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  • Day134

    Camp Kalebić, North Dalmatian coast

    November 7, 2016 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    On our last full day at Camp Jaz we had a suprise visit from the little black dog who'd sat with us during our meal in Starigrad. 'Sammy' as Vicky named him was sniffing around outside the van and was overjoyed when we came out with Poppy to give him some fuss. He took a particular interest in Poppy but unfortunately the feeling wasn't mutual. Although Vicky loved it when he hopped in the van, Poppy didn't and so he lay outside, rolling over to have his tummy rubbed. Even when we were all inside he hung around for hours. He had no collar but seemed in good condition so we were pretty sure he had a home to go to. We've seen quite a few dogs roaming free and in outdoor kennels in Croatia, most seem in good health but some owners obviously have a very different attitude towards their pets than back in the UK.

    The sun rose to a clear sky the next morning and after picking Vicky's cards up from Starigrad Post Office (thanks Sue!), we set off for Northern Dalmatia. Many Croatian main roads are lined with roadside stalls and although the vast majority are closed this time of year, there are occasionally ones selling fruit and veg. It is often difficult to stop and park the van, but needing shopping we pulled into a large supermarket and there, at the turning was a stall selling 5kg nets of clemantines for 20 kuna (around £2.50). We didn't have change so returned on the way out of the supermarket. It is good to see fruit of different sizes and shades instead of the homogeneous 'chosen ones' in chain stores.

    We'd planned to stay at a stopover in the hills but driving along the coast road, the water was spotted with small round islands of pale coloured rock, topped with lush green trees. There were dozens of campsites and the views were so beautiful that Will persuaded Vicky to try one. For €10 a night we got to park where even Vicky could throw a stone into the water (admittedly on a third attempt). We were the only ones on the site and there was even an affectionate black cat to fuss, so we were happy!
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