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  • Day496


    November 4, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Ghent had so much to offer we had considered staying for a second day of exploration but the weather was cold and turning to rain so we moved on. The roads in Sint-Amands village were undergoing modernisation, which meant several detours. Many of Belgium's urban areas have highly designed road systems with speed bumps perfect for flipping things off our back shelves! The lanes feel narrow and chicanes are regularly employed. Different coloured bricks are used to block pave designated areas for parking, pedestrians, bicycles and mopeds and the car lanes. Just as we were giving up hope of finding the stopover, we came accross the two allocated van bays facing a concrete footpath that led up to a walking and cycle route alongside the Scheldt River mudflats. What a relief!

    Apart from the Robins hopping about in a Beech hedge, we couldn't see much from where we were parked, but it wasn't busy and it gave good access to the track along the raised river levee. The mud flats, reeds and wide channel of flowing water made a for a wildlife haven and we enjoyed hearing the Canadian and Egyptian Geese honking as they flew by. Although stubbornly cold, the weather was very changeable, from bright sunshine, to stormclouds and hailstones. Will set off on a bike ride in a good spell but was 'forced' to take refuge in a riverside pub when the drenching rain came. Poor Will 😂

    The village itself was quiet with only a handful of shops, one of which was a bike shop with a couple of tandems outside. Belgium's flat landscape and canal towpaths are perfect biking territory and bike shops here are almost as common as bakeries in this region!
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