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  • Day1

    Victoria Falls

    April 8, 2017 in Zimbabwe

    An overland, mobile camping safari from Victoria Falls to Maun via Chobe, the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and the Okavango Delta: with the express purpose of learning a little about Botswana prior to linking up with the students of Sedie and Mathiba Schools

    Fri 7 April Depart Sydney, Australia
    Sat 8 April Arrive Victoria Falls (midday), Zimbabwe
    Sun 9 April Victoria Falls
    Mon 10 April Kasane, Chobe National Park
    Tues 11 April Kasane, Chobe National Park
    Wed 12 April Nata & visit to salt pans
    Thu 13 April Makgadikgadi Pans (Planet Baobab)
    Fri 14 April Maun camping
    Sat 15 April Okavango,mokoros and overnight camping
    Sun 16 April Okavango, mokoros and overnight camping
    Mon 17 April Sitatunga Camp & horse riding safari
    Tues 18 April Sedie School & Lion Conservation talk
    Wed 19 April Sedie School & Rhino Rehabilitation project
    Thu 20 April Sedie School & Wildlife film show (Dr Tim Liversedge)
    Fri 21 April Sedie School, then fly Maun - Johannesburg - Perth
    Sat 22 April Perth - Sydney
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  • Day60

    Victoria Falls

    October 13 in Zimbabwe

    Après avoir pris le train de nuit depuis Bulawayo, nous y voilà dans l'endroit le plus touristique du Zimbabwe mais aussi à l'une des 7 merveilles du monde! ! Et on comprend mieux pourquoi: c'est juste grandiose:) On savoure ce lieu unique aux aurores pour éviter l'éventuelle foule et la chaleur pesante!

    Pour plus de photos et d'infos, RDV sur notre deuxième blog: https://www.myatlas.com/ConfettiEnVoyage/l-inattendu-zimbabwe/t/406008
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  • Day57

    Great Zimbabwe

    October 10 in Zimbabwe

    Nous voilà sur un site unique classé au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO: "Great Zimbabwe" qui a donné son nom au pays. Zimbabwe signifie "maisons de pierre". Dans cet endroit, on a la chance de découvrir les plus grandes ruines médiévales sub-sahariennes. Le lieu est superbe. On y passe deux nuits et une bonne demi-journée de visite. Et on est presque seul :)

    Pour plus d'infos et de photos, RDV sur notre deuxième blog: https://www.myatlas.com/ConfettiEnVoyage/l-inattendu-zimbabwe/t/405403
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  • Day4

    Devil's pool

    October 20 in Zimbabwe

    Oktober ist die Zeit des niedrig Wasser. Das heißt, es gibt nicht viel Wasser, das auch über die Kanten stürzt und das auch nur auf geringer Länge. Wenn viel Wasser fließt, ist die Gischt so extrem, dass es nicht möglich ist, in die Schlucht zu gucken.
    Das niedrige Wasser legt noch eine Besonderheit frei, Devils Pool. Das ist eine Vertiefung, direkt an der Abbruch Kante. Das Erreichen ist schwierig, aber die Aussicht unglaublich, aber sehr selbst.Read more

  • Day4

    Mosi oa tunya

    October 20 in Zimbabwe

    Mosi oa tunya ist die lokale Bezeichnung der Viktoriafälle. Diese breitesten Wasserfälle der Welt (1,8 km) teilen sich Sambia und Zimbabwe.
    Mehr zu sehen gibt es auf der Seite, da von dort aus etwa 1,3 km zu sehen sind.
    Daher machten wir uns die Mühe der Einreise nach Zimbabwe und schauen uns morgens die Fälle von dieser Seite an.
    Die Entstehung der Fälle und die Voraussetzungen wurden bereits vor 200 Millionen Jahren geschaffen. Die heutigen Fälle sind bereits die Achten dieser Art. Mit einer maximal Höhe von 107m auch niedriger als die Vorgänger.
    Auf sambischer Seite essen wir dann auch noch, mit einem netten extra.
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  • Day2


