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  • Day37

    Oh shit, verschlafen!

    February 11, 2019 in Zambia ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Nee nee , wir waren sonst immer eine der ersten, die aufgestanden sind. Diesmal haben wir irgendwie die Wecker nicht gespürt. Aber halb 5 Frühstück ist auch heftig. Wir wurden von der lieben Anna aus Australien geweckt. Sarah und ich zogen uns so schnell wie wir konnten an. Alle hatten ihre Zelte schon abgebaut und alles ins Lando gepackt. Gestresst packten wir unsere Sachen ein, bauten Zelt ab, machten Lunchpaket fertig und frühstückten in der Eile. Puh, geschafft.

    Es war noch dunkel, als wir losfuhren.
    Sarah und ich bemerkten, dass die Stadt Lusaka in Sambia eine schöne Großstadt mit viel Technik ist.

    Diese Fahrt dauerte wieder ewiiiiiig und Pipipause haben wir wieder mitten im Nirgendwo gemacht. Diesmal wurden wir nicht von Kühen begutachtet, sondern von Kindern. Es war nämlich in der Nähe eine Schule und ein kleines Dorf. 🙈

    Bevor wir zum Wildlife Camp fuhren, kauften wir ein. Vor dem Lando waren eindringliche Kinder, die was von uns wollten. Sie beobachteten uns die ganze Zeit. Es war schon unangenehm. Sie sahen unsere Einkäufe und bekamen nichts. Ihre Klamotten und Schuhe waren alle so abgenutzt und hatten Löcher..
    Dann war da ein Mann, bei ihm waren wir uns nicht sicher, ob er schwarz oder weiß ist. Irgendwie war seine Haut ganz abgepellt. Seine Augen waren angeschwollen und er hatte nur 2 Zähne. Unser Guide war der Beste. Er hat ihn gefragt:"what happened with your face?" Die Antwort habe ich leider nicht verstanden. Aber der Guide gab ihm eine After Sun Flasche. Sarah und ich dachten nur, wie lustig. Aber der arme Mann war seeehr dankbar und bedankte sich vielmals. Ui.

    Im Wildlife Camp bemerkten wir, dass wir das Camp mit Affen, Elefanten und Nilpferden teilen. Geil! Wir sahen überall Affen herumspringen. So süß, dass ich am liebsten auch einen Affen in den Armen halten würde.

    Zum Abend gab es leckeren Spaghetti Bolognese. Vorm Zubettgehen spielten wir schön Karten.
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  • Day77

    Michi the Baptist farmer

    March 3 in Zambia ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    I wake up at 0630 at the Kalwa farm near Serenje to be greeted by two local pastors. They officialy allow camping here on the grass lawn in front of an old house for the price of an apple. In the ancient times of Mr. Livingstone this place was established by a missioner and is taken care of by the Baptist church now. The previous farm leader, a North American, passed away a few years ago and since then the premises are becoming "wild". The church is apparently missing a willing hand for the farm management and now these two friendly souls are asking if I would be interested in running this place or if I knew anybody who could have an interest. Exciting!

    They had running water before and electricity. There are dams for irrigation and for hydro-power, but the generators broke down. In near distance you see the Samba Hills rising and there are singing birds all over the place. It has a historic touch and is very calm and you have both Luangwa national parks close by. I see some potential :-D
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  • Day69

    Vic Falls

    February 24 in Zambia ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

    The border procedure itself is a killer and steals half of the boys' precious day because after visiting the Falls they have to be back at the border again by 6 p.m. But my car's papers take too much time and "Oh, it's lunch time!" paralyses the whole border post.

    At 3:45 we arrive at the Falls and at 4:15 they jump into a taxi back to the border, back to Kasane. Just me and Daniel again :-( :-)
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  • Day79

    Lumangwe and Kabweluma falls

    March 5 in Zambia ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

    2nd biggest falls after Victoria falls. Absolutely awesome campsite directly at the rim of the falls! Very loud night with water from above and below. I think the water level is just a little bit above average, hehehe. The next morning I feel like Indiana Jones, it's truly a wild place!

