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  • Day119

    Constance, Germany

    April 28 in Germany

    Wuuuuhu, another German town!

    We spent our day here in town, around and on lake Constance (Bodensee).
    It was so sunny that we able to have a great walk through town, along all the main sights and wonderful buildings.

    We made it up on the Minster or Cathedral we had a fantastic view over the city!

    Our highlight was probably when we decided to rent a small boat and cruise over the lake! Haha, just thinking about it makes me laugh again 😄

    After a delicious vegan burger @ Sol we left for our Airbnb in Daisendorf (crossing the lake by ferry).
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  • Day92

    Pforzheim, Germany

    April 1 in Germany

    We only came for the cake.

    We were more or less on the run when we arrived in Pforzheim and more than happy when we saw the bakery right next to the stairs of the parking lot.
    Unfortunately they had no Black Forest cake and therefore we kept going through the city till we found (on our way back) a little Venezia Icecafe which offered the speciality of the region.
    For me a bit sugary but good enough to recharge the battery for our way back to Frankfurt.

    Everything worked out perfectly. We returned to car in time and actually had some time left which we used to finish our trip with a Falafel sandwich in Mainz.

    Looking back it is so interesting to see how time flies when you have fun!
    Once more I was more than happy that I met E during my travels in Canada.
    Hope we're able to catch up again in the future and make some more great memories!!
    This trip was really unique AND real! :-)
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  • Day91

    Titisee - Neustadt

    March 31 in Germany

    In my opinion there wasn't a better way to finish this great hiking day with the sunset at the Titisee.
    Even if it got a bit chilly after the sun set I enjoyed the time there a lot. Especially because the ducks where so entertaining! 😄

    Fun fact: I new the name Titisee from stories I heard in my childhood. I actually thought I was made up because I found that it sounded to funny. However, it turned out that it is real lake and I've recently been there 😊Read more

  • Day91

    Hiking on the Höhenweg

    March 31 in Germany

    St. Märgen to St. Peter (8 km)

    Unique AND real

    The trip is 8 km one way and I guess we were sooo lucky. The weather was perfect 🌞 and the view really nice.

    To get ready and "warm up" our muscles we did a little hike of about 5 km through a forest with different kind of trees and quiet a lot information signs.
    What sounds like a great time was more uncertain hiking around and after some time we figured that we walked into the wrong direction.

    We laughed really hard and got back on (the right) track 😂
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  • Day4

    Spindleruv mlyn -

    January 3 in Czech Republic

    Haha, Day 3 started with a loooot of powder.
    So much that it took us about an hour to get to Spindleruv mlyn where a fantastic hill was waiting for us.
    Till we arrived I was a bit nervous, because I thought that we were a kind of late and wouldn't have enough time to enjoy the snow, but apparently 4 hours were good enough and without taking any breaks we were able to do quiet a few runs.
    We also went "off road" which was a nice a experience to me.
    I remember our first run, me falling down all the time because the powder was to deep 😂 I was laughing real hard and enjoyed it so much 😋😊

    When the hill closed and we drove back the weather was much better than in the morning. Although the streets were still snowy I haven't had to much trouble driving back. And singing a long to Czech pop songs kept me awake, after that long day. :-)

    We actually wanted to go into town for dinner. After we didn't find a nice restaurant there we went back to restaurant we aet the night before. I had pickled cheese 😷 which was really interesting.... Broccoli and cheese which was phenomenal and raspberry ice-cream which was super delicious as well. I also had a Radler which I really enjoyed after the looong day.
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  • Day3

    Lysa Hora Mountain

    January 2 in Czech Republic

    Wuuuup, first day snowboarding in Czech was crazy. The runs were really gentle and I enjoyed getting back into the snow mode. 😄
    Since I am still a beginner I had some trouble in the beginning even though I still had surgery on my food.
    I tried to went goovy but switched to regular after a few meters which was probably the best decision.
    Anyhow we enjoyed the day boarding. Had some grilled cheese and fries in between and danced with some locals "aprés ski" 😄

    The guy told us, that it would be first time for them organising such a party and we told him that he did a great job! 🎉😄

    For dinner we went to the restaurant of the place we stayed in. Apparently the meals were really delicious I took a vegetarian kebab which was sooooo good (probably because of all the garlic).
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  • Day1

    New Years Eve in Prague

    December 31, 2017 in Czech Republic

    This trip is compareable with a crazy rollercoaster ride 🙈

    Since we did our last class trip to Prague, I for some reason wanted to spend New Years Eve there one year. This year I finally managed it to go and it was different than expected.
    I spontanuesly booked the train tickets and was super excited to go.

