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Curious what backpackers do in Vietnam? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day4

    Today was one of the best days I have ever had . We had a traditional Vietnamese lunch of sea bass, squid and clams which believe it or not I ate all of and enjoyed . We then spent the day on kayaks and row boats exploring caves and lagoons and saw two halong monkeys which apparently only happens once a month or so .we then went to Ti Top island named after the Soviet leader who supported the Ho Chi Minh side during the American war. We hiked up some painfully steep steps for what felt like hours but apparently only took 20 minutes and we then got a view of the whole of Ha Long (photos to follow) we then got to go swimming in the water which is 23% so felt like more of a bath . Then came dinner which was a massive sharing dishes with 9 courses . This time it included crab , shrimps ,catfish and tofu , definitely a long way from the soup and chicken I used to order in all resteraunts. After dinner the captain was squid fishing and let me and Eva have a turn , I had one on my rod and just out of the water when it let go , much to everyone's amusement , the captain caught two. We also saw a really big jellyfish that glowed in the dark . Tomorrow we are getting up at 5.20 to see the sunrise so hopefully I'll have some good pictures.Read more

  • Day13

    Up an away by 8.15am on a full breakfast we head of to Cham island on an ancient boat with about 30 other intrepid divers from around the world.
    An hour on the boat takes us to the the first dive spot.
    Wonderful dive in beautiful clear warm water. Lovely coral and bright fish. 45 mins later we're back on the boat eating muffins as we head to the next spot.
    This time we are down for 55 mind in 29C water.
    Onto the island for a lovely lunch with the best ever squid, and time on the beach and in for a swim before we're back on the boat and home by 5.
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  • Day8

    Christine and Terry off to get wet down a canyon, Lawrie hiked up a mountain, Raymond did a run, Ros & Colin did the market, bought fresh and candied fruit.
    Coffee, local and roasted onsite with homemade cupcake. Called weecafe but could be called weed cafe....
    Walked around the town ...
    - market where they took live chickens and ended up chopping the carcass on the floor!
    - market full of good fruit and vegetables. We bought fresh lychee, Rambutans, and something else like that and just as delicious!
    - art deco railway station that is not art deco
    - the Da Lat Palace hotel for a wine
    - Street side yoghurt
    Saw a man on scooter carrying rice bring heard by burning wood fire 😀
    Da Lat is a tourist place; like Taupo or the Italian lakes.
    In the evening out into town for nice meal with wine from Da Lat
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  • Day9

    Stop 1. Weasel coffee
    Robust and Aribica. Families often have 2hectacrs enough for 2000 trees Aribica is better money but more labour.
    One weasel can make 8-10 cups of weasel poo coffee per week.
    Stop 2. The cricket farm. Tasted cricket cooked in lemongrass ... Not as bad as it looks!
    Stop 3. Lunch overlooking the valley. Fish curry, chicken in lemongrass, spring roll, tofu
    Stop 4. The silk factory. One of oldest in Vietnam. 1945. Mulberry leaf is best. Need to harvest while worm still inside. Put cocoon into hot water to boil the worm and soften the silk. 105 days from egg to end of cycle. 1 cocoon can make 1 metre of silk. But they weave together for strength.
    In Vietnam they have been growing silk for 1000years.
    Then we ate a silk worm .. tasted like peanut butter.
    Stop 5. The elephant falls. After all the rain the falls we in full flow. Steep, slippery climb down to experience a behind the scenes waterfall view.
    Stop 6. Flower gardens .... Hundreds of blooms.
    Dirty and wet ... We come back to find no hot water 🤔
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  • Day10

    Up earlier with egg Bang Mi at 7am then off to the airport.
    Arrive in Da Nang warmer at 25C but raining ... 40mins or so later we arrive at Hoi An, a riverside town South of Da Nang.
    We have to wait for our rooms to be prepared so we where down the riverbank for 2mins to a lovely restaurant ... The rain eases as we head back to the hotel. Time to relax in the pool or a little shut eye before exploring further.
    To the bikes into town to find out about getting dressed made. Started to rain so wandered in the wet around the town before finding a pub to watch the tennis.
    The town is very beautiful; old with shops lit by lanterns.
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  • Day11

