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Curious what backpackers do in Zimbabwe? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.

Most traveled places in Zimbabwe:

  • Leider neigt sich unsere geführte Tour langsam dem Ende zu und wir sind jetzt bei den Victoria Falls in Simbabwe. Die erste Nacht waren wir noch mit der Gruppe unterwegs aber danach sind wir in das billigste Hostel in der Gegend gegangen um Geld zu sparen. Dementsprechend sah das Zimmer auch aus aber da mussten wir durch. Am ersten selbst organisierten Tag haben wir eine Raffting Tour gemacht die trotz Regen echt Wahnsinn geil war. Es hat so einen Spaß gemacht in dem Boot in die großen Wellen und Strömungen zu fahren und zu versuchen im Boot zu bleiben. Teilweise hat es gut gekappt aber teilweise wurden die Leute auch etwas ruppig ausm Schlauchboot geworfen. Aber es war echt eine Gaudi, die ich gerne noch mmal gemacht hätte. Danach haben wir sogar noch ein super Barbecue bekommen welches wir auch echt nötig hätten weil die Fahrt mega anstrengend war.
    Eigentlich war unser Plan nach diesem sprortlichen Event, dass wir uns ausruhen und vielleicht noch die Wäsche waschen aber im Endeffekt sind wir dann zu den Fällen gegangen🙄. Also ich war ja schon mal bei Den Niagara Fällen aber trotzdem war ich ziemlich beeindruckt was Mutter Natur so geschaffen hat. Die fälle waren riesig und ohne Regencape sah man so aus als hätte man eine Dusche genommen. Der Wahnsinn!
    Am nächsten Tag sind wir dann noch auf die Sam Seite gegangen denn die Victoria Fälle liegen genau auf der Grenze zwischen Simbabwe und Zambia. Die Zambia seite war sogar noch eindrucksvoller, da man deutlich näher direkt ans Wasser könnte. Wir waren klitschnass 💦
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  • Nach fünf Wochen plötzlich wieder allein zu sein ist sehr komisch. Dafür habe ich ein traumhaftes Hotel. Morgen mache ich mich dann auf zu meiner 18stündigen Heimreise.

  • Heute ist der letzte Abend mit der Reisegruppe. Ich bleibe aber noch zwei weitere Tage bis ich am Sonntag losfliege. Hier gießt es in Strömen und ich freue mich inzwischen sehr auf zu Hause.

  • Our short trip across the border landed us in Victoria Falls Backpackers where we availed of the swimming pool and cooking facilities with the sounds of the water of Victoria Falls in the background. On Sunday night, there were very different sounds to be heard around the hostel, as we watched the Ireland v France rugby world cup match. The screams and shouts coming from the four of us during the tense game, caused quiet a scene around the place. The owners probably regretted allowing us to take over the television!!
    The next day we made our walked down to the Victoria Falls, where we posed for photos with amazing views in the background. We wandered around the National Park, taking in the beautiful sites and sounds of the Falls.
    Next stop for us is a flight to Johannesburg in South Africa with Air Zimbabwe. After taking a trip to their offices in the town yesterday, to enquire about checking in our luggage, we were told that the flight had been changed to two hours earlier and with an added stopover in Bulawago. No emails had been sent to notify any of us of these changes. Hopefully there won't be other people who miss their flight due to this lack of communication! But as we keep saying, it's all part of the African experience!!
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  • At 8:00 am we transferred to the airport for our one hour and 20 minute flight to Victoria Falls. We arrived to much warmer temperatures than we've had in South Africa. It felt good to feel the heat!

    We arrived at our hotel, the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge mid afternoon and were immediate impressed by the location and decor. It's about three kilometres from town and sits on 29 hectares and has its own watering hole for the wildlife.

    We got settled in and then met up for a sundowner cruise on the Zambezi River. The rice is the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia and us home to hippos, elephants and scores of bird species. We cruised the river searching out wildlife and then enjoyed a spectacular sunset before returning to the hotel. We had dinner with some of our group at the hotel and enjoyed some warthog steak. After dinner we retired to the viewing deck where we had drinks and watched a herd of about 25 elephants wander down to the watering hole. Even though it was dark, the watering hole is somewhat lit up so we could watch them move around and drink. After the elephants left we were treated to an unusual sound display of hyenas fighting and screaming over some leftover food they found. We've never heard anything like that before! It sounded like someone was murdering someone and we could hear bones being crushed and torn apart.

    Once the hyenas left we went back to our room where we slept with the super structured screen door locked but the glass door open. You can't leave the screen door open or even unlocked or you'll likely be woken up by baboons tearing apart your room, not to mention the bugs entering in to feast on you.
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  • This morning we drove the short duos table to the falls for a walking tour. From quite a distance you can see the "smoke" from the falls. We were warned to be prepared to get wet so we brought the waterproof camera and jackets.