    When I changed from train to bus in Nuernberg, the bus driver gave me a look when I arrived it the little suitcase and my Snowboard. 'No snowboards on the bus' and I was like 'what?' 😮😣
    Somehow I managed it to convince him and luckily made it to Prague in time...
    After my arrival I first got a bit lost. Well, I mean it was super easy to get around and find my way to the hostel since the street sings were super obvious and the street names really easy to pronounce. I also was a huge fan of the sound my suitcase made when I carried it over the cobbles. 😄

    However, I made to the hostel and after unpacking I checked out the city. Honestly I missed to be somewhere new (even if I already been to Prague). It was cool to remember places and discover new ones. Since it was already evening the houses and churches of the old city looked amazing with all the fancy lights. On top of that the Christmas Market as still going on and I was able to try hot cider and ......... .
    Wandering around the city and walking along the Elbe with the reflections of the lights in it was really remarkable.

    Of course I stopped at a pub and had some Czech beer while I was listening to Mexican live music.

    Day 2 started calm. Breakfast was alright and I noticed that ham, cheese and a kind of cake are the essentials of a Czech breakfast.
    After that we decided to wander around the city again and ended up on the little tower on the hill. The view was fantastic and our timing was awesome. We had an incredible sunset and I was so happy :)

    Back down we went back into town. Got some food at a little restaurant and I think I had the best dumplings ever there.

    Two beers later we stopped at a little grocery store and got some stuff for the evening. Out plan was to see the fireworks from ...... where you can also find a monument. We weren't the only ones with that idea and after a few hours more and more people arrived.
    The atmosphere was sweet and it felt incredible when everybody was counting down the last 10 seconds. At 12 o'clock the sky over the city was filled with all kinds of different colours. The fireworks lasted around 30 minutes and we're spectacular to watch. Although it was really nice to see I expected a bit more. I mean I thought Czech's are known for crazy fireworks.

    Well, we didn't stay up really long since we wanted to get up early to be able to drive to Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

    (Stay 30.12.17 - 01.01.2018)
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  • Day5


    June 9, 2017 in Switzerland

    Another day, another host.

    I pretty much felt like home when we arrived at Christina's place on Thursday. We booked two nights via Airbnb again and stayed with some groovy people close to Zurich. They were so warm and welcoming that I didn't feel like a guest ... more like a friend staying overnight!
    Chrinstina gave us tons of infomartion about the city and told us what to see and to do!

    So we spent our day visiting all the main sights of the city. We started at the opera house, walked along the Limmat river through the old city, stopped at the train Station, followed a board walk to a nice cafe called Babus Coffeehouse (the cinnamon bun was soooo good) and finished the circle at the St. Peters church after we enjoyed the view over the city on the Lindenhof!

    It was a great day and I really enjoyed that it wasn't to stressful! My Mom and I just stopped where we wanted and in the afternoon we had a nap on the wall next to the river! It was so cool :-D

    On our way back we also stopped at a place called "Frau Gerolds Garten". It's a fancy spot where you can hang out after work. Built out of these huge containers ... really nice with good vibes.

    In the evening I walked to a little lake called "Katzensee". My Mom was to exhausted to join but it was to get away by myself and to enjoy the silence while I was watching the sunset.

    All in all another great day in Switzerland and nice memories of this year!
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  • Day4

    Pilatus Mountain

    June 8, 2017 in Switzerland

    SO NICE!

    Had a great day on top of Pilatus Mountain. We took the cable car up and followed a little trail to the highest point of the mountain. On our way to get there we met super nice people and one guy lent me his binoculars to see some mountain goats which were chilling just a ledge of the mountain.

    We saw some nice flowers and spent most of the time just hiking around and absorbing all the sunshine!

    Somehow I feel like I don't need to mention again how nice the view was .... :-D
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