    The day awoke with high cloud and sunshine. Nice breakfast sitting outside overlooking the river.
    Had a nice bike ride around the rural countryside - the herb gardens were quite stunning. Saw a number of water buffalo, herons even Pukeko among the rice fields.
    Back for a swim then a late lunch by the river before heading into town to finalize the clothes being made. Into the markets and over the bridge for a cocktail.
    Finish the day off with a swim in the pool.
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  • Day12

    My Son ... Beautiful Mountain .... Hindu place of worship.
    The Cham tribes follow Hindu and Muslim.
    Religions brought in via the trading port of Hoi An
    The old capital of Cham was 7km from temple.
    Native Vietnamese are Kingh tribe (80%) 53 other tribes make up the rest.
    China invaded Vietnam in 1st century for 1000years.

    Our van pulled over by traffic police ... Cost driver USD$10 in "black money" as is known here.

    The ruins are quite spectacular available real gem. Never heard of this Cham dynasty yet they have been around for over 2 centuries.

    They clay bricks were held together with honey and tree sap and baked by fire. The inside was filled with soil to provide stability during the build then dig out once completed.

    Many of the temples were destroyed by Amercian bombs attempting to kill Vietcong ... bomb craters still visible.
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  • Day18

    First stop in Vietnam!

    Day 18- Arrived in the evening and the City was really busy, it comes alive at night here!! We dropped our bags off, showered after a long few days of travelling and went for an explore of what's close to where we were staying- we were right in the middle of everything :)

    Day 19- We walked so far today! Got a map from the hostel and headed out for the day. Stopped at a local bakery for croissants and chocolate muffins for breakfast which were amazing! Then carried on to Ben Thanh Markets which were massive and like a maze but sold everything. We carried on to find the War Remnants Museum, something we are glad we saw as learned a lot about the history of the country but have to say it was very hard hitting and emotional.
    Finished off with our first proper date night at a local bar for food and drinks :)
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  • Day14

    Such a fabulous packed day ... Setting off just before 9am the scooters and our guardians the Le Family headed out of Hoi An enroute to Hue.
    Colin and Ros on one scooter, Lawrie and Christine on another, Raymond and Terry had one each. Along with 2 young girls from Nottingham we hit the road...

You might also know this place by the following names:

Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam, Viëtnam, Viɛtnam, ቬትናም, Bietnam, فيتنام, Vyetnam, В'етнам, Виетнам, Wiyɛtinamu, ভিয়েতনাম, བི་དི་ནམ།, Viêt Nam, Vijetnam, Fietnam, བེཊ་ནཱམ, Vietnam nutome, Βιετνάμ, Vjetnamio, ویتنام, Wiyetnaam, Fjetnam, Vít Neam, Bhiet-Nam, વિયેતનામ, Biyetinam, וייטנאם, वियतनाम, Վիետնամ, Víetnam, ベトナム, ვიეტნამი, Vietinamu, វៀតណាម, ವಿಯೇಟ್ನಾಮ್, 베트남, ڤیەتنام, Vietnamia, Vyetinaamu, Viyetinamɛ, ຫວຽດນາມ, Vietnamas, Viyetiname, Vjetnama, Whitināmu, വിയറ്റ്നാം, व्हिएतनाम, Vjetnam, ဗီယက်နမ်, भिएतनाम, ଭିଏତନାମ୍, Вьетнам, Wietnam, Vietname, Witnam, Viyetinamu, चम्पादेश, Vietnäm, වියට්නාමය, Fiyetnaam, Vietnami, Вијетнам, வியட்நாம், వియట్నాం, Ветнам, เวียดนาม, Wýetnam, Vietinemi, ۋيېتنام, Вʼєтнам, Công Hòa Xã Hội Chủ Nghĩa Việt Nam, Vietnamän, Orílẹ́ède Fẹtinami, 越南, i-Vietnam

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