• Day25


    July 28, 2018 in Belarus ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

    Had two very hectic days as such a dense living city of 12 million.
    Good organisation to get us all off train from 4 dif carriages and out of the station to our waiting bus Hotel location was near the Olympic games area of 1980, meaning that it was a bit out of city.
    We had opted fir a night tour which consisted of a local guide taking us on and off the metro trains to look at several stations. - the decor was mind boggling and when we came out to the top we wandered down a street full of overhead lighting which featured for the World Cup
    This led into Red Square and then we glimpsed the famous St Basil’s Cathedral,,,, so many photos such memories on a warm balmy night
    Next a m we had a drive by tour with important buildings pointed out to us . A memorisable part of being in Moscow was being in Red Square and going inside The Kremlin walls . So very hot and crowded. We have the use of earphones and speaker boxes referred to as Whisperers which allow the guide to speak in A quiet voice and for us not to have to group around
    So much information , such sights - can’t believe I am here
    Liz n I didn’t do a tour on the last day but walked in high humidity in city to have a better look at the Bolshoy theatre and area, being close to 10 trip with a bit of extra exploring and shopping, not much for me, no room in case( damn those unused winter clothes)
    Our last extra tour was to Victory park and an enormous building dedicated to war and the Russians victory. It featured a range of dioramas - quite spectacular to famous Arabat Street for some evening atmosphere. Unfortunately a storm came in which helped cool things down but now I have sodden sandals
    Next stop, across the border to Belarus
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