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  • Day1233


    November 11, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Martha is settled into a space in Lanciano's tiered car park, which provides free van facilities in one corner. We've come away from the coast, climbing inland up a steep and winding road. We managed to stay ahead of a cyclist on the ascent, but were overtaken by a bus when we reached a straight stretch approaching a blind bend. We've found there is a lot less road rage in Italy than in the UK. Drivers are far more likely to do as they please and accept others taking the same approach. As such there isn't a whole load of pent up frustration, although Will has had to adapt quickly and expect the otherwise unexpected!

    As beautiful as the Adriatic is, it feels good to get away from the empty resorts and to be in a town full of people who live and work in it. Arriving just before lunch time we strike out towards the centre in search of a pizza. By the time we've climbed all the steps, we feel we've earned it; locals must have strong leg muscles!

    Several of the pizzerias on our map turned out to be upper class eateries and more pertinently, closed. There was however plenty of choice and we found a pizza café where we bought a couple of squares each to take away. The sun was shining and nobody else was sitting within the dark interior. We found a residential piazza, with small olive trees in stone planters and wooden poles positioned between them for seating. With only one other person making use of them, it was a lovely quiet place for lunch.

    Lanciano was a very pleasant town to wander, its wide pedestrian main street laid with beautiful paving in tones of grey, christmas lights strung overhead ready for the festivities.

    Returning to the van, we discovered we'd taken the long way round and that there was actually a lift linking the car park to the town centre. Oh well, the exercise will have done us good.

    Later that evening, Vicky was just drifting off to sleep when she was startled by an uncharacteristically loud cry of surprise from Will. He'd just seen a mouse running accross our rug! Before you ask, no, it wasn't a new pet Vicky had smuggled in. As much as we liked the idea of a new furry companion on our travels, we also like our wiring to be intact, so Monty Zoomer wasn't destined for the globe trotting lifestyle. Keeping the external doors open, we cleared out the space under the front seat, but despite our best efforts, failed to find Monty. We hope it abandoned ship and that we don't need to buy a mouse catcher!
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