• Day106

    Iglesia de San Cristobolito

    January 9 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Today we went for a small journey to Iglesia de San Cristobolito (little church of Saint Cristopher) with our friend Bruno. Once we walked through the beautiful streets of San Cristobal we arrived at the bottom of the enormous staircase that led up to the church. The church itself was pretty, but the real reason we chose to go there was for the amazing view of the city below!

    After taking in the view for a while we walked to the back of the church where there was a parking lot with a lone ice cream truck with the ice cream man sleeping inside while the music was playing 😂.

    We kept walking through this parking lot until we found an old and abandon rock wall that had a long metal ladder that led to a platform above, Bruno and Auryn went up, and I decided that I would sit this one out. Auryn told me that when he got to the top there was a random young Mexican guy sitting there who tried to sell him a flower that he made out of a pop can. Super strange. 😂

    We noticed that the back of the abandon rock had a large metal cable attached to it that led somewhere into the forest so we followed it along a trail to find that it led to a series of platforms that made up an old zip-lining course. We kept following the trail until it brought us back to the parking lot where we decided to head to back into town, except instead of going down the enormous stairs, we followed a steep trail that led us through the forest where we kept seeing enormous piles of eggshells. 🤔

    A simple walk turned into a very bizarre journey.
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