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  • Day20

    London Day 2

    September 11, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Day 2 of London was as busy and hectic as the first! It's getting hard to explain, in everything in as much detail as I'd like so I may do a follow up entry summing up England later on. Also only being able to squeeze in 6 photos is difficult!

    Just a little note that yesterday we also went to St Pauls Cathedral. Amazing! I've included a photo as I couldn't fit it in yesterday.

    Today we had coffee at a different Lebanese cafe in Earl's Court before rushing to catch the opening of Borough Market. Yet another market that will get its own post.

    From Borough we caught a tube to Parliment buildings, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. All impressive and incredible sights in their own right. It was quite something sitting in a field staring at these 3 amazing antiquity buildings. It's quote something to be surrounded by architecture that has been around long before the discovery of New Zealand.. a very awe inspiring thought and place to be. Westminster was truly incredible inside, no pictures would do the inside justice so it's fortunate that none are allowed to be taken inside.
    From the inner city buildings we went home in preparation for dinner as it was Joy's (shh) 50th birthday.
    A long hassle of trying to find a taxi, then bus to Marble Arch in peak rush hour traffic left us rushed, grumpy and late for our dinner with my cousin Bella at Le Gavroche... and what a dinner it was. It deserves it's own post but I have few photos - until I can steal some off Bella - so will leave it at this: an 8+ course degustation in one of the world's top restaurants. The first in England and one of only a few in the world to be award 3 Michelin Stars. Run by Michel Roux, it was a truly incredible experience. Highlights were an excellent beef carpacio, a 30+ choose your own cheese trolley, hilarious twin Austrian maitre d's, and the experience of having one of the best meals and services in the world. No exaggeration.
    Nothing else needs to be said.
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