    The first four viewing points are for the most part dry and we had great views of the thundering falls. As we progressed along the walkway through the further viewing points things got progressively wetter. There were places where it was "raining" a downpour that rivals our west coast rain and wet we got! The "rain" is spray from the falls that is shot up high above the falls from the crashing water only to come back down in pouring rain. Seeing the shear size of the falls and hearing the thunder is an unforgettable experience!

    After the falls we returned to the hotel to get dried off and then we went down to the viewing deck to watch the feeding of the local vulture population. We were led right down to a covered seating area and the vultures started flying in as they knew that food is coming. As soon as the meat was thrown out, the vultures went into a feeding frenzy! There were hundreds of them, two different species of vultures and the odd marabou stork also trying for scraps. The sound of the wings and the smell in the air was unlike anything we've experienced.

    We left the vultures and were driven back near the falls for a helicopter flight over the falls. The helicopters held six passengers plus the pilot and the flight lasted about 13 minutes which gave us enough time to circle the falls one and a half times in each direction so that everyone got equal opportunity to get photos of the falls. We though it might be hard to see the falls due to all of the smoke (spray) but we had excellent views and it was really exhilarating to fly over and see the views.

    We returned to the hotel and had a short nap and then met up for our Boma dinner experience. Dinner at the Boma is a buffet and barbecue of every kind of game meat imaginable. We had kudu stew, warthog steak, crocodile, eland meatballs and we each tried a small bite of a mopani worm, which was pretty disgusting! The highlight of the evening was when everyone in the Boma (which was a couple of hundred) were all given hand drums and we were taught some rhythms and played together. It was really awesome fun!

    We got back to the hotel and had a wick drink in the viewing deck where we saw three elephants wander down for their evening drink and then headed back to bed for the night.
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  • We got up very early this morning so that Robb, Claude and I could go down to the watering hole with a guide and sit in the blind they have there so that we could watch the animal comings and goings up close.

    We started out with the birds, most notably the helmutted Guinea fowl. These are kooky birds that look like they're incredibly stupid as they run around in a constant panic. It wasn't too long before a large herd of Cape Buffalo showed up for their morning drink. Sitting in the blind, being so close and yet mostly invisible was a pretty amazing experience. It seems like each species has their own time to come and fill up for the day.

    After the herd of Cape buffalo left we had a herd of Impala come through. After that came the baboons. We also saw some crocs come out to sun themselves on the sand. The was one Maribou stork, which is the largest stork on the world. Record wing span is 11 feet and they stand about 4.5 feet tall. We didn't see and elephants as they usually come to the watering hole in the afternoon or evening.

    We came back to the lodge and had breakfast and then we all boarded a small bus for the drive into Botswana. The drive takes about two hours and when we left Zimbabwe we had to get out of the bus and get our departure stamp in our passports, then we got back on the bus and drove a couple hundred yards to the Botswana checkpoint where we got our arrival stamps.

    After crossing into Botswana we drove less than 30 minutes to the Chobe Marina Lodge, our accommodation for the next two nights. Claude and I were given an awesome room that was one half of a two story villa right on the Chobe River. Our afternoon was spent on a sundowner cruise on the river. The Chobe River is the border between Botswana and Namibia, whereas the Zambezi River is the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, so while we didn't actually step on land in those two countries we were in them while on the two river cruises.

    This River cruise was quite different than the first one, as this time we saw several elephants in the river playing in the grass and reeds and rolling around bathing and having fun. We also some some hippos that were out of the water, which is called a thunder of hippos. If they are in the water, they are a plod of hippos.

    We stayed on the river for an incredible sunset and then had dinner and drinks before heading to bed for the early morning wake up for another safari game drive.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Zimbabwe, Simbabwe, Zimbabwe, Zembabwe, ዚምቧቤ, زيمبابوي, Zimbabve, Зімбабвэ, Зимбабве, Zimbabuwe, জিম্বাবুয়ে, ཛིམ་བྷཱ་བེ།, ཛིམ་བབ་ཝེ, Zimbabwe nutome, Ζιμπάμπουε, Zimbabvo, Zimbawe, رودزیای جنوبی, Simbaabuwe, Simbabvi, An tSiombáib, Cimbabue, ઝિમ્બાબ્વે, זימבבואה, ज़िम्बाब्वे, Զիմբաբվե, Simbabve, ジンバブエ共和国, ზიმბაბვე, ហ្ស៊ីមបាបវ៉េ, ಜಿಂಬಾಬ್ವೆ, 짐바브웨, زیمبابوی, ຊິມບັບເວ, Zimbabvė, Zimbaboe, സിംബാബ്വേ, झिम्बाब्वे, Żimbabwe, ဇင်ဘာဘွေ, जिम्बाबे, ଜିମ୍ବାୱେ, Zimbábue, Zimbäbwe, සිම්බාබ්වේ, Simbaabwe, ஜிம்பாப்வே, జింబాబ్వే, ซิมบับเว, Simipapuei, Зімбабве, زمبابوے, Dim-ba-bu-ê (Zimbabwe), Orílẹ́ède ṣimibabe, 津巴布韦, i-Zimbabwe