    August 10, 2017 in Zimbabwe

    We arrived in the capital of Zimbabwe yesterday, a vast contrast to the surrounding countryside we had been in. The avenues of bungalows made you feel like you were in parts of rural Britain, apart from the walls, electric fencing, barbed wire, security guards and bars on windows! We are having a couple of nights staying in a hostel so all enjoyed a meal out at a western restaurant where we welcomed three new travel companions and said farewell to one. The party then continued once we were back at the hostel with everyone getting along really well. Today, after massive bacon sandwiches that we cooked for ourselves, a group of us went for a walk into town. It was enjoyable just to wander around the streets, not being bothered by people to buy things but just happy to offer directions or just chat. Since 2005 their economy has been in serious trouble and physical currency is scarce. People are able to draw out only $80 a month. People pay by using their phones and doing a bank transfer at the till. We are using US dollars but have managed to get a $2 Mozambique bond which is equivalent to a $2!US. The bonds are produced so the currency can be devalued at any time. Inflation is such that in 2005 there was a 20 thousand dollar note, three years later a 150 trillion dollar note had been issued. It became so bad that notes produced in a morning had been made obsolete by the following day. Tonight we went to the Oasis house and had a local meal cooked for us. We had beef stew and sadza, a polenta like consistency made from ground maize, mixed with water and heated up. Each country we have been in has it but calls it something different.Read more

  • Day7

    Horse Back Safari

    August 15, 2017 in Zimbabwe

    We went on a two hour horse ride through their game reserve where we saw giraffes, warthogs and wildebeest up close. In the distance we saw lions and elephants. It was a great way to see wildlife although James was told near the start that his horse doesn't like wildlife! Thankfully the horse behaved himself once he knew who was boss. Our route took us through open grasslands, thorny bushes and a waterhole.Read more

  • Day9

    Antelope Park

    August 17, 2017 in Zimbabwe

    We have had three amazing nights at Antelope Park, not only is it a relaxing place to stay with a great vibe, it has friendly staff and lots of wildlife activities. It is set in 1,215 hectares of bush with the main facilities set next to gardens, a river and reservoir. We were welcomed off the truck by some staff singing and playing the drums. Later on ponies, elephants, a bush baby and Jackie the donkey were wandering around camp! See later blogs for wildlife encounters. Our time here has been a highlight of Africa.Read more

  • Day8

    Walking with Elephants

    August 16, 2017 in Zimbabwe

    Five of us went to walk with the four elephants, for over 2 hours. It was an amazing opportunity to just follow them as they walked through the bush, eating the trees as they went. While they are peaceful animals they have incredible strength which we witnessed as they were either pushing trees over or ripping branches off. The thick thorns didn't bother them at all while they were eating them. We were able to touch them or just stand by watching them, although we chose to give a wide bearth to the least friendly female. It was fun watching them at a mud pool, although we did get splattered ourselves! They store upto 20 litres of water in their stomach and listening to them empty their full trucks sounds like a huge hose being emptied.Read more

  • Day1

    Rural Zimbabwe

    August 9, 2017 in Zimbabwe

    We entered Zimbabwe this morning (three countries in two days). It seems very poor, with coal and cattle as the main source of income. The homes still have a small cluster of buildings but these round houses have a higher pitched, thatched roof.

You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Zimbabwe, Simbabwe, Zimbabwe, Zembabwe, ዚምቧቤ, زيمبابوي, Zimbabve, Зімбабвэ, Зимбабве, Zimbabuwe, জিম্বাবুয়ে, ཛིམ་བྷཱ་བེ།, ཛིམ་བབ་ཝེ, Zimbabwe nutome, Ζιμπάμπουε, Zimbabvo, Zimbawe, رودزیای جنوبی, Simbaabuwe, Simbabvi, An tSiombáib, Cimbabue, ઝિમ્બાબ્વે, זימבבואה, ज़िम्बाब्वे, Զիմբաբվե, Simbabve, ジンバブエ共和国, ზიმბაბვე, ហ្ស៊ីមបាបវ៉េ, ಜಿಂಬಾಬ್ವೆ, 짐바브웨, زیمبابوی, ຊິມບັບເວ, Zimbabvė, Zimbaboe, സിംബാബ്വേ, झिम्बाब्वे, Żimbabwe, ဇင်ဘာဘွေ, जिम्बाबे, ଜିମ୍ବାୱେ, Zimbábue, Zimbäbwe, සිම්බාබ්වේ, Simbaabwe, ஜிம்பாப்வே, జింబాబ్వే, ซิมบับเว, Simipapuei, Зімбабве, زمبابوے, Dim-ba-bu-ê (Zimbabwe), Orílẹ́ède ṣimibabe, 津巴布韦, i-Zimbabwe

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