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  • Day948

    Return to Vallabrègues

    January 30, 2019 in France ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    We've ended up at Vallabrègues aire again, exactly a week after we first visited. Avoiding France's over developed southern coast after a foray to Monaco in the east, we are doubling back westwards towards Spain.

    It was another interesting day's drive to get here, over Provence's beautiful wooded hills. Thanks to a a blue sky and wonderfully bright sun, the temperature never dropped below 3°C, but we saw plenty of snow on the ground and needed to be careful in the shade of cliffs and slopes, as the white stuff had piled up at the edge of the carriageway and even remained in the centre of each lane at times. On higher ground it was thick on the branches of wintery oaks, bare but for a few crisp brown leaves persistently clinging on. The wind would occasionally blow a flurry from the trees, splatting it onto Martha's windscreen and bringing gleeful grins to our faces.

    We had programmed an LPG station in, but it must have stopped selling it, because a pump was nowhere to be seen. Here in France we'll often come accross LPG when we have no need for it, but we don't want to risk running out, so will programme another station in along the next leg of our route.

    Despite crossing over our tracks of a week ago we'd planned to stay at another aire close to Vallabrègues, after discovering the town hosted weekly bull fights. However, there was a mixup with waypoints in the sat nav and when we ended up here, Vicky was too tired from the long journey to travel on, so we stayed put.

    There was something comforting about being in a place we knew and while Will fished, Vicky focussed on making arrangements for when we return to the UK. We've been trying to get our rear bumper fixed since a collision in June, but the garage SAGA Insurance directed us to is experiencing massive delays when ordering parts from europe. It looks likely we won't be able to get the work done anytime soon.

    Having already explored the streets of Vallabrègues, we took some time to call our family for a catchup. Hearing about Burns Night meals they'd been having, we got to really fancying some haggis, neaps and tatties. Now, as you can imagine, haggis isn't widely available in France, but Vicky had an idea and looked up a vegan haggis recipe online. Will spent an afternoon cooking and combining all the ingredients, let the concoction rest for a day and baked it the following evening. It was really yummy, especially with a nip of whisky!
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