    Did I mention that I haven't seen any other tourists since Livingstone? :-P
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  • Day81

    Chishimba falls

    March 7 in Zambia ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    The first time after Livingstone that I meet
    other "tourists" even tough they are all
    locals from Kasama enjoying their Friday evening at Chishimba falls. A nice place worth the 20 USD for a visit and overnight camp but no showers are present. We still have the river for a Badepause ;)

    This "heritage site" is more accessible than the previously visited ones with different viewing points and a beautiful view down onto the endless mainland where the river continues. At two points they elegantly blended small dams between the natural steps of the river and harvest some of the water in a rather antique power plant. I explore this region beyond the actual visitor's area and find a water tower to climb on for an even greater panoramic view. The pipelines lead the way back to the falls :-)

    In general all these bigger water falls in Zambia have been declared as national monuments by the government and they charge 15 USD per visit per person plus 5 USD for a car and sometimes even additional 15 USD for camping. I always argue not to pay for the visit if I camp. Anyway, totally overpriced! The camping facilities are mostly run down (except here at Chishimba) without running water nor electricity. Showers I did not encounter anywhere so far. The place keepers obviously don't get paid well, they all ask for additional support/tips. Would be interesting to know where the government spends all this money ...
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  • Day82

    Lost between falls

    March 8 in Zambia ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    No plans at all, so I start a small hike to discover a yet unmapped path to some allegedly well-mapped waterfalls "just 500 m off the gravel road". Stupid. Already in the beginning of the hike I get a nice view on some other, very distant, very high and very beautiful falls. Thanks to today's curiosity I end up hiking the whole day through farm land and thick forests up the whole mountain ridge because the initially focussed falls are apparently badly mapped, undiscoverable and these distant ones offer a much higher reward. I never reach but instead end up high above these distant falls. Seven weeks in the car, 35 °C, no chocolate and I feel like climbing the Picco Humboldt in Venezuela :-DRead more

  • Day83

    Lake Tanganyika

    March 9 in Zambia ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    Back down I check in at the Tanganyika Science Lodge directly at the waterkant, jump to Mpulungu's fish market and get some endemic fish for me and the lodge's host and her family for supper. Hammock out, chill mode on! The next morning Celestine prepares a braied Englishfish for my journey :-DRead more

  • Day84

    Why WW I ended near Kalambo falls

    March 10 in Zambia ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    During a rainy day in the Moto Moto Museum in Mbala I learn that the last bullets during 1st World War have been fired in Mbala where we find a British-styled roundabout today. War news from Europe had just arrived with two weeks delay here. The Germans were trying to connect today's Tanzania with Namibia by conquering Zambia and luckily have failed. Currywurst and Döner just wouldn't have grown here. I spend my night at lake Chila where many German weapons have been dumped after the idiots got their asses kicked.

    The next day I work my way north towards Tanzania and visit Kalambo falls on the way. Lovely! You could hike from here to the beaches of lake Tanganyika which are only accessible by boat otherwise!

    The road to the border post is pretty much the worst I have encountered so far, but fun to ride and my skid plate gets a new, personalized, professionally bended "accent". Step by step the car accumulates some character. I get rewarded by the smallest and chilliest border crossing ever, without any other traffic. Tunduma border would have been a nightmare! My Tanzanian visa I pay in three different currencies.
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  • Day77

    Chipota falls

    March 3 in Zambia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    My search of Chipendenzi waterfalls ends up in high-definition offroading because these falls exist in my 1:1.000.000 paper map but do not in any of my digital maps. From the farm I try to get there the hard way. The digital maps feature at least a weird network of dirt paths which I follow in roughly the correct direction. I do not succeed in the first run but my intuition is right! After turning back from a dead end I ask in a village for the way and get accompanied by Victor and Fred who let me return into the dead end and show me a side path which I ignored in the beginning. No signs, no nothing and totally overgrown, but at the end of this hidden path we have some waterfalls! But according to them it's not Chipendenzi river but Chipota river, lol. At least OpenStreetMap will show some new map data soon ;-)Read more

  • Day81


    March 7 in Zambia ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    North of Kasama I spontaneously stop by at a coffee plantation belonging to Olam (huge company). It's a plain industrial plant and they do not expect any visitors at all. Still, I get a private tour on this Saturday's early afternoon and get the opportunity to interview the manager thoroughly to make sure that he will never forget my perky questions.

    In the evening I reach Mpulungu at the world's longest lake: Tanganyika. It's also the world's second deepest lake with its ground reaching deeper than 600 m below mean sea level! I choose wild camping for tonight on the edge of an elevated quarry with splendid view northwards over the lake and prepare a whole bucket of Pfifferlinge with Zwiebelchen. Afterwards my in-car audio theatre lounge entertains me and all passing locals with Supertramp, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and early grooves of the Scorpions while distant clouds fire the corresponding light show.

    In contrast to my previous Sambian nights, which have been all very fresh at an elevation between 1300 and 1600 m, here in Mpulungu at 800 m things get slightly sweatier at night ...
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