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  • Day410

    Nesbyen layby, Hallingdalselva River

    August 10, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

    The road ahead of us meandered into the distance, mimicking the river that meandered at our side.
    Lakes, ponds and puddles reflected the pale grey and blue sky whenever the land dipped below the water table, which was frequently. The ground cover was made up of pale green lichens, mosses and low lying sage coloured shrubs, dotted with light grey rocks; moraine left over from when a glacier scrubbed the surface of the land.

    Dropping down from the plateau the hills grew higher and were covered with mostly coniferous trees. A train line provided a high speed connection to Oslo and the slopes supported many holiday homes, although they were well spaced and many had green roofs, helping to minimise the visual and environmental impact. With increasing proximity to Norway's capital city, large caravan sites became frequent. Many of the plots had cabins with fenced off terraces for vans to pitch alongside.

    We parked up at a layby beside the flooded river Hallingdalselva. The cloud had gradually disappeared and we now had blue skies and heat -what a contrast to the dull, wet and cold morning! Will measured the water temperature as 17°C at the shallow edges but it grew considerably colder the deeper he went as he took a 'refreshing' dip.
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