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  • Day119

    Die Gailberghöhe Hotel, Kötschache

    October 23, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    We set off south hoping to cross the Hohe Tauren mountain range on the main road after having been refused entry to the more scenic high road yesterday. Thankfully it was second time lucky and for an €11 toll we still got to see some beautiful sights but from the safety of a wide road untouched by snow.

    Soon after we were over the range we swung off the north south road and on to a smaller east west route marked as scenic on the map. Our stopover was run by Die Gailberghöhe Hotel and we were treated as guests and encouraged to make use of the facilities. We parked up at a spot where we could see a rocky snowcapped mountain (when the clouds allowed) and because electricity was included in the price, we plugged the van in. It was the first time since we left the UK nearly 4 months ago that we'd had mains electricity and so for tea Will plugged in our Remoska, a little electric saucepan with a heated lid that acts as an oven. It also meant we didn't need to worry about the fridge whose gas flame had been struggling to light due to low air pressure caused by high altitude.

    As the light was fading we went and sat in the comfortable hotel lounge to use the free wifi. Unfortunately it wasn't a good enough connection to do much but we did enjoy stretching out in the plush armchairs with the log fired stove burning in the corner and the contented talk of others around us.
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