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  • Day1055

    Julianówka, Warta River, Sieradz

    May 17, 2019 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Poland has provided us with a free motorhome aire here in Julianówka. There are no signs to identify it as an aire but it has 6 large bays with water and electric stanchions. What's more is these facilities are actually in full working order, although there are no bins or a place for toilet emptying.

    To one side of us is a park containing a large pond which provides hours of entertainment as we watch tiny ducklings scooting accross the surface, their little legs in overdrive. Pied Wagtails display an amazing aerial dexterity, twisting and turning to capture flies mid flight.

    On our right is a small bank separating us from the Warta River. On top of the bank is a small, very new looking outdoor swimming pool but this and its associated building remains fenced off and locked. The weather has taken a turn for the better and we go for a stroll in the relaxing afternoon sunshine. Climbing the steps up the bank we pass through the terrace of a small hotel. Its modern, low slung wicker sofas are empty, which is strange on a day like this, but it doesn't seem to be open.

    We walk over a white suspension bridge, looking down at the sandy beach extending from the inner curve of the river meander. There are wooden changing cabins, a volleyball net and tiered stands of fixed plastic chairs, such as you might see at a baseball game. The path leads on over more sandy ground, covered thinly by grass. The land is flat and open. Hawthorne trees are dotted here and there and the scent of their white blossom lends a sweetness to the air. The banks of the raised levee we walk along are covered in low level flowers; Speedwell, Greater Stitchwort and an unknown yellow one that grows in clumps. Cutting back accross a river via a railway bridge, Vicky gets the fright of her life as a freight train thunders past, shaking the whole structure. On our side of the Warta we pass by a rowing and canoe club and loop round the familiar pond outside the van. On the far side is a well presented timber building with a chalkboard advertising different beers. We tentatively climb the steps but it looks as if the couple of staff are preparing for a private function. The more senior of the two confirms that it is closed when we enquire.

    Back to the van and pizza for tea, taking advantage of the electric hookup to indulge in a rare movie night. We frequently feel more relaxed when staying in designated aires and this was a great spot, we are just puzzled as to why we were the only ones there, perhaps this can be attributed to the lack of signage or maybe Poland in May isn't everybody's cup of tea?
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