on the water. Our home for the afternoon and night was a lovely beach bungalow room on the small island of Nam Cat - see penultimate photo. We spent the afternoon enjoying the view, swimming in the sea and walking/swimming across to the tiny beach on the island opposite (see last photo) - Solana was particularly excited to be able to swim to a different island (though I have to admit that all 3 of us shared the excitement of that little achievement, if we're honest!). Solana actually managed to stay awake until dinner time and to eat some dinner - the first time I think she's managed both of those things since we arrived in Vietnam - hopefully the first of many.... We met a new friend today - Barbara from Brazil, who is travelling through Thailand and Vietnam - we all enjoyed having somebody new to talk to and Solana in particular was happy to have a new friend! Then, as the party animals that we are, we were all asleep before 9pm...Read more

  • Day25

    Getting up to the beautiful landscapes of Mai Chau and enjoying the breakfast at our homestay, it was soon time to leave on the bus further up into the mountains for our trekking at Puluong.

    Despite the 'roads' being quite questionable on the way up, we arrived at our next homestay and enjoyed a delightful lunch of chicken and baguettes.

    Having thought Mai Chau was stunning, I was in for a treat with what was to come. After lunch we headed off on our trek through the rice paddies. From the moment of stepping out the homestay the scenery was breathtaking and I've never quite seen anything like it. No words could do this place justice nor any picture capture how incredible it is. Every 2 minutes you are taking in new nice paddies and seeing locals a work.

    Being such an untouched area by tourists many locals look at you as though you are aliens, which in a way is quite humorous. The area was also so empty which made the experience all the more special. Our tour guide said that in 10 years time this will be the new Sapa, which makes me sad as the beauty of the place is because it's so natural and non touristy. Sitting at dinner that evening I still couldn't get over the sights I saw that day, despite being physically exhausted it's definitely been a highlight of my time in Vietnam. And I know I say many places I've been to or things I've seen are a highlight but this was on a whole new level.

    The dinner served that evening was divine, everything tasting incredible and cooked by the family we were staying with as well as our tour guide. We then got invited afterwards to sit with the family while they ate their dinner and despite the language barrier it was a precious moment.
    Read more

  • Day170

    After breakfast today we got a cycle taxi (which Solana loves!) across the river to the old Citadel. Hue was once the capital of Vietnam and had it's heyday during the 1800s-mid-1900s during the reign of the Nguyen Emperors, who lived in the Imperial Enclosure of this citadel. Today, the citadel is a mixture of ruins (bombed in WW2 and in the Vietnam-American War) and beautifully restored palaces, halls and gateways. We all quite enjoyed exploring the site on foot - even Solana (who we had feared might get a bit bored). Solana tried her hand at taking a few photos with our camera for the first time - with results not too bad (the photo of me & Laura included here was taken by Solana!). Solana's favourite bit was feeding the koi carp fish in the palace moat - there were loads of them and the looked ravenous, clambering over one another to try to get to the food! On our way in to the citadel we saw a military training exercise; Solana tried to join in the marching - we feared she may be arrested but she emerged unharmed. We got another cyclo back into town, enjoyed a big lunch of local speciality dishes (plus calamari for Solana), then spent some time planning the next leg of our journey, helping Solana to make another "puppet" and enjoying the bath in our hotel room (the 1st bath we've had in a hotel room either here or in Costa Rica - it made Solana happy).Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam, Viëtnam, Viɛtnam, ቬትናም, Bietnam, فيتنام, Vyetnam, В'етнам, Виетнам, Wiyɛtinamu, ভিয়েতনাম, བི་དི་ནམ།, Viêt Nam, Vijetnam, Fietnam, བེཊ་ནཱམ, Vietnam nutome, Βιετνάμ, Vjetnamio, ویتنام, Wiyetnaam, Fjetnam, Vít Neam, Bhiet-Nam, વિયેતનામ, Biyetinam, וייטנאם, वियतनाम, Վիետնամ, Víetnam, ベトナム, ვიეტნამი, Vietinamu, វៀតណាម, ವಿಯೇಟ್ನಾಮ್, 베트남, ڤیەتنام, Vietnamia, Vyetinaamu, Viyetinamɛ, ຫວຽດນາມ, Vietnamas, Viyetiname, Vjetnama, Whitināmu, വിയറ്റ്നാം, व्हिएतनाम, Vjetnam, ဗီယက်နမ်, भिएतनाम, ଭିଏତନାମ୍, Вьетнам, Wietnam, Vietname, Witnam, Viyetinamu, चम्पादेश, Vietnäm, වියට්නාමය, Fiyetnaam, Vietnami, Вијетнам, வியட்நாம், వియట్నాం, Ветнам, เวียดนาม, Wýetnam, Vietinemi, ۋيېتنام, Вʼєтнам, Công Hòa Xã Hội Chủ Nghĩa Việt Nam, Vietnamän, Orílẹ́ède Fẹtinami, 越南, i-Vietnam

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